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Rating (overall): NC-17
Pairing (main): 1x2
Warnings (general): lemon, language, violence, non-con sex, Duo torture, angst, OOC, AU, yaoi, Het, S/M, Squick, POV

A/N: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

For You I Suffer
Part 12
by Heartfelt

Heero held me while I strove to find strength in my legs. Finally, I was able to stand on my own and I raised my head, expressing my gratitude for his support with a shy smile. Though he didn't return the gesture, his blue eyes remained soft, continuing to caress my face. He released me and moved away and as I watched him, I again became aware of the fatigue that bowed his broad shoulders.

I followed him and stood before him as he stopped at the foot of the bed. As quickly as I could, I removed his close-shirt, releasing the neck tie with my teeth, and his breeches, loosening the fastenings with care. He was silent as I performed my duties. When I had finally finished and looked up at him, his eyes were nearly closed.

My heart skipped on a surge of tenderness as I stood. Forgetting myself for a moment, I reached up and cupped his face with a loving hand. His eyes opened and I was suddenly confronted by his full awareness. I blinked and blushed, looking away sheepishly as I removed my hand. But I lifted my gaze to him as my retreating hand was captured. My eyes widened with wonder as he brought my trembling hand to his lips and bestowed upon it a gentleman's kiss. I sighed, the tender gesture bringing a joyful sting to my eyes.

He released me and climbed onto the bed, sprawling face down over the cover and seemingly disinclined to move another inch. He was thoroughly fatigued from working all day. I knew what it was to fall into bed after a hard day, body tight with tension, almost too tired to sleep. Indeed, he grunted and shifted restlessly and I was struck with sudden inspiration.

I hastily put away his clothing in the wardrobe and ran swiftly to the bath chamber, the feel of the wooden cock hounding my every step. I was shuddering by the time I reached my destination, my stiff cock swing painfully in the air. Ignoring my own discomfort, I retrieved the scented bath oil resting near the tub as well as a towel. I found myself smiling as I reviewed my plan and for a moment I felt like my old self, a carefree youth with the ability to make decisions on his own. The fantasy persisted until I reached Heero's room. The expanse of the baron's bronzed skin stretched out before me reminded me that my life had irrevocably changed and that I could never go back to who I'd been. Not that I really wanted to.

Heero sighed, still shifting his shoulders in an effort to relieve the tension knotting his muscles. I hesitated, unsure for a moment whether my attentions would be appreciated. But he groaned again and my concern overcame my insecurity.

Heero jumped as the oil hit his skin, his head whipping around towards me. He stared at me and then at the open bottle in my hand. His eyes were unreadable and I feared that I'd committed some grievous wrong. His eyes continued to hold me and my nervousness increased until I was ready to blubber an apology. My lips parted and I was just beginning to speak when his beautiful mouth turned up at the corner in a subdued smile. He turned his face back towards his pillow, granting his tacit approval for me to do what I wished.

Taking a breath of relief, I climbed onto the bed, kneeling over him so that I straddled his narrow hips. In my present position, the oil in my hand, I could do with him what I pleased. I could even take him as I longed to be taken and the irony was not lost on me. Shaking my head, a wry smile crossed my lips as I poured more oil onto his back, sniffing appreciatively as the masculine aroma that drifted up to me. It was reminiscent of Heero's scent and I closed my eyes for a moment as it wafted over me.

The oil pooled in the hollow between his shoulder blades. I flexed my fingers and took a deep breath before lowering my hands to his back. My touch was hesitant and the fluttering sensation of my fingers caused Heero to shiver. I immediately firmed the pressure I was applying, my hands strong from years of farm work. My baron apparently appreciate my change of tact, sighing slightly as he seemed to settled more deeply into the soft mattress.

I moved up from his shoulders, deciding to relieve the tension headache I'd surmised from the pucker between his eyes. I tunneled my fingers into the thick softness of his hair and massaged his scalp from his forehead to the back of his neck. Heero grunted but the sound morphed into a quiet moan as I alleviated his pain.

I turned to his shoulders and back, making certain that I manipulated every muscle. I worked over his arms, as well, not stopping until I felt no resistance to my probing. Heero's breathing had deepened steadily as I'd worked, the young lord drifting slowly off to sleep.

I'd reached his lower back and I took a moment to examine the results of my efforts. The baron's upper half was the picture of repose - arms spread out to the side and over his head, face buried in his pillow. For the first time since that morning, the bunching that had knotted his muscles had disappeared. His oil-covered skin glistened in the firelight. Satisfied with my success thus far, I moved further down his legs, preparing to attack the next set of stubborn muscles.

My eyes rested longingly on his firm ass. My fingers were almost twitching with anticipation as I poured the bath oil over his tempting flesh. He didn't stir as I began to knead the taut mounds. I was determined to be thorough, so can I be blamed if my thumbs occasionally dipped into the crevasse traversing his ass? My boldness prompted a whispered moan from the vicinity of Heero's pillow. I smiled even as my cock hardened and I gifted the area with special attention.

Eventually, I could dally no longer and was forced to move on. I reversed my position, trying to disturb the bed as little as possible as I turned to face the baron's feet. The oil and my fingers continued our journey and I dug into the strong thigh and leg muscles stretched out before me. I reached his feet and smoothed over the tough skin, placing a soft kiss on his heel.

I had finished my task and, realizing that I had lost my excuse to touch him indiscriminately, I experienced a twinge of sorrow. Slowly, I crawled to the head of the bed. I lowered myself to the mattress, trying to peering into the baron's beloved face. My manipulations had mussed his hair and it shrouded his features from my sight. Carefully, I reached out and brushed the offending strands to the side. My breath caught in my throat and my chest tightened as I saw him. His eyes were closed, his lips parted, his face completely relaxed. He looked young, untroubled, and impossibly beautiful. My heart ached with the depths of the love I felt for my proud liege.

I laid still for long while, content to watch him sleep while my cock ached with the need for release. Clearly, it wasn't to be but I was resigned to live with the discomfort. I didn't presume that my presence in his bed would be welcomed so I slowly gathered myself to move off of the covers, reconciled to spending the night on the rug in front of the fire. But before I could quit the bed, a strong hand reached out to restrain me, taking hold of my wrist.

I experienced a moment of déjà vu, remembering how Heero had grabbed me just so this morning to pull me towards him for a morning kiss. Looking towards him now, I fervently hoped this incident would end in the same, happy way. Though he hadn't moved anything but his hand, his eyes were open and were regarding me with sleepy intensity. He sighed and blinked adorably, as if he were struggling to remain awake. When he finally spoke, his voice rumbled gruffly.

"That was quite pleasant, but if your goal was to relax me so that I could rest, I'm afraid you were less than successful. You see," he explained, turning over onto his back and pulling me towards him, "you've left me with another problem."

He guided my hand down his body, over his chest and abdomen until I was suddenly touching the rigid flesh of his arousal.

"How am I supposed to sleep with this?" he rumbled.

I gazed into his eyes, my fingers tightening reflexively over his soft, steely flesh. I was truly sorry for impairing his ability to slumber. There was only one way I could think of to apologize that would demonstrate the extent of my remorse. I climbed over him, placing my head next to his so that my lips brushed his ear.

"Forgive me," I murmured. Then, I began to stroke the hard member in my hand as I nibbled humbly at the rim of his ear. A groan was my recompense and I savored it, tracing his strong jaw with my eager lips.

The flavor of his skin was addictive. I drew a neat path from his jaw to his collarbone, lingering over the slightly salty taste of his throat. He drew in a sharp breath as I gave into the primitive instinct to mark my passage with a sharp nip to the finely drawn skin. A small droplet of blood confessed my impudence and I quickly lapped away the evidence. I almost hoped that a scar might form, no matter how small. I just wanted something to proclaim that, for at least a while, I had been a part of this man's life and that he had allowed me to love him.

As alluring as I found his neck, the twin nubs of his chest drew me like a moth to a flame. I prodded at one gently with my tongue, still feeling a bit guilty over my recent act of vandalism. My baron exhaled with a shudder and I continued my tentative assault. The skin surrounding his nipple was olive in tone, so different from my own pink-hued flesh. I was enthralled, wanting to memorize the taste of him.

I could see his other nipple from the corner of my eye and the neglected nub seemed to beg for attention. I obliged eagerly, using my free hand to toy with the alluring flesh while my tongue continued to fondle its turgid captive.

I could have remained thus, worshipping him with soft licks and nips, but Heero was apparently less than satisfied with my tenderness. An animalistic growl issued from his throat, the sexy sound sending shivers down my spine and straight to my cock. I responded by sucking fervently on his nipple as he dug his hands into my hair. He pried me away from the tortured flesh, pushing me down until I was confronted by a much better prize. The chestnut strand drug against his skin as though reluctant to relinquish any modicum on contact with him.

I wasn't idle as he guided me to his erect manhood. I took the opportunity to blaze a path with my tongue down his firm stomach, relishing in the ripples I caused in the muscles hidden beneath his smooth skin. Then I was there, his beautiful cock inches from my avid lips. But his earlier acceptance of my inventiveness had imbibed me with much need bit of self-confidence. So, instead of blindly following where he was directing me, I passed his arousal and applied myself to the enticing sac hanging heavily below the colossal column.

The power of the baron's hips as he suddenly thrust upward nearly pushed me from the bed. I was forced to steady him with one hand while I attended to him, sucking and lapping at first one round shape hidden in the warm flesh then the other. Hmm, I breathed, even this part of him was utterly delectable. The scent of his arousal was strong in my nostrils, intoxicating and irresistible.

"Duo," he whispered. The sound of my name on his lips was unbearably sweet. The soft groan that followed it gently caressed my ears.

"Duo," he sighed again, his fingers flexing unconsciously against my head. Seductive noises filled the room, my own body reacting as if it were me that was the subject of my erotic torture. I wanted to hear those sounds forever. I silently thanked him for his tacit praise by introducing quick swirls of my tongue into the oral repertoire I was developing to express my adoration of the baron's perfection.

"Duo, ahhh. Please... mercy..."

It was the pleading that ruined me. Though I had apparently increased in skill to the point where I could reduce this strong man to moaning supplication, I didn't want to hear these words from him. I wanted, no needed him to always be in control. It was I who should beg him for clemency, not the other way around. I decided my moment of unstated independence had continued long enough.

Heero had raised a leg in reaction to my seduction and I slid an arm beneath it, lifting it higher. Without warning, I abandoned his hanging flesh and swallowed all of him in one movement. His vulnerable position allowed me to take even more of him and I relished the feel of his manhood thrusting against the back of my throat.

I was nearly choked as he pumped his hips, shouting through clenched teeth, but I remembered the lessons from the previous night and opened my throat to accommodate him. I spared no effort, my hungry mouth sucking hard upon his thick cock, caressing his length at the same time with my tongue. It wasn't long before his endurance failed and he came, manfully restraining a cry as his torso rose from the bed. His growls echoed through the room as he filled my mouth with his luscious essence. I swallowed quickly, not willing to let even a single droplet escape.

At last, the stream slowed and I released him, lapping away the last pearly beads. He fell back against the mattress, chest heaving from the intensity of his release. My cock throbbed in time with his breaths and I laid my head against his thigh, turning to place a soft kiss against his heated skin. I lay there quietly while he recovered, thinking that now he would be able to sleep. But I found my hand, which was resting against his stomach, suddenly seized and he dragged me upwards until I was left gazing deeply into his eyes.

He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes on a heavy sigh. Then he looked at me again, his expression flatteringly dazed. "You continue to astound me, my lovely Duo. But, once again, you've been a bit too diligent in your efforts. I made you a promise, that you would know release at least once a day. However," he paused to take another deep breath, "now I'm far to exhausted to oblige you."

I nodded imperceptibly, long since having resolved myself to a painful cock and a sleepless night. But he managed to surprise me, just when I thought I could no longer experience that particular emotion.

"So," he continued, "you will have to take care of yourself. Sit over there, at the end of the bed."

I blinked in shock, his instructions almost going unnoticed. "My-myself?" My voice trembled. But what was the emotion that made my tone so unsteady? Was it anxiousness? Embarrassment? A ridiculous fear of exposure? Or was it, as I suspect was the case, an almost uncontainable anticipation?

The mere thought of exhibiting myself to him in that ultimate way left me gasping. To surrender to that degree, to fully reveal to him the depths of my passion for him, to show him how much I loved him in a way I'd never before done... My soul would be bared completely. I would be unable to dissemble, unable to hide. If he harbored any doubts about the feelings I bore him, they would all be resolved beyond question. He would know the true strength of his domination over me, leaving me defenseless, and I feared and desired to give him that power.

I kept my eyes upon him as I backed towards one of the bottom bedposts, afraid that if I looked away I would loose my nerve. I needed to do this and I would brook no opposition from my own foolishness.

He watched me steadily as if he understood that I craved the weight of his stare. He laid completely at his ease, arms folded comfortably behind his head. His body stretched languorously and his flaccid manhood both taunted and praised. I sat there waiting, legs curled timidly beneath me. Long moments passed, but he seemed content to just lie there looking at me and he did so until my nerves were ready to scream.

"Spread your legs apart."

The quiet command caught me by surprise with it's suddenness but I complied without thought. I braced my back against the bedpost and, bending my legs at the knee, spread them as far as I could in what I prayed was a provocative pose. Again, he took the time to study the effect of my compliance.

"Hn," he commented with satisfaction before issuing his next directive. "Remove your clamps."

I fought down a whine as I reached for the insidious articles. I tried to keep my eyes open as I removed them from my tender flesh, wanting to see whether my agony was appreciated. However, as soon as I released the clasps, my lids slid shut and a helpless groan poured from my lips. The pain was worse than I remembered, as pain always is. It burned through me, bringing tears to my eyes and a perverse ache to my cock. The anguish slowly disseminated until I felt only a dull throbbing. I opened my eyes and look down at my freed nipples, mildly surprised that they weren't as huge as they felt, that they weren't glowing in the darkened room.

"Now," he continued, seeing that I'd recovered sufficiently, "take off the ring."

A moan did manage to escape this time. I knew that the ring was the only thing curtailing my passion. Once the safeguard was removed, would I be able to rely on my own tenuous self-control? As gently as I could, I grasped the ring with two careful fingers, trying not to touch any part of my sensitive member in the process. I took a deep breath, holding it as I began to slide the golden loop over my extended length.

The friction was exquisite. I had grown so large during the course of the day's torments that the small hoop squeezed every inch of my cock as I pulled it from me. I could feel my control slipping and I let out a soft cry. I didn't want to spoil Heero's game by bringing it to an overly hasty end. The ring continued its insidious passage and disaster seemed imminent until a memory suddenly blossomed in my mind.

There had been a time in my reckless youth when I'd had all of the zeal of manhood and none of the restraint of maturity. In those days, the self-exploration I'd often snuck away to enjoy was usually quite short in duration. But then I'd learned to prolong my enjoyment, cleverly containing myself by encircling the base of my cock with my fingers.

Using the experience gain in those schoolboy days of my past, I grabbed myself thusly just as the ring completed its passage. I dropped the ring beside me to lie next to the nipple clamps and sat there holding myself, chest heaving but dignity intact. A sound that I identified as a low chuckle drifted towards me from Heero's vicinity.

"Well done," he rumbled. "You may finish the job and make it entertaining."

'Entertaining,' I repeated silently. I was gradually gaining control of my body with the help of deep breaths and I met his gaze steadily, accepting the challenge. I continued to hold myself in one hand while I reached up with the other to rub and fondle a dusky nipple. I exaggerated the moan this induced, wanting to clearly communicate my eagerness to please. I continued to toy with the sensitive flesh on my chest as I employed my other well-oiled hand in long, slow strokes.

I kept my failing gaze on his handsome face. I yearned to know that he enjoyed my endeavors on his behalf. I needed him to know that I did all of this solely for his pleasure. I manipulated myself, staving off the threat tightening in my lower abdomen with nothing but the strength of my desire to satisfy his every mandate. My breath began to come in gasps but I maintained my surveillance.

He watched me closely in turn, eyes flicking back and forth between my face, my chest, and my cock. His expression remained calm and unflapped and if it weren't for the insight I'd recently gained into his character, I would have despaired at my failure to entice him. But I could see the faint glimmer in his eye which spoke of his ardor even as his relaxed body remained apparently unmoved.

I continued the maddening caresses I know not how long. I was determined to fulfill his edict but eventually, the sensations shooting through me, caused more by his embracing gaze than by the movements of my hands, became too much. The pressure that had been building in my groin radiated outwards until it engulfed me completely. My eyes sight glazed and my eyes closed, leaving me alone with the strength of my desire.

The memory of Heero's hand on my neck in his study, the humiliating titters of Relena and her friends, the fullness of the dildo even now tormenting me, the taste of my master's skin, the heat of his gaze ... It all coalesced into an overwhelming need for release that finally crashed over me, sweeping me away into oblivion.

"My lord!" I shouted as my passion pulsed, covering my hand and my torso.

I collapsed against the bedpost, drained of all awareness. I felt Heero pulling me back towards the center of the bed as though through a dense fog. I dimly sensed the texture of towel as the evidence of my loss of control was wiped away. It was only the press of his lips against my sweat-covered forehead that prompted me to force open my eyes. Heero was leaning over me, looking at me with a softness that my dazed mind distinguished as tenderness. He brushed away a damp tendril from my face.

"Thank you," he murmured before leaning down to bestow me with a light kiss. His tongue swept over my lips, seeking admittance. I granted it gladly but he kept the contact teasing and soft. It was almost enough to rouse me all over again but my exhausted body was unable to react to the stimulus. My eyes slid shut and he chuckled quietly.

My final remembrance from that second extraordinary night was my baron pulling me close and tightening his arms around me before I drifted off into a contented sleep.

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