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Rating (overall): NC-17
Pairing (main): 1x2
Warnings (general): lemon, language, violence, non-con sex, Duo torture, angst, OOC, AU, yaoi, Het, S/M, Squick, POV

A/N: This disturbing tale was inspired by several Anne Rice novels (O goddess of the strange and fascinating!) and my own twisted little mind. Note that, unlike in Beauty’s court, poor Duo is all alone in his ordeal. That makes it much more interesting, I think.

For You I Suffer
Part 5
by Heartfelt

The chair's black fur was blessedly soft against my flushed skin, caressing me while I struggled to arrange myself upon the seat as gracefully as possible. I looked over at Quatre, my handler, and he smiled at me before placing a hand on either side of my turned head. He gently positioned me so that I looked straight up at the hall's high, stone ceiling. He wrapped my golden chain underneath the head support and I heard the sound of a lock snapping into place. Cautiously, I attempted to lift my head but was restricted by whatever was securing my leash. I couldn't turn my head so the area above me became my sole field of sight.

My vision thus impaired, I could only feel as Quatre secured first my wrists, then my ankles to the peculiar seat. Prompted by my recently repressed pride and sense of self, I tested those restraints, as well. They were also firmly fixed and unbreakable. My outstretched arms caused my muscled, heaving chest to flex most appealingly and my anxiety brought a pleasing tautness to the rest of my labor-honed form. My position matched my fearful visions, body unfolded the length of the chair and legs spread to such an alarming degree that the last secret places of my body were fully revealed. I had never been so cruelly exposed. My acute mortification manifested in the beaded sweat on my brown and the single tear that escaped the corner of my eye.

Once I was completely harnessed, the blond trainer leaned over me, filling my field of vision. He smiled, cupping my face in his palm and rubbing a thumb over the hectic color decorating my cheeks to capture the betraying droplet of moisture. Quatre reached below me to retrieve my braid. He stroked it with admiring fingers.

"Your hair is lovely. We shall have to see how it appears when loosed."

No response was required so I offered none. If Quatre wanted see my hair unbound, then he surely would. I could only wait for the moment of that final loss of control over my person. The trainer draped the long coil over my chest, between my straining pectorals and along my clenched belly until the bushy end tickled at the top of the hair from which my torrid manhood rose in a most conspicuous fashion.

Finally, the small blond stood back to admire his creation. "Splendid!" he declared, clasping his hands before and taking a deep breath of satisfaction. He leaned over once more to place his lips on my damp brow. The affectionate gesture spread over my heart like a warm, comforting blanket. My tractability had pleased him greatly and I swore to continue in a like vein.

Quatre looked away towards the head table and indicated my readiness with a nod. My moment of truth had come at last. I prayed for both the strength and softness to endure.

Heero's voice filled the hall. "Lords and ladies of Calderash, this has been an eventful year, indeed. It began with the passing of my most esteemed father, which forced me to assume his role as baron, a task for which I had been trained since infancy. Still, no amount of preparation can truly suffice when such responsibility is suddenly thrust upon you and I have had to struggle to succeed in my new position.

"It has been a trying time for the baronetcy. An unprecedented drought has crippled our agriculture and threatened the citizens of Calderash to a degree none could predict. While dealing with this misery, the Kingdom of Slaburry, long our rivals in power and influence in this corner of the world, prompted by the conflict between my late father and King Trent, decided to restrict all trade between us during the time of our greatest need. And in addition to this grief, the bandits and marauders allowed to run rampant in Furuiki under the control of my father's now deceased captain of the guard tried to take advantage of the infancy of my reign to increase their attacks on those traversing the forest.

"But now, a new day has dawned. Giving the proper credit to my dear friend Lord Zechs, relations with Slaburry have been restored and trade will resume, bring much needed relief to our anguished citizenry. Also, thanks to my new and regrettably absent captain of the guard, Chang Wufei, the misbegotten denizens of Furuiki retreat in fear from his watchful eye and sure sword.

"Therefore, as *my* reward for *their* hard work," he paused until the ripple of hilarity had passed, "I have continued the traditions of my ancestors. I have found myself a pleasure slave, incomparable in beauty and unmatched in grace. I ask you, my loyal subjects, my friends, to partake of my good fortune and to acquaint yourself with my new pet, Duo. Just remember, you may look but do not touch ... or at least, not too much."

No other words were needed. The throng arose and pressed forward, Quatre the only bar between the masses and my vulnerable person.

"One at a time, please," he ordered, stationing himself by my head. I could see him from the corner of my eye and was utterly grateful for his calming presence as Heero had apparently remained in his distant seat. I closed my eyes, mentally preparing for the coming ordeal. Perhaps I could imagine myself away from this place, safe on the shore of the small pond near my home, watching the sunlight play on the water and in Hilde's midnight tresses.

"Duo, your admirers must not be deprived of the experience of seeing your magnificent eyes. Do open them."

With that kind plea, Quatre destroyed all of my remaining illusions. Nothing, not even my memories, were available to comfort me. All belonged to my baron, my Heero. There was nowhere and no way to hide. I opened my eyes, blinking away the lingering tears of resistance. My trainer nodded in approval and allowed the first noble to approach.

My stubborn mind still attempted an escape and I felt the first few pairs of hands threw an incredulous haze, mired in a sense of unreality. But Quatre perceived my defection.

"Duo, beautiful Duo. You simply can't imagine how perfect you are."

'Perfect'? Yes, that was it. That is what I was striving for. Perfection. Perfection in the eyes of the courtiers, perfection in the eyes of my handler. But, most importantly, perfection in the eyes of my master. Quatre knew this and he whispered appropriately in my ear.

"Heero is watching."

My baron was watching, judging my ability to perform and to delight, and I refused to disappoint. I would show him how much I desired his approbation, how eager I was to please. The feel of the plethora of well-kempt hands began to penetrate my senses. Like worshipful butterflies, their fingers brushed over my proffered skin. They flittered along my upraised arms and over my inner thighs. They plucked at the tuft of hair nestled in the pit of my arms and stroked the impressive length of my braid. They traced the lines of my flushed face and the sensitive swell of my rosy lips. They flicked the taut, clamped nubs of my nipples and probed the indentation of my navel. They measured the weight and roundness of my balls and the dimensions and firmness of my cinched arousal. They explored the smoothness of my buttocks and examined the texture of my exposed orifice.

Endless were the reverent hands. Faces young and old, beautiful and plain, past over me. The urge to close my eyes against their penetrating stares nearly overwhelmed me at first, but Quatre's admonishment and praise echoed in my ears. Bereft of the distraction of blindness, I began to question my situation. Perfect I might be, but how had I come to this pass, strapped to a chair, my body offered to idle nobles for their perverse pleasure?

When I had accepted Heero's offer, pledged my loyalty and obedience, it was for him and him alone. He was the man who had filled my thoughts for a year since our first, brief meeting. He was the one who made my body sing with a glance and tremble with a touch. It was him I craved, him I wanted. Only him!

Fury began to build within me, the pressure bearing down on my chest and stinging my eyes. Had I angered him? Had I caused some unknown disappointment? Why was I being thus degraded and defiled by these unknown courtiers? This was not why I had agreed to serve my baron! The sight of my naked flesh was for his sole amusement, not this faceless throng! The hands against my flesh caused a sudden swell of revulsion to pass through me. My hands clenched into fists and, for a brief moment, I tensed my arms, ready to struggle against my unwilling bondage.

But then, after the initial shock of my position had finally subsided, an anonymous hand brushing against the inner skin of my thigh caused a quite unexpected sensation. Pleasure, pure and unmistakable. My wayward body, completely contrary to my intentions, began to appreciate the feel of the caressing fingers. Though my mind cringed, my young, healthy, male flesh reacted in a predictable, vulgar manner to the sensual stimulation. My cock, it seemed, crave their adoring touches and stirred against my belly, straining to meet them.

One part of my mind railed at my weakness, taunting me with visions of the shocked and disappointed expressions that would twist the faces of my parents if they were witnessing my debasement. 'This can't be our son,' my father would say as my mother cried tears of shame. 'We raised our son to honor the name of his family, not to act as a common whore!'

But the apology on my lips died as the other part of my mind showed me the subtle smile gracing the face of my baron as he witnessed my obedience; the expression I ached to see on his handsome visage. Why was I here? Because he had asked, no, ordered it. That was the reason and it was enough to force the tension from my clenched hands. For him I would proffer myself to these jaded nobles. For him, I would be docile. For him, I would suffer.

By the time the nobles I had already met came to me, the cockring was the only reason I retained what dignity remained to me. Yet and still, when the blond vision that was Lord Zechs filled my sight accompanied by the feel of his large hand taking hold of my manhood, I thought the small band of gold would surely fail. But, somehow I maintained myself. He smiled slightly, his expression one of anticipation, as though he was viewing some coveted thing that was soon to be his.

Confused at his puzzling confidence, I gasped as his hand tightened around me. Though I was ashamed at my unbidden reaction to his touch, I was unable to break my gaze from his. Then he had passed, and his hand was replaced by the more delicate but still authoritative press of his bride. Lady Noin smiled at me, a promise in her dark blue gaze. She obviously shared her groom's secrets but what they entailed remained a mystery to me. She moved on and Lady Sally stepped forward with a quirky turn to her lips and pulled on one of my nipple clamps, prompting a soft, helpless moan from my lips. Though the clamps no longer pained me, they lent an unprecedented sensitivity to the formerly meaningless nubs of flesh.

Blessedly, the doctor did not linger. She made way for Lady Une, who simply placed a hand on my flank. However, her eyes held a look that nearly stopped my breath. What dark plans filled her inscrutable mind awaited me in the future. For now, my flesh could only quiver under the weight of her commanding hand. She gazed at me for a brief eternity before nodding in apparent satisfaction. Grateful as I was to have secured her esteem, I exhaled in relief when she stepped away.

Finally, the girlish giggle of Relena filled my ears. The young noble had been friendly and open at our first meeting and I expected nothing more from her than a smile and perhaps a gentle stroke. However, I found my entire body clenching as a delicate finger prodded at the puckered, and hitherto unpenetrated, opening below my scrotum. My astonished eyes stretched wide and tried to find her soft face. She moved into my view and treated me to a gracious smile while moving her finger ever deeper. I tightened helplessly around the invading digit, my lips parting on a soundless gasp. Her smile turned into a pleased grin. Removing her finger, to my mixed disappointment and relief, she bent to press a kiss to my forehead.

At last, Relena moved on and the parade was over. Apparently, the courtiers had abandoned the chamber after viewing me for the dining hall was quiet when my master approached me at last. I looked up at him, searching desperately as always for a hint of admiration in his visage. He captured me with his eyes and hidden in the cold, blue depths I found that which I sought. A smile sprung unbidden to my lips and the sweet urge to weep stung my eyes. Taking hold of my face, much as Quatre had done before, my baron stroked a thumb over my cheek and smiled.

"Well done," he whispered. The large hall brightened as the bright rays of the full moon penetrated the candlelit dusk. "Take him to my chamber and wait for me," he ordered, his eyes never parting from mine. "I would witness his adjustment."

Quatre nodded and, with a final caress, Heero stepped away, depriving my sight once more. However, I heard his voice from somewhere over my head.

"Also, explain the rule."

His footsteps receded. I turned my gaze to my handler, awaiting elucidation and instruction. Quatre smiled brightly, the moonlight glinting off his shining head.

"Well, Duo, I must say you performed better than I could possibly have hoped." As he spoke he released the restraints. "My father has told me about how slaves often behave at their first presentation. Hysterical crying, begging, and even violent struggle are not unheard of. But you," he continued, helping me to my feet, "you were incredible."

My legs threatened to buckle, my body having mirrored the conflict in my mind, though I had apparently managed to conceal my struggle from my admirers. My muscles had remained tightly clenched throughout the ordeal and I felt as though I had put in an entire day's worth of work on my erstwhile farm. I leaned gratefully on Quatre's shoulder and he supported me until I regained control of my legs, then reached up to press a kiss against my lips.

"I am so proud of you." He stepped back, a perpetual grin gracing his boyishly handsome features, and took hold of my tether. "Now, let's get you to Heero's room. He's gone off to meet with Lord Zechs about the trade agreement with Slaburry so you have some time to rest. Follow me," he said as if the pull of the collar around my throat didn't remove all choice.

Quatre led me from the dining hall and through myriad corridors, chatting amicably as he regaled me with the history of the castle. Before long, I knew the origin of every tapestry and the length of service of every servant we passed. I realized that he was attempting to distract me from thinking about Heero's comment, but I desperately wanted to know what he'd meant by "adjustment". And just what was this rule I was supposed to learn?

Finally, after traversing so many halls I was utterly disoriented, and after enduring the curious petting of countless servants - again arousing the conflicting sensations of disgust and physical delight - Quatre halted before a pare of magnificent doors, carved with what I soon learned was the crest of the Yuy line. Two guards stood before the portal and open the massive wooden doors at my handler's request.

As the doors parted, I look into what was clearly a sitting room. These were the baron's private quarters and any eagerness I'd felt to view these chambers quickly fled. A roaring fire warming the room from a fireplace on the far wall crackled with what seemed to me an ominous portent. What further humiliations would I be forced to endure within these confines? What new trials would I be subjected to?

My blond trainer moved forward and my hesitation caused the chain to grow taut. He felt the resistance and looked over his shoulder, meeting my frightened gaze. He smiled kindly, but for once, the gesture failed to reassure me. I knew now from experience, although limited, that he could not protect me from what lie ahead. And what's more, he wouldn't want to.

I held his gaze for a moment longer before bowing my head in resignation. With leadened steps, I crossed the threshold of the baron's private domain.

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