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This is a sequel to Teenage Dirtbag
Pairing: 1+2+1/1x2x1
Warnings: Heero P.O.V., AU, citrusy, OOC?, sap, language, drug abuse (kidstuff), possibly some angst. Heero insisted (with death-threats and letter bombs) on a lem-o-licious sequel to 'Teenage Dirtbag' and he wanted it in his POV. This is for all the fans.

Authors Notes: Thanks to Anria for beta-ing this part! *smooch*

Summary: Five years later, Heero comes looking for Duo wanting more than his friendship.

Teenage Dirtbag Sequel
Chapter 2
by Granate

I pay our bill and he takes me to his apartment. It's dark out now, the night is a little chilly.

"Don't you think it's funny that we're sitting around reminiscing about high school?" he laughs as we walk, "I hated high school!!"

"So did I," I chuckle, "but I guess we got a few good memories out of it."

He smiles at me. "You know, it's really good to hear you say that, Heero," he says.

We talk more about how much we hated high school. Suddenly, he stumbles a little on the sidewalk and grabs my arm reflexively. But he doesn't let go. I feel my heart jumping around again. He just acts like it's completely natural, laughing and talking still. I want to throw my arm around him, but I don't. God, this is something I want so bad, I'm so worried I'm going to fuck it up. I mean, I could be taking these things totally the wrong way. Or, he may mean them the way I want him to mean them, then I'd be fucking it up by not reciprocating enough. Ugh, and I always over-analyze like this when I get nervous!

We lean into each other and keep walking. We arrive at his apartment all too soon, as far as I'm concerned. He breaks away from me to unlock the door and I follow him into the elevator. He lives on the fourth floor. It's a decent place, kind of small. There are thick metal pipes running along the ceiling which give it a raw, industrial feel but the decoration is relaxed and comfortable, very Duo. The counters and tables are a little cluttered, just like I remember his bedroom. Scattered papers, mechanic magazines, CDs, remote controls, books, computer parts in the kitchen. I recall his slight A.D.D. The apartment also has a bit of a dark twinge to it, and he still wears a lot of black from what I can see. But it's clean, there's no dirty dishes or big messes.

"Uh, sorry the place is such a mess! Heh, you know how I am!" he laughs embarrassedly.

"It's nice, and it's not that messy," I say earnestly. I feel at home here at once. "I like the black and white photographs," I say, dropping my bag by the metal coat tree before I wander around the living room. The photos are close-ups of interesting shapes, like the spiral of a shell, the spokes of a hubcap, ripples in water, the pistons in an engine, the copper on a computer chip, the star-shape of an apple cut horizontally, things like that. They all have matching black frames.

"Thanks, they were a project for a photography course in college. Want anything to drink?" he asks as he goes into the tiny kitchen. I follow him.

"Hmmmm, water? Pop? Beer? I've got a bottle of wine in here somewhere…"

I round the corner to see his ass sticking out from behind the refrigerator door. I can't seem to take my eyes off it. He straightens up and looks at me over the door.

"Well?" he asks. I try to concentrate. I forgot the question. He lifts an eyebrow at me. "How about some wine? You like red I bet," he says and grabs a bottle out of the cupboard. "Glasses are in the cupboard over the sink," he says, opening the bottle. Good, something to do to get my mind off his perfect ass.

I set two glasses on the table and he pours. He doesn't say anything, but moves to the living room. I follow. Before we can sit down, the phone rings.

"Just a sec," he says to me, gesturing for me to sit down but I wander over to his aquarium and check out his fish instead.

"Hello?" he answers the phone. "Oh, hey man, can we tall later?… Sounds like fun, but I've got company." He laughs heartily and wanders into the kitchen. "No, no! No, an old friend came into town to see me ... Yes, seriously. I told you, I'm not seeing her anymore. … No! So, yeah, go ahead and ask her out … Oh, please, she wasn't THAT broken up about it! Uh-huh … ok, well, I gotta go – Flower? Jesus, I don't know, we weren't even dating for that long – No, too cliché. Go for some kind of Lily … Yes, the ones with the big petals! Christ! …Ed! Edward! I have to go ok? YES… Ok, yeah, good luck with that! Right. Bye."

So, he isn't seeing anyone. Good news for me. He apologizes and flips the ringer off before setting his phone on the kitchen counter. He kicks his shoes and socks off and sprawls out on the couch. I join him and we talk more. God, I never thought I'd have so much to talk about with anyone. I'm not a good conversationalist, and don't usually even care to talk much to anybody. It's easy with him, though, he talks enough for both of us. It seems natural. I even like watching him talk. He's so animated, and I love the way his eyes squint when he laughs. We play this little game of moving around on the couch, slowly getting closer to each other. We both play strategically. Move a leg. Next an arm. Then shift your seat. Shift weight. Prop a knee up. It's silly, really, but it's thrilling at the same time. Finally, we are very close, our knees and shoulders are touching and I sort of get an arm around him by resting it on the back of the couch.

The bottle is gone soon, but that's not enough to get either of us even buzzed. That's good because I don't want to do anything stupid. The talk gets a little more serious, the job comes up again. I tell him more specifics. He's still worried he won't be capable enough. I reassure him again. It's quiet for a minute. His countenance changes slightly. I can tell he's about to change the subject.

"So, you want my brain, huh?" he asks slyly. Some question! Shit, I want all of him. He's brought me from questioning my sexuality to definitely bi in four hours!

"Yes," I answer unsteadily.

He pauses, and then asks, "Is there anything else you want?" His cobalt eyes catch mine directly.

I just blink back at him. Is he asking me what I think he's asking me? "Well, I, uh, I, um, whatdoyoumean?" I stammer.

He looks down at a cushion on the couch. "I just mean… Well, I just wanted to know if the job was all you came here about…" he says, picking at the fabric.

I freeze. As much as I'd like to answer his question, I can't. I just kind of clam up. I think he takes my silence the wrong way. He picks more at the couch and gets sheepish and quiet.

"Cause I'd like more than that, Heero, and if that's not a possibility, it's ok, I just want you to be honest with me right away. 'Cause, you know, seeing you again after five years… I guess I'm feeling something and I don't wanna be wrong."

That's when I kiss him. Maybe I am moving a little fast, but he had the guts to tell me how he feels, right? I lean over and take his mouth as he's still talking. I close my eyes so I can't see his reaction, I just want to feel it. His lips stop talking immediately and he kisses me back with vigor. He's very strong, certainly not submissive or passive. Good. I move closer, and I feel his lips tightening into a smile as we keep kissing. I feel his fingers in my hair and stroking the back of my neck. I wrap him tightly in my arms and I actually moan out loud when I feel his tongue slide expertly into my mouth.

Our tongues meet and test each other, battling for dominance. It's thrilling. The kiss heats up fast, it's like we just can't get enough. He sits up, trying to get the upper hand. He leans over me, sort of pushing me onto the arm of the couch, but my tongue manages to subdue his anyway. I pull his body closer onto me and push my tongue into his mouth to explore. I can hardly believe this shared passion. I never would have dreamed we'd be kissing on the first day together in five years! Perhaps it's a mistake.

I pull away slightly for air. "Duo, do you think we should be moving a little slower?" I say, trying to control my breathing.

He is kissing my face, his lashes meet his cheeks, but his eyes aren't closed all the way. "Do you? Because I think this is a fine pace…" he murmurs against my skin.

I move back so that his lips are on mine again, and murmur, "No, this is fine with me." He discovers new fervor and I greet his tongue again. I couldn't be happier about that, let me tell you. I slip my fingers under his charcoal colored tee shirt. I can't help myself, suddenly I want to see him naked so badly.

"Mmmmm," he groans as if his thoughts are along the same lines. I feel his stomach muscles quiver. Encouraged, my fingers get bolder and move up farther. His lips kiss from my mouth to my jaw, and onto my neck.

"And this is a better pace," he breathes heavily into my ear. The passion in his voice goes straight to my crotch, and the feeling only gets better when he shifts and leans his pelvis heavily onto mine. I grunt softly and trace his pectoral muscles with my fingers. He stops kissing me to moan against my lips. I explore more of his skin, rolling a nipple under my thumb. This elicits another moan from him, and I can't take my eyes off his face. His eyes are closed, lids flickering, and his mouth is slack. I pinch them, gently at first and then a little harder. He repositions his hips so I can feel his erection against mine, and I see a flicker of pleasure cross his face too. His head falls to my shoulder and he rocks his hips against mine very slightly, rubbing us against each other.

"Heero," his breathless voice is muffled in my neck, "Would you like to move to the bedroom?"

"Yeah," I swallow. The fact that he's inviting me to fool around with him hits me like a freight train and for a minute, I don't think I can stand up. He gets up, though. He stands up and pulls his shirt over his head. He lets me see just how well muscled he's become before turning around and heading for his bedroom. He's incredibly sexy like this, bare-foot and wearing only black pants that are a bit tighter than the current style. His braid dangles down his bare back like an arrow pointing to his ass. I get up and all but scramble after him.

In his room, he's turning on a light over the dresser, which excites me greatly. He wants to see me, and he wants me to see him. I quickly rid myself of shoes and socks and find him lying on his back, hands behind his head, waiting for me with a lusty look. He wants me to play with him, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I stalk him, crawling over the bed on my hands and knees to straddle his hips. He laughs at me and I feel his stomach move under my palms.

"You're like some big cat predator or something!" he laughs at my expression.

"Mmmm…" I agree, leaning down to nibble on his chest, "and I'm hungry…" He makes pleased noises as I kiss and suck on his skin and smooth my hands lightly down his sides. His body is so new to me, so hard and male. I want to touch him everywhere and learn all the unique grooves and planes. I've never been a very sensual person – he's bringing this out in me, something I never knew I could be. I don't analyze it, I just go with it. My lips move up his neck, tasting him before I take his mouth again. His hands rub up and down my thighs and find the hem of my shirt.

"Hey, hey, what's this?" he asks with mock anger, breaking our kiss. "Off," he commands, tugging at my shirt. I take the hem in my fingers and pull up slowly, stretching upward, trying to tantalize him. I think I'm a bumbling idiot and would make a terribly boring stripper, but he seems to enjoy it.

"Un-be-lieve-able" he breathes, slowly tracing his fingers up the ridges of my stomach. God, I love the way his hands feel. "When we were younger, I just thought I was envious of you," he says, "You know, being so good-looking and built and having the girl I wanted and all. But later, I realized I had been very attracted to you. You were my first male crush." The honesty in his humongous blue eyes holds mine, and I don't really know what to say to that.

"You had a crush on me and Relena? Oh that's kinky!" I say, bending down to kiss his neck again.

"Oh, shut up!" he laughs. "When did you become such a joker?!"

I just shrug and move my lips to one tempting nipple.

"I mean, I don't know why it wasn't obvious to me at the oohhhhh time. I was probably just in aahhhh denial or something. Yeah, I should have known! Mmmmm… You see, I used to have these dreams – "

"Duo, stop talking," I say. I want his mind only on what I'm doing to him.

"But you'll want to hear this!" he insists.

"Later," I tell him, kissing his lips to give them something else to do. He kisses me back with the intensity I've already come to like so much from him. He wraps his arms around me and pulls my chest against his, skin to skin. He must be able to feel how hard I am because he rubs up into me very deliberately. Feeling his large hardness rubbing against me sends a lightning bolt of desire through me. I am almost shocked at my yearning for him. I've never even kissed another man before today but just four hours with him and I want his cock so badly. I want to see it; I want to feel its heat in my hands.

Still kissing him starvedly, I shift and reposition myself between his legs. He spreads them willingly for me and I fumble momentarily with the buttons on his pants. I'm usually very deft, but what's inside is driving me out of my mind with lust. I finally get in and break the kiss so I can see his reaction as I take his length firmly in my hand. He arches slightly off the bed and groans with abandon. Just when I thought I couldn't get any harder, jesus christ, I'm about to come in my pants. I sit up again and roughly pull his fly away, trying to get a glimpse of it.

"You can take 'em off…" he offers in a hoarse whisper. I have to remind myself to be gentle as I yank the pants down his hips, leaving just his thin, black boxers. "Those too. All the way," he pleads. I try to calm my racing heart as I pull his pants all the way off and throw them to the floor. I force myself to be careful as I pull his shorts off too.

When I get back to him, he's completely naked and so beautiful I really might come in my pants. His shaft is long and thick and the well-shaped head looks wet with precum. I reverently wrap my fingers under the head and swirl my thumb on the moist tip. He gasps sharply and thrusts into my hand. He is even sexier than I could have imagined, his face and chest flushing slightly. It kind of blows my mind that this is Duo. This is Duo in my hands. This is that jumpy blabbermouth kid with the weird eyes, now grown up and self-assured. This is the person I just couldn't forget.

I slide my fist down his length until it touches the dark, curling hair at the base. I let go and search out his large, firm sac. He moans my name as I massage it in my hand. His eyes are squeezed tightly shut and he grips the bed sheets. There is no doubt in my mind now that I find his body powerfully arousing. He isn't holding anything back, he's completely open to me. I feel like he is offering me something so precious, so beautiful when he allows me to touch him like this, even see him this way. I start to pump his erection, but he props up on an elbow and stops my hand.

"Wait," he pants, "I want to see you." He wiggles out of my grasp and before I know what's going on, he's pushed me onto my back, my head at the foot of his double bed. He's buck naked and so tempting, but he swipes my hand away when I reach for it. He gives me a devious grin. "It's my turn," he says.

He rubs the tip of his cock on my stomach, making my muscles flex and quiver. I cry out in a soft grunt as he drags it over the front of my jeans. I thrust up, but his hand pushes me back down.

He bends down and uses his teeth to undo my fly, and I feel myself start to lose control. "Oh god, Duo!" I pant in frustration. "I'm so close!"

"You have better control than that. I can tell," he assures me. He seems to have complete faith in me.

"I don't know about that," I say wearily as he pulls my jeans off. He's thrown my self-control out of whack completely.

"Shit!" he swears as he removes my underwear. "I could tell you were big, but Christ!"

"I'm sorry, Duo, you don't have to – " I stammer apologetically. The last thing I want to do is scare him off.

"Don't be sorry!" he laughs. "You're fucking hot. Nothing wrong with that." He smiles at me, his eyes sparkling as he wraps his hand around me. He strokes me smoothly and leans down to kiss me. Neither of us can really concentrate on kissing, and I feel his erection digging and thrusting against my hip. He doesn't try to stop me this time when I reach for it and start pumping it roughly. He calls my name and thrusts in time with my hand. He speeds his hand up to match mine. I would like to do more with him, but I'm so close already, I know I won't make it.

"Oh god Heero!" he groans. "I can't take much more, I've wanted you for too fucking long!"

"Then do it," I say hoarsely. "Let go, Duo." He thrusts harder into my hand, I can barely keep up with him. He gives a shout and floods my hand. He pumps me mercilessly as he comes and I fly over the edge, arching my body up against him as I call out.

He rests his head on my chest and we both try to slow our breathing. I don't want to let go of him, even when he starts to soften. After a moment, he sits up again and removes my hand, laughing. He reaches for a corner of the sheet I kicked away. Grinning, he wipes me off and then himself.

"Man, I haven't done something like that in a while! It's like I'm fifteen again or something!" he laughs.

I smile. It is pretty funny, two grown men of nearly 24 who can't make it past heavy petting because they're so horny for each other. "Yeah," I agree, "back to high school. Hmm, maybe we're making up for what we should have done…" I pull him down next to me and nuzzle his neck. I like the way he smells.

He laughs at me and stretches out on his back. "You know," he says thoughtfully, "I don't think I would have turned you down. Oh! I was going to tell you about the dreams I kept having! "

Talking again already, I sigh to myself with a smile. I prop my head up on my hand and listen attentively.

"Ok, remember when we first met, in detention? You were totally stoned, I don't know if you recall, but you tormented me relentlessly about Relena!" he starts.

"Yeah, I remember," I say with a cruel smile. I was relentless

"You were a real asshole!" he laughs and punches me in the shoulder pretty hard. "I've always wanted to do that!"

"Ow!" I say reflexively. It kind of hurt! "You better make that up to me later!" I tell him.

"Promise," he grins. "Anyway, that night, I had a dream that I was making out with Relena, which was usually a very nice dream, but you walked in on us. Luckily, I woke up before you kicked my ass. Ok, after that, you started pushing me around in the hallways, remember?"

I roll onto my back and sigh. "Yeah, I remember," I say, "I only did it 'cause I wanted to touch you."

"What?" he asks incredulously.

"Yeah, I didn't understand why at the time, but I had this urge to do it whenever I saw you, and then it was so much fun watching you squirm I started seeking you out."

"Asshole!" he laughs. "Anyway, after that, the dreams got worse and more frequent. I would dream that I was making out with Relena, and then you would interrupt us. The next night, the dream would start over, and you would grab me off the bed. The next time I dreamed it, it would start from the beginning again and you would drag me off the bed and throw me against the wall. In the next dream, you threw me against the wall and leaned in like you were going to rip my head off, but then you would kiss me! I woke up like 'What the fuck?!?' I didn't know what to make of it, but it kept happening! You and me, lip-locked in a kiss hotter and wetter than anything I'd experienced in real life! I guess I just thought it was some twisted, perverted way my subconscious was handling the situation."

He puts an exploratory hand on my stomach. "We never got beyond kissing, though," he chuckles.

"Oh, I get it," I say grabbing his hand. I kiss his palm and up the inside of his arm, "Is that why you invited me over?" My lips reach his shoulder, and I pull him across me.

He laughs and leans on my chest. He gets quiet and secretive. "No, no not really…" he says, trying to hide a smile. "I mean, I guess I was sort of hoping, but I was more prepared to spend a sleepless night in here knowing you were out there on my couch!"

I pull him down and kiss him warmly. "We came pretty close to that," I remind him. "I'm glad you said something, because I didn't have the guts."

He smiles. "I had to," he answers. "I knew it would make a difference, you know, about the job," he finishes unsteadily. I don't push the issue and his grin returns, "But I certainly wasn't expecting the kind of answer you gave me!" He kisses me quickly.

"Are you sure you're not harboring any more resentment or anything?" I ask dubiously, rubbing my shoulder.

"Oh no, got it all out with that punch!" he jokes. "Seriously, Heero, if I were mad at you, would I have even invited you over? I was never mad at you."

I feel another smile creep onto my face. I knew it. He understood me all along. I was right about him.

He sits up again suddenly, like a dog that hears a sound no one else can hear. "Hey, are you hungry? I'm starving!" he says. "Want some dessert or something? Oh my god, it's only 9:30!" he laughs, glancing at the clock. He gets up and starts putting his clothes on.

Damn it, I swear to myself. Honestly, I'd rather stay here and have the main course, I know I'm ready again, but I get up and put my clothes on too.

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