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Quality Control
Part 2
by Heartfelt

"I'd be more than willing to help you with that," Heero murmured, blue eyes glancing towards Duo's lap, "as well as with your other...little problem."

Duo shivered from the chill of the metal studs as much as from Heero's words. He stared into the other man's deep-blue eyes for a speechless moment, unable to process what seemed to be happening. It appeared as though Heero was hitting on him, no, damn near seducing him. But, he couldn't figure out why. The blue-eyed man had never been more than polite to him in the past and had certainly never shown any interest beyond that piercing look at their first meeting, a look that had led to nothing except sleepless night on his part.

The dildo left his cheek and was being run back and forth, slowly over the pulse fluttering frenetically in his throat. Duo began to feel lightheaded and realized that he'd forgotten to breathe. He pushed away from the table with a violent jerk, ignoring the clatter of the chair against the floor as it toppled over. He moved backwards, away from the confusing temptation before him, stopping only when the wall prevented further retreat.

"B-but, I don't understand." His voice rose in pitch, taking on a pleading note as the other man followed. He felt like he was being hunted by some dark, sexy beast and he wasn't at all certain whether or not he wanted to escape.

"You don't even like me," he whispered. Heero had stopped in front of him, leaning so close that Duo could see every intriguing facet in his intense eyes. He could feel the other man's warm breath on his lips as he spoke.

"Oh, but I beg to differ," Heero replied. His deep voice sent endless shivers through Duo's body. The braided-man curled his nerveless fingers into the wall, trying to ignore his tremulous knees. "I like you very much." Heero rubbed the cold shaft over the other man's parted lips, making him gasp in helpless reaction.

Duo felt the metal studs tracing over his face, followed closely by a heated, blue gaze. Unable to stand the close scrutiny, he closed his eyes, which only heightened the sensation of the chill against his skin. Why was Heero doing this and to him of all people? Duo knew he wasn't unattractive - his unusual, amethyst eyes often drew comments - but this man was in a totally different league. Heero exuded a sexy confidence that was far beyond his own boy-next-door charm. While the reasons for his own attraction to the other man were obvious, Heero's professed admiration puzzled him to no end.

Repressing a moan as the dildo made its way down the pale column of his throat, Duo opened his eyes, forcing himself to meet the manager's hooded gaze.

"Why me?" he asked, his words barely more than a whisper. Heero lifted his attention from his new toy and looked deeply into the other man's wide, shining eyes. The corner of his firm lips quirked upwards, the hint of a smile shooting straight to Duo's gut.

"Why you?" Heero echoed, resuming the movement of his hands. The dildo passed down the length of Duo's tie, leaving a streak of gel. "Because," he rumbled, "because you wear these cheap ties and the uniform of an office clone..." He glanced down at the other man's short-sleeved white cotton shirt and the charcoal slacks barely hiding his evident erection. "...but, then you have that incredible braid that falls all the way down to your gorgeous ass."

Duo felt the buttons on his shirt being slowly undone. His eyes slid shut as he waited for it. And, then, there it was, the slick cold metal running down the middle of his bared chest. He started in response. Though he'd anticipated the contact, he was unprepared for just how frigid the cool metal would feel against his overheated skin. He drew his bottom lip between his teeth, trying to prevent any girlish whimpers from escaping.

He'd dreamed about Heero, had spent nearly every night of the last six months lost in wild fantasies of how it would be between them if he ever found the courage to tell the other man how he felt. How it would be if the impossible happened and his passions were returned. But nothing his plebian imagination could conjure had even come close to approaching the reality of what was happening. Duo felt as though he were wandering in some lust-hued world where something like this could actually happen to someone as ordinary as himself. And the deep voice murmuring in his ear was only pulling him further into that fantastic place.

"Why you?" Heero continued. "Because I've noticed these lips turn up in the naughtiest of smiles." A tongue flicked lightly over Duo's parted lips as his lower abs quivered at the introduction of the chilled phallus. "And because you have the prettiest blush I've ever seen." Warm lips brushed across his flushed cheek.

"Why you? Because I'm torn between the need to hold you close..." A single hand ran down his trembling back while the dildo teased across the waistband of his slacks. "...and the desire to tear off you clothes, bend you over that table, and fuck you as hard as I can."

A breathy moan broke through Duo's guard, turning into a soft cry as the button of his pants quickly gave way to Heero's nimble fingers. The rasping sound of a zipper being lowered came to him as though from far away. His overwhelmed senses could do nothing more than process that sexy voice and the icy touch of wandering steel.

"Why you?" Heero whispered against Duo's gasping mouth. "Because I looked out of my window one morning and saw you touching my car. And, at that moment, I realized I was jealous of the damned thing..."

When the kiss finally came, it wasn't the aggressive devouring of mouths that Duo was half expecting. Instead, it bloomed slowly, lips opening shyly to a gently questing tongue, breaths mingling and melting together until they breathed as one. Unaware of anything but the perfect taste of Heero, the sudden impression of air swirling improbably around his legs passed by his notice. The pressure of a firm thigh moving between his own was just another sensation further increasing the ache in his throbbing member.

But, the cold slide of the studded phallus between the exposed cheeks of his ass could not be ignored. Duo's head fell back, resting against the wall behind him, his mouth parted on a panting cry. His eyes flew open, but for a moment, he was unable to see, every nerve ending consumed by what was transpiring below the arching curve of his lower back.

When sight at last returned, the first thing he saw was the top of Heero's head, his thick, dark hair the only thing visible as the manager turned his denied lips to the long column of his throat. Then, looking past the tempting thicket, Duo saw the door of the project room. The unlockable door...

He found enough strength in his melted form to raise a frantic hand to the other man's shoulder. Growling softly at the interruption, Heero looked up, a single, raised brow questioning the panic in the amethyst eyes staring up at him.

"The door, Heero," Duo managed to rasp. "It doesn't lock! What if someone comes in?!

Heero spared the door nary a glance, his gaze being much more pleasantly occupied with the hectic color decorating the entirety of Duo's bared skin. He smiled, leaning forward until his lips were even with the delicate shell of the other man's ear. Heero took hold of the hand clasped on his shoulder, prying the appendage away.

"Do you care?" he whispered.

Duo felt a hand travel slowly over his chest, brushing over his puckered nipples, stroking down his clenched abs. But it wasn't until the hand closed over his aching cock that he realized, not only could he feel the hand, but he could feel his own flesh against it. Heero had taken his hand and was making him stroke his own arousal. He cried out softly, the sensation against his pulsing member almost unbearable. He struggled to retain his sanity, visions of an intruding coworker fueling his efforts.

"No," he gasped. "No, I don't, God help me. But...ah...but what if..."

"Someone does come in?" Heero concluded. He slid the length of the dildo up and down the furrow of the other man's ass, using the leg wedged between Duo's thighs to part them further, easing his endeavor. The braided man moaned, and Heero released his hand, leaving it to work solo over his glistening shaft. He took a moment to watch the delicious exhibition before answering.

"Well, we'll just tell them that we're working. We are working, aren't we? Investigating this new dildo." He began to probe at the other man's entrance with the tip of the phallus, growling as Duo jerked and gasped at the threat. He undid the button of his own slacks with his free hand, guiding the Duo's unoccupied hand towards his own thick erection. He moaned deeply in his throat as the braided man unconsciously began to work him with the same diligence he was applying to himself.

Duo reveled in the feeling of the pulsing shafts in his hands, not knowing, or caring, which one belonged to whom. It was as if both belonged to him and the sensation was doubled, drawing him ever closer to the edge of reason. He'd forgotten about his concerns, wondering only when the cold thing pressing against his opening would fulfill its promise.

"So, since we're on the subject," Heero grated through clenched teeth, "tell me, inspector, how does this feel?" Duo's shout echoed from plaster walls as the dildo slid slowly into his heated depths.

"Heero," he cried, hips flexing forward then back as he tried alternately to flee and meet the probing phallus.

Heero bent his mouth to the exposed curve of the other man's throat. "Tell me," he growled, "tell me how it feels."

Duo was unable to form any comprehensible thoughts, knowing nothing but the sensations holding him in their powerful grip. He moaned, head moving from side to side in supplication.

"I-I can't," he pleaded. "Please, I can't. Oh, shit, yeah!" he shouted as the tip of the latex shaft hit the spongy patch of tissue hiding within him. "Ahh, fuck!" Duo gasped for breath, increasing the speed of his questing hands over the two, well-coated cocks he was stroking and moaning at the results.

Heero took a moment to enjoy the other man's efforts, resting his forehead on Duo's sweat-soaked temple. "Yeah, that's it," he whispered. "Now," he continued, turning his mind back to the business-at-hand, "can you feel the studs as I move this in and out of you?" He made the motion of the dildo match his words. "Does the friction feel good?"

Suddenly, Duo was able to sense every single one of the devilish studs against the stretched skin of his entrance. His arousal twitched in his hand as the dildo slipped out and then in once more. His throat was raw from the harshness of his rasping breath.

"And does the icy metal feel good against your burning skin?" The braided man cried out again as the cold studs seemed to seer every inch of him. A single, frigid spot pressed against his spot and his knees gave way. Only the supporting press of Heero's hard body kept him on his feet.

"You are so fucking hot," Heero groaned, watching intently as the other man abandoned himself to the dildo in his ass and the his own hand on his cock. He was well aware of what his companion was experiencing, his own arousal feeling as though it were going to explode at Duo's skillful manipulation. Heero growled low in his throat as he thought about that hand stroking over his car just as it was moving on his cock.

"And tell me," he breathed, increasing the pace of the studded phallus in the braided man's ass, "how will it feel when you come and your body is clenching hard around this clever little device?"

The dildo hit his spot once more and Duo lost all control. He shouted Heero's name, his hand moving like a blur over their matching arousals as he came, his sheath spasming around the phallus just as the other man's had predicted. Heero followed close behind, capturing Duo's lips in a consuming kiss, his tongue seeking out every sweet recess of the other's mouth.

The kiss went on as the storm abated. Duo slid bonelessly to the floor as he was suddenly released, uncaring of the cold tile on the naked skin of his butt and thighs. He gasped for breath, the scent of sex heavy in the air around him. He felt one of his hands being lifted to his face. His thumb grazed over his parted lips and he opened his eyes as he tasted the sharply pleasant taste of spent passion. Whose it was he didn't know and didn't much care.

Glazed amethyst eyes slid over to the other man. 'What was he now?' Duo mused. His friend? His lover? Yes, his lover, he decided, his body warming at the tender expression in the blue eyes returning his regard. Seized by a sudden shyness, he glanced away, only to have his chin captured by strong fingers, halting his retreat. Heero leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth.

"So," he said softly, after moving away just far enough to speak, "how would you rate this product, on a scale of one to ten?" The incongruous statement broke through Duo's reserve and he laughed. This time, he was the one to initiate the kiss, which lasted for several, blissful minutes.

"On a scale of one to ten?" he repeated, pretending to think while the other man began to nibble on his neck. "Um, I'd have to say five." Heero lifted his head, a dark-brow arched questioningly over a blue eye.

"Only a five?" he asked, running the pad of his thumb over the peak of a bared nipple. Duo gasped, rushing to correct the mistaken assumption.

"As in five hundred," he clarified, recapturing Heero's firm lips. "Five thousand," he said between kisses. "Five million..."

The embrace went on, growing more heated, when the braided man suddenly moved away. Heero frowned at his sober expression.

"What?" he asked. Duo looked down for a moment before turning wary, amethyst eyes back towards the other man.

"I was just wondering, why you never said anything before? Why you never told me how you...how you felt about me?" He stopped, glancing away again and cursing his big mouth. He had no reason to assume that Heero felt anything for him other than an apparently healthy lust. He resisted slightly as he felt the hand on his cheek forcing him to meet the other man's intent blue gaze.

"How I feel about you?" Heero repeated. "I can't say I love you, Duo. I don't know you well enough. But what I do know," he continued, tone hardening as the other man tried to turn away again, "is that I think you're beautiful and sexy. And I want to get to know you better. Much, much better."

Duo thought about the response, deciding that he liked being thought of as beautiful by the gorgeous manager. Sexy wasn't bad, either. But that didn't exactly answer his question.

"But why didn't you tell me?" he pressed. Heero sighed, this time being the one to glance away.

"Because of Gi," he mumbled. Duo's brow furrowed in confusion. Gi?

"What does he have to do with anything?" The dark-haired man looked back towards him.

"Remember when we first met?" Duo nodded, as if he could ever forget. "Well," Heero continued, "from the first time I met you, I wanted you. You know that, right?" Duo shivered, remembering the heated gaze he'd received and finally understanding its meaning.

"Yeah. So?"

"So, I asked Gi if I could work with you so I could spend some time with you and get to know you. But Gi must have figured out why I was really asking and either he was disgusted that I was interested in another man, or else, he wanted you for himself."

Duo started, eyes wide with revulsion at the very thought that his gnome of a boss could be harboring a secret fascination for him. He was much more willing to accept the homophobic theory.

"At any rate," Heero continue, chuckling at the squicked look on the other man's face, "he told me that, while you were a decent employee, you were something of a bigot. Especially towards homosexuals."

"What?!" Duo flushed with rage at Gi's presumption. "Why the hell would he say something like that?"

"Like I said, maybe he wants you for himself and was trying to keep me away. I'm ashamed to say that it worked." Duo looked at him, enthralled at the slight blush coloring the other man's cheekbones. "I believed him and when we worked together on that processed cheese project, I knew that I wouldn't be able to spend much time around you in any sort of platonic capacity. So I asked for a transfer into marketing, trying to keep my distance."

Duo blinked, amazed by the concept that Heero had wanted him for as long as he'd wanted the other man.

"So, what made you change your mind?" Blue eyes narrowed dangerously, sending a shiver through the braided man and straight to his recovering arousal.

"I wasn't just bullshitting when I said I saw you touching my car. That's when I realized that Gi was a lying bastard. So," Heero said, moving closer to him, "I tried to think of a way to tell you how I felt. When this opportunity with the dildo manufacturer came up, it was just too perfect. That's why I made sure you were given the assignment and that I would be there to supervise."

Duo moaned as their lips met in a deep kiss. He decided that he could quite happily spend the rest of his life like this. The thought led to the realization that this could have been happening months ago, which in turn led to thoughts of his asshole supervisor. He moved away reluctantly from the other man's sexy mouth.

"What about Gi?" he asked, catching his breath. "I would love to tell that son-of-a-bitch where to go, but I sort of need this job."

"Not if you go into business with me." Duo's eyes widened as he watched Heero's lips turn up into a sly smile.

"What do you mean?" he asked warily.

"Well, the account I got with Oz's Dildos and Vibrators is indeed lucrative, like Gi said. It's also my account and if I leave, they go with me."

Maybe it was only because he was sitting half-naked on the floor, his cock hard and his mind in the gutter, but Duo immediately caught on to what the dark-haired manager was getting at.

"You mean..."

"That's right. They have plenty of products that need to be monitored for quality assurance. We could go into business for ourselves, making sure that each and every piece of merchandise from Oz receives our personal seal of approval. And, we'll keep this one for our private collection," he added, holding up the studded dildo.

Duo didn't take time to consider that it was a ridiculous idea. His cock did the thinking for him and he leapt at the chance, literally, knocking Heero over and sealing the deal with a wet, sloppy kiss. As worried as he'd been about it earlier, he didn't even notice at first when the door to the Project Room did, indeed, open. It wasn't until he heard the choked noises coming from the intruder that he realized they had company.

The two men looked up to see Gi standing in the door, eyes bucking from his head. They looked at him for a moment before turning to each other with a smile. Duo lifted himself of off his new lover, taking the moment to fix his disarrayed clothes while Heero gathered their files from the table. He grabbed one of the other dildos from the tray, a big, thick pink one lined with fake veins before joining Heero, who stood next to Gi at the door, staring fixedly at the older man. The supervisor turned to look at him as he approached.

"Maxwell," he sputtered, "what the hell is going on?"

"Consider this our resignation, Mr. Gi." Duo grabbed the man's hand and slapped the pink phallus into his palm. "You can take this job and shove it!" The two, young men walked out leaving the supervisor standing in the doorway, mouth agape and pants tented.

Gi was still standing in the same place ten minutes later, trying desperately to remember how the beautiful young men had looked wrapped around each other, kissing on the floor when he heard the roar of a powerful sports car, speeding out of the parking lot.


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