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Warnings (general): lemon, language, violence, non-con sex, Duo torture, angst, OOC, AU, yaoi, Het, S/M, Squick, POV

A/N: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

For You I Suffer
Part 8
by Heartfelt

The first sensation I became aware of the next morning was comfort the likes of which I'd not known since discovering the disappointments of responsibility imposed by adulthood. Unbidden, the memory of my mother holding me as a child filled my mind, relieving the tensions and worries of the day-to-day scrabble my existence had become. I could feel the warmth of her skin against me as her hand gently stroked my face. However, as I lay quiescent in her arms, content and safe, a very different sensation, one that was the antithesis of childhood innocence, began to disturb my peace.

Since when had the touch of my mother's hand caused my body to heat and my cock to swell?

I quickly opened my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as the unsettling notion was dispelled. For, it wasn't my mother who was causing my untoward reaction. No, it was, of course, my handsome baron. My head still lying on his firm chest, he gazed at me with his deep, blue eyes and it was his hand that caressed me so tenderly, gently playing over my face and shifting through my loose hair. The realization that he'd been watching me sleep while I lay unaware caused a twinge somewhere in the vicinity of my heart. Whether it was nervousness or elation, I couldn't tell. But the feeling of his hand toying in the strands of my hair made any apprehension a mere memory.

For a quiet moment, we were content to just look at each other. The first rays of day crept in through the lightly draped window and I treasured the play of the soft, morning light across his commanding features. I marveled once again at his incredible beauty and my own good fortune in belonging to such a perfect being. My true purpose for being there with him was conveniently absent from my mind. For that brief instant, I could pretend we were simply a couple, lazing and loving, taking comfort together.

But, of course, my pleasant fantasy could not be allowed to persist. His voice still husky from sleep, Heero explained the extent of my morning duties.

"Today, I will be working in my study, preparing Calderash's terms for the trade treaty with Slaburry. You will bathe me and dress me. Then, after you've had your own bath, Quatre will bring you to my study. The servants have already brought the water for the tub."

Two conflicting emotions prevailed upon me at his words. Shame filled my working-man's heart for laying like a slackard in the baron's luxurious bed when there were clearly chores to be done. The second, however, was nothing more complicated than sheer lust at the thought of giving my sexy master a bath with my own hands. Hmm, would offering to cleanse him nothing but my tongue be unseemly?

Eager to comply, I sat up quickly, reaching for the carpeted floor with my feet. Immediately, I was reacquainted with the sensation of the dildo resting deep within me. But, before I could stand, a hand on my arm arrested my movements. Looking back, I met Heero's gaze as he pulled me back onto the bed. The question that must have filled my eyes was answered as he stretched towards me, capturing my lips with his own.

All thoughts of being anywhere else but in his arms swiftly fled. I know not how long we lay there; my baron's touch always caused time to still. The kiss was soft, welcoming, and wonderful. Again, I found myself imaging that we were, not master and slave, but just two people, basking in love and lust. Perhaps, after sating our bodies upon our modest bed, I would tend the fields while he saw to the beasts upon which we made our living. Our simple existence would be one of idyllic bliss and no others would be allowed to impinge upon our happiness.

I could have stayed there forever, glorying in the impossible daydream of my plebian musings, but eventually he released me, leaving my lips tingling and bereft. My lids, which had closed helplessly under his sweet assault, fluttered open. In his incredible eyes, I envisioned that I glimpsed the deep affection I prayed he felt for me. It was foolish, perhaps, but my heart warmed. A shy smile thanking him silently for my good morning kiss, I moved away again and stood as he released my arm.

"Bring me my dressing gown from the wardrobe."

As I fulfilled the softly spoken request, I surreptitiously watched as he rose from the shelter of the thick bedcover. My gaze covetously caressed his magnificent physique, cock stirring with anticipation at the thought that I would soon be able to touch him again as I ached to do. My body clenched around my wooden companion, which only served to heighten my blissful confusion. The gown was long; made of a smoky silk. I brought it to him and draped it over his broad shoulders, allowing my hands to linger.

After singeing me with a final glance, he moved towards the door of the bedchamber, leaving me to follow obediently in his wake. But barely had we left the room when he halted, looking back at me with an inscrutable expression. What had I done now? My eyes were down-turned, my hands hung meekly at my side, my feet stepped humbly in his path…

Realization sprung upon me. Ahh, so that was it. How quickly I had forgotten his edict never to stand unbidden in his presence. I sank to my knees with what I desperately hoped was an effortless grace. I glanced up, my disobedience hidden by my unruly bangs. Apparently, my supposition had been correct for my baron turned without a word and continued on his way. Like some lowly creature, I crawled after him, thankful for the softness of the carpet as it scraped along my naked skin.

The sitting room was quiet save the crackling of the still blazing fire. The servants had come and gone without me noticing their passage. We entered the bathing room and Heero immediately dropped his gown and availed himself of the steaming water that filled the tub. Shivering from the coolness of the tiled floor, as well as from the brief tease of his nakedness, I looked around for the accessories I'd need for my task. Locating a soft sponge and a soap with a fragrance that reminded me of the night I just spent in my baron's arms, I picked them up and scuttled upon my knees towards the tub. Kneeling in supplication, I waited with a lowered head for permission to begin.

From beneath my lashes, I watched as Heero sluiced water over himself, the droplets running over his chest and down his flat stomach. Several beads hung from his brown nipples and I licked my lips with the yearning to suck away the fortunate moisture.

Finally, my baron turned to me. With the barest of nods, he indicated that I could start. Trying to control the trembling in my hands and trying to ignore my raging cock, I soaped up the sponge. When I was satisfied with its condition, I reached, slowly, towards the warm skin I so desired.

I was forced to repress a moan as I touched him. Even through the fibers of the sponge, I could feel the steel of his muscles. My lips parted helpless as I ran the sponge over his shoulders and down his arms. I went slowly, wanting to soothe his lofty concerns with my devoted caress. What it must have been like for him, such a young man burdened with the running of an entire baronetcy, I could scarcely imagine. I thought back to my own, often pathetic attempts to run my farm, and wondered at his self-possessed confidence.

Lovingly, I bathed each finger of first one, then the other hand. I slid the soapy object over his palms, noting the lack of calluses that proclaimed him a man who'd never known the pain of physical toil. But these soft hands had proven their competence. I shivered with the knowledge that these hands that so firmly control Calderash also controlled me just as surely. Almost reluctantly, I left his fingers and washed under his arms, loathed to rid him of the delicious scent that I'd come to identify as his alone. My gaze was captured by his bronzed skin, though I could sense the weight of his eyes upon me as I bathed him.

When I at last came to his chest, I raised up slightly on my knees to extend my reach over the edge of the tub. In doing so, however, I lost my balance and, before I knew it, my free hand was braced against the steam-warmed flesh of his shoulder. Not once had I met his gaze since commencing the erotic undertaking, but now, I glanced towards his face, fearing that I'd cause offense.

The look that greeted me, however, made my body flush with an emotion much more desirable than apprehension. Just when I thought his eyes could arouse me more, the sheer heat with which he regarded me almost caused me to loose what slim control I still had over myself. My turgid manhood hardened fully as if my blessed release of the previous night had never occurred. The dildo was a maddening presence, simulating the fullness I was so desperate for my baron to provide. His gaze captured me and the sponge fell from my nerveless fingers. Enthralled, I could only stare at him, unable and unwilling to free myself.

Suddenly, I became aware of a something warm against my hand. Realizing that he had taken a hold of me, I blinked, waiting for his next action. Never releasing my gaze, he brought my hand to his chest, sliding it along the soap-slicked skin. The texture of his flesh under my hand was exquisite. His muscled glided beneath the surface as he shifted, the sheer strength in his form made known to me once again. As I stifled the urge to moan, he guided my hand lower, over a pebbled nipple, prompting a hiss from him, and down his rippled abdomen until my hand was submerged beneath the cooling water in which he sat. His burning gaze never left me and I melted under its intensity.

By now, I had guessed his purpose and it was with impatient fingers that I took hold of his burgeoning arousal. Slowly but steadily I stroked him, watching his cheeks flush and his sharp eyes begin to glaze. They fluttered shut, releasing me from my willing captivity, and his head fell back onto the rim of the tub. With a soft groan, he gave himself over to me.

Drawing on the experience I'd gained at my own hand, I continued my manipulations. Desperate to please him, I used every trick I'd learned as an awkward adolescent, hiding the loft of my parent's barn, filled with fear and excitement by the threat of discovery. The previous night I'd only been able to hear the delicious sounds of my baron's completion and the prospect of actually witnessing his features as he came apart nearly encouraged me to follow. Unable to resist the vulnerable flesh now bared to me, I leaned forward, pressing my lips against his exposed throat, heedless of the several strands of hair that slipped into the water.

His pleasure at my presumption manifested as both a moan and a further hardening of the velvet shaft in my hand. Delighted with my success, I included my tongue in my tender assault, lapping at his delectable flesh as I'd dreamed of doing. Soon, I was no longer content to confine my explorations and wandered down to his prominent collarbone and then lower. I licked his firm pectorals with lingering sweeps but his nipples called to me and I heeded, taking one sweet nub into my mouth. His scent was intoxicating and I lost myself in it and in him. The taste of his skin, its smoothness under my tongue, all was perfect.

My baron was not still under my ministrations. Continuing his verbal declarations of praise, he began to pump himself within my hand, moving his hips in the water and splashing some onto the tiled floor. He gasped as I turned my attention to his other nipple, his movements becoming ever more frantic as I increased the speed with which I stroked him.

Consumed in the flavor of him, I was bewildered when my feasting was abruptly interrupted. I looked up in confusion, forced away from him by the hand suddenly wrapped in my hair. But his nipples were quickly replaced with his mouth and I was quite satisfied with the substitution. He placed a strong hand on the back of my neck and nearly pulled me into the tub on top of him as he ravaged my mouth. I still can't explain how I refrained from coming myself as I lay there, overwhelmed by the dual sensation of his tongue dueling with mine and his cock, hot and throbbing in my grip.

Suddenly, he relinquished my lips and threw his head back. I was granted the spectacular, up-close view of his beautiful face as he reached his climax. Sweat from the steam and exertion sheened his skin and his seed rose as a milky cloud within the water. Drained he sagged into the tub, shivering as my hand left his sensitized member.

I despaired at the knowledge that the flaming ache in my cock would be with me for at least the rest of the day. Heero had said I would only be allowed release once per day and I had no reason to doubt his word. With deep breaths I tried to calm my wayward body, but the sight of him sprawled naked and gleaming before me made the endeavor pointless at best.

At last, my baron opened his eyes and turned them towards me. Though no smile graced his lips, his gaze expressed his approval of my initiative. He didn't allow me time to bask in the glow of accomplishment, however.

"Now, this time wash me properly and quickly. I have much work to do." Abashed and chagrined at the mild rebuke, I fished out the sponge, careful to avoid touching him with my bare hands, and resoaped it. As ordered, I swiftly completed my task, blushing as he knelt up so I could wash his hidden regions. Had he ever known the exquisite confusion of being violated in that most secret of places? I flushed with jealous anger at the thought that anyone but myself had ever seen him like this. Just as I was his, he was mine and, as an only child, I'd never learned to share.

I shook my head to banish those ridiculous thoughts. What ever lives we'd led before this were meaningless and their contemplation had no place. I continued my task, feeling the blood rush to the rest of my body. The activity didn't seem to affect my baron though it left me in agony. I longed to touch him in that sweet place as I had been touched, to give him the pleasure I had to admit I'd felt. Grudgingly, I forced myself to thrust the hopeless thought from my mind. Though he had complete control over me, I could never hope to presume the same about him.

Finally, I finished and moved back as he stood. Water ran off of him in streams and I briefly fancied him some demi-god of the watery deep, come to torture us poor mortals with his perfection. I unwillingly abandoned my fantasy and reached for a large towel. Uncertain of what I should do, I held the towel out to him. He just looked at me and it was with a happy heart that I thoroughly dried ever inch of him, letting not a single bead of moisture escape my relentless pursuit.

Once he was dry, I picked up his discarded robe and placed it about him again. Wincing as my cock swung stiffly against my upper thighs, I followed him back into his bedchamber, scurrying mouse-like upon my knees.

Succinctly, the baron informed me of his choice of dress for the day. As neatly as I could, I clothed him, bidding a fond farewell to the exquisite sight of his nakedness. I contented myself with the notion that the night would bring further opportunities for me to behold him as I longed to do. As dressing was the more difficult alternative, I was allowed to use my hands, though I resolved to ponder how to use my teeth to complete this task as well.

At last, he was dressed and I trailed after him as he walked towards the main door of his rooms. He would be out of my sight for a time, at least, and my heart ached. He reached for the door then paused, turning back to me. He looked into my sad eyes and was moved to pity for he bent down and placed a fond kiss on my forehead. The gesture was unexpected and sweet and tears stung my eyes. With a final pat on my head, he opened the door and left.

The feel of his hand lingered heavily upon my head. While I struggled with my return to the status of a favored pet, Helen appeared at the door.

"Good morning, young sir. And how was your evening, pray tell?"

She glanced down at me, taking in the residual stickiness of my skin and the bereft expression in my amethyst gaze. The gleam in her eyes was knowing and a naughty-boy flush suffused my face. She chuckled and bid me to stand.

"Up with you, now. I'm not one for all of this kneeling and scraping, mind. Makes getting anywhere take far too long no matter how good you might look doing it."

With that, she led me into the bathing room. By necessity, I had to use Heero's bathwater, but as that made me feel close to him, I experienced no undue squeamishness. With efficient hands, the maid secured my hair on top of my head, twisting it into a tight bun. I could only imagine how silly I must have looked, though it did serve to keep my hair from getting wet. Then, having removed my collar, Helen washed me, though the dildo which filled me made the endeavor less thorough than my previous experience at her hands.

Throughout, she questioned me eagerly about my evening, not sparing me until I'd related every intimate detail. Her nosy persistence reminded me again of my mother and that association made the telling all the more trying. But, finally, I was clean and her curiosity was satisfied. She dried me and released my hair. After brushing it until the chestnut mass gleamed - definitely my second best feature, according to Helen - she lead me back into the bedchamber.

There waited my trainer, the sunlight shining on his blond head. He turned at the sound of our entrance, his customary smile firmly in place. He stepped towards me lightly and clasped my hands in comradery.

"Good morning, Duo! I trust you slept well."

"Well enough," I mumbled, remembering how my release at Heero's skillful hands had left me completely drained. Indeed, I had slept the sleep of the dead, mind and body both needing rejuvenation after yesterday's trials.

"Good, good. Well, let's get you ready, shall we?" he said breezily. His careless tone belied what I knew was coming. Helen approached for the side and I looked at her askance, seeing the gleaming objects in her hands. I sighed and resigned myself as Quatre took the objects from her. Without pomp, he reattached the collar and the nipple clamps, prompting a helpless groan from my lips. I shudder as he gripped my sensitive arousal and replaced the accursed cockring. Finally, he hooked the golden chain to the collar and I was ready.

"Thank you, Helen," Quatre said, graciously. "We'll see you tonight."

The maid left after fondly squeezing my shoulder. I watched her leave before turning back to my handler.

He smiled at me, raking over me with a quick, approving glance. "Very good! Now, I shall take you to Heero."

With a tug on my collar, he led me towards the door. Stopping before the portal he looked back at me. "No need to crawl on your knees outside of this room, Duo. The stone floor of the corridors is much too hard. However, once in Heero's study, back down you go. Understand?"

He accepted my nod and opened the door. Once again, I was to be thrust into the midst of Windshire Castle. Swallowing my dread, I followed Quatre into the hall.

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