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Pairings: 1+2/1x2, 3x4, 5xS
Warnings: yaoi, suggestive, kinky, very fun.
Spoilers: post-war, so... maybe?

Dedicated to Anria! Nominated for the Shiai Yaoi Fanfiction Contest! Thanks Ruby Moon!

Summary: Duo receives a very entertaining present for his 22nd birthday.

by Granate

AC 202. A Friday night. Heero buttoned a claret red shirt over his under shirt and tucked it into charcoal wool pants. He would not have chosen red himself, Duo had given it to him for Christmas two years ago because he said Heero needed to wear more than just blue and green. Heero liked wearing it because it did look nice, but mostly because Duo had given it to him. He had made sure to wear it tonight because it was Duo's 22nd birthday party.

Now, everyone knew Duo didn't actually know when his birthday was, but he had chosen this day to celebrate. And celebrate they would, Duo really knew how to throw a party. This would be the fifth of Duo's birthday bashes Heero would attend, and they'd gotten better every year. Duo was a natural host, he always made sure everybody was having a good time, and he had a real talent for mixing drinks.

Heero grabbed his keys, the bottle of vodka, and the small envelop containing Duo's gift, and left his apartment. He was also looking forward to spending some time with the other pilots in a more relaxed setting than work. The five ex-Gundam pilots were still very close. One by one they had moved to Earth and joined the Preventers. First was Wu Fei, who had nowhere else to go and had been convinced by Sally. Trowa joined not long after, bored of the circus. Duo was next just months later, followed immediately by Heero. Quatre had just joined in AC 200. He had run his family business for a while, but wanted to make more of a difference than just that, so he left it in his sisters' capable hands and joined the other pilots.

After Mariemaia's uprising had been stopped, Heero had thought he might want to finish school, but it bored him and he just ended up feeling idle and useless when not doing anything to protect peace. Plus, his fame as a Gundam pilot made dealing with other people even more difficult for him. He and Duo had kept in occasional contact, and five months after the war, Duo admitted to being bored, and said he planned on joining the Preventers. Heero had immediately quit school and packed his things for earth.

He felt like he wanted to be near Duo all the time. It was an odd feeling. They had become friends (however begrudgingly on Heero's part) during the War of 195. Duo was his first friend, the first person he'd ever willingly trusted with his life. They took turns rescuing and taking care of each other. All five of them did, really, and it would have been impossible for some semblance of friendship or comradary not to have formed. But it was little different with Duo. Between wars, he had found himself wondering about Duo and feeling what could only be described a 'missing' him. When trouble started again, he jumped into action, and his first stop was to pick up his most trusted and skilled companion. One Duo Maxwell.

So, he had this unfamiliar feeling for Duo. He had sort of the same thing for Relena, he wanted to make sure she was safe, but he didn't need to see her everyday. He wanted to see Duo everyday, but didn't always get to, even though they were partners. There were some days they didn't have assignments and didn't go into work, other days they spent apart in their offices finishing paper work. After only a couple months of working together, he found himself calling Duo when he hadn't seen him in a few days. Calling him for no reason! He just wanted to see his face on the screen and find out what he'd been so busy doing. Now, they called each other most days they didn't spend together, even if it was to just leave messages.

Duo's company was especially rare when he had a new girlfriend or boyfriend. But he never saw someone for more than a few months before he got bored or antsy, so Heero eventually got him back. Initially, the string of lovers had been fairly continuous and quite numerous, but thankfully it had tapered off in the last year. Duo had told him a while ago that dating was difficult not only because of his job, but because he was a famous ex-Gundam pilot. He didn't like being treated specially or differently. Duo just wanted to be a normal person. Heero understood that, he felt the same way himself. But he hadn't even tried dating yet.

Duo's place was easily with in walking distance and Heero made it there in no time. He entered the lobby and rang the buzzer.

"Hi Heero!" Duo laughed through the intercom. Heero knew Duo could see him through a one-way camera. "You're late!" he teased, meaning that Heero was only five minutes early, not his usual ten. It was a compulsive habit that drove Duo bonkers.

"I walked," Heero explained, "I was hoping to help you with a few last minute things."

"Sure thing. You look ready to party, as usual," Duo observed jokingly. "Hey, that's a nice shirt, where'd you get it?"

"Salvation Army Thrift Store, buck fifty," Heero replied, "You really like it? I think it's kind of ugly, but it was so cheap, I couldn't pass it up."

"Jerk," Duo growled, "Just for that, you can forget about the party. Only Quatre's pleading will get you in now, buster!"

"What if I showed you I had this?" Heero asked, lifting the bottle of vodka in front of the lens.

"Skyy? You know me well," Duo approved, "Aaaaaand?"

Heero waved the envelope in front of the lens with a sly smile.

"Hmmmmm..." Heero heard him ponder, "You intrigue me, Yuy. Enter."

The door buzzed and Heero was let into the building. Hilde opened the door for him and gave him a hug. She had come to Earth for the occasion. She too had joined the Preventers, but opted to remain in the colonies. In the last five years, she had become a renowned Colonial Agent.

He hugged her back and then requested to be put to work.

"I think Duo and I have it all under control," she told him, "Why don't you put the gift over here on the table and I'll take the vodka into the kitchen."

Heero placed the envelope next to Hilde's gift. A lightning-fast hand appeared out of nowhere and tried to snatch it.

"Hands off!" Heero growled, smacking Duo's hand. Goddamn it, after five years, Duo could still sneak up on him.

"Awww come on Heero!" Duo pouted. Heero knew the pout was a well-rehearsed act that went over well with women and lovers. But it didn't work on him.

"No, you have to wait until you open the others," Heero told him firmly.

"How about a hint? Pleeeaase?" Duo begged.

"No way, Maxwell," Heero shook his head, "Now, go make me a drink."

"Yes sir!" Duo exclaimed dashing for the kitchen.

Other guests began to arrive. Heero played doorman, and Hilde whisked their gifts away while Duo made them drinks. Trowa and Quatre also came early to say happy birthday before everyone else arrived.

When most of the guests had arrived, the one-bedroom apartment was full of people and they spilled out onto the small balcony. The group included friends, the multitude of ex-es Duo had collected over the last six years, neighbors from his apartment building, other Preventers agents, and the kids Duo mentored at the local orphanage.

Duo chatted with everyone, played videogames with the kids, introduced people who didn't know each other, kept the music playing, made drinks, danced, and he did it all seamlessly. Heero had been watching him all night. He was truly amazing, he had it all under control.

By 10pm, the kids had been taken home and the periphery friends had left, leaving just Duo's closest friends still drinking, talking and dancing. Everyone was pleasantly drunk and thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

"Duo, I have a special present I want you to have now!" Hilde said with a huge smile.

"What's that?" Duo asked, looking up from beating Heero and Quatre at a cart-racing videogame. Hilde presented him with large button. It was about 4 inches in diameter and had a spinner in the middle.

"'The Wheel of Passion,'" Duo read, his eyes lighting up. Around the outside were commands such as 'kiss neck,' 'nibble ear,' and 'feel above waist.' He quickly pinned it to his shirt. "Ok, Hilde you get the first spin!" he exclaimed.

She spun and landed on 'kiss lips.' "Wait, do I it to you or do you do it to me?" Duo asked.

"Duo, I think this one is mutual!" she exclaimed, and they kissed lightly on the lips.

"What's going on over here?" Quatre asked wondering over.

"Spin!" Duo commanded, pointing to the button.

A smile grew on Quatre's face when he saw what it was. He gave it a spin and got 'nibble ear.'

"It's my birthday, so you have to do it to me!" Duo decided. Quatre leaned up and chewed twice on his ear lobe and then laughed. "Ok, now spin again and go do it to Trowa!" Duo suggested. This time, Quatre spun 'French kiss' and dashed off, grinning wickedly, to find his boyfriend.

Duo laughed and found Wu Fei. "Spin!" he demanded.

"Maxwell, what kind of stupid game it this?" he asked, reading the button.

"What ever the spinner lands on, you have to do it to me!" Duo explained.

"Maxwell, I am here with Sally, I am not going to 'make-out' with you."

Duo turned his nose in the air. "It's my birthday, you have to!" he said. Wu Fei sighed and spun. Fortunately for him, he landed on 'player's choice' and before Duo could decide that it really meant 'Birthday Boy's choice,' he read the options and chose 'touch above waist.' He whacked Duo on the shoulder and told him to get him another drink.

Curious, Sally approached them.

"Spin!" Duo ordered her. She gladly did and landed on 'French kiss.'

"Sally, you're not really going to - " Wu Fei started to say when he saw the giddy way the other two were looking at each other. Before he could finish, they had shared a short French kiss.

"Sally!" Wu Fei choked. He quickly grabbed Duo and spun the dial. Landing on 'kiss neck,' he did it quickly, and looked smugly at his girlfriend. She and Duo laughed hysterically.

"Ok, Sally now spin one for you to do to Wu Fei!" Duo told her. She landed on 'kiss above waist' and pulled down the neck of his shirt to kiss his left collar bone.

Trowa found Duo next and wanted a go with the spinner and the birthday boy. He spun 'kiss above waist, feel below waist.' Quatre whistled. Duo held his arms away from his sides and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Trowa thought a moment before kissing Duo's cheek and touching his knee.

"Ok, Heero, your turn" Duo giggled, plopping down next to him on the couch.

"Hn?" Heero asked.


Heero read the button and spun it. He landed on 'touch above waist.' He contemplated a minute, and then very carefully, very deliberately poked Duo in the chest with his index finger.

Duo laughed. "Heero! That was so boring!! God, you're worse than Wu Fei! You're supposed to make it fun. Ok, here you spin again, and I'll do it to you."

Heero spun again. "Tongue back of neck," he read when it stopped. He couldn't imagine this was supposed to be fun.

"Hm, not had that one before," Duo said. He turned Heero slightly on the couch and pulled down the back of his collar. Heero felt Duo's other hand in his hair, pushing his head forward just a bit. First he felt the warmth of Duo's breath on his skin, then the flattened tip of his wet tongue and a quick graze of lips. He gasped an involuntarily hunched his shoulders. It felt good! It felt REALLY good! He turned back to face Duo.

"You like that?" he asked with a wink. Heero just nodded. Duo laughed and got up to go play with some other friends. Heero's fingers migrated instantly to the back of his neck as he watched Duo with a few other Preventers.

"Spin!" he heard Duo command them. He couldn't decide if he should avoid Duo or request another spin. His first had been a failure, leaving him feeling inadequate. But the game was dangerous. Everyone else was able to take it lightly and enjoy themselves, but he was not accustomed to such physical affection. He didn't really know how to do it, and even a little affected him greatly. On top of that, he had had enough to drink to admit to himself that he was repressing some feelings about his friend.

He pulled Quatre off the dance floor and into the bathroom.

"Has Duo made you spin yet?" he asked.

"Yeah, twice!" Quatre laughed. "You?"

"Yes. Quatre, I don't think I want to play the game," he admitted.

"Why not, it's only supposed to be fun! Even Wu Fei kissed Duo, and nobody thinks he's gay now or anything!" Quatre reassured him.

Heero muttered something and looked down.

"What did you say?" Quatre asked.

"I said, that's not the problem," Heero said a little louder.

"Ok, then why not?"

Heero took a deep breath. "I want to play... at least I think I do. It might be nice to... kiss Duo. But, I may be taking the point of the game too seriously..."

"Heero," Quatre said gently, "Do you have feelings for Duo?"

Heero pursed his lips and nodded. Quatre smiled one of the biggest smiles Heero had ever seen on the blond boy. "That's wonderful!" he exclaimed, having trouble keeping his voice down. "Does he know?"

"No, I haven't told him," Heero said.

"Then you should definitely play the game!"

"But I don't know how!" Heero admitted in defeat.

It saddened Quatre to think that Heero had never experienced things like kissing and touching, but it didn't surprise him all that much. He knew little about Heero's past, but it didn't sound like he'd received much affection. Even these days, Heero did not allow many people to get close to him because he was uncomfortable with such things.

"Well, look at it this way," Quatre tried to explain, "Think about the feelings you have for him, and then do what the button says like you're trying to tell him how you feel. When I kiss Trowa, it's another way of letting him know how I feel without telling him with words. Do you see?"

Heero nodded. "I think I understand now, thank you Quatre," Heero said, getting up.

Duo caught them coming out of the bathroom together. "Hey! No sneaking off unless I get to go too! As punishment, you both get to spin!"

Quatre looked at Heero and spun first. He spun 'feel above waist,' and felt Duo's abs. Heero took a deep breath and spun the dial. It landed on 'kiss above waist.' He was tempted to kiss Duo's lips, but wasn't brave enough. Last time had been "boring" apparently, so he tried to think of somewhere new and sensitive to kiss Duo. He grabbed Duo's hand, pushed up his sleeve, and kissed the inside of his elbow very lightly.

Duo jolted. "Ooo, that was really creative, Heero!" he cooed. "Now," he turned back to Quatre, "As punishment for sneaking away with someone who is not your boyfriend, you have to spin again and go do it to Trowa."

Quatre's eyes lit up when the button read 'remove one article of clothing from partner,' and he ran off to find his boyfriend.

"As for you," Duo pinned Heero with his eyes once again, "For sneaking away with some else's boyfriend, you have to spin again. And do it to me."

Heero flicked the spinner and it landed on 'kiss neck.' Mustering his courage, he leaned down and kissed Duo's neck like he wanted Duo to understand how he felt.

"Mmmm," Duo approved when he was finished. "You're getting better at this! Were you and Quatre 'practicing' in the bathroom??" he teased.

"No!" Heero shook his head, "Duo, we weren't! I just had to tell him something. In private."

"I know you weren't!" Duo laughed, "But seriously, what's so private you can't tell me? Aren't we best friends?"

Best friends? Heero knew that Duo was his best friend, but Duo had a lot more friends than Heero did, and it had been difficult for him to assess his importance to Duo. Well, now he knew.

"I will tell you Duo," he decided, "Let me try." He gave the spinner a flick without asking. Duo looked down at the button on his chest. It read 'kiss lips.' Heero licked his lips and swallowed nervously. He pressed his lips to Duo's, trying to outpour the emotions he was feeling while still trying to figure them out himself. Thinking about his feelings brought them to the forefront, and there were a lot more inside him than he realized. Duo's mouth moved under him, kissing him back. He felt Duo's fingers tentatively stroke the hair behind his ears.

Duo's eyes gazed wide into his when they broke apart. "Definitely getting better at this..." he stammered absentmindedly at Heero before backing away and finally turning to find his next contestants.

Heero sat on the couch watching as Duo made the rounds again. Quatre leaned over the back of the couch.

"Did you tell him?" he whispered.

"I tried... I kissed him on the lips," Heero said, watching Relena nibble Duo's neck. Duo laughed and made her spin for what to do for her boyfriend.

"What did he do?" Quatre continued.

"He told me I was getting better and stammered and backed away," Heero recalled.

"You made him stammer? That has to be good, Heero!" Quatre tried to encourage him.

"Perhaps," Heero didn't sound so sure. "Oh, Quatre," he suddenly though of something, "There was a word on the pin I didn't understand. What does 'French' refer to?"

Quatre giggled. "A French Kiss is with tongue, Heero!" he informed his friend.

"Tongue?" Heero wondered.

"Shhh he's coming over here again!"

"Yuy! Spin!" Duo grinned. Heero did and got 'kiss above waist, touch below waist.' Heero thought very hard for a few seconds. He came up with something that sounded like fun, but he hoped it wouldn't be inappropriate compared to what everyone else was doing. He got on his knees in front of Duo and lifted his tee-shirt. He kissed Duo's bare stomach (above the waist) and rubbed the back of his knee through his pants. He could feel Duo's hand squeezing his shoulder.

"Um, wow," Duo grinned when Heero stood. People were staring; Trowa and Hilde clapped. Trying to quell his blush, Heero sat back down on the couch with Quatre. When he had turned away, Duo grabbed Hilde and pulled her into the kitchen.

"Did you see that?" he hissed. He was sure he'd felt Heero's tongue swipe across his skin.

"Yeah!" she gushed, "Wow!"

"You should have seen him kiss me on the lips earlier!"

"Maybe you'll get a chance with him after all!" Hilde suggested.

"But I gave up on him years ago! I'm not sure I could handle getting my hopes up and then being rejected," Duo said seriously, "Maybe that's just the way he plays the game, or maybe he's drunk."

"Ok, Duo," Hilde started, intent on setting him straight, "Number one: Heero Yuy does not play games. If he wasn't interested in touching you like that, then he wouldn't have done it. Number two: he's definitely not drunk. Number three: I know I don't spend a lot of time with him, but I have never, EVER seen him do anything like that! I never imagined he'd be capable of it! And number four, YOU'VE got the pin, Birthday-Boy! Go make use of it!! You gave up on him without even giving him a chance. Go have some fun, maybe he's willing to play now."

With that, she shoved him out of the kitchen. Duo decided to change his tactic. He went for Wu Fei first this time because he got the feeling the Chinese man had been avoiding him and his Wheel of Passion.

"Ok, Wuffie, to show that I can give as good as I get, you get to spin, and I'll do it to you!" Duo offered gleefully.

"Maxwell, I do not desire for you to do any of those things to me," Wu Fei told him plainly.

"Spin!" Duo repeated, "Or I spin for you! Geez, Fei, yer always playin' hard to get!"

Wu Fei sighed and flicked the spinner. They watched it stop at 'nibble ear.' Duo grinned. He'd been told that he 'gave good ear'. He greedily snatched Wu Fei's lobe between his teeth and nibbled, rolling it with his tongue.

Wu Fei made an almost inaudible "eep!" noise and Duo stopped. Wu Fei shivered. "Not bad, Maxwell," he said shaking his head with a small smile.

Duo had Frenched now shirtless Trowa, touched Hilde above the waist, and tongued another friend's neck before he got back around to Heero.

"Yuy, change in strategy. Now you spin for me to do to you!" Duo informed him.

"Accepted," Heero grunted, spinning. It landed on 'nibble ear.' Duo grinned maniacally, he was really going to enjoy this. He held Heero's shoulder and leaned over and closed in on his target.

Heero gasped again. Duo's teeth chewed his earlobe and then he sucked on it. But he didn't stop there. That Heero might have been able to handle but, no, Duo ran the tip of his tongue up around the rim of his ear and nibbled greedily along the sides as well.

"Like that one too?" Duo smirked, pulling away.

"Yeah," Heero whispered. He wanted Duo's body to come back again. The ear-thing had distracted him from how good it felt to have Duo pressed up against him. He pulled Duo close again and flicked the spinner. It landed on 'player's choice.'

Heero chose. He gently touched Duo's jaw and guided their mouths together. Duo responded immediately. Heero tentatively pressed his tongue to Duo's lips and they parted eagerly. He felt Duo's tongue reciprocate, exploring his mouth as he learned Duo's. His hands slid down the American's back, and lower.

The sound of his own moan brought Duo back to reality. He pushed Heero away as non-discouragingly as he could. Everyone clapped this time. "Get a room!" Wu Fei said jokingly.

Duo looked up at Heero in disbelief.

"It said 'player's choice'," Heero shrugged.

"Heero, I don't think 'tongue mouth, grope ass' is one of the options," Duo laughed.

Heero gave him a secretive smile. "Well, that was no ordinary 'ear nibble' you gave me," he countered.

"Duo, why don't you open some more of your presents? I think you're having too much fun with that one," Wu Fei suggested, taking Duo by the shoulders and sitting him on the couch. Hilde and Relena brought over the mountain of presents.

Heero waited patiently for Duo to get to his gift. He was getting more and more excited about what it could mean for them. He knew Duo was going to love it, but he had arrived at the party first, and it was lying at the bottom of the pile.

Duo sat on the couch amongst crinkled wrapping paper and strewn ribbon when he finally got to Heero's slim envelope.

"This is from you, right Heero?" he asked holding the envelope up to the light. There was nothing on it identifying its source or its intended. Heero nodded, trying to show nothing on his face.

At everyone else's prompting, Duo ripped open the envelope and pulled out the first piece of paper. He looked at it quizzically and read it out loud.

"A plane ticket to - "

Duo stopped dead. He stared at the ticket for another moment, silently reading the date and destination again, and then looked up at Heero.

"You didn't," he said suspiciously, "You couldn't have. There's no way. It's just not possible."

Heero couldn't NOT smile. "What else is in there?" he asked.

Duo shook his head and dug farther into the envelope. "Yuy, if you DID, I'm gonna..." he warned before jumping into the air with a loud shout. "Oh my god oh my god I can't fucking believe this oh my god OH MY GOD!" he repeated several times before tackling Heero to the floor with glee.

"You're gonna what?" Heero asked with a smile, now lying on his back and Duo on top of him.

"I'm gonna have to kiss you right here in front of everyone..." Duo told him, attacking Heero's mouth aggressively with his own.

"Uh, Duo, we didn't spin," Heero reminded him, his lips trying to keep up with Duo's. Duo fumbled with the button and chucked it across the room. The kiss intensified as Heero's hands slipped around the back of Duo's head and neck and he pulled the man closer.

Hilde jumped up and down squealing and Quatre called, "Looks like you're doing good, Heero!"

"What was in there?" Relena asked.

Still sitting on Heero, Duo sat up just long enough to hand Relena the envelope and then resumed his attentions to the man under him.

"The plane ticket and... Wow! A ticket to the Rock Festival in Miami next weekend!!" she exclaimed.

Heero arched off the floor slightly, throwing Duo off balance. Duo yelped and grabbed Heero's shirt to hold on. Heero smirked at him and pulled a set of matching tickets from his back pocket to show everyone.

Wu Fei snatched one. "Yuy, how in the world did you get you get tickets?" he demanded, "They've been sold out for months!"

"Yeah, they sold out almost an hour after they went on sale!" Quatre agreed.

"I called the second they were available. I was confidant this baka-" he motioned to Duo, who was still in his own little world of euphoria, kissing Heero's face and neck, "wouldn't get his butt out of bed early enough, so I knew he wouldn't be able to get any."

"So, you mean that all this time we've had to listen to him whine and bitch about how badly he wanted to go and how they were all sold out and how cool it was gonna be, and you HAD tickets for him?" Wu Fei groaned.

"Correct," Heero said, but it came out muffled by Duo's lips. Heero could have sworn he was purring.

Heero managed to get up off the floor, and everyone hung out for a little while before saying goodbye. Heero stayed to help Hilde and Duo clean up, but there wasn't that much to do.

"Thanks for the birthday gift," Duo said, seeing Heero to the door, "It was perfect."

Heero kissed his forehead. "I knew you'd love the tickets."

"I don't just mean that..." Duo hinted, kissing Heero's lips.

"I had a lot of fun tonight," Heero whispered. He meant to say a whole lot more than that, but couldn't find the words.

"Good," Duo purred. "We could have a whole lot more fun *next* weekend," he hinted.

"Are you saying I should book one hotel room?" Heero asked.

"I'm saying one bed," Duo clarified, "So I can... show you my appreciation."

"Duo," Heero balked, "That's not why I-"

"Oh don't start that crap, Heero!" Duo laughed, "I've only wanted you since the day we MET!"

"Since the day we met? You shot me!"

"Well, I guess not. Ok, not THAT DAY, but pretty soon after that!" Duo laughed again, "Listen, we can take this as slow or as fast as you're comfortable with, ok? But let's at least start. I don't want to let this go."

"Me either," Heero agreed. They kissed again and Heero walked home feeling like the gravity was malfunctioning, but they were on Earth, so he knew that was impossible.

The week flew by. Heero was caught up in meetings the first half of the week and Duo was pulled to work with an inspection team. They rarely saw each other, but still managed to behave themselves around one another in public for the week.

Duo returned home late Friday night and found a message from Heero on his computer. He called back right away. Heero picked up in audio mode only.

"Duo!" he greeted the other man, and switched visual on, which revealed him shirtless in his bedroom.

"Mmmm, hi!" Duo said appreciatively.

Heero looked down at himself briefly. He gave Duo a sly smile. "Doing laundry," he explained.

"You make it seem exciting," Duo said suggestively.

"If you don't stop talking like that, it's gonna be," Heero hinted. Duo just about died at Heero's sexy tone. In fact, he fell off his chair.

"Have you had a chance to pack?" Heero asked, walking across his bedroom. He returned with a carry-on size bag.

Duo reappeared in front of the computer. "No, not yet," he admitted.

"Well, I called to tell you to that I haven't booked the return flight yet, so pack a bathing suit and clothes for as many days as you want to stay. We don't have to decide now."

"This is going to be SO much fun!" Duo predicted with a huge grin, "Especially, because I'm bringing something... fun. I'm confidant you'll enjoy it."

"The 'Wheel of Passion'?" Heero asked hopefully.

"Better," Duo winked. After working out a few more details, they hung up and Duo dug out a suitcase. The first thing he tossed in were his Erotic Dice. It was going to be a good weekend.

You all know "Erotic Dice" right? One die has places on the body, the other has verbs like suck, kiss, massage, blow, nibble. ^_^ And yes, I am the proud owner of a real "wheel of passion" pin! And, yes, all of those options are on it. It was a 22nd birthday gift, and yes, I did make out with all the guests at my party. I went around all night commanding friends to "spin!" Didn't break out the dice, though... ~_^


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