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For You I Suffer
Part 25
by Heartfelt

As the blond lord took me into his mouth and toyed with my aching flesh, I bit my lip, trying desperately to stifle the disgraceful moan struggling to burst free. Lady Noin noticed my efforts and her smile grew as she gently twisted the sensitive nub between her fingers.

"My dear Duo, why do you silence your voice?"

My gaze grew wide with the realization of discovery and flew to her lovely face. Her blue eyes looked upon me with kindness but their directness tolerated no hesitation. My tongue lost any remaining facileness, tripping over itself as I struggled to answer.

"I-I am a-ashamed." Unable to bear her regard a moment longer, I dropped my gaze only to have it fall to the Minister of Tradeís shining hair. I bit my lip even harder, the sight of the noble head bobbing up and down slowly between my spread thighs only enhancing the feel of the soft wetness tracing deliberately over my rigid length. A downward motion soon encased the whole of me, robbing the very breath from my lungs. Noinís eyes sparkled with merriment as she laughed at my distress.

"Tell me, Duo," she said, softly stroking my cheek with the hand not busy setting a fire in my chest. "Does it please you, what my lord husband is doing?"

Please me? Such a tepid notion could not begin to describe the sensations they both were engendering in me. Their gentleness slowly quieted my anxiety at the newness of my present situation even as it aroused my lust. I could not help but compare their affection to the gruff, puzzling mood that surrounded my baron of late, and the contrast caused a sharp pain in my heart. Why, I wondered petulantly, could my master not gift me with these soft touches and sweet reassurances?

But thoughts of my baron only served to arouse guilt at the base desire I felt for this lady and her lord. The sentiment was even more disturbing than the wayward longing I had for the gamesman because, at least in that instance, I knew what I felt was wrong. But here I only knew confusion. Was my growing lust a betrayal of the love I had for Heero? Should I attempt to repress the rush of need suffusing my indulged senses? Or should I give in to them as I had been taught?

Where as my shameful feelings for Trowa were entirely due to my own regrettable weakness, I had been given to the Minister and Lady Noin as a gift. Nothing about my presence or actions here was a secret. Everything was known to my baron, or to anyone who would care to inquire. How, then, was I supposed to react?

"Speak, my dear," she pressed as she petted my hair, refusing to accept my hushed whimpers as a proper response.

"Y-yes, my lady." And indeed it was the truth. I gasped as broad fingers began to inspect the tender pink of my anus, pressing slowly but deliberately, seeking and demanding entrance. Another delicate tug at the gold affixed to my chest and I was nearly overcome by the sudden rush of heat that flooded over me. Noin lowered her lips to mine, brushing against me with the barest of touches and stoking the flame that was rapidly consuming my reason.

"Then let us hear you," she whispered. "Show us how much you love us."

Be it permission or command, I could not refuse. I moaned into her mouth, all thoughts of decorum forgotten in a haze of pleasure. My hands, which had been clenched at my sides lost their shyness, one clinging to long strands of platinum, while the other brushed at the dark softness flirting with the edge of a long, graceful neck.

I could only imagine the tableau we presented. The handsome lord, powerful in his nobility and unbearably perfect. His graceful lady, her beauty inspiring loyalty in even the most reluctant of hearts. And finally the wanton slave who moaned and begged for their attention like the keenest of whores.

They wrapped me in a cocoon of sensation, of kisses and touch until I could scarce tell one from the other. At some point the lips against mine lost their softness and became firm and demanding, a tongue exploring my mouth with bold, masculine strokes. The hand caressing my throbbing arousal became smaller with a smooth palm, but was no less assured in its motion. The strong fingers surveying my fluttering entrance delved further now slicked with scented oil. Sharp teeth nipped at the tender buds on my chest and the mouth over my own barely stifled my exclamations.

Only when the hand caressing my cock was suddenly absent did I finally regain my senses enough to open my eyes. I found myself on my knees, held securely in the arms of Lord Zechs as he sucked at my nipples and worried at the golden clamps until it was only his hold, not my own strength, that kept me from collapse. I clung to his broad shoulders while the small part of my mind that still functioned wondered what had become of his lady wife. A quiet rustle of silk came from behind me, solving the mystery.

I turned my head to look for her. When my searching gaze found what it sought I gasped, entranced by the vision of long, bared limbs and smooth, pearlescent skin. I stared at Noin as her dressing gown puddled at her feet, my expression as stupid as an awed child confronted with more sweets at once than he could ever hope to consume. Then her gaze lifted to meet my stare and she brightened with much amusement at my gaucheness. Mortified by my uncouth display, I hastily averted my gaze from her nakedness.

Zechs had not remained unaware as Iíd ogled his wife. I trembled, fearing that my presumption might arouse his anger, but my fears proved unfounded as deep, silken laughter brushed over my ears. A flush bloomed in my cheeks, as much from embarrassment as from reaction to the sensual sound of his amusement.

I looked up into his wondrously handsome face, his piercing gaze chilling me with ice and burning me with fire in turns. Were the question put to me of which of them I found the most beautiful, I would have been hard pressed to answer. How can one compare the gracefulness of a woman to the forcefulness of a man? One beguiles while the other compels, but neither tolerates aught but unfettered admiration. My gaze fell upon his smiling lips and my own tingled with memory and anticipation.

"My wife is beautiful, is she not?"

"Yes, my lord" I breathed, scarcely able to deny the truth of it. No sooner had I spoken than his arms turned me from him so that his broad chest pressed warmly into my back and the cloth of his breeches rasped against the curve of my ass. I shifted restlessly against him, forgetting myself in my quest for more of the delicious sensation until his chuckle returned me to sense. I was sure the burn in my cheeks soon rivaled the fire flickering in the hearth. But I was not allowed to dwell on my shame as insistent fingers lifted my chin until my gaze was filled once again with the incredible sight of the Ministerís wife.

I had only one other to compare her with, and although I would never speak ill of my beloved Hilde, for the first time I could appreciate the difference between the prettiness of a newly grown girl and the full bloom of exquisite womanhood. Her curves were subdued but lush, utterly without flaw. Her neck was a study in aristocratic grace, her arms and legs long as befit her height and toned, betraying her affinity to outdoor pursuits. Her breasts, though larger than Hildeís, were not awkward or pendulous. Rather they invited touch and my fingers twitched and my tongue touched my suddenly dry lips, each eager to comply with the summons.

My gaze drifted inexorably downward toward the apex of her thighs. Even after being so long in the intimate company of men, still I was instinctively drawn to the alluring sight of her womanhood. But the difference in our situations filled me with hesitation. I feared to sully her with my lowly attentions and forced my gaze downward to the floor rather than let it drift to where it so wanted to go. But Zechs would not allow my attempt at decorum.

"Look at her, Duo," he implored. "Would you insult her by averting your gaze?"

"No!" I assured him, shaking my head to reinforce the assertion. I turned to him, my eyes wide with sincerity. He looked back at me, his regard direct but not unkind. One noble eyebrow was arched, daring me to disagree, and of course I did not. But I came to understand something, once again, that their gentle attentions had made me forget.

To think that I might discomfit either of them by looking upon their nakedness was to elevate myself beyond my station. Such power would place me as their equal, when in fact it was only my masterís largess that had brought me here. I was a plaything, an amusement and nothing more. What person, after all, was ever ashamed to be seen unclothed by their pet? It was a lesson it seemed I would never learn.

And yet, though I had become something less than human - a creature meant only to give and receive pleasure - at the same time I was reminded of the hidden freedom my position gave me. I need never be ashamed by my increasing inability to control my lust. Rather it was expected that I abandon myself to it, and the only thing that was shameful was the pride that kept me from giving freely of myself to those that controlled me. That loved me.

For indeed it was something very much akin to love that I felt for this exquisite pair that, for this night, had opened their arms to embrace me. My feelings for them would never, of course, equal that which I felt for my master, but nevertheless I held them in tender regard. To deny them anything they wished would only cheapen this moment and I would never treat them thus. My presence here was proof of their loyalty and allegiance to the man I loved above all things. I was nothing more than a recognition of the service they had rendered to their Baron and country. But neither was I anything less. To falter in my duties was to devalue their accomplishment and to dishonor my masterís regard for them. If I truly wished to live in Heeroís heart then I had to become an extension of it. It was through me that he showed his esteem for Lord Zechs and Lady Noin and to feel anything for them other than the deepest of emotions would be the worst sort of contempt.

I looked up at the beautiful lady standing before me and allowed my gaze to reflect the wonder I felt as she smiled at me. I remained where I was, kneeling at her feet, watching her with reverence as she came to stand before me. Like an eager puppy I pressed my face against the warmth of her thigh, shivering with pleasure as she fondly petted my head. I felt her husband come to his feet behind me and when I turned to look, I found that my gaze was level with the intriguing bulge that stretched the front of his breeches.

Zechs had leaned forward to kiss his wife and he groaned heavily against her lips as I measured him with my tongue, my moist breath wetting the cloth covering his arousal. His hand joined his ladyís atop my head as I employed the skills Iíd learned in my baronís bedchamber and undid the fastening at his waist using only my teeth. The couple remained locked in their own embrace, but my efforts did not go unrewarded, Zechsís grip tightening against my scalp as I free him and took his naked cock into my eager mouth.

He was larger even than my master and it took every ounce of my concentration to take all of him, but I persevered, letting him fill my throat until my nose was buried in the blond thatch of hair at the base of his arousal. The taste of him was different that my baronís, but not at all unpleasant. I moaned in appreciation at the weight and texture of his cock against my lips and tongue, and I heard his breath catch as his fingers grasped my hair almost painfully. My own member was throbbing, the tip glossy with evidence of my desire. I sucked on the hard flesh filling my mouth, wanting to hear more of the wonderful needy sounds from this powerful man.

Lady Noin laughed with delight as her strong husband succumbed to my talents. She pressed fond kisses over his face and traced the heavy musculature of his chest with a familiar caress. I glanced up at her and wondered if I didnít perceive some envy in her smile. No little time had passed since Iíd been with Hilde, but I could still remember some of the things which had caused her to sigh and tremble in my arms.

How different was the taste and smell of a woman. How unlike she was from her husband and yet the effect was no less potent on my senses. I let my hand take over my duties to Zechs and spent some time relearning the unique contours of a ladyís secret places. It was the Ministerís turn to be amused as his wife gasped, her lips curving in a lush moue of pleasure as she was subjected to my attentions. I traced the delicate folds of flesh at the summit of her thighs with my tongue, taking care to avoid the sensitive pearl hidden between them. I remembered that Hilde had taken much coaxing before she could tolerate a direct touch to that spot, and I felt no need to rush matters.

I went back and forth between them, licking here and sucking there, my hands caressing whatever part of them I could reach, appreciating the differences between the smoothness of the ladyís skin and the powerful sturdiness of her husband. All the while they touched each other with lips and hands, allowing me to share in the more private side of their togetherness. My cock ached fiercely at the sight of their intimate beauty - of his light against her darkness. The love they had for each other was palatable, filing the room with its profundity and me along with it.

I would have been content to remain at their feet, acting as an instrument of their pleasure as they adored each other. But they were not so selfish with their affections. Strong hands lifted me to my feet and I stood facing Lady Noin as her husband held me against his solid frame. Her smile betrayed her wakened desire, as did the slight flush coloring the aristocratic curve of her cheek.

"You have a clever tongue indeed, my pet," she murmured, giving me my due. I felt a momentís pride and gave silent thanks to Hilde for her tutelage. But my thoughts were not allowed to linger on my own abilities for long, or even to remain anywhere in my head. Noinís lips were soft against my neck as Zechsís sexy voice whispered in my ear.

"Iíll bet there are even more clever parts of you we have yet to discover." My breath caught in my throat as he elaborated on his meaning by nudging his prodigious cock against my ready opening. It trembled eagerly at the feel of his heavy length, opening itself greedily as I prepared to accept him. I pressed back against him, hoping he might satisfy my longing, but he would not be hurried and I whimpered as he denied me fulfillment.

"Ever since we first saw you in the banquet hall," he continued, the heat of his words causing my ear to tingle, "weíve been waiting for this day."

I remembered lying in that revealing chair, the heated weight of their gazes caressing me as they passed. I knew then that some part of my destiny rested with them, though at that time I could scare image how I would long for the time when I could be with them thus. And now that the moment had come, my despair at being shared by my baron like a shiny bauble was much lessened. With them I felt no hesitation, no fear or sadness, only a delicious anticipation that set my body alight with need.

"Will you grant us our wish, Duo?" Noin asked as she traced the tip of her pink tongue over the length of my throat. "Will you lie with us?"

She asked as though I had a choice in the matter. It was, of course, merely a pretty fiction, for my master had commanded me here and I could only obey. But in truth, even if the decision had been mine, at that moment I could not honestly say I would have wanted to be anywhere but where I was. I answered with a boldness that was surely unbecoming of a dorei, lowering my head until our lips met.

Her hands caught mine and placed them against her full breasts. They were unimaginably soft and yet still toned and firm. I squeezed gently so as not to take undue liberties, cautiously testing the bounds of her tolerance. Her moan told me she I had not overstepped, and my hands clutched at her softness, the tips of her nipples against my sensitive palms causing me to respond in kind.

Her kiss was assertive, not at all the reserved press of lips one might expect of a lady. I found myself wanting to know if her husband kissed thusly. The knowledge was soon imparted as Zechs buried a hand in my hair and gently pulled my head away from his wife, tilting it back until he could lay claim to my mouth.

Ah yes, I thought. This was the assured embrace of a man. A womanís touch was wondrous without doubt, but my soul had come to crave mastery and forcefulness and the handsome trade Minister lacked neither quality. I was quite aware that it was not my baron who held me. His kiss alone made me grateful for life and unafraid should the next moment be my last, for no happiness could equal what I felt when I was with him. But the fire Zechs aroused within me as his mouth claimed me was undeniable. I was again grateful that his arms were holding me fast, for without them I would have surely fallen as my legs trembled and gave way.

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