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Artistic Touch
Part 2
by Heartfelt

Heero had to chuckle at himself when he started blushing as he walked into the gallery showroom. He hadn’t been there since Duo had painted him with that damned, blue-dyed butter. He still got hard just thinking about it though it had been months since the incident. Now, he’d come to surprise his lover up and take him to lunch, having finagled the afternoon off. He started to call out when the sound of voices prompted him to the back of the gallery. The murmurs resolved into words as he approached the speakers.

"Really? You think I can really get my own show?"

Duo’s eager question was met with a smooth laugh that Heero might have considered sexy. But something about the amused sound made his teeth and his hands clench in some emotion he couldn’t quite identify.

"Absolutely, my dear boy. I will do everything in my power to help you. Just leave yourself in my hands and all will be as you desire."

Heero rounded a free-standing pillar to find the back of one of said "hands" caressing Duo’s cheek. His eyes narrowed at the slight flush that rose to meet the gentle stroke and slid to the tall man who was looking at Duo with a look that was anything but innocent. Heero had never felt jealousy before, but now it slammed into him hard enough to take his breath away.

He knew that he was just seconds away from ripping the bastard’s hand from his elegant wrist and the emotion scared him. But, what frightened him even more was the fact that Duo hadn’t moved away. It never occurred to him that Duo might have been too startled at what was an unprecedented advance to react right away. Anger and fear coalesced, lodging in his throat. Heero cleared his throat, less to get the men’s attention than to be able to breathe, though he achieved that effect nonetheless.

Duo glanced quickly towards him, looking slightly relieved, and smiled brightly, easing the tightness that had started to grip Heero’s chest. It was relieved further when the braided man moved away from the tall, blonde man and bounded towards him with his characteristic puppyish energy.

"Heero! What are you doing here? I thought you had to work today? Did you get the day off?" He stemmed his own tide of questions as he greeted Heero with an enthusiastic press of lips. He ended the exchange, all too soon in Heero’s opinion, and turned to his companion. Heero glanced at him, noting the sharpness of his ice-blue gaze. His body tensed, recognizing the other man as an enemy even as the blonde eased his refined features into a smile when Duo looked at him.

"This is Zechs Merquise," the braided man introduced, "the owner of this gallery." Heero merely nodded, unable to bring himself to greet the man who he’d noticed had been eying Duo’s pert, denim-covered bottom.

"How do you do, Mr..."

"Yuy," Heero answered, hating the guy’s voice even more than before. Though impeccably polite, the undercurrent of a condescending sneer was unmistakable. Zechs glanced from Heero to Duo, a single eyebrow arched in understated disbelief. Heero, suddenly self-conscious of his faded t-shirt and jeans, resisted the urge to look down at his scuffed work boots. The tall owner pursed his lips and turned towards Duo, dismissing Heero from his notice.

"Duo," he purred, "I’m afraid I must cut our meeting short." He glanced down at the thin band of gold that encircled his wrist. "I have an appointment in a few minutes but, please, promise me that you’ll think about what I said." Zechs reached out and took hold of Duo’s hand, making the younger man blush, once more.

"I will," Duo promised, freeing his hand with a gentle but persistent tug. "Thanks again for meeting with me."

"Any time." The reply followed them from the gallery and it wasn’t until the glass door closed behind them that Heero felt the pressure ease in his chest.

He and Duo ended up at a small, outdoor, Italian café, enjoying the brisk, April air. He waited until they ordered before he found the courage to ask more about Zechs. He’d gotten as far as opening his mouth when Duo preempted him.

"So, Mr. Merquise came to my school to give a lecture about merging function and form in architecture designs and my professor showed him some of my work. He said that he was impressed and that I had a lot of talent and that he wanted to showcase my work at his gallery. I didn’t know that he owned Sanq. I’m friends with one of the ladies who works there and she would let me come in after hours to paint. Small world, isn’t it?"

Showcase Duo’s work, huh? Heero could think of several other things that Zechs was probably quite eager to see on display. But, he held his peace as Duo chattered on.

"So, he said that, if I could do another piece in a different medium, that he would definitely give me my very own show! Isn’t that great?!" Heero nodded in agreement and was taking a forkful of pasta when he noticed Duo staring at him in a way that left his jeans feeling distinctly tighter.

"What?" he asked, swallowing nervously.

"Heero, let me sculpt you." A much beloved, very mischievous smile grew on Duo’s lips when Heero just blinked at him.

"Sculpt me?" Heero asked. "You can do that too?" Duo nodded, his smile turning into a grin.

"Yep. I can sculpt anything from touch memory." Heero’s brow wrinkled in confusion at the unfamiliar term.

"Touch memory?" he asked. In response, Duo picked up the ashtray, shaped like a gondola, complete with gondolier, which was sitting on their table. He closed his eyes and began to fondle the ashtray with his long fingers, caressing every inch of the plastic object until Heero was forced to shift in his chair to relieve the sudden ache in his groin. After several interesting, but excruciating, minutes, Duo sat the ashtray back on the table and opened his eyes. He stopped a passing waitress with a waive of his hand.

"Excuse me, but may we take this with us as a souvenir?" The waitress, dazzled by Duo’s cheerful grin, agreed happily and Duo turned toward Heero with a sly quirk on his lips.

"Here," he said. "Take this and bring it with you to my place tomorrow night." Heero took the ashtray as he turned a puzzled look on his lover.

"You’ll see," Duo replied to the unspoken question.

So, the next night, Heero obediently dropped by Duo’s apartment, ashtray in hand. When the door opened, he was greeted by the sight of Duo, wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy cutoffs, holding a perfect replica of the ashtray and smirking at his astonished expression. Using nothing but the tactile memory of his subject, Duo had managed to recreate the ashtray down to the minutest detail. Heero was beyond impressed even as a niggling concern began to manifest in the back of his mind.

"So, that’s touch memory," he said. Duo nodded, saying nothing as he watched Heero with a steady, unfathomable gaze. Heero looked back at him, heat beginning to prickle over his skin as realization dawned.

"And, you want to sculpt me using your touch memory skill, right?" He groaned softly as Duo smiled brightly and nodded. The shorter man grabbed his hand and led him deeper into the room, Heero following behind as quickly as his rapidly hardening arousal allowed, his eyes drawn helplessly to the slim body and mouth-watering expanse of bare skin on display before him.

Duo’s apartment was a classic artist’s loft, rooms separated by convention rather than walls. In the space roughly midway between the living room and the bed, a space had been cleared. A tarp lying on the bare floor indicated where Heero was to stand.

"Off," Duo’s ordered, and Heero sighed as he dutifully began to strip. At least it was warmer in here than it had been in the warehouse of the art gallery. Of course, he’d been naked in Duo’s apartment plenty of times, but he hadn’t deliberately been in the role of a visual object for quite some time and he’d forgotten the disconcerting sensation of having Duo examine him with his artistic eye.

Resigning himself to the situation, he removed his last article of clothing, flinging his briefs to the side to land on the pile of his other discarded things. Sure enough, when he glanced back at Duo, the braided man was standing in, what Heero called, his "creative pose" – hip cocked, arms crossed with one hand supporting the opposite elbow, a finger tapping at his full lips, and his gaze focused on whatever image his brain was concocting. Finally, after leaving Heero to fidget for a few, exposed minutes, he nodded with a satisfied grunt.

Heero watched as Duo retrieved several items that had been lying on his bed and eyed them as they were presented to him. A hard hat, a hammer, and a tool belt. ‘Why am I not surprised?’ he mused silently, thinking irrevocably back to summer heat and straining steel girders. Duo hadn’t mentioned his fetish for construction gear in a long while but it was clear that he hadn’t abandoned his obsession.

"That’s it?" Heero asked. Duo nodded and raised an eyebrow, watching intently as the older man donned the hat and buckled the tool belt around his waist. Heero fiddled with the hammer as Duo spent a few more minutes in his creative pose. He felt incredibly vulnerable with only the few items covering his otherwise naked form. The tool belt, replete with a wrench, two screwdrivers – Phillips and a flathead, a flashlight, and a drill, hung heavy and low on the sides of his narrow hips. The pouches left him bare front and back, his buttocks and thickening cock gracefully framed by the stiff leather.

Duo finally stepped towards him, positioning his limbs until he stood with his legs spread comfortably, feet solidly planted. He held the hard hat in his left hand with his left arm apparently wiping his brow and his head bent slightly down and towards his left elbow. In his right hand, the hammer was clutched in his grasp, his right arm bent so that his hand was by his waist.

The other man stepped back and Heero stood silently, swearing that he could feel Duo’s critical gaze as it swept over him. The image of Duo fingering the ashtray came unbidden to his mind and a fine sheen of sweat broke out over his body as the ache in his groin steadily grew.

"Perfect," Duo mumbled after a few, long minutes. His bent head and arm obstructed his vision, so the sounds of Duo’s feet against the tarp were the only warning of his approach. Heero felt himself tense in anticipation as he felt the soft wisp of breath against his raised forearm.

"Just relax," Duo said quietly. Fingers flitted slowly over the hand clenched around the rim of the hard hat and the sensation traveled straight down Heero’s body into his turgid manhood. This was going to be bad, he acknowledged as Duo began a slow, soft, steady game of torture that had Heero ready to scream after only a few moments. The cords of tendons in his arm stood out in response to Duo’s touch and the intrepid artist traced every virile inch, tactilely gathering in all of the minute details of Heero’s skin.

Fingers swept across the small exposed strip of his forehead that was visible above his arm and then back over his head, combing gently through his thick hair and then down the back of his neck. Heero closed his eyes, reveling in the sensation as he gave himself over to Duo’s touch, which licked over his skin like little wisps of flame. Sensitive tips traced up the sides of his neck and up across his face, taking in the contours of his cheeks, his nose, and his mouth. When the seeking fingers moved down to his chin, a pair of lips covered his, causing him to gasp in surprise. He looked up at Duo from under his arm only to find the braided man’s eyes closed and his features set in deep concentration.

"Duo," he murmured, "what was that for?"

"Shhh," came the reply. "I’m working." The other man’s mobile lips continued to nibble across his mouth, now and then replaced by a softly stroking tongue. Heero felt his gut clench at the gentle tease and repeated his question against Duo’s lush flesh.

"But, I thought you were just going to touch me." He decided that he sure as Hell wasn’t going to be able to keep standing there if Duo continued to subject him to this subtle foreplay. Duo smiled and continued to run his hands down Heero’s collar bone without opening his eyes.

"Yes, but, touch can be done using more than just one’s hands. Let’s just say that I’m multi-tasking."

"Multi-tasking," Heero repeated in defeat as Duo continued to chart the shape of his lips with an intrepid tongue while clever hands ran down his right arm and up the underside of his left.

"God," he prayed quietly, hoping that he could hold on to his dignity until Duo was finished memorizing his pose. He didn’t remember the painting session being this difficult, but then, Duo had only been touching him with a paintbrush rather than his hands and his mouth. No doubt about it, this was infinitely more agonizing. But, it felt so good that not another thought of protest crossed his mind.

Wicked fingers continued their journey, now sweeping around to trace his shoulder blades and down his back and up over his flanks, causing his muscles to twitch and bunch in reaction. While the contours of his lower back and the firm flesh of his butt was being subjected to Duo’s mnemonic endeavor, the sensitive, twin pebbles on his chest were hardening under the tip of a carefully probing tongue.

Heero’s skin glistened under the loft’s track lighting as sweat began to run in rivulets down his body. He was so hot he was afraid that he’d combust right there in the middle of Duo’s floor. Unable to bear the sight of the other man’s beautiful, intent face any longer, Heero closed his eyes again, only to wish he hadn’t. In his mind’s eye, he could vividly see the bed sitting only a few feet away. As two palms, pressed flat, traveled down the backs of his legs and a wet tongue trekked across the muscled ridges of his stomach before flicking at his navel, the image of himself picking up the man kneeling before him and throwing him to the bed was so clear that he could almost feel Duo’s weight in his arms.

Firm strokes over his bare feet, tracing between his toes and then back up the front of his legs. Heero gripped the hammer in his hand so hard that the sturdy length of wood nearly cracked under the pressure. Intently focused on his task, Duo’s used his lips and tongue to capture the shape of Heero’s hip bones, leaving a moist trail in his wake. His chest heaving with the effort of holding his post and not fucking his lover senseless like he was dying to do, Heero shouted helplessly as his cock was suddenly engulfed in the hot cavern of Duo’s mouth.

"Duo, fuck!" he pleaded, stunned by the unexpected assault, his trembling legs threatening to give way beneath him. Unable to resist, opened his eyes and glanced down, groaning at the familiar but always incredible sight of his full, thick arousal disappearing completely between his lover’s lips. The only thing that allowed Heero to keep his composure and not lose it then and there was the look of concentration on Duo’s face. He was still intent on his task and Heero refused to ruin his project. Even if it killed him, and a few more minutes of this definitely would, he was determined to help the other man achieve his artistic goal.

But, noble thoughts aside, Heero knew that he was nearing the very limits of his endurance. His lips parted as he panted, his entire body shivering as his cock was abandoned briefly so that the other man’s mouth could take in the dual shapes of his seed-heavy sac.

"Duo," he whispered, "I..." He let the thought go unfinished. I want you, he’d wanted to say. I need you. But, surely the sentiment was obvious, expressed clearly in the sweat glistening on his skin, the trembling in his legs, the prodigious dimensions to which his tortured arousal had swelled.

Duo continued on, seemingly deaf to Heero’s moans, slowly learning the veins and ridges of his lover’s balls and cock, as though he hadn’t felt them a million times before. But this was different. This was work, not pleasure, and Duo took his art very seriously. He ran his hands up over the Heero’s chest, across his back, and down his sides until no inch of him had been left unexplored. All the while, Duo investigated the texture of the velvet flesh pulsing in his warm mouth. He flitted at the thick round head, probing the small, weeping hole that puckered the tip before tracing under the delineating ridge. At last, Duo took the entire length down his throat so that he could lick around the flared base. Once satisfied, he released the length of flesh and ran his tongue up and down and around until every bit of Heero’s cock had been subjected to his investigation.

It took Heero a few moments to realize that Duo had finished. He was so close to losing any remaining semblance of control that all he could do was hear the pulse of blood screaming in his ears and feel the heat pouring from his body. But, when he finally registered the lack of Duo’s touch, he opened his eyes to find his lover standing before him, smiling softly, his own eyes ablaze with need. Duo licked his lips, savoring the taste of the fluid from Heero’s dripping cock, and Heero just dropped his arms to his sides and stared at him with incoherent lust.

"Thanks," Duo said, drifting imperceptibly closer to the man staring at him silently. Heero didn’t bother to nod. He simply flung the hard hat and the hammer to the ground and grabbed Duo, the clatter and heavy, metallic thud not even registering in his ears. Burying his hands in the other man’s hair, he devoured Duo’s mouth, growling as his efforts were met with desperate response.

Strong arms wrapped around his neck; open mouths and eager tongues danced in a complex dance of desire. There was no shyness, no hesitation. Only the unabashed delight two long-time lovers can know.

Heero’s hands left his Duo’s hair and traveled swiftly down his back to delve beneath the waistband of the cutoffs. The younger man moaned in appreciation of Heero’s impatience, his own hands going to the buckle of the tool belt and, after releasing the catch, he flung the bundle away. Heero lifted Duo against him and their mutual groans of satisfactions as their arousals met drowned out the clamor of the tool belt as it landed and slid across the floor of the loft.

It was just like the vision he’d had as he’d been subjected to Duo’s creative zeal. Heero carried the shorter man to the bed and they fell upon it, hands frantic as they tried to touch every place at once. A purposeful motion from Heero rid Duo of his shorts and he was rewarded by a pair of long legs wrapping eagerly around his waist.

The spark was there, as always. Sometimes it simmered, sometimes it smoldered, and sometimes, like now, it raged out of control. Heero was lost, lost in the husky sound of his name on Duo’s lips, in the hands that reached for him, in the arms that held him so close that he couldn’t escape. Not that he wanted to. Leave Duo? Never! He loved everything about him. His spirit, his beauty, his zest for life. Even the most mundane aspects of existence took on the semblance of fascination when he was with Duo. Once again, as he feasted upon the other man’s smooth skin, the graceful curve of his neck, the sweet peak of his nipples, his soul cried out with joy.

At Duo’s urging, Heero flipped over until the younger man was on top, moving over his body as though he planned on charting Heero all over again. Every place Duo touched him, he burned. He lifted his head as soft lips caressed his throat with wet heat. A clever tongue laved at the hollow of his collar bone and Heero retaliated by tracing a blunt finger down the cleft of Duo’s ass. A breathy shout was his reward and he repeated the motion, wanting to draw out more delicious sounds.

"Heero, ah! Yeah. That’s it. Uh!" Duo drifted from words into inarticulate moans as the finger, slick with sweat, began to probe at his greedy opening. It was joined by another and Heero slowly pumped in and out of him, carefully stretching and preparing, until Duo’s entire body moved, riding the invading digits and begging for more.

Watching the ecstasy on Duo’s face, listening to his voice, breathing in the commingled scent of their arousal, Heero quickly abandoned all thoughts of restraint. He rolled them over until Duo was stretched out beneath him. He lifted the other man’s long legs until they rested high across his back and snapped his hips forward, his cock, made ready by Duo’s loving attention, sliding easily into his lover’s tight passage, drawing forth a pleasure-filled cry.

It was almost too much. Heero had been hovering on the razor’s edge of painful arousal since Duo had first begun his tactile exercise and the exquisite feel of the impossible heat now surrounding his tortured length nearly sent him over the edge. He buried his head in the crook of Duo’s neck, trying to maintain the sliver of control left to him even as his lover urged him on with grasping hands and shameless pleas.

"Heero! Fuck me! Oh, God, now!"

Loathe to disappoint, Heero answered the request by pounding into Duo, moving in and out of him with every throbbing inch, filling him again and again until they were both beyond reason. The air was filled with a note of desperation, like the night sky waiting to be split with a brilliant bolt of lightning. Heero opened his eyes, a jerk of his head flinging away the sweat that ran down his face, and looked down at his lover. Duo’s head was flung back, pressed into the covers, his full, pink lips parted around his ragged gasps. One hand was clenched into the fabric by his head and Heero reached out and entwined their fingers. His heart was aching with the desire to declare his feelings and he craved reassurance, needing to feel a connection with the other man beyond the joining of their bodies.

But, Duo didn’t return his gaze, too lost in the intense sensations. His body began to clench around Heero’s length as he approached his climax. The rhythmic pulse brought a moan to Heero’s lips and he was but a moment behind Duo as the braided man tumbled into a release so intense that he cried.

"Heero! I love you! I love you!"

Heero’s heart skipped a beat as his body clenched, his passion spilling into his lover’s welcoming depths. He collapsed, his strength gone from the force of his release and from his shock at Duo’s declaration.

Trying to catch his breath, Heero lifted his head with great effort, needing to ask Duo if he’d meant the words he’d shouted or whether they’d just been a meaningless expression of supreme satisfaction. He hated himself for even needing to ask, for the insecurity which, even after so long, continued to assail him. But he couldn’t deny the niggling doubt that for Duo, their relationship was a fleeting thing, that he held nothing for the younger man other than an intense attraction.

Tonight, with his own declaration waiting to spill from his lips, he’d felt a connection with Duo that went beyond anything they’d experienced before. The slightest reassurance was all he needed; just one hint from Duo that he’d spoken from his heart and not from a moment of lust.

Heero managed to raise himself onto his trembling arms, his question ready to be asked and his last fears longing to be laid to rest. But, Duo’s eyes were close, the even movement of his chest evidence that he was sound asleep. Heero looked at his lover for a moment before moving to the side and lowering himself to Duo’s side. For the rest of the night, he lay awake, listening to his lover’s soft breaths, his doubts unassuaged.

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