Duo's Ballad from Reperio XIX
by Emily

There once was a boy that just couldn't belong
Nothing did he own with no place to call home
He cared for many, but there was no one who'd stay
The boy was by himself, all alone
Nobody to love, so he ranaway

The boy wanted purpose to have in his life
To cover up the empty place in his heart
His anger didn't help and neither did pleasure
The boy was still from people apart
But soon he'd encounter his heart's treasure

The boy met a soldier, so empty inside
His soul was heavy with the people he killed
He was sick of it all, the bloodshed and the war
Something inside was still unfullfilled
There was something inside craving for more

The soldier was confused, he felt worthless, lost
He wished he knew what it was that he wanted
The boy and soldier became lonely together
With happiness both were less haunted
But too soon the boy was in bad weather

Because, you can see, the boy fell in love with
The soldier who said for no one could he care
His pride was hurt, his spirit had been torn apart
The boy tried to give what he could bear
All he could afford to give was his heart

It's unfinished, remember? ~_^

Thanks SO MUCH to the very talented Emily for writing this! *glomps ferociously* 'Heart's treasure' AWWWWWW!

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