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Pairing: 1X2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, pwp
Rating: NC-17

by Heartfelt

Having just returned from a successful mission, Duo and Heero had assumed their usual positions in the small dorm room. Heero sat at the desk, meticulously typing up the mission report on his laptop while Duo lay on one of the room's twin beds, thinking of ways to distract Heero.

"Aww, come on, man," he griped, finally. "Can't you work on that report later? Mass destruction always gets me pumped. I want to go out. I want some action. I'm bored!"

Heero's eyebrow twitched at these last words, knowing how dangerous a bored Duo could be. However, Heero remained seated, doggedly working on his report, his eyes never leaving the phosphorescent screen.

Duo sighed loudly at his partner's lack of reaction. Not yet willing to admit defeat, he decided to try another tact. Ever since they had finally admitted their feelings and had become lovers, the Perfect Soldier had become the Perfect Horny Toad! Even Duo, the original Energizer bunny, was sometimes forced to fake a headache just to make Heero leave him alone.

Duo knew that his quiet partner couldn't get enough of him and decided to use this new found weapon in his never-ending 'war against the laptop.'

"That was some fun we had tonight, huh? Those guys never knew what hit them."

Focused on his report, Heero tried to tune out Duo's cheerful chatter.

"You know, you were something else. I mean, how many did you take out? It was at least twenty suits, all by your lonesome!"

Heero typed away, ignoring the sound of shifting sheets coming from behind him.

"In fact, seeing you dominate the field like that...well, you were totally hot!"

The suddenly husky tone of Duo's voice, combined with the rasping sound of a zipper being undone, made Heero blink. Though his eyes remained on the screen, his fingers paused above the keys as he tuned his ear to what was going on behind him.

"Yeah," Duo rasped, "you really turned me on. I think I got harder with every suit you sliced into. And now, watching you sit there, typing that report so diligently, your strong fingers pressing into the keys...uhhhh!"

Duo's sexy moan finally forced Heero to turn his head towards the bed. He rose slowly from his chair at he sight that met his eyes, every drop of blood in his body immediately rushing to parts south.

Duo had undone his braid and his hair lay spread out around him in a thick, chestnut curtain of silk. His black shirt was unbuttoned and fell to his sides, exposing a firmly muscled chest and sculpted abs. The sound of the zipper had indeed come from Duo's tight, black jeans and the amethyst-eyed pilot had reached a slender, long-finger hand inside the resultant opening and played earnestly with what he had discovered there. The other hand teased one hardened nipple, making sensuous lips part in a sigh before switching to the other.

Heero stood still for a moment, watching his lover pleasure himself. The knowledge that he was the cause of Duo's present state made a delicious shiver run through him.

Duo stroked his rapidly hardening cock as best as he could within the confines of his jeans, turned-on by the feel of Heero's eyes watching him as well as the images that his own words had conjured. He hadn't been exaggerating. Seeing Heero's battle prowess never failed to affect him. More than once, his distraction during fights had landed him in trouble. Duo was understandably reluctant to inform Heero that the reason he'd needed a quick rescue was because his mind had been filled with thoughts of Heero's naked ass rather than on the attacking mobile suits.

Heero watched Duo writhe and moan on the bed, enjoying the vision for a bit longer, before he could stand no more. Moving with his usual quickness, Heero leapt onto the narrow bed, straddling Duo's thighs. He grabbed a handful of heavy chestnut in one hand and reached inside the black jeans with the other to steal away Duo's toy. Duo gasped in pleasure as the feel of Heero's strong, callused hand replaced his own. His moans increased in volume before being cut off by a pair of firm lips.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth, their tongues dueling for dominance. Duo felt himself loosing the battle, however, as Heero continued to skillfully manipulate his turgid arousal. Heero broke away, desire darkening his eyes to the deepest blue. He licked Duo's lips, drawing a groan from his lover, before pressing his lips against the boy's ear.

"Is this why you dragged me away from my work?" Heero growled before rising up so he could see Duo's face.

Duo thought he could come just from the sound of Heero's deep voice. He mewled intelligibly, shaking his head. Heero quirked an eyebrow at the negative gesture.

"No? Why, did you want something else?"

Duo nodded, his chest heaving as Heero continued to stroke his aching cock mercilessly. Heero leaned back over so he could nibble on Duo's earlobe.

"What do you want, you little slut? You want me to fuck you?"

The harsh, sexy words, so out of character for the taciturn pilot, brought Duo to the brink.

"Yes! Ahhhh, please, fuck me!" he yelled.

Heero smirked. "Oh, I'll fuck you, alright. I'll fuck you until you scream. But first you have to do something for me."

Duo opened his eyes, his sweat-covered brow furrowed slightly in confusion. He met Heero's narrow-eyed gaze.

"W-what?" he stuttered.

"You know what," Heero replied in his deep monotone.

Duo knew perfectly well what Heero wanted and he licked his lips in anticipation. But he still needed to hear the words.

"No, I don't know. What do you want me to do to you?"

Heero's eyes lowered to Duo's lush mouth, his own breath quickening at what he was about to say.

"I want to wrap those beautiful lips of yours around my big, hard cock and suck on it for all you're worth."

Duo almost lost it right then but Heero suddenly released him and got up off of the bed. Without another word, he divested himself of his ubiquitous green tank-top and black, spandex shorts with lightening speed. Before Duo could catch his breath, Heero went to the chair he'd occupied a short time before and turned it so it faced the bed. He sat down and looked towards Duo, waiting for his request to be fulfilled.

Duo finally managed to regain his senses enough to sit up in the bed. He swung his legs over the side and turned his eyes towards his partner. A wave of dizzying need slammed into him at the sight of Heero sitting buck naked in the chair, waiting for him.

Deciding he could trust his decidedly shaky legs, Duo stood up, intending to quickly rid himself of his own clothing. Duo had the sides of his open shirt in his hands when Heero's voice forestalled him.

"Go slow," he murmured.

Duo smiled. If Heero wanted a show, he would get a show. Duo put his hands under the heavy fall of his hair and slowly lifted his arms. When he'd reached up as far as he could, he let the multitude of silky strands tumble from his hands and cascade down his back in a chestnut waterfall.

Smiling at the sound of Heero's suddenly ragged breathing, Duo ran his hands down his chest, caressing himself. He lingered at his nipples, biting his lower lip and throwing Heero a naughty glance. Heero had lowered his head slightly and stared at Duo with the look of utter concentration he usually reserved for battle. Heero slowly stroked himself with one hand and Duo felt his own temperature rise a few impossible degrees.

Duo took a moment to allow his shirt to fall from his arms before letting his hands continue their journey down his torso until they rest against the top of his jeans. Hooking his thumbs under the waistband, Duo pushed the stiff material past his narrow hips, revealing a pair of tiny, bright-red thong briefs. Heero growled low in his throat at the surprising underwear.

Duo threw his hair forward over his shoulder with an expert twist of his head. He turned around and continued to remove his jeans, bending over from the waist as he moved them down his long, slender legs. He pushed the jeans over his feet and ran his hands up the back of his legs and over his nearly bare butt as he slowly unfolded himself and stood up.

Turning around to face Heero once more, Duo again ran one hand down his front, stopping this time to fondle the bulge stretching the front of his bright red undies. He watched the seated boy from beneath his long lashes.

Heero took a moment to find his voice. He'd greatly appreciated Duo's wonderful performance but the time for show and tell had passed.

"Come here," Heero rumbled low in his chest.

Duo shivered at the feeling Heero's voice never failed to stir. Obeying the quiet command, he moved closer to the chair. He stopped only when he stood between Heero's legs.

"Turn around."

Again Duo obeyed, wondering with anticipation what was in store for him. He felt Heero's hands move deliberately up the back of his legs and over his tight behind. They took hold of the waistband of the thong.

"Bend over," Heero ordered.

Duo complied and felt the soft material being lowered. Heero let them fall around Duo's feet. Duo moved to step out of them but before he could his back arched sharply and his head lifted on a strangled cry at the feel of Heero's tongue against his puckered opening.

Duo's mouth fell open as he tried in vain to draw breath. Heero made love to him with his tongue and Duo thought he would die right there. He screamed and moaned and pleaded with Heero but the blue-eyed pilot showed no mercy. Instead, he reached between Duo's spread legs and pumped his turgid arousal while continuing his devastating activity. Duo felt himself losing it and his knees threatened to buckle.

"Koi! Please, oh shit, ahhhh..."

Duo released his passion into Heero's seeking hand, his head thrown back in a wordless scream. When every drop had been milked from him, he fell to his knees. Heero placed a strong hand on Duo's shoulder and pulled the heaving boy back until Duo rested against Heero's legs. Heero leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Duo's forehead.

"Did you like that," he whispered.

Unable to respond verbally, Duo nodded. He struggled to pull himself back from the place where Heero's surprising act had sent him.

"Good," Heero continued. "Now it's your turn."

Heero watched Duo take a few more deep breaths before raising up onto his knees. Settling back into his chair, Heero watched Duo turn around to face him. The longhaired pilot's beautiful face was flushed and his sensuous lips were parted in excited eagerness. Never releasing Heero's gaze, Duo gradually lowered himself until his lips were mere inches from Heero's raging cock.

Heero bit back a moan at the feel of Duo's warm breath blowing over his heated flesh but when a nimble tongue darted out to taste him, Heero exclaimed in helpless pleasure. Duo ran his pliant tongue up and down Heero's shaft, humming to himself as if he were enjoying a delicious treat.

Heero groaned as Duo nibbled on him. Duo took his time, sucking on the soft hardness beneath his lips, torturing his lover with wicked delight. Heero felt the ability for rational though leave him when Duo suddenly poked his questing tongue into the small opening at the tip of Heero's shaft. Heero grabbed the arms of the chair in an iron grip, unwilling to hurt his lover by digging his hand into that wealth of hair.

Heero's efforts to control his breathing failed completely when Duo took a brief detour and turned his attention to Heero's balls. 'Wouldn't want them to feel neglected,' Duo thought with a chuckle. Heero's hips bucked in the chair and his head fell back. He quickly lifted his head, however, unwilling to miss one moment of the incredible vision Duo made sucking on him. Duo's cheeks were poofed out like a chipmunk's as he tried to take all of Heero at once.

Duo reveled in Heero's helpless growls for a moment before deciding to go for the kill. He release the twin sacs from his mouth and returned to the proud shaft standing before him. He touched the tip of his tongue to Heero's cock, meeting his lover's eyes with his own wicked, amethyst gaze. Then, without warning, he leaned over and took every inch of Heero's impressive length deep into his mouth.

Heero shouted as Duo began to suck as he'd been commanded. "Yeah! That's it, just like that. Take it down your fucking throat!"

Duo decided to multi-task and save a bit of time by preparing himself while swallowing Heero's cock. He reached down to his own dripping arousal and coated his fingers with the moisture he found there. Then he reached around and plunged first two and then three fingers into his hot entrance, stretching himself for what was to come.

Heero clenched his teeth and growled in his throat as he watched Duo fuck himself with his own fingers. He felt himself stepping ever closer to the edge but didn't want to come until he was buried deep inside his partner's lithe, little body.

"Now," he said in a strangled voice. "Come here."

Duo lifted his head at Heero's words and at the feeling of Heero's hand in his hair. Their eyes met, a silent agreement made to move on to the next step. Duo rose to his feet and looked down at Heero, waiting for his next order. Heero didn't disappoint.

"Turn around and place your legs over the arms of the chair."

Duo complied and paused only after he was straddling the arms of the chair, using his own arms to suspend himself over Heero's hard cock. Heero placed his hands on Duo's hips and pushed the boy down until he was poised at Duo's entrance.


Duo nodded and lowered himself, impaling himself on Heero's rigid manhood. The erotic sensation smothered Duo's mind in a cloud of thoughtless pleasure.

"Fuck!" he screamed, unable to form any other words.

Heero closed his eyes as Duo's tight sheath surrounded him. He leaned forward to rest his head against Duo's back in an increasingly futile effort to control himself. Duo shook his head, sending his hair flying around him. Millions of strands brushed against Heero's overheated skin, as if intending to drive him utterly insane.

Duo raised and lowered himself, fucking himself with Heero's cock like it was his own personal dildo. Each thrust went deeper and Duo shouted when Heero finally hit against his prostate. Duo's eyes crossed and his head fell forward. His only thought was 'more'!

Heero held onto Duo's hips, meeting the frantic movements with thrusts of his own. Eventually, they found a rhythm, every one of Duo's lunges met with a strong push from below. Duo raised himself until Heero was nearly unsheathed and then drove downward until his butt met Heero's thighs.

Heero knew he was close and reached around to grab Duo's dripping cock, determine to drag his partner with him into oblivion. Duo shouted as Heero began to pump him with long, hard strokes. He felt a wave of heat building up in him, rising higher and higher, until it burst over him in a flood.

"Ahhhh, uhhhh, yeeesssss, fuck!" Duo emptied himself for the second time into Heero's waiting hand.

Duo's husky shouts combined with the feeling over Duo's tight body pulsing around him pushed Heero over the edge. With a wordless shout, he emptied himself into Duo's hot sheath.

Duo's arms gave out and he collapsed against his lover, his legs still spread wantonly over the arms of the chair. The two young men sat there for a moment, Heero's arms wrapped protectively around Duo's waist. He pressed a kiss to the boy's heaving shoulder, prompting a sated smile from the amethyst-eyed pilot.

"And cut! That was incredible, you guys. That's a wrap. Cecelia, get them some clothes, please."

Duo lifted his head and swung his legs down to the floor. He stood and smiled at the young woman who brought robes for Heero and himself.

"Thanks," he said cheerily putting on his robe.

Heero glared up at his partner before standing to dress himself. "I still can't believe I let you talk me into this. It had better be worth it."

Duo shook his head, a smirk on his lips. "Oh, ye of little faith! It will be. Trust me!"

Just then, a short, balding man came over to them. "Guys, that was great! I know you said you'd only do this one scene but I really wish you'd reconsidered." Met only with a smirk and a glare, the man sighed.

"Okay, I had to try. Anyway, here is your money. Two thousand for each of you. And don't forget, you each get five percent of each video that sells. Just leave your contact information with my assistant."

The man smiled at the handsome young men again before moving away. Duo turned to Heero with a bright grin.

"See, what did I tell you! That's four thousand dollars with more to come. And I bet you that the main buyers of this little video will be OZ officers. Wouldn't they just die if they knew that their own perverseness is going to finance our war against them. Since we were careful not to use our names or say anything incriminating, they'll never know that we're really Gundam pilots."

Heero sighed but nodded in agreement. "I know, Duo. That's the only reason I agreed to do this porno video with you." Heero looked around and glared. "Let's get out of here. Some of these guys are looking at us funny."

Duo laughed and shook his head at Heero's charming naiveté. Who else could just finish making a porno movie and then get nervous about being stared at.

"Yeah, let's go. Oh, and by the way, Heero. I made sure to get a copy of the tape so we could watch it ourselves."

Duo turned away, his still loose hair swinging saucily against his back. Heero smiled slightly as he moved after his partner, eager to watch, and reenact, the scene himself.


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