pairings: 1+2/1x2, 3x4, 5+S, 6x9
warnings: AU, violence, yaoi, NC17

summary: Set among the sex and politics of the Roman Empire. Heero Yuy, a Captain in the Roman Legion, acquires Sylvan bandit/mercenary Duo in an unusual manner. How will Duo cope with being a slave and moving to the biggest city in the world? Off the battlefield, Heero is a discontented aristocrat with mysterious origins. Duo shines with talents no one expected, and falls for the Captain with no heart to give him. In short, an epic romp through ancient Rome with the cast of Gundam Wing.

Chapter XXXI
by Granate

Heero woke to a warm kiss. When he opened his eyes, he could make out Duo's shape leaning over him in the pre-dawn greyness of his bedroom.

"I'm getting up now," Duo said softly. "You sleep a little longer." Duo began to move away, his hand slipping away from Heero's shoulder. Heero tried to catch it, but caught only air. He watched Duo collect his clothes and put them on. He was going to have to convince Duo to stay with him in the mornings, and sooner rather than later. He closed his eyes as Duo went to the door.

Duo looked back from the door and wished he could crawl back into bed with Heero. At some point, probably in the colder weather, he'd probably find himself unable to resist. But right now, he had chores to do. He closed the door quietly behind him.

It was not long before Heero came downstairs, dressed. He appeared in the barn as Duo was scooping grain into Ala's bucket. "Morning," Duo grinned.

"I forgot to tell you that I have an early appointment this morning," Heero said.

"Forgot, huh? Something been on your mind lately?" Duo teased, grin widening as he patted the horse's back and came out of the stall.

"You could say I've been a little distracted," Heero played along.

"I'll get started on breakfast, then," Duo said. His arm slid around Heero's waist as he kissed him. Heero's hands were immediately on his back and hips. "What kind of appointment?" he asked when he pulled away.

"Military," Heero answered, following him back to the peristyle.

"Oh, work stuff," Duo nodded. He pulled a chair out for Heero in invitation before going to the kitchen.

"Just something simple," Heero requested of his breakfast.

Duo brought out something simple and sat down to eat with Heero. "Are we still going to the palestra this afternoon?" he asked.

"I don't see why not, I should be back by early afternoon," Heero replied.

"What do they have you doing?"

"Training regimen reviews, approvals for lower level promotions, just boring stuff," Heero said.

Duo nodded. "It'll be nice to get out, I was in the house all day yesterday," he added.

"And we won't have to hold back since I'm back to full health now," Heero reminded him.

Duo had to agree that although Heero was still bruised in places, he seemed to be well again. The October Horse race had been a week ago by now. "Well, you can thank me for keeping you on bed rest as long as I did," Duo smirked. Heero just gave him a dry look.

Duo kept busy with chores for the morning, but he was growing impatient about lunchtime. He was cleaning leather in the armory when Baltus came to find him. There was a messenger in the atrium waiting for Duo.

"Are you Duo?" the man asked. His uniform was that of an official messenger from the legion.

"Yes," Duo answered, brow furrowing.

"This is from the General," the messenger said, offering a scroll to Duo. He took it and the messenger excused himself to leave.

Duo unrolled the scroll and found a hand-written note from Heero asking him to meet him at the palestra with the gear since he was running late. Duo felt relieved that at least their plans weren't shot altogether. He gathered up the gear Heero requested and headed for the palestra.

Wu Fei was surprised to see Duo arrive at the palestra alone with enough weapons to outfit a small auxiliary unit. He and Trowa lowered their swords as Duo approached. "Are you raiding the place, or should I take it Heero's feeling better?" Wu Fei asked as Duo set a bundle of swords down on the grass with an 'oof.'

"Definitely the latter. And he better use all these since I lugged them all here," Duo answered, shucking another bundle that was strapped to his back. "Is he here?"

"I haven't seen him yet," Trowa answered.

"He said he'd be coming from a meeting," Duo told them.

"Must be the same meeting Zechs and Quatre are at," Wu Fei noted.

Duo straightened up. "Those two are there too? Heero told me nothing much was going on," he frowned.

"Quatre's main responsibility is the senate these days," Trowa said. "If he's there, then it's probably strategy."

"I'm sure it's just a planning meeting," Wu Fei said. "As far as I know, Heero's not back on active duty yet, is he?"

"No, he's not," Duo shook his head. "You're probably right, then." He let it go, but he was going to make sure to ask about it later.

Zechs hadn't noticed anything different about Heero during the meetings that morning; he had seemed focused on work, as usual. But right away when they arrived at the palestra, Duo waved Heero over and they put their heads together to select weapons, and Zechs could just tell. It had happened. Heero had finally stopped being an idiot and those two had finally done it.

"Looks like you won," he said, sidling up to Trowa as he shucked clothing onto the bench.

A faint smirk appeared on the Gaul's face. "Quatre told me yesterday," he said.

"I need details," Zechs said urgently.

"You can't honestly think you're going to get them out of me," Trowa said disparagingly.

"Then perhaps Quatre?"

"No," Trowa said, "and I am going to attack you in exactly eight seconds, so you better pick up a sword." That was really all the warning you got when the ex-Gladiator wanted to warm up with you.

"Did you notice?" Zechs asked Wu Fei later as they waited for a turn at the javelin range.

"Notice what?" Wu Fei replied.

"Heero and Duo."

"What about them?" Wu Fei asked dryly, sure that he would wish he hadn't asked at all.

"They finally caved!"

"How can you tell these kinds of things?" Wu Fei asked wearily.

"How can you NOT tell?" Zechs snorted.

"You shouldn't be so interested in their personal lives," Wu Fei chided.

"I'm not the only one! You owe Trowa money, too, if I recall correctly, Mr. Before-the-October-Horse-Festival!" Zechs reminded him with relish.

Wu Fei glared at him.

The group threw javelins until their time on the range was up. Wu Fei seemed to be out for Zechs' blood and beat everyone else in the process, too. After throwing, Heero was feeling a bit sore in the shoulders and was contemplating a swim. He'd used just about enough of the weapons to appease Duo's ire at having been asked to bring so many. He had to admit that maybe he'd gotten a little over excited about being back to full health.

"How about some wrestling?" Zechs suggested without preamble. It wasn't a bad idea, they didn't normally practice wrestling. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Heero, show us some moves!"

Before Heero could say anything, Zechs had grabbed Duo by the shoulders and was pushing him over to Heero. "Here, show us on Duo!" he suggested with a grin. "You had a great elbow hold, didn't you?"

Heero took one look at Duo and knew that a wrestling match with him would, without a doubt, end in embarrassment.

"...the one where your opponent ends up on his stomach?" Zechs was still talking about wrestling moves and trying to shove them into the sand ring.

"My arms are a bit sore after throwing," Heero said, managing to escape from Zechs.

"Oh, too bad! I suppose I can wrestle with Duo, in that case!" Zechs said happily.

"I think we're going to call it a day!" Heero said decisively as he pulled Duo out of the ring.

Mona had the bath ready when they returned home so Heero left the gear with Duo and went straight there. He didn't want to think he'd over done it, but his body was sore and the hot water felt like just what he needed after such a strenuous afternoon. He dunked his head and scrubbed his hair underwater. Then he surfaced again and shook his hair out before relaxing back against the side of the tub.

The door opened unexpectedly and Duo came in. Heero sat up a little. "I'll be done in a few more minutes," he said. It was unlike Duo to be impatient.

"Not if I can help it," Duo grinned as he stripped off his clothes.

Heero was speechless and felt blood rush to his lap as he watched Duo climb the five steps up to the raised tiled platform, naked and unraveling his hair. Now this was just what he needed.

Duo was still grinning as he stepped down into the built-in tub and sank into the steaming water next to Heero. "Ahh, you do like it really hot, don't you?" he sighed as he got comfortable. He dunked his head and came up again, still smiling. His smile was much like the mischievous one Heero was familiar with but there was something else with it, like the smooth edges were roughened with lust.

"Did you get all the gear taken care of?" Heero asked, and then nearly kicked himself for making it sound like Duo wasn't welcome.

"Got something more important to take care of first," Duo said and pulled him into a kiss by his wet hair. Duo's other hand lazily stroked his submerged chest. "Let me help you wash," Duo all but purred when he broke the kiss.

Heero nodded numbly. This was straight out of one of his fantasies; he was much too aroused to think of something to say. Duo picked up a cloth and held one of Heero's wrists while he briskly scrubbed his arm. He followed with Heero's hand, paying close attention to each finger and then kissing his palm before doing his other arm. Heero was captivated. He would never want to take a bath alone after this. His other arm received a thorough scrubbing and then Duo moved back and pulled his foot out of the water. Duo cleaned it carefully, making sure to get between his toes. When he was done, he dropped the cloth and began to rub the sole of Heero's foot.

"Oh," Heero exhaled, sounding as if he were taken by surprise. His toes curled as Duo's fingers pressed firmly into his flesh. "Oh, Duo, that feels good," he stammered. Duo just laughed and grinned at him. Heero couldn't take his eyes off that gorgeous smile. Along with the ruddy skin and the wet hair sticking to Duo's face and shoulders, it really could have been a scene out of one of his fantasies. Duo washed his leg with the cloth and then took care of the other leg, saving the foot rub for last this time.

Duo moved closer to wash his front next. He scrubbed Heero's chest and shoulders thoroughly, even lifting his arms. He was more careful around Heero's still-tender wounds when he cleaned lower on his stomach. Heero caressed his hair, breaking his concentration, and leaned forward to kiss him. Duo melted into the kiss for a moment before breaking away, saying, "Turn around so I can do your back now."

Heero did and Duo gave his back a vigorous scrubbing, followed by a light scratching with his short nails. Pleasured noised escaped Heero but he let out a real groan when Duo changed to rubbing his shoulders.

"Feeling more relaxed?" Duo asked, laying a couple of kisses on the nape of Heero's neck.

"Hardly," Heero swallowed.

Duo's hands slid down his back, around his hips, and between his legs. "Something else I can help you with?" he asked as he brought his body flush to Heero's back. His hands closed around Heero's hard cock and Heero let his head fall back onto Duo's shoulder. One of Duo's hands cupped his balls and the other languidly stroked his thick shaft. Duo hummed in his ear and then whispered, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to get in this tub with you."

Heero broke the embrace and pushed Duo back against the side of the tub with a splash. "I guarantee you," he said, voice thick, "I've wanted it longer." He kissed Duo, hard and needful, in way that told him exactly how long that had been. His fingers swept away the strands of wet hair that clung to Duo's face and neck. Duo moaned into his mouth, clutching at his shoulders and pulling him closer, but Heero broke the kiss with a smile of his own. "My turn," he said, grabbing a wash cloth from the rack.

He washed Duo with great care and attention. He kissed all ten of Duo's fingers and all ten of his toes when he was done with them, and gave Duo's feet lavish massages. Duo gave him lots of verbal appreciation, obviously enjoying every moment of it. He came closer to wash Duo's front and Duo closed his eyes as he sat back. He moaned when Heero brought the cloth lower, over his stomach. Duo found Heero's hand under the water and brought it between his legs. Heero's own cock leapt when he felt how stiff and full Duo's was.

"Heero, I want... " Duo moaned and opened his eyes. "I want you inside me again."

Heero's heart jumped into his throat. "Is... is it ok?" he whispered.

Duo smiled at him. "Yeah," he nodded.

Something swelled inside Heero and he held Duo by the jaw as he plundered his mouth. Duo's fingers raked through Heero's hair, pulling him closer. One of Duo's legs bent up and then pushed out to the side, inviting Heero between them. Heero stroked Duo's thighs and cock, and Duo threw his head back with another moan.

"Let me finish with your back," Heero said, nipping at his throat. Duo turned around and Heero gave his back a thorough scrub with the wash cloth.

"I thought the hot water would help this time," Duo said suddenly.

"Should I keep you relaxed?" Heero asked, ditching the cloth and rubbing over Duo's skin with his fingers and knuckles.

"If that's how you're going to do it, then yeah," Duo groaned appreciatively. He closed his eyes as Heero continued. He chewed on his bottom lip a moment, and then opened his eyes. "It might help if you... " he trailed off.

"If I what?" Heero asked and kissed Duo's shoulder.

"If you wouldn't mind... " Duo began again.

"What? What is it?" Heero asked, digging his thumbs harder into Duo's flesh.

Duo looked down at the water and felt his face get hot. "Well, you're pretty big, so it might help if I was more prepared," he mumbled, "if you could stretch me, you know, with your fingers first." Heero stopped rubbing and Duo turned around, apologizing, "Do you not want to? You don't have to! I could even do it myself! It was just a thought!"

"No, of course I will," Heero said, taking him by the shoulders. "I wouldn't mind doing that, I was just surprised," he explained. It seemed like a reasonable request, and he was willing to do anything that Duo thought would make it less painful. He would feel bad if he made Duo sore for another day.

Duo's hand curled around his neck and pulled him into a feverish kiss. Duo was sucking and biting at his lips as he pushed Heero to sit back on the ledge and straddled his thighs. Duo held on to his shoulders as Heero's hands squeezed the firm, rounded muscles of his ass. His hands slid down and under, and then lightly stroked his fingers into the cleft between Duo's cheeks. He was a little nervous about pushing his fingers inside. He gingerly swept his fingers back and forth, just gently teasing Duo's tight pucker. Duo gave a little gasp that made Heero's cock ache. He ignored it the best he could. "I know you wanted to be in the water, but maybe for this part it might help me if I could see you better," he suggested.

"You think so?" Duo asked fuzzily.

"We can get back in the water later," Heero promised. He rose from the tub and went to a shelf on the wall, returning to the tub with a jar of oil. He then sat down on the tile with his feet dangling into the water. Duo got up to join him and Heero watched the water stream down his skin and run from his long hair. "You're beautiful," he murmured, reaching out to touch Duo's hip. Duo didn't reply as he got to his knees and straddled Heero like he had been before.

Heero kissed him as he reached for the oil. He oiled the fingers of his right hand and felt better about what he was supposed to do. He stroked his fingers down between Duo's buttocks again and felt him tense up, though Heero could tell it was with anticipation, not fear. Heero found his entrance and spread oil all around it. Duo made a noise and held him closer. "Nnn, do it, Heero," he pleaded with a wiggle.

That was really all Heero needed to hear. He took a breath and gently pushed his index finger through the tight ring of muscle. It gave a little easier than he was expecting.

"All the way in, it's ok," Duo panted, moving his hips a little.

Heero obliged and pushed his finger in as far as he could. Duo was very clearly not in pain and Heero noticed that his cock was still hard. He moved up and down and Heero got the picture to move his finger in and out. This wasn't something he would have thought to do on his own, but he couldn't deny that it was keeping him turned on, too. "You do this to yourself?" he asked, continuing to move his wrist.

Duo looked down at him, face red and short of breath. "Well, I... " he tried to explain. "I - I started to think I was attracted to you and began to wonder how it would feel if we had sex, if I would like it. I got curious, so I tried my fingers."

Heero was speechless again. Duo had started doing it in preparation for him. Because Duo wanted to have sex with him.

"The most I ever did was two, and turns out it doesn't feel much like when you do it," he finished with an embarrassed grin. He leaned over and whispered in Heero's ear, "Your cock feels a lot better."

"Oh gods, Duo," Heero breathed and Duo kissed him. Heero squeezed and clasped his thigh as they kissed. Duo had mentioned two fingers, so he pushed one more alongside the first. Duo broke this kiss with a gasp. He rose up on his knees a bit, clenching around Heero's fingers. Heero continued to push and Duo relaxed, letting him up inside. The passage felt tighter with two, Heero noted, and his cock was much bigger still. Until now, he'd had no idea what he'd put Duo through that first night together. "I'm sorry I didn't think to do something like this for you before," he fumbled in apology.

Duo's hands came to cover his mouth. "I don't want to hear anything like that," he said before letting go. "Just keep that up," he groaned as he moved up and down on Heero's fingers. Heero slid them in and out of Duo, trying to stretch them apart as best he could. He recalled Duo asking him to press along the front, so he tried that as he moved his fingers in and out. It took him a couple tries but he found the spot that made Duo cry out and shudder around him.

"How about three?" Heero asked when it seemed that two went in without much resistance.

"Mmmm, yeah, try it," Duo hummed.

Heero did, stretching the entrance and channel with another finger.

"Oh, Heero," Duo moaned and tightened his arms around Heero's neck. He had never gotten quite this turned on when he did it to himself, it was unexpected. It wasn't Heero's cock, but it was still Heero - Heero's rhythm, Heero's decisive yet careful movements, his face buried in Heero's neck. He threw his head back when Heero's other hand wrapped around his cock. "I'm going to come if you do that," Duo gasped, moving one hand to Heero's wrist. He hadn't meant for this to go so far as orgasm, he wanted to come with Heero inside him again.

Heero was far too fascinated to stop. Duo was writhing in his arms, fingers digging desperately into his shoulder and threading through his hair. He figured that only someone with Duo's grace could both ride his fingers and thrust into his fist. Duo was looking down rather intently. Heero didn't quite understand why Duo liked the sight of his hand on his cock, but maybe it was the same thing as the way he liked hearing Duo say his name. There was no explanation for it. Duo gasped again and rose up further onto his knees when Heero brushed that place inside him.

"Heero, I'm really going to... " Duo groaned out but it was interrupted with a wordless shout when Heero thumbed the head of his cock. Duo jerked and clenched as he spattered Heero's chest with come. Heero watched, rapt, as the last of the thick fluid landed on him and Duo all but collapsed in his arms.

"You weren't supposed to do that," Duo groused after catching his breath. He looked up at Heero, but he knew his sated face wouldn't show nearly the amount of consternation he was trying to muster.

Heero smiled at him. "I couldn't stop myself," he said and his eyes dropped to his chest.

"And I got it all over you," Duo noted and moved his hand to wash it off.

"It's ok," Heero said, catching his hand and leaning over to nip at Duo's lips. He'd had it in his mouth yesterday, after all.

"I really wanted to try sex again," Duo broke this kiss with a pout. A spark lit up his eyes as he rose up. "No matter!" he said cheerfully. "Get in the tub."

"What?" Heero asked as Duo tugged on his wrist.

"I said get in the tub," Duo grinned, pulling Heero into the water.

"But we're not going to... "

"Yes we are," Duo said. He pushed on Heero's shoulders to make him sit down in the water.

"But you just... " Heero tried to protest as Duo got into his lap.

"It's fine," Duo insisted as he straddled Heero's lap. "Climax doesn't always happen at the same time like it has for us before, so you learn to be creative."

Heero almost forgot his protest when Duo's thigh brushed his cock and he had to take Duo by the arms to hold him still. "I don't want to do it unless it's for you," he tried to explain. "Not if it's just for me."

Duo found it impossible not to kiss Heero after hearing something like that, so he did and when he pulled away, he was smiling. "You just gave me an amazing orgasm, Heero, without any thought to getting something out of it yourself - "

"But of course I got something out of it," Heero broke in. He had gotten to watch Duo come without being distracted by his own pleasure.

"That's exactly my point," Duo said with another smile. "I want this; there's nothing wrong with it. It's me giving, not you taking. Do you see?"

"I - I see," Heero swallowed, mostly because Duo's thigh was rubbing his cock again. He was so horny he couldn't object any longer. The only thing he wanted at the moment was to be inside Duo again.

"Ok, then help me out here," Duo chuckled softly and tried to position himself above the tip of Heero's cock

Heero willfully kept his hands from trembling as he held the head of his cock under Duo's entrance and guided Duo to lower himself down. Heero hissed, fighting the urge to thrust as the head of his cock pushed through the muscular entrance. Duo was taking deep breaths and going slowly. Heero squeezed his eyes shut, letting Duo take it at his own pace.

"Ah, there," Du finally panted.

"Does it hurt?" Heero asked.

"No, it's good," Duo shook his head, "the stretching helped." That was true, but Heero was still quite big and he was fighting for breath, though not as seriously as last time. Heero kissed his shoulder and flexed, moving up inside him just gently before withdrawing a bit. Heero repeated the action and Duo moaned. He relaxed and Heero moved inside him with even greater ease. "You can do it harder," Duo found himself moaning. Heero was far too controlled for his taste.

Heero did speed up, thrusting harder and deeper, and managing to hit Duo's sensitive spot. Duo arched and gave a short cry, shocked that he still reacted so strongly when Heero struck that spot. He had noticed before that it felt like a mini orgasm all by itself, and somehow that didn't change even if he was no longer so aroused. He knew that women could have multiple orgasms without losing their arousal or needing to recuperate. Was this what that was like? It reminded him of a technique Sara had been trying to teach him before the day came when he had been tied up and thrown in a certain Captain's tent.

A shaky groan from Heero caught his attention. Heero's eyes were shut and he looked positively lost in pleasure as he continued to thrust up into Duo. Duo kissed his temple and down to his ear. Heero gave another long groan when Duo nipped at the shell of his ear and whispered, "Take it as fast or as slow as you want."

Heero's head fell back and Duo kissed and sucked down his neck. Heero's fingers clutched up his back, twining through his wet hair. Those same fingers tugged unintentionally on his hair as hands dropped to take a firm grip on his hips. Heero's pace increased and Duo had to shift his position just slightly, getting a better hold of Heero's shoulders and bracing against his chest. "Yes, Heero," Duo murmured against the other man's throat.

A strangled shout echoed through the tiled room and strong hands held his hips down as Heero drove deep into him. Duo gasped when he felt the first spurt of hot fluid inside him. He clutched at Heero's shoulders and tried to hold on as Heero thrust fast and hard, again and again until he had completely spent himself. Heero was panting as he collapsed back against the tub, eyes closed. He looked worn out and absolutely gorgeous. Duo kissed him adoringly and Heero could barely keep up with him.

Heero's hands skimmed over Duo's hips and thighs to steady him as he pulled out. Duo scooted back towards his knees and Heero opened his eyes half way. "Was that all right?" he asked, still gently stroking Duo's hips. "Did it hurt too much?"

"Didn't hurt at all," Duo smiled. Though, it was probably good that Heero had finished quickly.

Heero gave him a wide but dog-tired smile. "That's a relief, because I would have felt bad telling you how incredible it felt for me if it had hurt you," Heero admitted before flopping forward to rest his forehead on Duo's shoulder.

Duo laughed and threw his arms around Heero's neck and held him.

"This could become a habit," Heero warned.

"About time," Duo said pointedly.

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