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AN: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

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For You I Suffer
Part 20
by Heartfelt

Relentless was not an adjective I would have readily applied to my handler. Kind, certainly. Pleasant, without question. Comforting was an appellation that quickly came to mind. Yet I was forced to readjust my perception of Quatre's demeanor as he set about releasing me from my discomforting fetter. That first swipe of his clever tongue was directly followed by another long caress as hot, wet, and overwhelming as the first. The second preceded a third and a fourth, until all I could feel was the blonde's tongue swirling and probing and lashing about my aching, weeping cock.

All embarrassment in my situation and predicament fell away to nothing. For the second time in my life, my most private moments were being exhibited beneath the dispassionate eyes of uncaring strangers. The servants, men and women alike, who were clearing away the rubble from banquet, scarce paid us any heed, save for the occasional sideways glance.

In truth, they could have been staring at me with drooling mouths and lusting eyes, yet their desire would have remained unknown to me. The ragged breaths filling my ears were nothing to the shock of heat that raced through my trapped form. A sharp groan flew from my lips as I felt a gentle sucking on the side of my engorged shaft. I tugged futilely at the manacles about my wrists, desperate to free myself so as to bury my hands in the soft hair that tickled against my hip.

As much as I wanted to escape from this new humiliation, I knew that I would die if Quatre pulled away. The warmth of his mouth, the pressure of the ring about the end of my length, the hard wood that resisted the inner clenching of my body: it was all so exquisite as to rise to the level of pain. But my trainer seemed content to take his time, a satisfied hum from his lips resonating once and a while against my flesh.

I came to the realization that he had been awaiting just such a chance for some time. All the gentle pats and pets from his hand had lulled me to the mistaken conclusion that Quatre did not desire me in the same way as did the rest of Windshire. Though slightly chagrined by the knowledge, in the end I was gratified by my error. He was one of the two men in the world that both stirred and softened my heart and I felt little hesitation in sharing myself with him. After all, his importance in my new life was second only to my master's and surely, there would be no rebuke from that quarter.

Yes, this was clearly a necessary exercise as there was no other way to free me from the ring that held my arousal so securely. My guilt at being disloyal in any way to my baron was eager be assuaged and latched feverishly on to the rational. Thus reassured, my mind quit all unnecessary activity and turned, instead, to the serious task of drowning in sensation.

"My lord," I whispered, the words fleeing before the breathless moan wish rose in their wake.

My head fell back helplessly as the gentle pressure along my shaft vanished only to be replaced by a firm probing at the head of my cock. Quatre moved his tongue over the smooth skin, pausing to suck and push into the sensitive slit. I cried out, my hips pressing forward to prolong the delicious contact. Although I'd gifted my master with such attention, I had never been on the receiving end. It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined, wet and wonderful, hot and intense, and I determined to once again worship at the alter of my baron's beautiful manhood that very night if I could. For, if this was not able to alleviate the dark cloud that had shadowed his temper, nothing would.

Through my passion-filled haze, I began to notice the soft hands running slowly up the back of my thighs. With unwavering steadiness, they teased past the lower curve of my buttocks and over the rounded swell of flesh. However, the aim of those hands was not long left a mystery. Bold and sure, Quatre ran the tips of his fingers around the protruding end of the dildo, tickling and scratching at the tender skin surrounding it. I gasped as the maddening caresses continued and another cry caught in my throat when he pressed ever so gently against the shaft of wood that stretched and filled me so persistently, moving it ever deeper within my body.

That simple act stole all that remained of my control. The cry turned into a shout that surely alerted the entirety of the castle. A tight embrace seemed to pass from the base of my cock to the tip and my shaft swelled to a final, impossible thickness. The grip of the restraining ring becoming unbearable as it squeezed against me. Then, finally, as desperate tears welled from my eyes and slid down my cheeks, the hours of tension, both trying and glorious, that had built over that day spewed from me in a spurting rush of release.

It wasn't until the final drops had been spilt that I came back to myself. Quatre's hand, which had been working along my shaft, slid against it one final time. My essence had not been wasted. Rather he had gathered it and now used the slick wetness to ease the passing of the ring over the head of my much diminished cock. I sighed as it was removed at last and forced my eyes to open.

I blinked to clear away the last blur of tears. I glanced down into my handler's smiling eyes and returned the gesture with a shy upturning of my lips. Quatre held up, not only the ring that had been around the tip of my cock, but the more familiar one that was usually lodged around its base. Of course, I thought, as best I could through the satiated fuzziness that clouded my mind. There was no other way that I could have found my ease unless the cock ring had been removed. Quatre laughed quietly at the woozy understanding in my gaze and replace the more permanent of the two rings.

"There, now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He chuckled again at the blush that accompanied the shake of my head. "Let's get you down from here and to the baron. Although, I must say, I will be very pleased when there is occasion to use this device again in the future. You, pretty one, were a most magnificent sight to behold."

With the assistance of the same two stout servants who had aided in my bondage, I was efficiently released from the ingenious contraption. The string attached to my clamps and the ring nestled against my opening were likewise removed. Despite Quatre's reassurance, I couldn't say that I was sorry to watch the giant loops disappear as he led me back into the castle proper. It had been a disconcerting experience, to say the least, and not one I was over eager to repeat. However, as I stumbled along on wobbly legs, still trying to recover from my recent release, my thoughts turned to much more pleasant matters.

Soon I would once more be in the intoxicating presence of my master. What trials and delights awaited me upon my return? Again proving his ability to divine my thoughts, Quatre spoke and overset my mind even as he sought to calm it.

"Tonight, pretty one, you will reap the benefits of the care we have taken in preparing you with the wooden shafts. The baron has vowed to, at long last, make you his. I must confess, I am a bit anxious that I was required to bring you to release in the garden. While I know there was nothing for it, I do hope that you won't disappoint the baron. Perhaps there is something we can do to bring you back to the necessary level of excitement."

He need not have worried upon that point. His offhand words, spoken so casually that he might have been discussing the day's weather, winged their way swiftly to my heart and my libido. I was instantly hard, as stiff as though I'd never known a moment's respite. Did I dare interpret Quatre's words in the manner in which I longed? Did he really mean what he had said? Would tonight, after these long days of restless patience, finally see the end to my yearning?

Would the baron, that very night, finally take me and fulfill all of my foolish dreams of love?

We made our way directly to the baron's chamber. Many and confused were my thoughts, yet none overrode the vivid images spawned by my enthralled imaginings. As I walked, the stone cold and hard against my feet, I tried to imagine the way the firelight would shine against my baron's skin, the way the sweat would drip from his brow as he labored over me, the exact turn of his expression as I gave to him that utmost satisfaction.

So caught up was I in my dreams, that I was bought to awareness only by the pointed tugging on my chain pulling me into the baron's outer chamber. Helen was there, waiting to subject me to her nightly ministrations. Quatre followed, persuading me to remove the dildo as I had the day before. The process caused only the slightest of blushes and my stalwartness was rewarded by my trainer's bright approbation.

Thereafter, I was quiet as Helen bathed me, content to let her speak. She questioned me about the banquet in the garden, but I was unable to provide a full account. I wanted nothing to divert my thoughts from the exquisite contemplation of what awaited me.

My only exertion was to beg her to use extra care with my grooming and I was gratified with the results after she brushed my long mane to a high, glossy shine. I lacked clothing or any but my base adornment, so I applied my vanity where I could. Soon, she finished her task and led me from the bath chamber, scrubbed to a pinkish glow, my hair draped artfully about my shoulders.

I knelt silently beside the couch as Helen bid us a good night. Quatre returned to my side, seating himself upon the cushion next to my shoulder. I allowed myself to enjoy the feel of his narrow fingers sifting through my hair as I wondered how much longer I would be forced to endure the absence of my beloved master.

Fate, for once, condescended to be kind and it was but a moment before the outer door opened and Heero came into the room. My deprived eyes drank in the sight of him greedily. This was the closest I had been to him all day and my heart had felt the separation most keenly. But his eyes did not hold the benign welcome I'd hoped to see. Instead his deep blue gaze fixed upon me with something akin to a glare and the breath caught in my throat.

Here again was the dark mood I'd witnessed briefly in the garden. I suffered under the weight of his regard for as long as I could bear, but after a long moment I could no longer endure. I lowered my head, seeing the brandy-filled glass that he held in passing and wondering at its presence. Unlike many of the noblemen in Heero's court, my baron was not a heavy drinker. Rather, he preferred to keep his wits whilst others succumbed to that particular folly.

So, it was with astonishment that I watched him throw back the dark liquid, his strong throat rippling as he swallowed. What, I wondered, could be troubling him so as to bring him to this? My eyes fell to the thick carpet, the skin of my brow wrinkling in concern.

"Good evening, my lord." Quatre's pleasant greeting was met with silence. But the blonde's cheerfulness was not easily daunted. "Did you enjoy tonight's entertainment?"

My skin, exposed as it was, effortlessly discerned the sudden disturbance in the air around me. I looked up to identify the cause and found myself gazing at my baron's leg, mere inches away from my startled gaze. I raised my eyes with no little trepidation, not eager to again see the anger in the blue depths of his eyes.

Yet it was not annoyance that I perceived. Not in the least. Instead, my entire body flushed with heat as he looked upon me with a passionate fixation that I dare to say bordered on possessiveness. I was the helpless deer to his ravenous wolf and all remnants of my previous respite vanished as my flesh went rigid with aching need. A hand reached towards me and I froze, uncertain as to its intent. Yet there was naught but gentleness in the finger that stroked softly along my cheek.

"It was wonderful," Heero replied, prompting a delighted grin from my handler. "You certainly outdid yourself, Quatre." It was as if all of my body had grown ears for I heard the low rumble of his tone with every nerve ending that tingled deliciously beneath my skin. I shyly held his gaze, both unable and unwilling to look away. His steady regard spoke to me silently of dark delights and I was instantly enraptured. A shiver shook me so terribly that I feared that I might spill my desire right there at his feet.

Heero moved away, granting me room to breathe although I did not wish it. He turned away and started towards his bedchamber, abandoning the empty glass on the low table sitting to the side of the couch.

"Bring him." Quatre obeyed the edict without question and I was bid to follow, though I hardly needed any inducement. I was led to the large bed, after which my tether was released. My trainer removed the chain from my collar and left me to fare as I might before Heero's intent gaze, while he retrieved a familiar jar from somewhere about his person.

Eager to show the quickness of my understanding as well as the flawlessness of my submission, I took it upon myself to lean over the bed. Supporting myself upon the thick coverlet, I lowered my head and raised my hips, attempting to present an enticing pose.

For a moment, neither Heero nor Quatre stirred and I feared, yet again, that my presumption might have offended. My hands clutched at the bedding and the beat of my heart rang in my ears sounding my foolishness. Perhaps Quatre hadn't meant to use the cream on me as he had for several, previous nights. Maybe they were appalled at my posture, at the whorish keenness with which I offered myself to their whims. Sweat beaded upon my knit brow and I was moments from falling to my knees and begging forgiveness when I felt the blessed chill of a coated finger against the sensitive pucker of my opening. I sighed and lowered my head until it rested atop the bed to make my ass all the more accessible.

A gentle hand brushed against my hair, the delicate nature of the caress immediately pronouncing it to be Quatre's. It was then that I noticed that the fingers pressing against me were not narrow and precise, but rather blunt and determined. My body clenched around the finger as it abruptly penetrated, delving deep into my body, the roughness of the skin causing me to whimper with pleasure. I gasped when another finger joined the first, stretching me further, their passage only slightly eased by the soothing cream. They pushed ever further within me before bending slightly and pressing against a wicked spot that made me shudder as I cried out. Need, hot and throbbing, swept through me and my head reared back, my eyes flying open just in time to see Quatre's amused smile as he slipped from the room.

My god, I thought, beset by amazement. It was my baron's clever fingers which were working within me with such splendid deliberation. I moaned when he again targeted the trigger of my need. I soon found that my hips were moving of their own accord, pushing back against the long digits, seeking to bury them ever deeper inside of my fluttering passage.

"My lord," I whispered, praying that he might never stop even as my blood-filled arousal pressed painfully against the ring surrounding the base of my cock. A warm weight leaned over my curved back, the elaborate brocade of Heero's dress coat abrading my bared flesh and enflaming my senses. My hair brushed over my skin in a maddening caress as it was moved to the side and I cried out anew when a hot, wet tongue swept over my newly exposed nape.

A broad hand splayed flat against my stomach, just above my jutting cock. I felt my wayward flesh jump as though it long to leap into his hand. I bit my lip against the urge to implore him to alleviate my suffering. If I had learned anything it was that it was not my place to determine my own pleasure. A hard lesson, indeed, yet I ignored the flesh pulsing at my groin and forced myself to enjoy what ever kindness my baron deigned to bestow.

The hand traveled slowly up my torso, spreading desire in my blood as it lingering over the taut muscles. The tongue was joined by firm lips that nibbled at the side of my throat. I gasped when a finger circled one of the nubs protruding from my chest, flicking out now and again to tease at the clamp. Every tiny movement of my tortured nipple sent streaks of fire from that very point straight to my swollen cock. The finger worried that one nub endlessly until I thought I might lose what remained of my mind. Then, before the plea for respite that hovered on my lips could burst free, he abandoned the nipple so that its twin might not feel neglected. The room filled with my breathless sighs and moans while my baron toyed with me, all the while moving his other fingers in and out of my ass until the trembling opening had loosened to his liking.

Wetness dripped from my cock as though it, too, was crying out its need. I rubbed my cheek against the bed, dampening the cover further with the tears of pleasure and desire that welled in the corners of my eyes. The motion of my hips was soon matched by the rest of my body as I sought to impale myself upon my master's sure fingers. The tightness between my thighs concentrated into one, bright spot at the base of my cock and I knew that it was only the ring that saved me from humiliation.

And yet even that might have been overcome if Heero hadn't, at that moment, decided to provide me a moment's reprieve. I winced with disappointment rather than pain as the large fingers abruptly abandoned my clenching sheath. My chest heaved from the raggedness of my breathing. "Down," spoken in a low voice brushed over my ears and it took nothing more than the gentle push of his hand to make me collapse against the bedcover.

I turned over as best I could with my cock so hard and aching that I thought it might break. Heero took off his clothing without my assistance, flinging the pieces away so that they scattered about the chamber. I stared at him, watching his every movement, utterly averse to missing even a moment of the spectacle as his magnificent body was revealed to my covetous eyes. Finally, all was bared and my desire flamed anew to match the fear that blossomed as my gaze fell to his prodigious arousal. He was larger again than any of the dildos I had yet faced and I marveled at his virility, though I wondered if I'd truly be able to take all of him.

Yet any trepidation was easily overcome by my overwhelming need to be possessed by my master, by this man for whom I'd abandoned all I'd ever known, for whom I'd given up friends, home, and even my very self. I fancy that Heero perceived some of my apprehension, for I was never able to hide any feeling. Indeed, it was with a slight hesitation, as though trying not to startle a frightened animal, that he lowered himself onto the bed, kneeling before me with his cock jutting proudly towards me.

It was too good an opportunity to forsake. At once, I could both ease his mind as to my willingness and indulge in my favorite pursuit: his pleasure. Holding his gaze with what I hoped was a seductive expression, I raised up on my knees, my hands stretched before me so that I might touch the firm muscles in his thighs. Then, with a determination born of love and lust alike, I took him into my mouth, pressing forward until I could breathe in his intoxicating scent and the thick head of his cock lay heavily against the back of my throat. I hummed in satisfaction, convinced that I could get no closer to heaven than this.

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