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This is a sequel to A Touch of Human Kindness
Rating (overall): NC-17
Pairing (main): 1x2x1
Warnings (general): lemon, language, violence, non-con sex, Duo torture, Relena bashing

Note: This is set one year after the end of A Touch of Human Kindness

Small Miracles
Part 3
by Heartfelt

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Heero stared at the clock on the video player, heedless of the images that flickered across the television screen immediately above. Heero’s cobalt gaze shifted from the clock to the front door and back to the clock but the motion failed to produce his koibito as it had for the past two hours.

Duo had been late getting home from work before. As a mechanic, he was often called to deal with last minute emergencies.

‘But he always calls me to let me know,’ Heero thought grimly.

Heero glanced again at the door and sighed, his mind filling with worry as yet another interminable minute ticked off on the clock. Although he knew that Duo’s ex-pimp, Smoke, was dead, Heero’s mind was drawn back to a year ago when, once before, Duo’s whereabouts had been unknown for a time.

Heero had left work and driven to Howard’s shop to pick Duo up, as he did every day. That one day, however, Duo was nowhere to be found. Howard had informed him that Duo had gone home early, spooked by Smoke’s sudden and unwelcome appearance at the mechanic’s shop. Duo hadn’t laid eyes on the homely blond man for two years and the last time he had seen him, Duo had brained the man with a brick for trying to shoot Heero.

Heero had called home looking for his lover, but Duo hadn’t answered. Concern gnawing at him, Heero had driven home, tracing the route that Duo would usually take if walking home from the shop. Heero had found Duo in an alley, raped, beaten, and nearly unconscious, courtesy of Smoke. Duo begged a murderous Heero to let it go, wanting to just get on with their life together. But fate, as usual, demanded her say.

While recuperating from his injuries, Duo had tried to relieve his sick-room boredom by going for a walk in a near-by park. But Smoke had been following his ex-protégé and had kidnapped the still recovering young man. The slimy pimp had tried to kill Heero, who had come to rescue his lover, intending to torture the long-haired boy by making him watch Heero die. However, Duo managed to shoot the treacherous pimp with his own gun before Heero could be hurt. Even though Heero knew that Duo no longer had anything to fear from his ex-employer, Heero’s mind eagerly conjured up images of Duo lying injured somewhere in the streets.

Another twenty minutes passed before Heero finally reached the breaking point. He leapt off of the couch, intending to scour every corner of the colony for his missing shujin if necessary. (1) But before he could grab his jacket from the closet, the front door opened. Heero inhaled sharply as his husband entered the apartment.

Duo was soaking wet, his long hair dripping a river of water onto the carpet. His normally creamy complexion had gained an unhealthy bluish tinge, a sign that the young man had been out in the cold for far too long.

But most disturbing to Heero was the look in Duo’s amethyst gaze. Heero hadn’t seen such a haunted expression on that beautiful face since the night he’d finally gotten Duo off of the streets once and for all.

Moving cautiously, Heero stepped over to his shivering shujin. He placed a hand against the young man’s cheek, wincing at the feeling of the ice-cold flesh against his palm.

“Duo... koi, what happened? Where have you been?”

Duo met his husband’s gaze, the chill in his body nothing compared to the chill in his soul.

“I couldn’t find her,” he whispered. “I looked for hours, but she disappeared. It’s so cold, Heero. I remember what it was like to be cold...”

Heero blinked in confusion but didn’t let his puzzlement deter him from leading Duo into the bathroom and quickly stripping him out of his wet clothing.

“Who couldn’t you find?” he asked once Duo was undressed. He wrapped an arm around Duo’s trembling shoulders, lending the young man some of his body heat, and led him gently towards the shower.

“The girl. The little girl who tried to pick my pocket.”

Heero turned the shower on to let the water heat up before turning back to Duo to undo the sodden braid. “Pick your pocket? Where were you?” Heero hastily removed his own t-shirt and jeans.

Duo shuddered again, at the feeling of his wet hair against his back. “My old neighborhood. Hilde died three years ago today, and I went there to remember her.”

Heero fixed Duo with a sympathetic gaze and pulled him into the warmth of the shower. Heero wrapped his arms around his shujin and just held him as the water streamed over them, his chin resting in the curve of Duo’s neck.

“I’m sorry about Hilde, Duo. I know how much she meant to you.” Heero rubbed a hand up and down the long line of Duo’s back, feeling Duo’s flesh slowly regain much needed warmth. “But who was this little girl?”

Duo sighed, tightening his arms around his lover as he leaned against the solid young man. Duo rested his head on Heero’s shoulder, the vision of old, light-brown eyes filling his head once again.

“I drove to my old apartment and got out of the car to look at it. It was pretty stupid of me and, sure enough, I got targeted as a mark. This little girl tried to pick my pocket and I caught her.” Duo shuddered, trying manfully to repress a sob. “Heero, no child should have eyes like that. There was no hope there. Only hunger and anger and pain...”

Duo paused as his voice choked up. Heero tightened his embrace but knew that Duo had more to say.

“She’d been beaten and she was so skinny, it was clear that she hadn’t eaten in days, at least. She ran off and I looked for her. I looked for nearly three hours, in every alley and side street in the neighborhood, but I couldn’t find her. She knew the streets too well, even better than I do. I know I don’t know her but...but I do know her. She’s Hilde... and she’s me,” he whispered, the water from the shower joining with the tears running down his cheeks.

Heero held Duo as he sobbed out of pain for both the little girl and himself. Heero remembered Duo’s comments about wanting to be able to save a child from a life on the streets. He knew that Duo felt as though he’d failed in his mission before he’d even had a chance to begin. Heero spoke, unable to bear his koibito’s sadness.

“Don’t worry, Duo. We’ll find her,” he murmured in Duo’s ear.

Duo lifted his head from Heero shoulder and looked into his husband’s deep blue eyes. His heart was comforted by the solemn promise he saw there.

“She’s just a little girl, Heero.”

Heero nodded and reached behind Duo to turn off the water, satisfied that his lover’s chill was gone. They stepped out of the shower and Heero reached for a towel. Before he could return to Duo’s side, Duo stepped over to join him at the towel rack. He too grabbed a towel and turned to Heero with a small smile. Heero reached up to brush the other’s wet bangs out of his face before reaching around and running his towel down the long-haired man’s back. Duo returned the favor and they dried each other off with loving gentleness.

Back in their bedroom, Duo stood with his back to Heero and sighed as the other man dried his long hair with a fluffy towel. The feeling of Heero’s hands in his hair was always soothing and now was no exception. A sudden burst of love for his koibito made Duo’s heart tighten in his chest. Heero had always been there for him, no matter what the circumstances. Even though he’d advised Duo to be cautious in his desire to find a child to help, Heero had volunteered, without hesitation, to look for the little street urchin.

Duo turned without a word and leaned forward to claim Heero’s warm lips. Wrapping his arms around Heero’s narrow waist, he pulled his lover to him.

Heero’s surprise at Duo’s sudden aggressive move melted away at the feel of warm skin and sleek muscles pressing against him. He opened his mouth to Duo’s invasion, moaning softly as Duo’s clever tongue explored his inner recesses. Reaching up, he buried his hands in the loose, silken tresses that flowed around him, pulling his shujin closer.

Duo made a helpless sound of pleasure at the feel of his lover’s strong fingers sifting through the long mane. The soft caress made his legs weak while making something else very hard. He splayed his hands against Heero’s lower back and slowly dragged them down until they rested against firm globes of muscle, relishing the shiver he produced in his lover. Digging his fingers into the taut flesh, he pulled Heero’s hips forward until their twin arousals met and caressed.

Both young men pulled back from the kiss to groan their approval of the exquisite sensation. Recovering first, Duo bent his head to attack the column of Heero’s throat with an open mouth and a flitting tongue. He had discovered that the spot below Heero’s left ear was a particularly intense erogenous zone for the cobalt-eyed man and he tracked to the spot with devastating accuracy.

Heero’s breath hitched and, tilting his head to the side to allow his lover greater access, he closed his eyes as Duo lingered there for a moment with his tongue. Fearing that his legs would no longer support him, Heero moved his hands to Duo’s broad shoulders and held on.

“Duo...” he breathed, helplessly.

Heero’s sexy sigh sent a surge of heat straight to Duo’s already turgid arousal. He ceased his torture of Heero’s neck and pressed his lips against his koi’s ear to ask a rare question.

“Heero... may I...”

Heero opened his eyes and moved back just enough to meet Duo’s darkened gaze. His lover didn’t make the request often but when he did, it was always well worth it.

Heero nodded. “Take me, koi.”

Duo growled in anticipation and pulled Heero to him once more, claiming his lips in a kiss that left them both breathless. Duo walked Heero backwards until the shorter man’s legs hit the end of the bed. Heero broke the kiss slowly. Holding Duo’s gaze with his own, he sat down and used his hands to move himself fully onto the bed.

Feeling slightly dizzy at the sight of his gorgeous husband laying back on the bed, waiting for him, Duo knelt on the edge of the bed and crawled upwards. With a gentle hand, he spread Heero’s legs apart so he could move between them.

Heero felt himself grow impossibly harder as Duo inched towards him with the unconscious grace of a jungle cat stalking its prey. Bending down, Duo captured Heero’s lips once more before moving lower to concentrate on the expanse of warm skin that awaited his attentions.

Heero moaned as Duo left no inch of him untended. His nipples were explored with caressing licks and searching fingers until Heero thought he would go mad. Duo traced every ridge of Heero’s stomach with his tongue, delighting as the firm muscles quivered beneath his touch.

Heero pushed his fingers into Duo’s hair, urging him on to his ultimate goal. Duo smiled and decided to comply with the silent request, but not before teasing his lover just a bit more.

Heero flexed his hips as Duo blew a stream of warm air across his aching manhood. He bit his lower lip in breathless anticipation of what was to come. But what he got was Duo’s tongue tracing a hot, wet line down the crease separating his thigh from his groin.

“Ahhhh,” Heero moaned at the incredible tease. Duo repeated the action, not giving Heero a chance to recover and then quickly turned his head and took Heero’s hard flesh deep into his willing mouth.

“Duo... ahhhhh...”

Language became a mere memory for Heero as Duo worshipped him with the skills he’d learned on the streets and had honed out of love. Never easing up on his assault, Duo kept Heero distracted while he reached into the bedside table’s drawer for the ever-present tube they kept there.

Heero became instantly aware of Duo’s actions, however, when he felt a long finger probe his puckered entrance. He tensed unconsciously at the unaccustomed sensation. Sensing his lover’s sudden stiffness, Duo released Heero’s manhood from his mouth and looked up at his lover’s flushed face.

“Heero, just relax. Trust me.” He took Heero’s cock in his free hand, stoking it firmly. “Trust me,” he said again right before he moved his mouth lower to suck on Heero’s warm sac.

The distraction worked. Heero shouted and bucked at the feeling of Duo’s mouth and forgot to be anxious about the finger pressing into him. Duo added another finger, carefully stretching his lover. With loving deliberation, he aimed for a particular spot deep within Heero’s body.

Heero’s eyes flew open and his mouth opened on a silent scream as Duo brushed up against something that sent bolts of pure sensation through every inch of him. The cry of pleasure exploded from him when Duo touched the spot again while continuing to torture him with hands and mouth.

A fine sheen of sweat broke out over Heero’s flushed skin and Duo judged that his shujin was ready. His own arousal was painfully hard from the erotic show Heero had unwittingly put on as was being prepared.

Duo pour some more lube into his hand and quickly readied himself, not lingering lest his highly aroused state made him lose it before he was ready to. He moved up over his lover and captured Heero’s enticing lips once more as he placed the head of his manhood at his husband’s opening.

Heero moaned into Duo’s mouth as he felt something large and hot slowly enter him. He could feel every inch of Duo’s hard cock as it eased in, inch by glorious inch.

Breaking the kiss and lowering his mouth to Heero’s neck, Duo struggled to maintain his control. The feel of Heero’s body closing around him was beyond amazing.

“Heero... hnnnn... you’re so fucking tight!”

His patience paid off and he was soon completely embedded within his lover. He remained motionless for an unbearable moment, waiting for Heero to adjust. But Heero wanted none of Duo’s solicitude. He arched his hips, trying to draw his koi in deeper.

“Duo.... uhhhhh...”

Heero’s wordless plea snapped Duo’s tenuous control. He grabbed one of Heero’s legs, pulling it around his waist and seating himself even deeper within the tight sheath surrounding him. He flexed his hips, moving back until he was nearly free and then drove forward, encasing himself within his lover’s warmth once again.

Heero shouted as Duo made love to him, kissing him, whispering words of love into his ear, and hitting his center of pleasure with every thrust. He grabbed Duo’s ass with strong hands, urging him on.

Duo felt himself reach the edge of his endurance and rose up enough so he could take hold of Heero’s neglected arousal. With firm strokes, he pulled his lover with him over the cliff and into ecstasy. They came together, crying each other’s names, and when the tide passed, Duo collapsed into Heero’s waiting arms.

Duo felt sleep rushing to claim him but he had one more task to fulfill before he succumbed. He tried to raise himself off of his lover, not wanting to crush him but Heero wrapped his legs around Duo’s hips in protest.

“Hnnn... stay...”

Duo lips quirked in a tired smile and he rested his head against Heero’s chest.

“’kay. Aishiteru,” he said just before he drifted off.

“Mo aishiteru,” Heero whispered, joining him in peaceful slumber.

(1) shujin = husband

A/N: That was my first 2x1 lemon. How did I do? ^_^

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