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AN: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

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For You I Suffer
Part 26
by Heartfelt

As I fought against the weakness threatening to spill me to the floor, I realized such a battle was as pointless as it was futile. Why should I remain standing when such undeniable temptation awaited me below? Gravity graciously assisted where my will was wanting, dropping me heavily to my knees. My gaze fixed upon that wonder with which I so desperately wished to devour, and my mouth swiftly followed. I allowed myself no hesitation before taking the minister's prodigious staff as far down my throat as I could before all thought of breath was abandoned. He was thick and delicious on my tongue and the strong fingers that delved into my hair ensured that I would not be overly hasty in my task.

The muffled nature of Zechs's moan told me that his lady wife was taking advantage of his distracted state to enjoy his full lips. Her legs pressed warmly against my back though I surely needed no reminder of her presence. For the first time since I'd left my beloved Hilde standing beside the pond near my home, my cock ached to rediscover that female mystery which had once been my sole yearning.

So greatly did I desire her that when she stepped away for the briefest of moments, my wayward hand reached behind me to capture a leg or an ankle or anything that would keep her near. My presumptuousness garnered a fond peal of laughter from Lady Noin. When she returned from her swift soujourn, she was not empty-handed. Occupied as I was lavishing attention on her husband's cock, I could not see with what she had returned. But I was promptly enlightened when she kneeled behind me and my clenching pucker was summarily breached once more by a well-oiled pair of delicate but determined fingers.

I might have blushed at the indecorous volume of my shout as it struggled past the thick column muffling my voice, but I was too eager for the sensation of those beautiful digits sliding easily into me without the slightest falter. Prepared as I had been already by her husband, Lady Noin found the fluttering muscle at my entrance to be of no hindrance. Somewhere in the part of my mind still capable of higher reasoning, I was grateful that they were taking such prodigious care with my comfort. But the thought was dim, barely able to form in the morass of pleasure that sparked my over stimulated nerves.

My hips arched lewdly to meet the gentle probes. My tongue was restless as it bathed and worshipped Lord Zechs's rigid flesh. It seemed so long since I'd been used thusly, though barely a day had passed since my baron had so thoroughly claimed me as his own, only to spurn me moments later. The tip of the Minister's rod prodded the back of my throat, bringing tears to my eyes, as his lady stretched me further with the addition of a third finger. I could not begin to express my gratitude to them as they overwhelmed me with sensation and kept my mind turned firmly away from the painful memory of lying unwanted at my master's side.

A salty sweetness burst suddenly upon my tongue and I barely had time to recognize it as that emission, which hinted at a greater offering to come. Greedily I swallowed the piquant drops, my lips and tongue never ceasing in their work as I tried to coax more of the delicious nectar from the shaft filling my mouth. But I was denied any further appreciation of the minister's unique taste as I suddenly found myself lying against the carpet. I gasped, trying to catch my breath at my abrupt reorientation. My vision filled with Lord Zechs's impossible beauty, his features sharp and flushed as he struggled to regain the control I had so nearly wrested from his grasp. I could only gaze up in wonder at him as his broad chest heaved with labored breaths that betrayed his excitement. It was only at the ring of gently mocking laughter from his wife that he at last opened his eyes.

"It seems he has overset you, my lord," she chuckled. The minister sent her a wry glare before turning his gaze downward and pinning me with icy shards of impossible blue.

"Then allow me to return the favor."

It all happened so quickly, it was nearly over before it began. Barely had the silken threat left his lips than strong hand held my legs high over my head and a cock larger than anything I had ever before taken thrust unceremoniously past all my meager defenses. My neck arched sharply, my head pressing hard into the thick carpet as I shouted my surrender. Keeping his promise to see me undone, Zechs angled himself to hit firmly against my hidden zone of pleasure with every magnificent lunge. I would have lost myself right then had he not grabbed me firmly around the base of my throbbing member, preventing my fall into abandon.

But still, it was nearly too much. My breath echoed ragged in my ears and my throat ached from my incessant cries. Over and over I was filled and emptied, the relentless force of his thick shaft offering me no respite. I dug my fingers into the carpet at my sides, trying to find some purchase against the glorious assault, but I could not. And so I flung my hands over my head, hoping to find something - anything - to hold on to.

I encountered not the expensive floor covering I'd expected to find, but rather soft, yielding flesh. I opened my eyes, blinking to clear away the tears that the minister's initial breach had wrought. I looked up at the serene smile gracing my lady's visage and, without one shred of dignity, begged she grant me reprieve from her husband's merciless attack on my sanity.

"Please," I whispered, only to be silenced by the same two fingers that had prepared me so thoroughly. By what instinct I greeted her fingers with a questing lap of my tongue, I cannot say. I groan as I tasted myself, my lashes brushing my cheeks as my eyes slid helplessly closed. But I did catch a brief glimpse of her lovely blue eyes as they darkened with purpose. She rose up, positioning her hips above my mouth. I caught her intoxicating scent and I looked upward, awed at the bounty hovering just beyond the reach of my tongue. I quickly guessed her desire - indeed I could hardly deny it with her dripping folds glistening before my wondering regard. Daring a furtherance of my previous boldness, I reached up and pulled her hips down until I was able to bury my tongue in her moist heat, reveling in her delighted shout.

"Clever! Clever boy!" Her gasping cry was all the reward I could ever desire. But her lord repaid my devotion by moving ever deeper, quickening his pace with every wicked stroke. I felt my lady's shudder as my own, her hips moving ever so slightly as I lapped and tasted and worshipped her as best I could as reason slowly abandoned me. Only once had I done this with my darling Hilde, and she had been so embarrassed that the whole enterprise ended up a giggling, blushing disaster.

But Lady Noin was not nearly so prudish. She dug her fingers into my hair, holding my head as she moaned and pleasured herself with my mouth. Such was the prerogative of a woman and her confidence fired my already enflamed ardor. I glanced up along the long line of her back, the sensuous undulations of her spin charming me like a serpent dancing to some swami's tune. The taste and smell of her, rich and dark, brought me nearly to the brink, held back only by the hand holding my cock in a firm grip.

I whimpered at the growing ache between my upthrust legs, desperate for release yet not daring to ask for it. So intense was my affection that I wished for them to use me as much as they wished. Being forever at the mercy of the minister's battering ram of a cock and his lady's passionate demands did not seem too difficult a burden to bear. For a time, even the pain of my baron's cold rejection was swept from my thoughts. I was naught but a vessel, a conduit for the love of this beautiful pair: my ass receiving his devotion and my mouth passing his adoration into the quivering passion of the woman who held his proud heart. That I could share in their mutual regard in this small way brought a peace to my heart that it had not felt in days.

The lady's moaning sigh was caught by her husband's lips, and the circle was completed. Did they even know I was there? I could not say for certain. But it mattered not. I lived to serve them and that I did with my whole heart. When I set my tongue directly to teasing the swollen nub rising from the apex of her slit, Lady Noin cried out her pleasure. She released her grip on my head to clutch at her lord's strong shoulders, trying not to collapse as she shuddered with release. He grabbed her in turn, releasing his restrictive hold on my weeping shaft and pausing his hips momentarily at her abrupt falter.

As for me, everything came crashing down, blowing me apart and scattering me to the winds. The gush of feminine delight over my tongue, the cruel absence of motion that had set my passage aflame, the release of the grasp that so perfectly mimicked my golden ring - all conjoined to push me past the brink, drowning me in a furious maelstrom of unbearable rapture. I shouted and cried, gasping senseless words of love. I painted my lovers with endless spurts of hot white and muffled my sobs in the softness of my lady's thigh.

For a long while I drifted, my mind unable to fix upon anything but the guiltless pleasure that suffused my entire being. Not since my arrival at Windshire had my mind and heart felt so at ease. Only the hands of my baron had ever brought me to such an intense moment of release. Loving hands petted and caressed my cooling flesh, soothing away the shivers that remained from the flood of pleasure I'd just endured. They murmured pretty things in my ear, but I was incapable of understanding. Someone pressed soft lips against mine and the other kissed my sated member with gentle fondness.

But I was not allowed to wander in my haze of dizzy bliss for long. My surrogate masters were unstinting in their regard and were determined to show me the fullness of their affection. The night was long but passed all too quickly as I relearned the ecstasy to be found in a woman's body and realized anew the perfection awaiting at the thrust of a man's hard cock.

When I awoke, the fire had been banked and the room was lit only by the slight glow of dying embers lying in the hearth. I was lying naked on the carpet, boneless, sated, and quite alone. I rolled over onto my back, the soft fibers of the deep plush covering my skin with a million tiny caresses. I had progressed far enough toward hedonism to thrill at the sensation, but it didn't stop the tiny ache of loneliness growing in my chest. My lord and lady had had their fun, and I had been abandoned like a toy, precious when wanted but easily forgot.

My eyes strayed toward the closed door leading to their bedchamber. The temptation to impose myself longer upon their kindness was strong, but I simply lay there, clutching desperately to the fading shreds of my dignity. I knew not how much time had passed since they had left me. Was I to spend the remainder of the night thusly; alone with the cooling air chilling my exposed skin?

The doors of the suite suddenly opened and I sat up, wonder at who owned the presumption to intrude upon the minister's quarters without permission. My body slumped with relief and gratitude when Quatre stepped into the room. I was, however, a bit surprised to see him, as I'd fully expected to remain there until morning.

"My lord?" I spoke, tacitly seeking an explanation.

"Ah, so they have finished with you. I was hoping I had not come too early." He approached me as I stood, his face lit with its customary smile. I wonder where he found the energy to be so pleasant at such a late hour. Surely dawn was not overly far off.

"Am I to return before morning?" Clearly the answer was yes since my trainer was there, but I felt the need to in someway express my confusion. Quatre chuckled, as though understanding the oddness of his intent.

"Yes. My lord baron assumed, rightly it seems, that Lord Zechs and Lady Noin would not keep you occupied for the entire night. He's requested that you be returned to him. Let's be off, then." Quatre glanced about, spying my discarded nipple clamps and collar. He bent to retrieve them and handed them to me. I lifted the collar to place it around my neck, but he stopped me. "No, no. No need for that."

For the first time since I'd arrived at Windshire, I walked completely under my own power and unadorned. Never had I felt more naked. I kept my eyes cast downward as we stepped into the hall and past the guards. I dared not wonder how I must seem to them now. I had come here as a thing to be treasured, exotic in my suffering. Now, I was nothing more than a man stripped of clothing and absent of purpose.

The trip back to my master's chamber was not long, yet it could not end quickly enough for me. Quatre nodded toward the guards, bidding them open the doors. He did not enter, instead bidding me good night and departing for his own bed. I stared at the doors as they closed, blocking out the sight of my trainer's retreating back. I almost called out, begging him to stay. A quick glance about the room showed it to be empty, the fire banked and the lamps doused.

I found myself in the unaccustomed position of being left to my own devices. Surely since my parents' death I had managed to act on my own will and had spent many an hour with naught but my own thoughts for company. But such had not been the case since my baron had swept me from my mundane life and convinced me that nothing mattered but his pleasure. Suddenly I was deathly tired, wanting only to rest and be rid of my aimless thoughts. I placed my clamps and collar on the low table in front of the couch and turned my weary steps toward the door to the right of the fireplace.

Uncertain as to my welcome, I cautiously opened the door to the baron's bedchamber. My eyes had become accustomed to the low light, for I instantly espied Heero lying motionless on his bed. I was grateful for the thickness of the carpet for it muffled my steps as I approached. He had chosen the near-side of the bed and for a moment I stood over him, indulging in this rare opportunity to stare unabashedly at his handsome face and powerful form as lay uncoiled in repose. He looked younger in sleep, unburdened for the moment by the tensions of his station and the awesome weight of responsibility. I imagined that this is how he must have appeared as a child and smiled at the fanciful notion.

I missed him. I missed having no concerns but to subject myself to his command. Though my time with Lord Zechs and Lady Noin had not been at all taxing, I would have traded every moment with them if only to feel the weight of my master's hand resting fondly upon my head. The thought of again being with anyone other than him repelled me utterly. Heero lay half on his side, half on his stomach. He had tucked a hand beneath his pillow, the other flung out until it was nearly off of the bed. I kneeled beside the high platform, my head just level with the mattress. Bold in the darkness, I dared to reach for his exposed hand, allowing just the tips of my fingers to graze the back. The warmth was intoxicating and I slid by fingers lightly back and forth across his skin as my gaze returned to his face. It was a moment before I realized that he was not, in fact, asleep but was staring back at me just as intently.

I gasped, hastily removing my wayward touch, and looked down, my flushed cheeks portraying my mortification.

"M-my lord, I thought you were asleep. Forgive me," I whispered. He spent another moment in silence, his gaze heavy upon my face. Then I heard the bedclothes rustle and shift as he turned away, presenting me with his back.

"You reek of sex," he mumbled in a low, sleep-filled tone. "I shant have my bed sharing the stench."

Can you guess how my heart splintered into two at the harsh observation? On one hand I was devastated by the cruelly casual dismissal. It was as though he'd accused me of whoredom when it was he who had sent me forth as though to a brothel.

But on the other, my pathetic soul sang at the realization that he was, in essence, inviting me to join him in slumber. I can only plead self-defense at the quickness with which I disregarded the insult and latched onto the promise of spending the night with my master. I flew on swift feet out of the bedchamber and across the sitting room until I reached the bath chamber.

The tub was half-filled with cool, brackish water, presumably from Heero's own bath. I made through use of the leftover water, ignoring the cold as I scrubbed myself with a thoroughness that would surely make Helen proud. I was careful not to wet my hair. Though it could use a good wash, I did not want to waste the absurd amount of time it would take to dry. Once my bath was done, I toweled myself off hurriedly. I am sure I did not remove every droplet of water, but my patience had been stretched to its limit. I quit the bath and returned to my baron's bed, the entire operation not taking longer than ten minutes.

I could not be certain of whether Heero was really asleep this time, so I again stepped softly as I rounded the bed and climbed gingerly beneath the covers on the unoccupied space beside him. Heero had buried his face in his pillow, so there was nothing for me to do but close my own eyes and try to seek some rest. My mind refused to quiet, swirling with the useless dreams of living a simple, happy life with Heero on my bucolic little farm. I was closer to sleep than I had realized for I was unable to separate the dream of my master holding me in his arms from the reality.

I may not ever fully know whether the feel of my baron embracing me tightly, almost desperately, was fantasy or truth. But my mind quickly settled into contented slumber and then I knew no more.

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