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For You I Suffer
Part 41
by Heartfelt

The hoots and cries that accompanied the young captain's show of passion were nothing more than background noise to my ears. My entire attention was consumed with the tongue taking such complete ownership of my mouth that I almost felt as though I had never before been kissed. How different was the confidence of a man who lived his life by his sword and his wits? There was no softness, no coy teasing or hesitation; there was only the strong thrust and parry that was surely a reflection of his skill with a blade. I found myself helpless before his assault, melting against him until he was my sole source of physical support.

The kiss went on and on, none of the other soldiers daring to interfere though their impatience was palpable. They were eager for a show, and Wufei eventually proved himself to be a kind leader as he released me, smiling gently at my dazed expression before turning me to sit on his lap. I swayed as I was maneuvered, barely able to feel the proper embarrassment at being made to face our eager audience. My legs were splayed to either side of the captain's chair, obliterating any modesty I might have yet claimed. The captain's hands moved up my torso in a slow caress until they reached the golden clamps dangling from my nipples. My head fell back against his shoulder as he toyed with them, flicking them back and forth unless the tender nubs tingled deliciously and my toes curled. Wufei took advantage of my vulnerable posture, tasting the skin of my throat until the combined sensation of his tongue and his fingers threatened to drive me to distraction.

"Please," I whispered wretchedly as my hips shifted suggestively against the young captain's swollen cock. I could feel him smile against my neck and shivered as he lifted his head so that his lips were directly against my ear.

"What is that you want, pretty? Hmm? Do you want me to take you?" I moaned as he scraped a fingernail over my chest, paying special attention to the colored ring surrounding one swollen nub. "Do you want me to claim you, right here in front of my men? Do you want me to show them what is in store for them?"

"Y-yes," I whimpered, hardly able to deny my desire when the tip of my cock was pearled with the proof of the fire he had stoked in my veins. I turned my head until my lips rested against him. "I want you inside me."

My shuttered gaze was just focused enough to see how Wufei's pupil dilated at my shameful plea. A slight flush warmed the skin covering his sharp cheekbones and I sighed at his exotic, unabashed beauty. Then all was meaningless light, my eyes wide but unseeing as I was lifted and impaled on his cock, my own saliva the only thing easing its passage. I heard a distant voice cry out harshly, not realizing at the time that I was the culprit.

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I held on to them for dear life as I was raised and lowered, each downward motion introducing me to the captain's thick rod anew. My legs were spread wide where they draped over his and I was unable to brace my feet against the floor. Thus I was completely at his mercy, and I reveled in the fact that he had none. Wufei forced me to ride him as though he were an untamed stallion, bucking beneath me with strong snaps of his hips. His grip was the only thing that kept me from flying away with each thrust, but I had no illusions that he would allow me such an easy escape.

I moaned each time I was filled and begged each time I was emptied, announcing my passion to the assembly at large and generally making a whorish spectacle of myself. But I was beyond any sense of humiliation. Rather I knew only the glorious fullness that touched every inch of my clenching channel. The cloth of the young captain's shirt was rough against my back, the sensitized skin picking out the very weave of the fabric as I rubbed against it. His teeth and tongue worried at the back of my neck, the little bites growing sharper as his excitement waxed.

My hands lost their purchase on Wufei's arms as he released his hold. I panicked for a moment as a powerful surge lifted me into the air, but he had merely shifted to place his palms flat against my stomach. I grabbed them, entwining our fingers such that I was compelled to follow his every move as he stroked slowly up toward my chest. My head was swimming at the heady scent of lust that permeated the common room and at the soft grunts that sounded in my ears with each powerful thrust. The feel of his hands against my skin only added to the myriad of sensations under which I was drowning. Sweat beaded all over my exposed flesh from the nearly unbearable heat of the fire and the bodies of the other men. The firm tongue that lit upon my skin, painting stripes of wetness against my neck, engendered shivers that originated there and traveled down the length of my spine. The incessant scrape of the captain's throbbing cock against the tender skin of my opening was enough to drive me mad.

But I underestimated the inherent cruelty that any soldier must embody were he to properly relish and anticipate destroying his opponent. The shaft battering my insides stretched me open and found a target in the hidden patch of nerves that was ever my weakness. I shouted a cry as the young captain hit it with deadly accuracy, assured by his growl that finding it was a goal thus achieved. Now, every time I was forced down onto his lap, the shock of his success awaited me. I slowly realized that the wetness on my cheeks were tears of frustration as my own arousal pulsed with fruitless agony, the ring nestled around its base assuring that any impending release would remain ever allusive. So you might imagine my dismay as I felt Wufei's cock swell even more as he neared the end of his endurance, his fingers curling bruisingly into my sides as he lost his rhythm and fucked me with increasing imprecision. My eyes were shut and my head was thrown back as I surrendered to his ferocity. Thus I was unprepared for the twin spears of blissful pain that stabbed through me as he muted his roar of completion by burying his teeth in my nape and ripped away the clamps imprisoning my nipples in one, devastating stroke.

A shout went up from the soldiers as their captain found his release, but it was no match for the cry that tore from my own throat as he bathed my insides with viscous heat even as fire bloomed in two bright spots on my chest. Wufei groaned against my neck, slumping heavily against me as his strength failed. His hands slid away, falling into my lap as he just managed to keep his hold on the clamps still nestled in his slackened grip. The warmth of his breath whooshed against my neck as he let out a sigh, the air tingling against the tender flesh which his teeth had so ruthlessly abused. His entire posture bespoke his total contentment, the easing of all his cares and the soothing of any tensions that had ever plagued him. And I wanted to weep, hating him just a little as I remained estranged from any like satisfaction.

"Very nice," the young captain whispered in my ear, the caress of his warm breath only adding to the cascade of sensations that battered at my sensibilities. My cock throbbed with the need for release. My nipples burned as the blood flowed anew through the recently freed nubs. My ass spasmed shamelessly around Wufei's quiescent member as though it were begging for further ravishment.

But though any possibility of relief might remain nothing more than a fervent wish, I should have known better than to believe that my wanton lust would be left similarly unassuaged. I was still trying to catch my breath and calm the ache in my loins when I was unceremoniously plucked from the captain's lap by his burly number two man. I gasped in surprise, my head still swimming from the heady rush of being so thoroughly used mere moments before. My arms wound reflexively around the sergeant's burly neck as I was borne aloft and carried away from his drowsy leader.

"Wha...?" I breathed, blinking questioningly as all verbal agility proved beyond my present capabilities.

"Don't you w'rry none," he said in a voice so low that I felt the rumbles coming from his chest rather than hearing him with my ears. "Now that the capt'n is done with yer, it's time we had our turn with that sweet ass of yer's."

My face lit with red flame as the other soldiers guffawed at the sergeant's crudeness. But it would have been foolish for me to pretend that I did not understand the reason for my presence amongst these rough hewn men. I was theirs for the night to use as they pleased, and my stomach clench from fissions of fear and anticipation in equal measure.

The sergeant carried me through the boisterous crowd of men who were clearly eager to gain a closer acquaintance with my person. The lust was naked on their faces and I saw more than one man reach down to adjust himself as I was borne past. My scalp prickled as dozens of hands tugged at my hair, but I was forced to admire their restraint as I never felt even the hint of pain. Rather, I had grown perverse enough during my time at Windshire to feel no little pride at their unabashed admiration. In response to the uncouth show of appreciation, I preened a bit. I tilted my head back, emphasizing the impressive length of my hair as it nearly brushed the tavern floor even as the giant sergeant held me aloft. My chest stuck out as I arched my back, the rosiness of my nipples nearly glowing from their recent release from their golden clasps.

A raucous murmur of voices brushed past my ears, but I still suffered from the desperate frustration of being filled with Wufei's release even as my own was yet denied. But one strident voice broke through and the man's words were enough to return me fully to the present.

"String 'im up, sergeant!" The request was met with loud approval. For an instant I feared for my life, as I knew no other association with that phrase than a hanging. The fear persisted for another moment when the crowd parted to reveal a chain hanging from a sturdy support beam direct overhead of where my captor stopped. But I was relieved of such concerns as I espied a pair of manacles dangling from the end of the chain. And sure enough, in no time I found myself stretched gracefully as I stood on tip-toe, arms forced overhead, at the mercy of the leering crowd.

My new posture left me completely exposed and helpless to fend off the bold caresses and mildly stinging slaps that flitted over my person and importuned my ass, respectively. My back arched, causing my chest and hips to cant forward, thus displaying my swollen nipples and needy cock all the more prominently. The easy access of most sensitive regions was taken full advantage of by the excited soldiers.

"Please," I begged shameless, though for what I feared to name. Was it a plea for my own debasement? An appeal to further my abject mortification? All I knew for certain was that the tactile assault was restocking the flame that had not faltered from the first taste of the captain's lips upon mine, and if it was not alleviated soon, I might burst into flame on the spot. The voice of salvation rumbled in my ear and I whimpered in response.

"Now, let us see just wot's so special about ye, eh?"

The sergeant's broad, scarred face was suddenly before my wide eyes, eclipsing the room from my view. I had nary a moment to appreciate the harsh attractiveness I had not notice upon our first meeting - his startlingly brilliant gray gaze, the hard-edged firmness of his jaw, and the healthy ruddiness of his skin - before he bent to capture my lips in a kiss that brooked no reticent and accepted none. His tongue sought instant domination of my mouth and I moan as I acquiesced, my knees faltering until only the chain held me upright and my shoulders twinged under the strain.

I was grateful as a pair of meaty arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me up just enough that the pressure on my arms was eased. The other soldiers hooted and hollered even louder than they had when it had been their captain who had held me in his thrall. Perhaps it tickled them even more to witness their steely-eyed sergeant overcome by his baser instincts. In truth, I cared little for the concerns of our audience. All of my attention was fixed on the man who was determinedly robbing me of breath and the hard, throbbing bulge I could feel pressing against my stomach. The very hint of its size sent an uncontrollable shiver down my spine, and I wriggled as I mindless sought greater contact with the promising swell.

My writhing did not go unnoticed, and I gasped for breath as the sergeant's lips slipped from mine as he chuckled. He moved his hips forward so that his hardness pressed against me. Intrigued by my responding moan, I felt him smile as he slid his mouth down my jaw and began to nibble at my neck.

"Feel somethin' you want, luv?" I shuddered at the warm rush of his breath against my throat, as well as from the hint of stubble that rasped against my skin. I squirmed in the sergeant's arms, unwilling to offer the embarrassing answer to his question even as I greatly wanted to tell him exactly what it was I so desperately desired. But the soldier was not used to mollycoddling and I was not to be the first to receive such a dispensation. "Come on, tell ole Bruce wot it is yer cravin'." The crass outburst of amusement this command engendered in no way eased my task. But my arousal was fit to burst and my ass clenched on an emptiness it had learned to loathe. I whispered my answer, unable to muster the volume to make myself heard. Sergeant Bruce was having none of it.

"Me n' the lads didn't hear ye. Wot was that ye said?" I cursed him under my breath at the reminder that my shame was for public consumption.

"I...I want your cock...in my ass," I mumbled hesitantly. But I had been heard and the sergeant stiffened, clearly surprised by my forthright reply that he had apparently not expected me to be capable of giving. I glanced up at him, and his astonishment bolstered me enough to finish my brazen request. "I want you to fuck me."

I could not regret my impetuousness even though I had barely replenished the breath expended during my statement before a pair of strong hands had reached down to my thighs and hoisted them up so that they wrapped around the sergeant's waist. And I had barely begun to draw the next before all attempts at breathing were impeded by the giant rod that rammed its way into my greedy hole.

"Ahhh!" The cry was only the first of many as the sergeant thrust into me again and again, battering my insides with the length of steel jutting from his hips such that only the leavings of his captain's previous attentions saved me from harm. He held tightly to my waist, his fingers digging into the skin with a force that was sure to leave marks. As if I could escape. My arms were stretched above me, my hands held in place by the manacles. With my feet off of the floor I was completely helpless to resist if I had wanted to do so. A desire I confess was the furthest from my mind.

My own cock throbbed and quivered as I was violated. A bead of fluid glistened at the tip, and the warm air of the fire-warmed inn wafting past the moist flesh only increased my distress. My head fell back, the lust sweeping through me leaving me both tense and boneless all at once. The mixture of aching desire, stifling heat, and too much drink left me dizzy and I could only hang from the sergeant's grip as he pounded into me. The tips of my hair brushed the floor boards, and the cascading drape of silky chestnut riled the other men into frenzy. They swarmed us, hardly seeming care that their superior officer was presently ramming me into next week.

Countless fingers and hands brushed over my exposed flesh with varying degrees of gentleness. Some caressed while some pinched, but all were thorough such that I felt almost clothed by their touches. One brave man dared to kiss me, but the sergeant lost his patience with his men's lack thereof and pulled me upright so that the intrepid soldier's lips were ripped from mine.

"Wait yer turn, ye maggots!" he roared, drawing guffaws at what I surmised was an uncharacteristic show of emotion. My lips were not long left bereft of attention. The sergeant's firm lips captured mine, the taste of ale strong on his tongue as it once again took charge of my mouth until I was naught but a quivering mass of longing. I pulled unconsciously against my bindings, needing in some way to contribute to my own completion. But the chains held firm, thwarting all my efforts. I could only moan, reduced to incomprehensible sounds as I begged wordlessly for clemency.

Suddenly, the pace of sergeant's thrusting hips grew frantic and uneven. The kiss ended as he threw his head back, a deep groan issuing from somewhere deep in his chest as I felt a flood of warm heat bathe my clenching passage. His powerful figure slumped, using me to hold himself up even as he supported me. And still I was left a trembling, wanting mass of flesh, betrayed by the one sign of the baron's ownership that yet remained with me. I wanted so badly for the golden ring around my cock to disappear that I nearly wept with hatred of it.

I barely noticed as the sergeant slowly relinquished his claim on me. I shuddered as he pulled his diminished manhood out of me and could feel the warm fluid that trailed down my thigh as he abandoned me. But another was quick to take his place while another contented himself in using the globes of my ass to rub himself to release. Another, or perhaps it was the first, took possession of my already swollen lips, while another's fingers pinched and tugged at my tender nipples.

In truth, the faces of the soldiers began to blend into one, lustful visage, so that I could no longer tell them apart. My insides were bathed yet again with a soldiers release and my ass was christened anew. The players changed but the game remained the same as the night went on. Eventually I was freed from the manacles and was lowered to a far more comfortable position atop a table. Once there, my admirers were able to make use of my mouth as well as my ass, and soon my face was sticky with their leavings as were my more nether regions.

Even now I cannot be sure how much time passed. For all their boisterousness, these were not cruel men, and their passions were merely earnest rather than torturous. As such, one moment blended into the next and one cock replaced another, until I was nothing more than a willing receptacle for their passions. My own awareness was completely consumed by the throbbing ache between my thighs. I pleaded with every man that took me that I would do anything if only he would grant me that final respite. But of course my entreaties fell on deaf ears as I was already theirs to do with what they would. They did not need my permission to partake of what I offered, so no amount of begging could possible be of any benefit.

But in the end, the god among them saw fit to end my suffering. I was swallowing yet another flood of come, taking care to massage the cock filling my mouth with the well-used muscles of my throat. My ass twitched as a formerly hard length slipped out of my increasingly sloppy hole. I gasped for air when my mouth was similarly deserted, accepting the moment as a brief lull before the next round began. But as seconds became minutes and I remained unmolested, I blinked the sweat from my eyes and looked around to find that the mass of male bodies that had been my unrelenting companion for the past few hours had moved away. Several men off to my right stepped aside, opening a path through which Wufei stepped.

Though I had experienced the company of what I was sure was every last one of the soldiers in the taproom, the young captain exotic handsomeness was still enough to make my breath hitch in my throat. He stopped only when he stood directly next to where I lay on one of the long wooden tables. I pushed up on my forearms, sitting up half way so that I was not lying before him like some wanton buffet even if that is indeed what I was. I glanced at him warily as he reached toward my face, but he merely stroked back a lock of hair that was stuck to the sweat sheening my forehead. My lashes fluttered at the pleasant sensation of his touch as though I had long been bereft of such a kindness. The captain smiled at the kittenish display.

"Duo, on behalf of my men and myself, allow me to thank you for a most enjoyable evening." His approbation was met with cheers and I blushed at the applause and beaming smiles directed toward me. For the first time that night, I truly felt like a spectacle. Though it was not an uncommon status since I had arrived at Windshire, I had never become accustomed to such focused attention. An accursed flush swiftly colored my cheeks, and I sat up fully as I pulled my knees to my chest to hide what had been so recently offered. I tried to conceal my face by resting my forehead on my knees, but the motion was arrested by a strong finger beneath my chin. I looked up at his urging, reluctantly meeting his dark gaze.

"You have been a most agreeable companion, but we would be remiss as hosts if we did not see to your every comfort, would we not?"

I blinked up at him in confusion until his other hand suddenly appeared in my lap. I started, inhaling sharply as his fingered brushed over my arousal. The sound quickly became a moan as he lingered, toying over my turgid length. My legs flopped back to the table and spread apart on their own accord as I leaned back on my hands, opening myself to the young captain's touch even as I unwittingly opened myself up to the interested perusal of his men. Through my failing vision I saw his smile broaden.

"Shall we do something about this?" Several shouts of agreement put paid to any protest I might have made. Not that I would have made any had I been able. I was panting like a bitch in heat, and I felt no more in control of myself than that allegorical hound as Wufei took full hold of my cock and began to work it with firm strokes. My knees bent at the terrible pleasure of his touch until my heels came to rest against the edge of the table. My hands gave up all pretense of support and I slumped back onto the wooden surface, writhing at the itchy sensation of the grain against my bare skin.

"Och, that's a right pretty sight there, Cap'n."

"Make him fly, Cap'n! I'll bet tis some sweet juice he's carrying in his sacks."

Their comments were base and callous and they made me burn. I moved helplessly against the table as Wufei calmly worked my aching shaft, smiling indulgently as though watching some innocent amusement. My toes curled and my fingers clawed at the table as I cried out, beseeching him to end it, to end my suffering. The first tears of frustration, which I had thus far managed to contain, at last took advantage of my shattered control. One had managed to complete its escape and as beginning its course down my cheek when the mob took pity on me.

"Aww, he's crying, Cap'n. Let 'im come."

"Yeah, let 'im come!"

The crowd took up the chant until the call for my final humiliation filled the room. By this time, my eyes had shut so that I might focus more perfectly on my agony. As such, I had no warning before the cock ring was abruptly whisked away, only the shooting heat that announced my imminent undoing.

And indeed, I did not last much longer. A long, torturous shout tore from the very depths of my being as the long night of teasing came to an explosive head. Wufei's firm, perfect grip flew over my cock, building my desire up and up until it burst forth, showering me in my own heat. Every inch of my body spasmed in unbearable ecstasy, the shock of it running from the top of my head, through my fingers, and down to my toes, before rushing up my legs to pool at the center of my need. And then it was over and I collapsed into a quivering heap as the young captain milked every last drop from my trembling cock.

The whoops and yells from my fans were lost to me as I swiftly descended into that dark peacefulness reserved for children and well-used whores.

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