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For You I Suffer
Part 17
by Heartfelt

Once I finally succumbed to sleep, my dreams were restless, deep blue oceans and emerald green forests battling for my heart in the depths of my subconscious. I dreaded the time when I might next be forced into the gamekeeper’s presence. The memory of the seductive weight of his gaze burned me and I cried out silently to my master in my slumber. With all of my being, I desired to remain true to my lord. I wanted to remain in my master's arms, away from the gamesman’s siren's call. Would I be strong enough to resist his potent allure? I prayed that I might and vowed to keep my pledge of faith.

The next morning, I was allowed to sleep in. I fancied that my performance of the night before had earned me the solicitous leisure. What ever reason, by the time I awoke the next day, I was the sole occupant of the baron's large bed and the angle of the sun through the window indicated that it was approaching noon.

A firm hand on my arm drew me from slumber and my eyes blinked open only to fall on Helen’s kindly visage. She smiled down at me before grabbing the edge of the duvet and whisking the heavy coverlet away from my naked form.

"Come along then, lad," she said in her usual brisk tone. "You’ve lain abed long enough."

The fire had died during the night and the sunlight had not completely dispelled the chill from the room. As such, the suddenness with which the air hit my skin quickly banished any thoughts of laziness. I rolled hastily from the bed and found the thick carpet with my feet. Helen nodded at my alacrity and turned to quit the bedchamber, leaving me to follow.

As I made my way to the bath room, the feeling of fullness in my lower body was made known to my consciousness. Heat flooded my cheeks as the sensation drew me back to the events of the previous night. Upon reflection, I could hardly believe that I had found the courage to gift myself to the baron in that way. But, when I remembered his pleasure at my sacrifice, my blush changed from one of embarrassment to a perverse pride.

I made note to myself to thank Quatre for allowing the exhibition and the thought of my handler made me aware of his absence. I voiced my curiosity to Helen, who was waiting for me beside the full tub.

"Where is Lord Quatre, may I ask?" I questioned, lowering myself gingerly into the steaming water. Helen picked up a sponge and set to bathing me before replying.

"He said he would be shortly detained and sent me on ahead. I suppose he’ll arrive before too long."

Her words proved prophetic for, soon after she began brushing out my hair following the conclusion of my bath, I heard the sound of the outer door opening and shutting. Quatre stepped briskly into the room, his face lit with delight. His bright blue eyes eagerly sought me out and, when they found me, a beaming smile overtook him. I felt suddenly nervous at his inexplicable joy.

"Good morning, Duo! Or should I say afternoon." He chuckled at his little joke and I tried to force an appreciative grin at his wit. He nodded at Helen, who returned his regard as she continued her grooming. The sprightly blonde stopped close before me and fondly caressed my cheek.

"I have quite a surprise for you, pretty one."

It was all I could manage to keep any sign of dismay from my expression. If I had learned anything over the past few days, it was that surprises weren’t necessarily positive things.

"A surprise, my lord?" I returned, stifling the quaver that threatened the steadiness of my voice. Quatre nodded, his smile, if possible, growing even brighter.

"Yes. You see, you have been granted an audience with none less than Lady Une, herself! Isn’t that wonderful? You must have made quite the impression on her for her to express such an interest in you."

I beg to differ, I mumbled silently. Lady Une, Heero’s aunt and only living relative. I remembered her distinctly from the night of my presentation. Her dark, unfathomable gaze had left me quavering with doubt. No, she had not seemed overly impressed with me. So, I pondered, why was I suddenly to be thus distinguished?

Though I longed to put my questions to my handler, I held my tongue. Clearly Quatre thought Lady Une’s request a great honor and who was I to mistrust his judgment? Once Helen had finished her task and had departed with a fond pat to my behind, Quatre adorned me quickly and without fuss. So use had I become to my assorted accoutrements that I barely flinched when the nipple clamps were reattached to my flesh. I even felt a moment’s conceit when the touch of his hand on my manhood as he positioned my cockring caused only a mild stirring in that part. After my collar was once again affixed around my neck, Quatre took a step back for a brief examination of my appearance. Satisfied, he fastened the gold chain through the hook in the collar and I was prepared.

He turned and began to lead me from the baron’s chamber. I dropped to my knees, recalling the instructions of proper deportment when anywhere but the castle’s stone corridors. But, the blond tugged on my leash, shaking his head as he urged me to my feet.

"None of that right now, Duo. We haven’t the time. Lady Une is waiting for you and it wouldn’t at all do to test her patience."

All of my previous forays into the wider expanse of Windshire that existed beyond the baron’s private quarters had left me blushing and trembling with discomfiture. However, this time, I hardly noticed the occasional glance of a rushing servant or the more lingering gaze of an idle noble. My impending interview with my master’s aunt was consuming all my thoughts.

I simply could not discern the reason behind her unpredicted demand. Had I, in some way, unwittingly captured her interest? Surely not. I had not set eyes on her, nor she on me, since my first night in the castle. Perhaps, I fretted, she had found my performance disappointing and planned to abrade me with a reprimand. That must be it, I deduced, unable to contemplate any alternatives. Thus, by the time Quatre paused before the imposing doors leading to the lady’s chamber, my anxiety had reached stressful new heights.

The door guard admitted us without challenge, as my trainer was known and my own identity could not be in doubt. The unexpected scent of wild flowers assailed my senses as I was led into the sitting room. I blinked, not immediately able to connect the fresh aroma with the austere impression I had gained of Heero’s aunt. And, yet, I was forced to alter my assessment as I took note of my new environs.

The chamber was arranged similarly to the others I had previously visited, the sitting room being flanked by two doors of, now, obvious purpose. The chamber was done in muted shades of green and dusky rose, the flower motif clearly not limited to the lady’s choice in scents. A subtle leaf and petal pattern had been cleverly worked into the wall decoration, leaving me with the impression that I was in a pleasant, secluded park. The thick, forest green carpet was soft against my toes and I willingly fell to my hands and knees, most thankful for the lush covering.

My head was bowed with obedient piety, but my greedy gaze flitted around, gathering in every detail I could in my deferential pose. A handsome, wooden roll top desk stood against the wall adjacent to the doors. The accompanying chair was backed with an intricate design in carved ivory, a most impressive piece of work. The cushion was upholstered in the same dusky rose that graced the walls. Then, the sight of a pianoforte against the opposite side of the room near a window sharply drew my interest. I had only once heard the sound of the instrument being played at a bar in Fashel during one of my infrequent trips to town. I remember the sound with fondness and was most desirous of hearing it again.

On the other side of the window was a fireplace, resplendent with a comfortably cheery blaze. And, before the fire, though set back a safe ways from the flames, was a couch, upholstered in the same fabric that covered the writing chair. Two figures sat upon the furniture and my enjoyment with the room quickly faded as I determined the identify of the leftmost person from the elegant simplicity of the brown hair which graced her head.

"Good afternoon, my ladies," Quatre said by way of greeting. The other woman on the sofa turned and I recognized the amiable features of Lady Sally, the baron’s personal physician. She stood and returned my trainer’s salutation with a rather lovely smile. Her companion, however, remained as she was, apparently preferring to contemplate the fire rather than meet her guests. I squelched the uncharitable thought, realizing that surely Quatre needed no special treatment and I certainly should not expect any.

"Lord Quatre," the doctor began in a disarmingly hearty tone. Her grey eyes immediately fell to me to my discomfiture. "Ah, I see you’ve brought the baron’s intriguing guest. I am most pleased to see you again, Duo."

I looked up at her, my eyes wide with surprise at the civility of her welcome. Her smoky gaze was kind, her friendly appearance assisted by the unusual style of her light brown hair. Her attire was a pale blue with matching slippers and her eyes picked up the hue of the material to great effect.

Guest? I repeated the word to myself. I only wished I could be considered as such rather than the lowly pet I knew I had become. I smiled shyly up at her in silent gratitude for her solicitousness before returning my gaze to the plush carpet. Quatre, however, laughed at the absurdity of her statement while she addressed the other woman.

"My lady, look who’s come to see us."

Quatre stepped around to the front of the sofa, his hold on my tether obliging me to follow. I found myself directly in front of the esteemed mistress of Windshire, nervously admiring her silvery, silk slippers and the hem of her grey morning gown. I might have continued my regard of the lower reaches of her outfit had not a slim though shockingly strong hand reached down and took hold of my chin. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as my head was lifted, until, finally, I was caught by the haughty, deep brown gaze of Lady Une, herself. She trapped me for unknowably long moments. She looked into my eyes until I began to tremble, my body reacting to the power of her presence in a most distressing manner. I felt myself clench around the large dildo lodged in my body, the hard smoothness of the wooden object, once again, coming to the forefront of my awareness. Color found its way back into my cheeks and I gulped, wondering at the intensity of her regard.

Praying that I had not unwittingly caused her some grievous offense, I waited, returning her gaze in what I hoped was a sufficiently obsequious manner. After all, I had only met her once. What grudge could she have against me? To my knowledge, I had committed no grievous offense. At that thought, my heart froze in my chest. I was swept up in a moment of blinding panic. Did she know? Could she know?

Fortunately, reason quickly reasserted itself and my heart resumed its rhythm. No, I reassured myself. She couldn’t be aware of my brief moment of traitorous desire for the gamesman; that was my secret shame, which I vowed to keep forever hidden. So, why, then, did I feel as if I were being buffeted by a frosty wind? Dread threatened, once more, and, just when I began to imagine that I had somehow sealed my fate and was merely awaiting my doom, she spoke at last.

"So, Duo, at last we have some time to ourselves." Her words took on an ominous overtone when she looked up at my trainer and summarily dismissed him from the chamber.

"Quatre, you may come and retrieve him later. Since my nephew is still in negotiations with Slaburry, I will take it upon myself to oversee Duo for the afternoon."

The blond bowed gracefully and sent me a parting smile before departing. In my mind I desperately begged him to stay, to not leave me alone with this intimidating woman. But, my plea remained unspoken and, soon, I was the only male in the room. I had no idea what was expected of me. So, I remained as I was, kneeling before Lady Une, my chin held firmly in her grasp. No longer able to withstand her piercing gaze, I lowered my eyes as much as I could, though I could still feel the weight of her perusal. Finally, after several, long, minutes, I was freed, and gratefully allowed my head to regain its genuflecting posture.

I was overcome by the forceful aura of authority surrounding Lady Une, so much so that I forgot that we were not alone until she spoke to the still standing physician.

"Sally, you mentioned that you wished to examine Duo up close. Here is your chance." I felt my brow wrinkle in confusion at the allowance, not certain just what Lady Sally had been granted permission to do.

"Thank you, my lady," the young doctor replied, her husky voice cheerful with gratitude. A strong hand upon my arm urged me to my feet. Once again, a suggestion at my chin forced me to raise my head.

"Now, then," Lady Sally pronounced. "Let me have a look at you. Open your mouth." My blank look brought forth a soft exclamation of mirth. She smiled at me and ran the pad of her thumb over my lips.

"Come now, open your mouth and let me see your teeth. You have had a physical examination before, have you not?" I nodded, relaxing as I finally understood her purpose. I had indeed been subjected to the pokings and proddings of the village doctor in Fashel throughout my childhood, my mother being insistent upon my continued good health. I relaxed slightly at the familiar concept, feeling, at last, that I was entering known territory.

Lady Sally looked at my teeth and my tongue, her sharp gaze noting the minute crack in my back tooth, which had been the courtesy of a rather testy mare when I was thirteen. Her fingers probed under my jaw line, searching for and failing to find any suspicious abnormalities. She turned next to my eyes, smiling as she commented on their color, clarity, and obvious lack of disease. Lady Une regarded us silently as the doctor deftly checked my hair and pronounced me free of any unsightly ticks. The lengths of my arms were also subjected to her scrutiny, her hands assessing the resiliency of the underlying muscle and her nodding head indicating her approval of my obvious strength.

Her actions thus far had been the usual fare in my experience of medical procedures, and so, I was, of course, completely unprepared when my nipples were abruptly pinched behind the clasps and painfully squeezed. Had I not become accustomed to a comparable sensation caused by the removal of my clamps, I may have fallen to my knees in agony. As it was, I merely gasped, my surprised gaze seeking out the doctor’s to demand an explanation. None was forthcoming, of course. Her eyes remained fixed upon my flesh, ignorant to my distress. Perhaps one day I would truly understand that my person was no longer my own. I was nothing but a curiosity, a plaything for my betters. It was a lesson hard learned and even harder to inculcate.

My nipples were throbbing when they were finally released, the beat of my pulse magnified by the soreness in the ill-treat nubs. Consumed by the fire in my chest, I was insensate to the fingers running impersonally down my torso and over my back. Just when the heat began to fade, I experienced an even greater, though infinitely more pleasurable, shock.

Perhaps, in the autumn of my years, I would surely look back with fondness upon the potent prowess of my youth when I was quick to rise to lust. But, that day was not today. Today, I cursed the eagerness with which my wayward cock stiffened as Lady Sally took hold. After my lack of reaction to Quatre when he’d replaced my cockring, I’d foolishly imagined that I had finally gained some control over myself. However, it was clearly a false hope. A moan of dismay escaped from my lips and her touch sent shocks of heat throughout my body. She tightened her grip and I tried desperately to will my libido into submission.

Since when had I become such a whore for sensation? In the past, although I had been subject to the normal adolescent male urges, I had not been overly interested in things of a carnal nature. My times with Hilde had been more about the affection between us rather than the need for physical release. But, now, I could be reduced to a quivering mass of wantonness at the merest contact. I berated myself for my lack of restraint, wanting to die with mortification when my hips began to move on their own accord, frantically seeking some sort of friction against the Lady Sally’s hand.

Just when I thought my predicament could not possible worsen, the sac hanging between my legs was likewise accosted. The round objects within were probed with determined fingers. I did whimper then, my breath coming in short bursts as my sluggish brain assayed to determine her purpose. I was unsuccessful in the attempt, all contemplation washed away on a rising tide of arousal.

I nearly wept with relief when she released me, though I could not find my voice to speak my gratitude. Nor could I meet her gaze, such was my humiliation. Hot tears stung my eyes and I fought against them as my legs were treated to her meticulous examination. Finally, she released my quaking limbs and stood. She smiled at me, catching the solitary droplet that had begun to slide down my flushed cheek. She peered briefly at the betraying moisture, her fascination with all aspects of my person apparently boundless in its scope. While I struggled to master my composure, the doctor turned to Lady Une.

"He appears to be at the peek of health, my lady. Although his physique is clearly a product of manual labor, there is certainly nothing at all displeasing in his form." I shivered imperceptibly as she gently stroked my shoulder and lifted a lock of my loosened hair. "Quite the opposite, I dare say," she mumbled softly. I bit my lip to stifle an impertinent sigh when I felt a soft caress at the back of my neck, which continued down my rigid spine. Her hand came to rest atop the curve of my ass and I hoped she might, at last, be satisfied. But, my wishes were naught but air. My downcast eyes shut tight as a finger traced gently but determinedly up and down the furrow of my bottom, lingering over the slightly protruding end of the dildo.

Salvation from the impish doctor came in the unlikely, daunting form of Lady Une. The brush of her skirts against my legs prompted me to look up. I was instantly caught, once more, by her intent gaze. Clearly, Heero took several of his more prominent traits from his aunt. She held my attention as she took hold of my hands. I was amazed at the softness of her touch, expecting a much firmer grip like the one that still tingled against my chin. She turned my hands until my palms faced the ceiling and ran her thumbs over the exposed surfaces, tracing each line and callus that proclaimed my profession.

I swallowed, certain that my bemusement registered on my face. She glanced briefly down at my upturned palms before returning to my perplexed gaze. Then, without forewarning, she tightened her grip until the formerly gentle pressure was almost painful.

"Just a farmer, after all." I winced at the strength of her hold and wondered at the sudden derision on her stately features. She released one of my hands only to clutch several strands of my hair. She let them slide through her fingers, her brown eyes watching the shimmer of light on the strands.

"There doesn’t seem to be anything at all remarkable about you," she began, catching my wide-eyed gaze, once again. "Nothing that would overly capture my nephew’s interest. And yet..."

I felt the bruising press of her fingers against my chin for the second time that day. My heartbeat quickened as her expression gained the ferocity reminiscent of a mother lioness protecting her cub.

"Be sure of this, young man. I will do all in my power to insure that my nephew parts from you at the end of your time here with his heart firmly in tact."

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