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Quality Control
Part 1
by Heartfelt

Duo pulled into the empty spot and slipped the gear of his late model car into 'Park'. Turing the key to the off position, he glanced into his rear-view mirror. The young man pursed his lips - the top one thin but the bottom pouting slightly with an intriguing hint of fullness. He patted down a stray strand on his head, wondering briefly how long the company would indulge him and allow him to keep his thick chestnut hair at its current length. Falling past his waist even braided, the long twist paired incongruously with his button down white shirt, staid tie, and charcoal slacks.

Putting aside the idle thought, Duo grabbed up his briefcase and the bad coffee he'd purchased at the gas station down the street from the office. He winced as the heat from the scalding liquid penetrated the poor insulation of the paper cup. Keeping a wary eye on the level of the coffee, he eased his slim frame from the car, trying to maneuver in the narrow space between the open door and the car parked closely next to him. The designers of the lot had clearly been more concerned with function over form, crowding as many spots as possible into the limited space with a maniacal determination.

Amethyst eyes scanned the other cars with unconscious thoroughness as he closed and locked his door. Duo cursed himself when he realized that he was doing it again, searching for the black sports car like he did every morning. The powerful vehicle was conspicuous with a quiet sleekness that drew the eye. No wonder it so reminded him of its owner. Before the image of that individual could fully resolve itself in his mind, he found it. The black Porsche, its windows illegally tinted, sat in a spot one row up and a few cars over from where he stood.

Duo felt like a fool as he walked over to the expensive machine, but it was so conveniently in his path to the front door of the office that he was unable to resist the temptation. His pulse elevated ever so slightly as he approached the Porsche. Nonchalantly, he shifted the coffee cup into the hand holding the briefcase, trying not to spill any on himself. He'd hate to have to explain the reasons for any resultant burns.

'Sorry, sir, but I need to go to the ER. I burned myself because I was acting like a lovesick teenager.'

The braided man had to smile at his own internal monologue. He was certain that his supervisor, Mr. Gi, wouldn't be amused. And it was stupid, but he did it anyway. Slowly walking through the narrow space by the sports car, Duo allowed the fingers of his free hand to brush ever so slowly along the gleaming pain on the roof. He pretended, as he did when ever he found the opportunity and the courage to indulge himself, that it was the muscular arm of the car's driver that he was caressing with the gentle stroke.

Suddenly, the idiocy of his act overwhelmed him as it did every time he succumbed to his infatuation. Unfortunately, he only realized how ridiculous his actions were after he'd already begun, his common sense seeming only able to work in hindsight. Growling, he quickened his step, leaving the tempting sight of the Porsche behind. If only he could abandon thoughts of its owner so easily. Duo glanced at his watch and increased his pace in earnest as he realized that he was going to be late for the daily project meeting.

He took his job very seriously. As a quality inspector, he was responsible for insuring that the products his company was contracted to investigate were safe as well as guaranteeing that they rated high in customer satisfaction.

But even his moment of salaryman zeal couldn't keep his obsession from his mind. Duo remembered with annoying clarity the day they'd first met. He'd walked into that morning's meeting with no expectations beyond fulfilling the day's tasks. But he'd seen the man almost immediately upon entering the conference room and had stopped cold in the doorway, feeling his heart thud heavily in his chest. From the messy brown hair to his expensive Italian loafers, the man had radiated a smoldering sensuality that was almost haunting.

Duo had stumbled to his seat, asking a coworker about the newcomer's identity. Before the answer was forthcoming, however, Mr. Gi had started the meeting, fortunately introducing the stranger right off.

Heero Yuy, a new manager in Quality Control. Certain parts of his anatomy had begun to rejoice as he realized that they were to be in the same department. Maybe, just maybe, he would even be given an assignment with the intriguing Heero Yuy. Duo liked saying his name, the foreign words sitting like an exotic flavor on his tongue.

Then came the meet and greet. The braided man had waited with impatience for his turn to come. At last, he'd stood before the beautiful, new manager, suddenly unable to remember his own name. He still cringed at the thought of the blush that must have flamed in his pale cheeks as he'd stared at the man, palms sweating and mouth agape.

"Heero, this is Duo Maxwell, one of our inspectors," his supervisor had explained. Duo would have been grateful for the intervention, but he'd just realized that Mr. Yuy had the most incredible eyes he'd ever seen. He didn't remember sticking out his hand, but the next moment, they were shaking...no...holding hands. Heero's deep, blue gaze had held his own wide eyes just a bit too long for politeness and the strong hand had grasped his just a little too tightly. The dark-haired man had scanned him from head to toe with a thoroughness that had left his pants uncomfortably tight and his breath short.

Gi had cleared his throat loudly, ready to introduce Heero to the next person in line. Duo had blinked, freeing himself from the trance into which he'd slipped. He'd somehow managed to return to his seat, though his thoughts had been gleefully employed with the images created by his suddenly overactive libido. And, then, the miracle had happened. He and Heero were assigned together on a project, a lovely, three-day project, investigating the merits of various formulas of processed cheese.

A chance to work in close quarters with the other man for all that time? Duo could have kissed his supervisor, even though Mr. Gi resembled the less attractive end of a baboon. After the meeting, he'd waited eagerly for Heero and Gi to exchange a few last words. Nearly bouncing with anticipation, Duo had walked into his assigned inspection room that day full of hope and had walked out three days later frantic with frustrated longing and lack of sleep.

For two nights, his dreams had been filled with nothing other than all of the delicious things he wanted to do with the sexy manager. His hand had developed a permanent ache from being pressed into the nightly service common to a horny, single man. Duo had employed every one of his pathetically inept flirting skills, but that spark he'd seen in Heero's eye that first morning had disappeared, never to return. The other man had remained aloof and utterly professional during the project, nearly driving Duo to sleep deprived tears by the third day. Then the project was finished and Heero became nothing more than a face glimpsed with rare brevity in the halls.

Heero had transferred from Quality Control immediately after the assignment was finished, leaving the braided man bereft and feeling rejected, though there was certainly no cause for the emotion. It wasn't as if the other man had given him any hint that his own fascination might be returned. It was simply his own stupid heart that was to blame and nothing more.

On rare occasions, however, when their eyes would meet at some random company gathering or in the cafeteria or in the parking lot, Duo swore that he could see something behind the other man's carefully maintained neutrality. But Heero would never stop to exchange even a basic greeting. He would just nod and continue on his way, never noticing the amethyst eyes staring longingly after him.

That had been over six months ago and Duo still suffered from the ache of an overworked hand. Sighing, the braided man hurried to the conference room, forcing himself to accept the fact that Heero would forever remain unattainable. He pushed his loneliness back into the far corner of his mind, thoughts turning to the more mundane concerns of employment.

When he walked into the conference room, his eyes locked onto Heero before his mind had even consciously registered the other man's presence. It was as if he were a lode stone, pulling Duo's attention with magnetic force. He paused in mid-step, unable to believe what his eyes were telling him. Why was Heero at the project meeting? After the manager had switched departments, never again had he attended one of these conferences.

Duo realized that a pair of hooded, blue eyes were glancing in his direction, and he touched his tongue to his suddenly dry lips. He hadn't seen those eyes in months, outside of his fevered dreams, but they were as vivid as he remembered, affecting him just as intensely. For an instant, their gazes locked and Duo glimpsed that indefinably something in Heero's eyes that made his heartbeat quicken.

His supervisor's voice broke the silent communication and the braided man turned annoyed amethyst eyes towards him. Gi placed a covered tray on the table, indicating the beginning of the meeting. Duo took his seat, unable to keep his gaze from sneaking peeks in the Heero's direction. Then Gi pulled away the cover, revealing the latest products for inspection. Duo gasped, his eyes going round as he saw what was on the tray.

"These are the newest products we've been contracted to report on," the old man began. Clearing his throat, he glanced around the room to his stunned audience. "I know that these, um, models aren't the usual type of thing we deal with, but the client, Oz's Dildos and Vibrators, is very prestigious and, well, basically, very wealthy. It's an extremely lucrative account and I want to thank Mr. Yuy for landing this client for our company."

Duo's fascinated gaze had been scanning over the assortment of dildos lying so innocuously on the tray. They were of various sizes and had a wide range of special features. His mind boggled, wondering who would be the lucky bastard...uh, who would get this investigation assignment? At Gi's explanation, he looked towards the silent manager. Heero was responsible for this? The sight of the phalluses instantly became intermingled in his mind with thoughts of Heero and he had to repress the groan that threatened to escape. So much for ever sleeping again, he mused, flexing his sore hand. Hm, maybe he should look into getting a chiropractor...

"I also want to announce, that Heero is returning to our group," Gi announced shortly, his voice tinged with a hint of distaste. He turned vapid gray eyes towards the braided man sitting on his right. "Duo, I'm assigning you to this new project," he said, waving a hand towards the provocative display on the tray, "and Heero will be working with you since Oz is his client."

Other assignments were given, but Duo had become deaf to the older man's voice. Working with Heero? On this project? It was what he wanted more than anything, but, he had no idea how he would survive the experience. Having to work in such close quarters with the ever aloof blue-eyed man, examining and discussing the merits and flaws of dildos? Duo whimpered quietly. What had he done to deserve this?

The meeting was adjourned and Duo remained in his seat as the others began to file out of the room, wondering how he could get out of it. There was no way he could complete this assignment, not with his dignity in tact, at any rate. He saw Heero rise from his seat from the corner of his eye and looked over towards him, reflexively. The other man sent him a pointed glance and left the conference room. Duo took a deep breath, resigning himself to the inevitable. It would simply be too embarrassing to try to explain to Gi, let alone Heero, why he didn't want this project. Might as well grin and bear it.

Making a mental note to ask his doctor about possible treatments for acute carpal tunnel syndrome, Duo picked up his assigned samples and followed the manager from the conference room. Morosely, he walked behind Heero as they traveled to the project room, his traitorous gaze tracing over every inch of the tantalizing rear view the other man was unwittingly offering to his starved eyes.

They began right away, the dark-haired man wasting no time on unnecessary pleasantries. At first, Duo thought it might be alright, after all. They discussed the phalluses with professional detachment, exchanging no suggestive glances or remarks. But then, Heero started handling the models, touching them as he described their physical characteristics, and, after three hours of this slow torture, Duo had had enough.

He was so painfully hard from watching Heero's long-fingered hands fidgeting with the dildos and from listening to the his soft, deep voice discussing length and girth, rigidity and flexibility with an almost clinical thoroughness, that Duo was on the verge of breaking into tears. Either that or jumping over the table, tackling the other man to the floor and relieving the ache in his groin the old-fashioned way.

Just as his clawed fingers were threatening to leave permanent grooves in the cheap wooden table that was spread with the tormenting devices, Heero suddenly excused himself and left the room. The braided man breathed a groan of relief as his hand went immediately down to the source of his agony. He rubbed the throbbing bulge through the coarse fabric of his dark slacks in a frantic attempt to relieve some of the unbearable pressure.

Thoughts of Heero in various stages of undress flashed obligingly through his mind and he came so close to the relief he sought - though he would have had a hell of a time explaining the mess - that he almost missed the sound of the opening door, heralding Heero's return.

He sat up quickly in his chair as the blue-eyed man stepped into the room and reclaimed his seat across the table. Duo placed his hands innocuously on the scarred surface, praying that Heero hadn't seen him trying to jack-off. Not wanting to look the other man's in the eyes, he turned his attention to the last model awaiting their review and approval. It was a lovely thing, though not dimensionally impressive by any means. What made it unique were the small, smooth, half-spherical metal studs that covered the black latex shaft of the dildo from base to tip.

Duo found himself staring fixedly at the phallus, the thought of how those raised bumps would feel inside of him bringing an instant film of sweat to his brow. His eyes looked up reflexively, the tenor of his musings making him seek out the coveted sight of the other man's handsome face. He swallowed around a suddenly dry throat as he realized that Heero was staring at him with absorption.

'Damn, he did see me!' was the first though that shot through his panicked mind. But, the other man wasn't saying anything. If he'd witnessed Duo's indiscretion, surely he would have said something, even if it was only that he could no longer tolerate being in the same room with such a pervert. Duo cast around frantically for a topic of conversation to break the unnerving silence.

"So, um, you were in the Marketing Department, right?" No response was forthcoming, just that intent stare that was making his palms sweat. He rushed on, "That had to be interesting. I mean, much more interesting than Quality Control. What made you come back to this department?" The dark-blue eyes finally released his, only to traverse slowly over his face.

"I had my reasons." The reply was soft and Duo heard the low voice with his body more than with his ears. He wondered briefly if he could convince Heero to read something into a tape recorder so that he could take it home and listen to it in bed. A telephone book would do nicely.

Duo shook his head, wryly. Before meeting Heero, he'd never been overly focused on sex, but now, it seemed he could think of nothing else. Trying to get back to business, he nodded towards the studded phallus.

"What's it say about that one?" he asked, poising his pen over his notepad in what he hoped was a competent-looking pose. He resisted the urge to shift in his chair when the other man began to read from the specification's sheet.

"Length, five inches. Girth, one inch." Heero lifted the dildo from the table, fondling it slightly with long fingers. Duo swallowed, gritting his teeth to prevent any stupid words from flying from his lips, such as: 'Please, fuck me now!'

"Apparently, this model is self-lubricating," the manager continued. "It's filled with a gel that can be forced through dozens of tiny holes in the surface by squeezing the shaft." He proceeded to do just that and Duo could see the sudden gleam on the dark length of latex. A whimper tried to break free from his throat when Heero began to smooth the slick lubricant over the entire length of the dildo with long strokes.

"Also, a micro-controller sends a low-voltage electrical signal to the stainless steel studs, which causes a refrigeration effect. So, the studs stay cold no matter how long the device is used."

"Man, I wonder what that must feel like," Duo mumbled idly, staring at the insidiously simple-looking thing in the other man's hands. He didn't realize that he'd actually spoken aloud until Heero replied.

"Do you want to try it out?"

Duo's eyes shot up, stretched wide with shock. Did he hear that right? No, he couldn't have. Heero's expression was as impassive as ever. A nervous laugh slipped out as he realized that his horniness was starting to make him hear things. What was this man doing to him?

"Well, do you?"

Duo's jaw dropped until his mouth was as widely stretched as his eyes. His mind was a jumble, buzzing with the senseless confusion of a million questions. But one made it onto his tongue.

"W-what?" he stuttered, his voice so husky that he could barely understand himself. Heero rose smoothly from his chair and walked around to his gaping companion, glistening dildo in hand. He stopped by Duo's chair, bracing his free hand on the table and bending low to face his quarry.

"You said that you wanted to know what this would feel like sliding deep inside of you," Heero whispered. He ran the studded shaft along the other man's flushed cheek, leaving a trail of slickness. "I'd be more than willing to help you with that," he murmured, blue eyes glancing towards Duo's lap, "as well as with your other... little problem."

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