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AN: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

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For You I Suffer
Part 40
by Heartfelt

The hand grasping my arm pulled me away from Wufei, and I landed on a lap covered in woolen leggings, the firm muscles of the man's thighs providing not a hint of softness. An arm like tempered steel banded about my waist, preventing any escape even if I had been able to order my thoughts enough to formulate such an intention. I threw an uncertain glance over my shoulder at my captor, blinking at the yellowed, lustful grin framed by a thick, reddish-brown beard. Uneasiness skittered down my spine at the obvious interest in the man's blue gaze, but even with the vicious scar that marred his right cheek, the overall impression of his tanned visage was not unfriendly. I dared return his smile with a timid version of my own.

"Oi, Dougal! Don't hog the goods for yourself!" Strong fingers captured my chin, turning my head side-to-side as my face was treated to a minute examination.

"So you're the baron pretty prize, eh?" Dougal asked, ignoring the calls from his fellows to share me. A large hand splayed over my chest, his thumb resting not-so-innocently against my nipple. I squirmed when the thumb flicked lightly over the sensitive nub, setting the golden clamp to swinging, but stopped abruptly when one particular lump beneath my butt suddenly grew in both size and hardness.

"I-I suppose," I stuttered, nerves reducing my voice to a whisper. The man sitting next to my impromptu cushion dropped a full plate of food in front of us.

"Wot a scrawny lookin' thing 'e is. Feed 'im, Dougal, before he keels over. Won't get no fun out of 'im then, will we?" Cheers and guffaws accompanied the prediction, and the color drained from my face, surely aiding their opinion of me. I felt a moment's twinge of injured manly pride. Surely I was not as bad as all that, though I had to admit that there was no way I could compete with the fierce virility of these fighting men. Even the few faces in the crowd that appeared of an age with me or a bit younger revealed not the slightest hint anything less than deadly prowess. These were men who were in the baron's employ to defend or to kill as their duties required. I knew I would do well to remember that fact and admonished myself to give them no cause for disappointment.

"Indeed, you're right, Thomas. This one could certainly do with some more flesh on his bones. Right pampered he's been up there at the castle, you can be sure." Dougal picked up a piece of savory meat from the plate and held it before my lips. "Here you go, luv. Have a morsel, then." My stomach had not settled since Quatre had left me alone in the courtyard, and I did not feel quite up to eating. But reluctant to offend, I reached hesitantly for the food. Dougal moved it away from my fingers and tsked in disapproval.

"Ah ah, none of that." He dangled the morsel so that it wiggled obscenely. "Come on then, there's a good boy." Howls of amusement rang out from the assembly, abruptly returning all missing color from my cheeks as his intent became clear. But still, I had surely faced far worse humiliations than this, and I quickly obliged by stretching my neck forward to take the meat between my teeth. Thick fingers lingered against my lips until I understood the tacit request. My tongue peeked from between my lips to lick the fingers clean of grease from the meat. Dougal beamed at me in approval.

"Ha!" he laughed. "See, boys, looks like there might be a brain beneath all that hair after all!" I swallowed past the lump of shame blocking my throat and looked down to my clenched hands in a futile attempt to deny my surroundings. But another offering of food soon recaptured my attention - this time a small hunk of bread. Dougal fed me from his hand for a short while longer, until another man came up beside him and handily reached down and plucked me from Dougal's lap. Startled, I wound my arms around this new man's neck as he returned the favor by wrapping my waist in a secure hold.

"You looked thirsty, sweeting. Here, have some 'o this." The edge of a mug touched my lips, and I opened them to accept the drink even as the rich smell of ale reached my nose. The brew was strong but flavorful, and welcomed the opportunity to wet my parched throat. Of course, the quantity of the drink I consumed was far greater in proportion to the food I had just eaten, and it went directly to my head. I was made to drain the entire mug in one go as the soldiers chanted for me to buck up and finish it all. When the last drop had been poured down my throat, the mug was removed and I gasped, catching my breath through an indelicate hiccup. Not all of the ale had made it into my mouth and my new captor licked the trail of drink that dribbled from the corner of my lips and down my chin.

"Um, delicious," he announced. I gasped at his forwardness, but any chance to protest was lost, for I was quickly passed on to the next waiting pair of arms. Events continued in this manner for a time - offerings of food followed by a veritable deluge of drink - until I had been passed around man-to-man and found myself on the opposite side of the taproom from where the young captain lounged at his table. I caught glances of him from time to time as I was moved about. He sat at ease, booted feet propped up on the table, a mug never far from his hand. And no matter where I was when I caught sight of him, his dark, hooded gaze was always fixed upon me without the slightest sign of distraction.

My head was soon swimming from the liberal portions of ale I had consumed, and I began to find the situation more amusing than alarming. The innkeeper and his family had vanished at some point as promised after the last of the food was served. The soldiers had been given free access to the inn's store of ale, and drink continued to flow freely.

Someone struck up a song, his strong baritone voice belting out some bawdy shanty that was quickly picked up by his fellows. Tables laden with discarded scraps of food and empty mugs were pushed aside and my current companion dragged me out into the middle of the newly opened space. He began to dance, his feet tracing a complicated series of steps that would have been beyond me even had I been at my most sober. As it was, I had no hope of following him, but fortunately any coordination on my part was not required. My dance partner lifted me in his arms and spun me about until my head swam. I actually laughed at the sensation such was my drunkenness, my hair loosening despite Helen's attempts at restraint as we whirled until it was completely free from all confinement.

Despite myself, I was having fun. I had not remained unmolested as each man whose acquaintance I made took pains to grope me as much as possible before passing me along to the next fellow in line. But the ribbing I received was in good humor for all its crudeness, and their ribald appreciation of my appearance - as fair as any fresh maid, I heard myself described - was far more genuine that the urbane manner of the nobles at the castle. Subterfuge was unknown amongst these men and their straightforwardness was refreshing to say the least. These were the types of fellows whom I had known in my former life, rough, common men who risked their lives for their keep and played all the harder due to the danger that was their daily lot.

My nervousness eased as the merriment continued. I realized that I should have placed more faith in my master's judgment in offering me to his soldiers. I knew that Heero would never put me at risk in the same fashion as I had faced with Treize. No, here I could afford the relaxation the drink afforded and to enjoy the evening for what it was, a return to a much simpler time when my life had made sense.

Of course, I should not have expected for things to remain on such an innocent keel. The scent of arousal floating on the heat from the fire and the bodies packed into the modest space was only one hint that the soldiers were growing more anxious to take full advantage of their prize. As I was twirled about, passing from one man to another as the music dictated, the hands touching me because more bold. Hands holding mine moved to my shoulders. Those grasping my shoulders slid down to my waist. And those that had curved about my waist soon found more profitable employ in the turgid flesh jetting from between my thighs.

I gasped in foolish surprise as a callused palm wrapped around my arousal, only to find the sound breached along with the last illusion of propriety as my lips were captured in a sloppy kiss. It was as though that single kiss had opened the flood gates of the soldiers' lusts. Whichever man it was whose lips had found mine first, he was by no means the last. As there was only one of me and no less than twenty of them, not all of them could reach me at once. But that did not stop them from trying.

My lips parted on a gasp as countess hands seemed to caress all parts of me, running down my back to grab and knead the mounds of my ass, plucking at my nipple clamps, batting at my cock as it waved before me like a flag signaling my willingness. My nameless partner took advantage of my unguardedness and laid siege to my mouth with his tongue. What he was lacking in skill he made up in eagerness, and I moaned in appreciation.

Fingers that had been carding idly through my hair suddenly grew bolder, pulling my head back so that I was necessarily released from the kiss. But I was not free for long as another stepped into the breach, filling my mouth with a different flavor of heat as yet another set of lips fell upon my arched throat. Another indelicate sound spilled from me as the hand around my cock worked me with firm strokes.

It is a testament to the quantity of ale I had consumed that I never even considered protesting these indignities. Rather my entire body had become nothing more than a conduit of sensation, and my drink-addled mind reveled in my imminent debauchery.

"Bring him to me."

The command was spoken softly, yet carried enough weight to break through the fog of lust that seemed to hinder my very sight. The soldiers nearest me looked toward their captain and, after a moment, I had collected myself enough to do the same. He sat there as before, watching the bacchanalia through a shuttered gaze. And as always, he was looking only at me.

I felt like one of the many butterflies that I had pinned to boards as a child so that I might study their beauty at my leisure. It was only now as my naked flesh was pierced by the young captain's gaze that I realized I might have been cruel to those hapless creatures. But I was sure that those insects had never felt the same secret thrill that I did as that dark regard raked over me.

The men holding me grumbled, but they were clearly unused to disobey their captain. I marveled anew at how such a young man had come to hold such unwavering authority over this unruly lot. A hand wrapped around my arm led me forward until I was standing before the captain's chair. My heart thudded loudly in my chest, the pace of it increasing under the anticipation of Wufei's heavy-lidded gaze. He studied me for a long moment, uncaring of the audience of men that bore witness. My wayward cock swelled to its fullest extent, stiffening and fighting against the binding of the golden ring barely holding my dignity in check.

When he held his hand out toward me, I took it without thought. I stumbled as I was suddenly yanked forward, stopping only to find myself trapped between his legs. Though he seemed heedless that all eyes were on us, I was painfully aware of his men's unwavering attention. A tanned hand settled on my waist and traveled slowly up my side, trailing licks of heat in its wake. I failed to hold back a sharp inhale as the young captain charted the expanse of my chest, lingering over my constricted nipples as he toyed with one distressed nub then the other.

I wanted to beg him to stop, to wait until we could find some more private venue. But I had long before learned the lesson well that my person was no longer my own. So when Wufei replaced the finger flicking over my nipple with his lips, I bit back all desired protest and let a moan escape. After all, if I was truly to be publicly debauched, my ego urged me to make a good show of it.

I was unsure what to do with my hands, but the young captain's lingual skill removed any choice. My legs began to tremble as he sucked on one swollen peak. When he joined teeth to tongue, bestowing gentle nips and nibbles, they gave out completely. My hands flew to his shoulders for support lest I crumple to the floor, and my eyelids swept down quite removing the visual reminder that my whorish behavior was being displayed as the post-dinner entertainment.

The warm air seemed cool against my wet flesh as he leaned me away from him. I took my bottom lip between my teeth to prevent the groan of disappointment that hovered in my throat from betraying me. My eyes had remained closed, but they opened at the feel of a callused thumb stroking along my exposed upper lip. The captain was looking up at me with a small smile.

"I think you can find a better use for that pretty mouth than mutilating it so carelessly, hmm?"

I had no doubt as to his meaning, and my shaking legs gladly gave up their duty as I slid as gracefully as I could to my knees. My lips parted greedily as I was confronted with the evidence of my effect on him. The bulge behind the closure of his leggings seemed to pulse and I licked my lips despite myself, cursing my own lewdness even as I lowered my head. I tried to block out the presence of the others in the room, but they made my task nigh impossible by raising a boorish cheer as I leaned forward and buried my nose in the captain's crotch. I jerked away in reflexive embarrassment, but my movement was arrested by a warm hand on the back of my neck. The same thumb that had caressed my lip now rubbed over my nape, causing shivers to trip down my spine. I glanced up and him, illogically reassured by the teasing smirk that curved his firm lips.

"Take me out."

The directness of his order calmed me, giving me a focus beyond the crowd gathered behind me. I leaned forward to take the tie to his breeches between my teeth, wondering how he could be so content to have his men see him like this. Perhaps the camaraderie of soldiers was a closer thing than I had been aware. The thought of these rough men finding comfort and pleasure with each other as they saw to the kingdom's safety aroused inexplicable, unbearable excitement in my loins. Wondering when my nature had grown so thoroughly perverse, my lashes lowered to cover my eyes, and the young captain thankfully allowed me the distraction of hindered sight.

The ties unknotted easily, proving no hindrance to my skill, and with a deftness I had learned in my master's bedchamber, I soon had Wufei's quite respectable member free of its confinement. It was a handsome thing, not so large as some with which I had gained a recent acquaintance, but it shared the captain's bronzed complexion and dark veins throb eagerly along its length. The scent of his arousal was rich and musky and I drank it in, allowing it to peak my own interest into an almost painful fullness. I admired him for a moment through my narrowed gaze before taking the plunge. The captain slid down my throat until the silkiness of his dark pubes caressed my nose and chin.

Fingers threaded through my hair and a hand pressed down lightly against the back of my head as I was rewarded by a deeply pleased groan. His warm, earthy flavor lingered on my tongue, so different from my master's but infinitely more agreeable that the Slaburry ambassador's had been. I moved my hands up from where they'd been resting on Wufei's knees and ran them slowly up his thighs until I reached the gapping cloth through which his cock protruded. I eased back the folds so that he was more fully exposed.

"Whoo! He's got you by the short 'hairs now, Cap'n!"

I ignored the boorish jeer and the raucous hooting that followed, preferring to concentrate on my task in order to keep hold of my sanity. Wufei seemed willing to accept my lead. I glanced up at him from beneath my lashes and swallowed nervously to find him staring at me. His velvet gaze darkened even further as the spastic movement massaged the shaft of flesh pushing against the back of my throat. A slight flush bloomed on his tanned checks and the involuntary revelation gave me some much needed confidence.

I was able to focus my concentration where it belonged even though, from the corner of my eye, I could see the other soldiers arranging themselves around us to afford themselves a better view. I eased my mouth up and off the young captain's cock, sucking hard on every inch as I went. Another groan fell on my ears along with a pop as I reached the tip and the bulbous head slipped from between my lips. His shaft glistened in the firelight as it bobbed upwards to slap against the hem of his tunic. More cheers greeted the evidence of my success.

Unwilling to rest on my laurels, I renewed my attack on the captain, licking up the sides of his cock, swirling my tongue over the darkening glans with particular attention, and making sure that no part was neglected. I head a soft thunk and look up to see that Wufei's head had fallen against the headrest of his chair. His eyes were shut and I allowed myself to feel pleasure the fission of pride that sparked in my chest.

I turned my efforts to enjoying the warm rod of flesh that was mine to feast on as I pleased. I took hold of him with one hand, using the other to tease his balls out from his breeches. They had tightened and were holding close to his body. But they fit easily into my mouth, and I sucked on one and then the other, laving them with my tongue and worrying them with my teeth until Wufei's hips began to shift in his seat. His hand tightened in my hair, signaling that he was reaching the end of his tether. I quickly switched focus, slipping the head of his cock back into my mouth so as not to miss a drop of the dew that was even then beading at the slit demarking the tip of his manhood.

But the young captain was not content to be satisfied in such an easy manner. I gasped as the hand in my hair urged me up from my feast. Salty moisture dotted my lips and his gaze fell hotly to the tale tell gleam before pulling me toward him and capturing my mouth in a torrid kiss.

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