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Hot Buttered Heero
Part 1
by Heartfelt

Two weeks ago, Heero wouldn’t have been able to explain the difference between an art gallery and a Sherman Williams. But here he was, walking after hours through the halls of a swanky gallery in one of the more exclusive sections of Tokyo. He stepped gingerly, as though afraid that the sound of his shoes against the marbled floor would somehow disturb the art work displayed impressively along the walls in their individual mounts.

Heero tugged on his collar, unaccustomed to the sensation of a button-up shirt against his throat. Not too long ago, he wouldn’t have even considered wearing anything other than a comfortable t-shirt and his old, well-worn jeans. But then, he’d found Duo.

Since meeting the other man at the construction site where Heero was a foreman, he and the sexy student architect had spent every possible moment together that Duo could steal away from school and Heero could take away from work. But, the funny part was that, after that first, unbelievable round of sex high atop the scaffolding, the experience had yet to be repeated.

They’d met for dinner at a nice restaurant last week, hence the addition of the dark-blue dress shirt, black slacks, and black loafers to Heero’s wardrobe. They’d even managed to catch a movie a few days ago. And on their first outing, a couple of days after meeting, they’d gone for a late night stroll through a park near Duo’s campus. But that had been the extent of their post-coital dating.

The braided student had made it crystal clear that he was completely amenable to a quickie snatched in some dark corner. His attempts to persuade Heero, backed up by hot, wet kisses and the incredible body he used to tempt the other man at every turn, had left the taller man aching and cursing his own stubbornness.

But, Heero didn’t want some convenient tumble. He couldn’t remember ever experiencing anything remotely approaching how he felt when he was with Duo. In two, short weeks, damned if he hadn’t fallen in love. Duo was so beautiful with his long, chestnut hair, sparkling, amethyst eyes, and a quirky grin that hinted at delicious mischief. Though only a few years older, the time he’d spent with Duo made Heero realize how serious he’d become about life. He’d forgotten how to have fun and Duo had proven that he was more than willing to remind him.

At the same time, the younger man had opened up an entirely new world to Heero, one filed with art and culture the likes of which he’d never thought to explore. And so, here he was, walking through an art gallery at Duo’s request. The other man often had mentioned his desire to do a full portrait of Heero, something far more elaborate than the swift, though stunning sketch he’d surreptitiously done of the foreman at the construction site when they’d first met. Heero, of course, had never posed for a painting before and had no idea what to expect. So, he’d put on his best set of clothes and hoped he didn’t make a fool of himself.

He approached the back of the gallery and looked for the door marked "Private" through which Duo had indicated he should go. Heero found the door, tasteful, black lettering identifying it as the one he sought. The door was unlocked and Heero stepped out of the gallery proper into what appeared to be some sort of warehouse.

Blank canvasses dominated the space, stacked haphazardly along the walls and in wooden crates. Several metal racks held cans of paint and endless piles of brushes in every size. Otherwise, dark room was empty, remote lights casting everything into shadow. Except for one corner in which sat a large, Victorian, red velvet couch, surrounded by dozens of flickering candles.

Curious about the anachronistic display, Heero stepped warily towards the couch, glancing at the easel, complete with a blank canvas, that sat towards one side of the couch. Several brushes and a palate of paint laid at the ready on an overhanging ledge of the easel. Inexplicably, Heero began to grow nervous.

Poking at a red cushion with a single finger, Heero was just determining that it was indeed upholstered with real velvet when a familiar voice spoke out from the darkness behind him.

"Hey, I was beginning to think that you’d gotten lost. Or had chickened out."

The voice was husky and amused and Heero turned towards it eagerly, realizing just how much he’d missed it even after only a few days of absence.

"I almost did, get lost, that is." He picked out a shadowy form moving towards him. "I’ve never been in this area of town, and wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed ..."

Heero’s explanation faltered as Duo reached the tremulous circle of light cast by the artful arrangement of candles. In the time he’d known the other man he’d seen Duo in the skimpiest of clothes and in the epitome of casually elegant attire. At first, he’d been convinced that nothing could top the scandalous t-shirt and shorts ensemble that the younger man had sported the day they’d met. That was until he’d seen Duo in a dress shirt and well-tailored slacks that in turns hid and clung to his gorgeous ass.

But, now, Heero felt his heart skip a beat, his mouth go dry, and his body grow hard as Duo came fully into view, the flickering lights gleaming along the braided length of his chestnut hair. In all honesty, it was not the most provocative of outfits, but Heero had the suspicion that the other man could make even a priest’s uniform look sexy. The black tank-top was in the same style as the t-shirt in which he’d first seen Duo: tight and short, revealing a tantalizing expanse of his slender torso. But what did it for Heero was the narrow, silver chain that hung around the younger man’s neck, teasing along the prominent ridge of his collar bone, a place Heero had the sudden urge to explore with his tongue. That and the jeans.

They were faded and loose, almost baggy, and they hung so low on Duo’s hips that it seemed the slightest wrong move on his part would send them plummeting towards the floor. They also revealed his characteristically scandalous lack of underwear. The braided man’s bare toes peaked out from beneath the bottom of the wide-legged jeans, adding an extra air of sexiness that was almost redundant. Heero looked up the length of Duo’s body to be greeted by the other man’s wicked smile.

"Hi," he said, suddenly feeling gauche and tongue-tied.

"Hi, yourself," Duo said, his smile growing at Heero’s awkwardness.

As the shorter man walked toward him, Heero’s eyes fell helplessly on the waistband of the dangerously low jeans. They were teasing him, threatening to slip off before his eyes and he felt himself growing harder by the second. Duo stepped close and looked up at him, his amethyst eyes gleaming in the candlelight. Lifting up one hand, he placed it on Heero’s silky shirt and rubbed an opened palm over the firm chest hidden by the soft material. Heero gasped as the clever hand slid slyly over a cloth-covered nipple.

"Ummm," Duo moaned, "I do love this shirt. It really brings out your eyes, you know." He curled both hands into the expensive fabric and pulled the taller man down until their lips met.

Heero fell into the kiss, fell into Duo, relearning the warm cavern of his mouth. He couldn't believe that he had forgotten how sweet the younger man tasted. It was like the flavor of hot sin if such a thing could be captured. Sweat broke out on his skin, defying the cool air of the warehouse. A pair of strong, slim arms wrapped around his neck as Duo deepened the kiss. Heero placed a hand on the other man's lower back, the subconscious flexing of his biceps drawing their hips together. Two, throaty groans escaped from them as their mutual erections met with thrusting enthusiasm.

Every desire left Heero’s mind except for the desire to take the other man hard and hot, then and there. He reached under Duo’s shirt with clumsy, desperate hands. He’d begun to raise it over the shorter man's chest when Duo broke the kiss and backed away on a breathy gasp.

"Man, you know I would love to continue this." He inhaled deeply and stepped further out of Heero’s reach. "But, unfortunately we have some work to do." His eyes raking over the man standing before him, Duo took his lower lip between his white teeth and shook his head, the end of his chestnut braid swaying over his ass.

"Maybe not so unfortunate for me," he chuckled.

Heero struggled to regain control over his wayward body as the other man turned away. Two weeks of abstinence was far too long in the face of Duo’s blatant sexiness and he was more than willing to break the promise he’d made to himself to not take the younger man casually. Of course, there was nothing casual about how he felt about Duo. Occupied with catching his breath, Heero realized only belatedly that the object of his obsession was walking away.

"Where are you ...?" he began. Duo looked back at him over his shoulder.

"Go ahead and take off your clothes. I'll be right back."

Heero was so shocked that it was a moment before Duo’s statement made any impression on him. He found his voice just as the other man was disappearing into the darkness of the warehouse.

"Wait! Take off my clothes?" he asked, uncertainty causing his voice to catch. Duo turned back, an amused smirk on his full lips.

"Is there an echo in here?" he chuckled. He walked back towards the stunned man gaping at him. Duo stopped close to Heero and ran a single finger down the deep valley defined by his muscled pecs.

"Yes, I said take them off. Strip. Get naked." Each word was punctuated by a teasing peck to Heero’s lips. His cock reacted eagerly to Duo’s taunting but his surprise at the other man’s request prevented the attempted distraction from being completely successful.

"Why?" he pressed, moving away reluctantly from the shorter man’s lips. Duo sighed in resignation at Heero’s stubbornness.

"Because, silly, I told you I wanted to paint you, right?" Heero nodded, still suspicious.

"Right, but why do I need to take off..."

"I can’t very well do a nude portrait off you if you’re dressed, can I?" Duo interrupted. Heero blinked.

"Nude portrait?" he asked brilliantly. Earlier, as he’d walked through the gallery, he’d seen several such paintings so he wasn’t completely ignorant of that type of art. But there was one thing he didn’t understand.

"But, why would you want to do a nude painting of me?"

Duo’s smile was a mixture of lasciviousness and disbelief. As though he couldn’t keep himself from touching the older man, his hands once again found their way to Heero’s shirt. But this time, instead of being content to skim the surface, they deftly tunneled beneath the dark-blue fabric. Heero couldn’t stop the moan that escaped from his throat at the feel of the other man’s smooth skin against his bare flesh. Gifted hands traced over the flat plane of his abdomen and traveled upwards over the curves of muscle formed by years of manual labor. His eyes closed helplessly at the electrifying contact.

Duo watched a beguiling flush move over Heero’s cheeks as his nimble fingers made quick work of the shirt’s buttons from the underside of the garment. It was a trick he’d picked up from an overeager, ex-boyfriend, but now, as the older man’s sexy chest was revealed to his covetous gaze, he was more than grateful for the skill. He pushed the shirt from Heero’s broad shoulders and down the bronzed, corded muscles of his arms, letting the silky fabric drag over the taller man’s skin, prompting a series of delicious shivers.

Heero opened his eyes on a groan as the sensation of a wet tongue flitting over his hardened nipple suddenly played havoc with his already engorged arousal. He looked down into Duo’s face, the other man’s expression one of complete contentment as he sucked, licked, and nibble at the sensitive nub of flesh. The braided man made soft, little sounds as though he were tasting something utterly delicious. Heero sighed and buried a hand in the wealth of hair brushing against him.

The feel of Heero’s hand in his hair brought Duo back from his moment of digression. Reluctantly, he raised his head and met Heero’s dazed eyes with his own hooded gaze.

"Bad boy, Heero. You distracted me again." He took in a deep breath and exhaled sharply. "Why do I want to paint you nude? Suffice it to say, I think you are the most unbelievably beautiful man I’ve ever seen and it would be an unforgivable crime if I didn’t at least attempt to preserve that beauty for all eternity."

Duo smiled softly, an expression Heero had never before seen on his lovely face. The taller man felt something sweet and tender take root around his heart, something that spread out through his body and made him feel simultaneously strong and humbled. He knew that a rather sappy expression must have taken up residence on his face because Duo’s smile quickly became one of amused, affectionate mischief.

"That and because I’ll use any excuse to ogle your naked ass." His husky laugh rang throughout the spacious warehouse and any doubts Heero had that he’d fallen in love with the vivacious student were eradicated. He smiled abashedly, not yet ready to confess the full extent of his feelings. Duo turned away, once more, with a swing of his thick braid.

"Now strip and make yourself comfortable on the couch. I’ll only be a minute." As he vanished into the depths of the warehouse, Heero exhaled heavily and moved to comply with the other man’s command. The air wasn’t unduly cold, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit silly as he undressed down to his briefs and socks. He sat on the velvet couch to remove his socks and remembered wondering why the men and women in those paintings had agreed to pose nude, baring everything to anyone who cared to look. Standing sans socks, he reached for his last piece of clothing and chuckled.

"They all must have had really sexy boyfriends, too," he mused, peeling away his briefs, and his last bit of modesty. He sat back on the couch, expectedly pleased by the soft caress of the velvet against his naked skin. He sat back, knees together and arms folded, trying to relax while he waited for Duo to return.

Time seemed to pass slowly, his body feeling sensitive to every changing nuance of the dark warehouse. His nerves began to scream in the silence and the cooling air, unaffected by the multitude of softly flickering candles, slowly raised fine goose bumps all over his skin. When he found himself jumping violently at the buzzing of a small gnat as it passed near his ear, Heero decided that he’d waited long enough. He started to rise just as Duo returned, a bucket swinging by its handle in one hand. The younger man paused as he reentered the small region of candlelight and examined Heero with an artist’s critical eye.

"Hmmm, very nice," he said, his gaze moving over the expanse of the other man’s naked form. "However, you’re far too tense. Just relax. Here," he continued as he stepped towards the couch, "let me show you what I want."

The words, though innocent enough, sounded like temptation on the braided man’s full lips. Duo sat the bucket on the floor and pushed against Heero’s chest, forcing him to lie back on the velvet couch. Slim hands positioned his limbs this way and that until the chill Heero had felt was replaced by a growing heat as his body reacted to the other man’s touch. Duo couldn’t help but notice Heero’s swelling arousal and his wicked smile made the older man blush.

Heero found himself lying on the velvet-covered furniture, his head propped up on one of the couch’s ornately carved arms. One of his own arms was resting along the back of the couch while the other lay gently crooked at his side. One leg was bent at the knee, his foot resting on a red cushion. The other foot was planted on the floor, his spread legs framing his proud lust. Duo stepped back, walking over to the easel as he gauged the effect of his efforts. His wide grin and the bulge just barely visible at the crotch of his loose jeans proclaimed his satisfaction.

"Yeah, that’s much, much better," he murmured, reaching over to pick up a paintbrush from the easel’s overhanging ledge. The brush had a moderately thick, wooden handle, which seemed to fit comfortably in Duo’s long-fingered hand. The brush itself, however, tapered neatly, clearly meant for delicate work. Heero’s cock twitched and he swallowed a moan as the braided man nibbled at the tip of the handle, one arm crossing over his chest to support the elbow of his brush hand.

Duo continued to stand by the easel, admiring his handiwork and sucking on the end of the paintbrush. His eyes were dark in the dimly lit room, but they flashed with a multitude of nefarious plans. Heero struggled not to move from his pose. He tried to ignore his aching arousal and the growing need to show the other man to what other, better use he could put those luscious lips.

Finally, the younger man moved, stepping back towards the couch and Heero exhaled in relief. As much as he enjoyed having Duo’s eyes on him, he was beginning to feel at bit like he was on display and the sensation was slightly unnerving. He was tempted to ask the other man to forget the whole thing. He didn’t know how long the portrait would take, but it was sure to be longer than he could stand. However, the infant protest died before it could be uttered as he caught the eager, almost boyish excitement on the Duo’s beautiful face. The younger man knelt beside the couch and leaned over the recumbent Heero to place a soft kiss against his lips.

"Thanks, again, for agreeing to do this for me," he said sincerely. "It’s really going to be terrific."

Heero felt a renewing swell of tenderness around his heart. If this was all it took to make Duo happy, then he’d gladly submit himself to the other man’s harmless whims. He decided that he could easily spend the rest of his life with no other goal than to see that incredible smile light up Duo’s face. After all, it was no more than Duo had done for him. Before that fateful meeting at the construction site, Heero had begun to feel increasingly restless and dissatisfied with himself. He’d had a few relationships in the past, but none that had amounted to anything. They’d been brief, meaningless encounters that did nothing but leave him with a sense of loneliness. But Duo... Duo was life and laughter. He was beauty and excitement rolled into one sexy package and he’d made the older man remember what it was like to enjoy life. Heero didn’t think he’d ever fully be able to express his gratitude, though he would certainly do his damnedest to try.

The romantic bent of his thoughts continued until a drop of warm, liquid plopped unexpectedly onto his bared stomach, startling him. The fluid was a vibrant blue and showed up vividly against his bronzed skin. Heero looked from the dripping paintbrush, which had been dipped into the mysterious bucket, to the amethyst gaze that watched him closely, gleaming with false innocence. An odor wafted towards him from the liquid and Heero’s eyes widened as he identified the delicious aroma.

"Is that... butter?"

In response, Duo swirled his index finger through the errant drop and lifted the wet digit to Heero’s lips. Hesitantly, the older man parted them to allow the proffered finger to run the liquid over the tip of his tongue. The taste was unmistakable.

"Yep," Duo confirmed succinctly, clearly trying to repress yet another smile. Heero’s forehead wrinkled in confusion.

"But, it’s blue," he said, unable to hide his befuddlement, though his cheeks reddened at the other man obvious amusement. Duo nodded as he wiped at the remaining spot of color on Heero’s hard belly, bringing it to his own lips.

"Food coloring," he explained. He closed his eyes in pleasure at the taste. "Ummm, delicious."

Heero was beginning to feel less than intelligent, the blood once again rushing from his brain in the face of Duo’s palpable sexuality. He watched the braided man suck on his finger, remembering only after an entire minute had passed that he’d meant to continue with his questioning.

"Why, um, I mean, what are you going to do with it?"

Duo opened his eyes and Heero’s breath caught in his throat at the hot promise lurking within the hooded depths. Never releasing the other man’s gaze, Duo again dipped the brush into the bucket and withdrew it to smear a thick, blue line down the center of Heero’s stomach, pressing down to use the broader profile of the lower bristles. He continued to capture Heero’s eyes with his own as he lowered his head and removed the streak with one, long, slow swipe of his tongue. His eyelids fluttering helpless against the sexy assault, Heero groaned, his cock becoming a single, throbbing ache.

"Like I said," Duo whispered, "I’m going to paint you."

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