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Pairing: 1x2
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (general): yaoi, lemon, mild angst, light sap, language

A/N: Here’s another fic based on a recent personal experience. This is dedicated to my beta-reader to stuck with me through my ordeal! ^_^

Part 2
by Heartfelt

A helpless sigh moved through Duo’s entire body when Heero’s lips met his. He could hardly contain his wonder at the fulfillment of his wildest dream. Heero was kissing him. And even more amazing, Heero loved him.

Heero moaned as Duo’s lips parted under his. The sweetness of the longhaired boy’s mouth was like ambrosia, calling to his very soul. Wanting, no, needing more contact, Heero stood, dragging Duo out of his chair.

Duo exclaimed as his body was suddenly pressed tightly against Heero’s muscular form. His hands rose unconsciously to clasp Heero’s shoulders, afraid that the blue-eyed pilot would vanish if he dared let go. But he need not have worried. Disappearing was the absolute furthest thought from Heero’s mind.

Heero explored Duo’s mouth, drinking in the slender boy’s essence as if he were dying of thirst. The kiss, desperate yet tender, went on and on, leaving both boys trembling and yearning for more.

Suddenly, Heero released Duo’s mouth, wanting to taste more of his love. He buried his face in the space between Duo’s graceful neck and his shoulder, breathing in his partner’s unique scent. Duo tilted his head, inviting Heero to take what he would. Heero accepted the generous offer and covered Duo’s throat with wet, opened mouth caresses.

Duo moaned as Heero moved lower over his right shoulder, stopping to place a kiss of the now precious tattoo. Shuddering at the loving gesture, Duo found himself unprepared as Heero suddenly moved to his chest gently assaulted a pebbled nipple with a nimble tongue.

“Heero,” Duo breathed, burying his fingers in Heero’s unruly locks. Head falling back, he closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensation.

The feel of Duo’s slender fingers caressing him along with the helpless sounds issuing from the beautiful boy sunk Heero ever further into a pool of desire. Grabbing Duo’s around the waist with inhumanly strong arms, Heero lifted the half-naked pilot and carried him to the nearby bed, never releasing Duo’s nipple from his mouth.

The blatant demonstration of power left Duo flushed with near frantic need. No sooner had he been carried and gently placed upon the bed that he grasped Heero’s loose tank top in hands made clumsy with passion. Needing to feel Heero’s skin against his own, he pulled at the offending material. However, his efforts were stalled as Heero suddenly turned his attention to Duo’s other nipple, lavishing affection on the neglected twin.

Duo moaned and writhed beneath the boy who was slowly driving him crazy. The seams of Heero shirt were severely strained as Duo hands continued to pull at the familiar garment. Finally, Heero took pity and released Duo, sitting up just enough to remove his endangered tank top.

When Heero laid back against Duo, the sensation of skin on hot skin was enough to make both boys gasp in delighted astonishment. Heero immediately returned to Duo’s mouth, not wanting to waste a single minute of their precious time together.

Duo pressed into the kiss, allowing his tongue to move with Heero’s in a dance of desire. He lifted a long leg to wrap around Heero and rub the other boy’s leg and thigh with his foot, his movement unwittingly loosening the towel still fastened around his hips. Heero groaned at the caress and deepened the kiss until both boys’ lungs screamed for air.

Duo stroked his hands up and down Heero’s back, each downward movement encountering the waistband of Heero’s spandex shorts. Quickly annoyed at the unwanted barrier, Duo dug his fingers under the elastic band, pushing at the clingy material. Understanding Duo’s unspoken request, Heero made a sound of reluctance and broke away from Duo’s soft lips long enough to roll over and remove the irritating shorts.

Duo turned onto his side so he could witness the revelation of Heero’s most private parts. However, his movement broke the last hold of his towel and as Heero’s full glory was finally exposed so was his own.

The two pilots just looked at each other for a moment, silently marveling at the other’s perfection. But Duo recovered first and decided to engage in some exploration of his own.

Heero inhaled sharply as Duo placed a questing hand against his torso. Duo moved with his hand, turning so that he lay pressed against Heero’s side. The amethyst-eyed boy traced an inquisitive finger along the muscular planes and ridges that so fascinated him, following the digit with a heated gaze.

Laying still, Heero let Duo investigate, trying to control his raging body at the feel of the teasing finger. Then Duo leaned over and Heero found himself fighting a losing battle as Duo’s silky hair played over his sensitive skin, every strand seemingly determined to drive him insane with desire.

Duo shot a glace towards Heero’s flushed face, pleased at the delicious agony he saw there. Needing to increase his lover’s torment, Duo began to follow the path recently traveled by his finger with his tongue.

Heero breathed in with a hiss, his eyes closing. His entire focus was centered on the torture Duo was so patiently inflicting upon him. Resisting the urge to bury his hands in Duo’s incredible hair, he settled for taking hold of a handful of strands.

Duo was thoroughly entranced by Heero’s subtle, masculine flavor. Wishing he could bottle the stuff, Duo kissed and licked his way further down, his hands caressing along Heero’s heaving sides. At last, he’d reached his ultimate goal. Rubbing Heero’s turgid arousal with his chin, he glanced upward.

Heero gritted his teeth, groaning when Duo touched him. Feeling Duo’s gaze, he opened his own desired-darkened eyes and met the other boy’s silent regard. Waiting until he was certain he had Heero’s full attention, Duo never broke eye contact as he moved lower and ran his tongue along the length of Heero’s shaft.

“Uhhh,” Heero moaned incoherently, his ability to speak shattered by Duo’s mind-blowing act. Pleased but not satisfied at Heero’s reaction, Duo repeated the motion until no part of Heero’s arousal had been left untouched. Heero bucked his hips instinctively, struggling to retain some modicum of control. Undeterred, Duo simply held his hips down and continued.

Heero knew he would never last at this rate. Not wanting things to end so quickly, he decided to turn the tables and take Duo out of commission. He grabbed Duo by the arm, taking care to avoid the tattooed sore spot, and lifted his tormentor until their lips met once more. Completely distracted by Heero’s unbelievable strength, Duo barely noticed as their positions were suddenly reversed.

Heero kissed his partner breathless before moving on to his favorite spot on Duo’s throat. Duo’s eyes were closed as Heero began to imitate Duo’s previous assault, moving from neck to heaving chest to quivering stomach and lower still. Even though he knew what was coming, Duo was still unable to quell a cry when Heero swallowed him completely with one skillful motion.

“Ahh, Heero, ahh! Shit! Please, ohh...”

Heero ignored Duo’s pleas for mercy. There was a method to his madness and he was single-minded in his pursuit of Duo’s fulfillment. Duo thought he would die as Heero moved his head up and down, pulling on Duo’s engorged member. ‘My life sucked out through my cock,’ the nonsensical thought flitting through his pleasure-soaked mind.

An unbearable pressure began to build within the longhaired pilot as Heero worked him with a surprisingly talented mouth. Never letting up on his assault, Heero upped the ante by fondling and squeezing Duo’s balls with one hand and stoking his sensitized nipples with the other.

Duo buried his hand in Heero’s hair as he thrashed and writhed under the devastating, three-pronged attack. Gaining a new respect for Heero’s capacity for ruthlessness, Duo felt the tightness in his body grow and grow until it burst forth, spilling into Heero’s eager mouth.

Duo screamed wordlessly as he was drained of every last drop. Heero didn’t stop sucking on his coveted prize until Duo was empty and panting, sprawled bonelessly beneath him. Heero rose up and looked at Duo, awed by the other boy’s wanton beauty. Duo’s entire body was covered with sweat and a hectic flush. Slowly he opened his eyes, meeting Heero’s rather smug gaze. A sensual smile spread across Duo’s kiss-swollen lips. With effort, he raised a still trembling hand and caressed the side of Heero’s face.

Making certain that he had Duo’s attention, Heero held a hand under his mouth and let Duo’s cum spill into it from his parted lips. Duo gasped, feeling his spent body stir to new life at the deliciously nasty sight. Heero used the thick fluid to coat his own painfully erect manhood, taking care not to linger lest all his careful planning come to an immediate and explosive end. After making sure that the remainder coated his fingers, he spoke.

“Now it’s my turn” he growled in a deep voice that sent a throb of heat tingling through Duo.

“Put your legs over my shoulders, koibito,” Heero ordered.

Marveling at the endearment, Duo obeyed without question or thought, ready and willing for whatever Heero had in store for him. He felt Heero’s fingers at his previously untouched entrance, knowing what was coming and wanting it with trembling anticipating.

“Relax,” Heero murmured as he eased on slicked finger inside his lover’s body.

Duo gasped at the flash of pain he experienced. Desperately trying to following Heero’s instructions, he willed himself to calm down. After a moment, he was successful and the pain disappeared, replaced by the beginnings of something wonderful.

Ever cognizant of Duo’s comfort, Heero stretched him with untold patience and care. When Duo had adjusted to the first finger, Heero added a second. After a few more moments, Heero placed a kiss on Duo’s inner thigh and added a third finger.

By this time, Duo’s own patience was wearing thin. The discomfort he’d initially felt had long past and he was quickly returning to his earlier state of crazed arousal. When Heero had inserted three fingers, he began to move them experimentally, stretching Duo both wider and deeper. He continued until he found a certain spot he’d been seeking.

Duo’s eyes, which had closed with pleasure, flew open when Heero touched something within him that made his whole body spasm with erotic tension.

“What the...!” Duo yelled, only to trail off when Heero hit the spot yet again. “Unnnn,” was all Duo became capable of at that point.

Heero continued until he was satisfied that Duo was sufficiently prepared. He removed his fingers, prompting a whimper of disappointment from Duo, and poised himself at the boy’s entrance. Hoping that he would be able to control himself long enough, Heero slowly pushed in, realizing that his fears were well founded with Duo’s hot, tight sheath closed around him.

“Fuck,” he groaned, clenching his jaw against the incredible sensation.

Duo moaned as Heero gradually began to fill him. He’d never imagined that anything so amazing could happen or ever would happen to him. Needing to feel all of Heero, Duo tried to speed things up by pressing downward.

“Heero, for fuck’s sake, take me! Now!”

Heero shook his head, flinging drops of sweat formed by his intense efforts to retain his sanity.

“No,” he growled. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Duo begged and pleaded with his voice and his body but Heero wouldn’t be rushed. Finally, when Duo thought that he would go completely insane, Heero’s thighs met his buttocks. Heero dropped his head and tried to catch his breath while he waited for Duo to adjust to him fully.

Duo’s hands clenched the bed sheets while his body unconsciously clenched around Heero, urging him on. The feel of Duo’s body squeezing around him broke through Heero’s resolve. With his last remnant of restraint, he opened his eyes and met Duo’s passion-glazed gaze.

“Hold onto me,” he whispered.

Waiting only until Duo had taken hold of his braced forearms, Heero began to move, starting with small motions and quickly increasing his pace.

“Yes!” Duo screamed. At last, he was right where he wanted to be, everything he’d ever wanted within his grasp.

Heero bent forward, never slacking in his movements, bending Duo’s limber legs and thighs until they were pressed against the writing boy’s chest. Satisfied that Duo’s was comfortable, he leaned down and claimed Duo’s sweetly parted lips.

Duo moaned into Heero’s mouth as the new position increased the depth of penetration. Heero’s cock was now repeatedly thrusting against Duo’s center of pleasure and Duo was quickly reduced to a mindless puddle of desire. He wrapped his arms around Heero’s neck, praying with all his tattered soul that this glorious moment would never end.

Although Heero commanded an almost superhuman control over his own body, the feel of Duo lying so eagerly beneath him and surrounding him with such incredible heat rapidly eroded his hard won discipline. Sensing the tightness in his body and his imminent release, Heero raised up enough to take Duo’s revived arousal in his hand.

Duo shouted Heero’s name again and again as a strong hand pumped him, sending him hurtling over the edge into bliss.


Quatre had remained in the sitting room after sending Heero off to find Duo. But nearly an hour later, after hearing nothing from either of his friends, Quatre decided to find them and make sure everything had gone alright.

The blond pilot had put a damper on his empathic gift, wanting to give his partners some privacy. Now, however, he opened himself, hoping his abilities would aid his search.

Quatre gasp as he was hit with a dual wave of impassioned and aroused emotions. He found himself standing outside of Duo’s door, listening to the muffled sounds coming from within. Finally, something came through clearly, making his face and ears turn a bright pink.

“Heero, Heero, Heero! Yes! Yes!” The voice was obviously Duo’s and he was obviously more than just alright.

Smiling at his own successful maneuvering, Quatre decided to go look for Trowa, needing to do something with the sexual energy that had spilled into him from the frolicking pilots.


Duo shot his release over his stomach and Heero’s. Heero followed immediately as the astounding sensation of Duo clenching rhythmically around proved overwhelming. After he’d been milked utterly dry, he collapsed against his amethyst-eyed lover. His lover in name, and now, in fact.

Duo struggled to catch his breath, his body completely drained. His mind however was awhirl with one single thought. Finally, Heero was his and he was Heero’s. They belonged to each other now and forever. Relishing the feeling of Heero lying against him, Duo moaned in protest when Heero heaved himself up and rolled away.

Heero chuckled at Duo’s moue of complaint. “Baka,” he said tenderly, “I don’t want to crush you.”

Duo rolled after Heero, loath to be parted for even a microsecond. He threw an arm across Heero’s chest and entangled their legs. Snuggling his head against his lover’s shoulder, Duo answered in a supremely satiated tone.

“Don’t care,” he mumbled. Duo lay quietly against Heero while he gathered his wits, relishing the feel of Heero’s hand stroking gently along his side. After a moment, a question suddenly occurred to him. He rose up enough to gaze upon Heero’s face.

“Heero, where did you learn to do all of that? That was... Hell, I don’t even have the words for what that was.”

Heero met Duo’s loving gaze for a moment. Closing his eyes, he sighed.

“Dr. J felt that I should be prepared for any eventuality. It was part of my training.”

Duo stared at his lover, feeling a moment of blinding hatred for the demented doctor. He reached up and caressed the side of Heero’s face with infinite tenderness. Taking a deep breath, Heero opened his eyes, marveling at the emotion and love he saw in his partner’s beautiful visage. Feeling as though an unknown weight had been lifted from him, Heero smiled.

“I’m just glad I got to put my training to such good use.”

Duo blinked, shocked that Heero had actually made a little joke. Then he too smiled, returning to his comfortable position against Heero’s shoulder. Heero ran a finger lightly over the life-changing tattoo.

“So,” he asked, “did it hurt?”

Duo chuckled. “Hell, yeah! It felt like I was getting etched with pure acid.”(1)

Heero winced. Duo had looked up in time to catch the reaction and his smile grew. He leaned over a press a kiss against Heero’s lips.

“But, you know what? It was definitely worth it!”

(1) Just so you know, this is indeed what it felt like! Ouch!! ^_~


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