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Rating (overall): NC-17
Pairing (main): 1x2
Warnings (general): lemon, language, violence, non-con sex, Duo torture, angst, OOC, AU, yaoi, Het, S/M, Squick, POV

A/N: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

For You I Suffer
Part 16
by Heartfelt

"Rather, he would like to do the honors himself."

At Quatre's announcement, all vestiges of exhaustion fled from Heero as though they had never been. If I had not been so anxious over what was to come, I might have congratulated myself over the shocked expression that took up residence on his face.

"Himself?" my baron echoed in confused disbelief. And well I could understand his skepticism. I had not been the most willing of participants at my previous fittings, reacting with violence and weakness at each occasion, respectively. But, dubious or not, Heero's exposed flesh betrayed his interest. His hitherto quiescent member gained rapidly in both rigidity and tumescence.

"Quite so," Quatre affirmed with a gleeful lilt. "Is, um, that an acceptable proposition?"

The baron's gaze had not left my face but, now, it sharpened with probing intent. He studied me carefully, as though trying to uncover the reason behind my selfless proposal. Faced, at last, with the opportunity to declare my overwhelming affection, I was inundated with cowardice. I felt certain he could read the answer in my eyes but my voice remained muted by the fear of rejection. Soon, even that message became too revealing and I looked down towards the bed.

But, my self-effacing gestured was stalled by a finger placed under my chin. Succumbing to the gentle pressure, I raised my gaze and once more met my baron's regard. He looked at me for another long moment and then, when I thought the wealth of blood suffusing my cheeks might just burst free, Heero smiled.

"It is, indeed. Quite acceptable."

My entire being sighed with relief while Quatre emitted an amused chuckle, as if there had been no doubt in his mind as to the baron's response. I closed my eyes as the familiar chill of the lubricating cream was smoothed within the part of my ass. I spread my legs to accommodate my trainer's efforts, the remembered sight of the dildo prompting my movements. If I had to put that thing inside of me, I wanted him to be as thorough as possible.

Thorough he was, his fingers rubbing and penetrating with the diligence of a man who took great pride in his work. Soon, I was panting, my wayward body responding wantonly to Quatre's efforts. My cock throbbed painful against its confining ring and I spread my legs further, as much to assist my handler as to lower myself against the bedspread. I rubbed futilely against the fabric, the resulting friction only teased me further and, by the time Quatre completed his task, I was whimpering with frustration.

I was striving to catch my breath when I felt something being pressed into my hand. Looking at the proffered object, all of my anxiety returned as my eyes fell upon the dreaded dildo. At first, I was afraid to touch it, contact meaning that I would have to fulfill my foolish promise. But, instead, I grabbed the shaft, glaring at it, daring it to intimidate me.

Defiantly, I flung myself over onto my back and rested my head between Heero's spread legs, my upturned gaze meeting his. Then, I surprised even myself by flinging my own legs over my head, the corner of my lips quirking in a naughty grin. Heero caught my dangling limbs and thrust them apart until I was completely exposed and vulnerable. I wasn't certain if it was possible to look sexy bent double as I was, but apparently it was so for the baron's arousal grew even more and a drop of dew appeared at its tip.

Taking the dildo in a firm grip, I began to rub it teasingly up and down my unveiled furrow, the gesture both a threat and a promise. I continued the motion, my heart beating ever faster as the true size of the faux cock was made intimately known to me. I twirled it lengthwise against my skin, making sure that it was completely covered with the cream. My own efforts had begun to affect me and my lips parted as my breath quickened.

I held Heero's gaze, my fear of revealing my feeling vanishing as my body grew more and more heated. 'This,' my eyes whispered, 'this is what I'm willing to give you, if only you'll love me as I love you.' My hips began to thrust with increasing strength as I continued my self-torment.

'Witness how I lay bare to you my most intimate self.'

I ceased the rubbing motion. Slowly, I turned the dildo so the fat, blunt head rested against my tender opening. Biting my lower lip, I began to press the enormous shaft of wood into my yielding flesh.

'See how I prepare myself for that which I truly long?'

The muscled ring guarding the entrance protested the invasion, tensing in a effort to expel the bold intruder. Tears sprung up in my eyes as I pushed past the barrier, the pain swelling within me with burning intensity. My gaze fell into my master's blue depths.

'See how I crave your possession, how I need your mastery?'

The pitched battle between my mind and my body reached a head and, with a cry wrung helplessly from my throat, my rebellion was overcome. The cry became a moan as the dildo sunk inexorably into my depths. Heero's grip on my legs tightened almost painfully, my only indication of his reaction to my display as his face characteristically hid his true emotions.

'I offer my agony to you as I offer my heart. Know that my cries are naught but protestations of affection.'

My sheath was stretched to its limits in a effort to accommodate the wooden device. Never had I felt so filled, never had I felt so violated. Never had I felt so perfect. The dildo sought out every hidden recess, leaving no part of me unknown. The aching void was once again pervaded by the intoxicating feeling of smooth, hard lumber. How had I survived for so long without its presence?

'Are you pleased by my sacrifice? Are you amused? Won't you show me your enjoyment of my suffering? I need nothing else to survive.'

I struggled to keep my eyes open against the overpowering sensation of the dildo. I needed my master to hear my pleas in the only way left to me. As I pushed the shaft a final, devastating distance, a sob of pleasure fell from my lips.

'Are you pleased? I must know, else, it is all in vain.'

At last the dildo was completely seated within me. I gasped for breath, my body feeling as though it was being torn in two. Never would I become accustomed to this intense pressure. It was too much. I longed to thrust it away just as fiercely as I longed to embrace it within me forever.

'Am I beautiful? Am I perfect? Do you love me?'

"Please," I whispered, my tears marring the declarations of my heart. My glimpse of my baron's impassive face was fading from view and I was lost. My offering had been judged and found wanting and my soul wept.

But, in that dreadful moment when all hope seemed lost, I was granted the blissful succor of redemption. A strong hand fastened onto my aching flesh, whisking my cockring away into oblivion. I realized that my legs were unrestrained and reached up with my own unoccupied hands to hold them in their position of supplication. I blinked away my tears, looking up at my master in confusion. I got no further than the thick member hanging before my eyes as his hand, which had just liberated me, began to stroke by begging arousal with a ragged rhythm that left me reeling.

"Ahh! Yes! My lord! Yes! Yessss!!"

I shouted my joy without thought of restraint. My eyes had lost their battle and saw nothing by the sparks of light flashing in the sightless dark. My hips thrust with helpless violence into his hand, caring for nothing but the promise of release that hovered just out of reach.

I abandoned my hold on my legs, locking them in place with my arms as I reached desperately for my clamped nipples. I tugged at them, craving the resultant streaks of pain. The hand on my cock became rougher, the grip firmer, the squeezing pressure incalculable.

My entire body was drenched with sweat and I feared I might explode. My shouts grew distant to my ears as I fell further into an abyss of mindless desire. The hand on my cock became my sole, remaining hold on reality and it consumed me.

Harder and faster. Tighter and tighter. My throat felt raw from my cries but I cared not. Nothing mattered but the end of my torment. The village, the ruffians, the gamekeeper, all were insignificant in comparison to this. My world revolved around my cock and my cock was at my master's command.

Finally, in a spastic motion of need, I yanked my clamps away from my tortured flesh. The blazing agony blossomed, the blood rushing to the deprived nubs, and I screamed as the sensation pushed me over the edge at last. My entire body jerked uncontrollably as I came, spurting hotly into my baron's loving embrace.


Consciousness returned slowly. Lethargy filled me such that I could barely move. I moaned, trying to find some part of my body that was still under my control. My head responded with reluctance, turning until my face was pressed into something warm and firm, yet giving.

My eyes blinked open, forcing me to pause as they regained their vision. It was a moment before I realized that I was looking at a leg, a long, brown, muscled leg. Memory returned and I sat up, noting the feeling of tightness in my lower body and the rivulets of fluid run down my chest.

I was, of course, in the baron's bed. He was sitting, his back against the headboard, watching me with an unreadable expression. Quatre had disappeared at some unknown juncture, leaving us alone in the large room. I waited for him to speak, resisting the urge to fidget. My eyes caught movement and rested on his hand as it reached towards me. It, too, was covered with the results of my passion. He lifted it to my mouth. Startled, I parted my lips and tasted myself as he ran a finger over my tongue.

The finger was exchanged for a thumb, which began to stroke my lower lip. It was sore with the imprint of my teeth and the gesture was soothing. Hope threatened to take root and I glanced at his face. His eyes were soft and a fleeting smile graced his lips. My chest clenched in reaction to the beauty of his smile, feeling as though the sun were suddenly shining on my face, though it was the dead of night.

"Thank you, Duo, for your gift." His voice was deep and soft and went straight to my gut. I felt my satiated body began to stir with renewed interest, such was his effect on me. I returned his smile shyly.

"Y-you're welcome, my lord." I lowered my gaze, unable to hold his any longer. My eyes fell on his arousal, still full and pulsing, and was horrified by my neglect. I leaned forward until my lips hovered just above his heated skin and glanced up at him. "But, I fear, I'm not quite done."

Heero growled low in his throat, giving me all the answer I required. The growl became a sigh as I took him gently into my mouth. I inhaled him to the root, my hands coming up to caress the soft, firm flesh of his hips and flanks. Heero shuddered and sank further into the bed.

I worked him slowly with my mouth, hoping to comfort as well as arouse. Rather than employ my newfound skills of lip and tongue, I simply held him, suckling him softly. My hands played gently over him, stroking over his powerful chest, passing daringly over his flat nipples. Heero's body vacillated between tension and release and when he inevitably reached his climax, there were no dramatics. Instead, he just relaxed, filling my mouth with his delicious essence.

After cleaning him thoroughly, I raised myself until my head rested against his shoulder. He removed my collar, laying it aside before wrapping his arms around me, and all was well. We lay quietly for a long moment and I had nearly drifted off to sleep when he spoke.

"Tomorrow, the treaty talks should be concluded. There will be a feast and I plan for you to be the main attraction."

I stirred, the words 'main attraction' ringing in my ears. Trying to ignore my foreboding, I snuggled more securely against him.

"Quatre tells me you will be working with my gamesman, Trowa Barton. His talents are prodigious. He has a marvelous way of bending wild things to his will." Heero pulled me closer to him. "I'm sure you will offer him every obedience."

At that, he fell asleep. But that respite was far from me, now, as the gamekeeper's face rose before me with mocking clarity. I closed my eyes tightly and buried my face in the hollow of the baron's shoulder, willing the image away.

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