Disclaimers: the characters of Shinkodusenki Gundam Wing are not mine, I'm just using them for fun and promise to give them back. I used text directly from the play, you'll probably notice. Occasionally, I managed a rhyming couplet or two of my own, but the good stuff is mostly Shakespeare's. This is probably plagiarism, but I think 'ole Willie would have had a good sense of humor about it, don't you? I think he would have gotten a kick out of my yaoi adaptation

Pairings: main are 1x2x1, 3x4x3, 6x13x6, I'm not giving anything else away. Some will be het and yuri!
Rated L for lemons.
Warnings: magic flowers, silliness, limes, lemon, repeated use of the word 'ass'. This was *supposed* to be PG13, but Heero and Duo had other ideas…

Author's Notes: Shakespeare translated for all to enjoy. My entry for the 2002 GW Addiction Fluff Contest. Voted second place in the popular vote! Shakespeare's farce + G-boys + Granate silliness = yaoi/yuri/het mishchief in the woods!   This is (hopefully) written and adapted so that all might enjoy it, but there may be added humor if you know the play (because you'll pick out all the ways I changed it). The biggest challenge this parody presented was that the play only gives me dialogue, all the "staging" and narrative additions are mine alone. Luckily, I've seen this play a few times, and have done some directing in the past, so it turned out to be a lot of fun. Enjoy!

*We enter the realm of my plot twists again, so much of this will be my writing.*

This is not intentional Relena-bashing. She's playing Helena, so there's really no way around it. Actually, I treated her a lot better than Shakespeare did!! Act I has the little Shakespearian language since I had to change this part so much.

Summary: yaoi/yuri/het mischief in the woods (not quite how Shakespeare wrote it…)

Granate's Gundam Wing Theater Presents:
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Act IV
By William Shakespeare circa 1600, GW adaptation by Granate, 2003

Oberon returned to Titan's glenn and approached the sleeping man. He gently applied the anti-nectar to his companion's eyes, saying, "Be as thou hast want to be, see as thou has want to see. This bud shall overcome the last, and you shall think you but dreamed what has passed. Now, wake you, my dear King."

Titan slowly opened his eyes and a smile curved his regal lips when he saw Oberon. "My Oberon," he murmured fondly and reached out to the other man. Oberon took his out-stretched hand and interlaced their fingers. A troubled expression came over Titan's regal face. "What visions I have seen!" he exclaimed, "Methought I was enamored of an ass!"

Oberon couldn't hold back a chuckle. "There lies your love," he said, pointing to the ass snoring in the grass next to Titan.

Titan looked horrified. "It's hideous!" he exclaimed, "How came these things to pass?"

Oberon shrugged with amusement. "I cannot be held accountable for your taste in lovers," he said.

"Oh, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!" Titan grimaced, turning green, "Oh, my Oberon! What have I done? How could I have strayed from you?"

Oberon smiled again and took Titan in his arms. "Think not on it," he implored, "Just come back to the grove with me." Titan rose and they returned to the grove to make up as the ass snored on.


The arguing drew Puck at once.

"You scared her off with your crude advances, you lout!" the short blond one accused.

"Ha!" the taller one snorted, crossing his arms, "It was you she fled from, munchkin. I'm sure she is near by somewhere, just waiting for me to find her." He turned on his heel and marched off into the forest.

"Your self-delusion is pitiful, low-born knave," the short boy called after him haughtily, "But I'm not letting you out of my site; lest you find her first and hurt her!" He scurried to catch up to the other boy.

Puck snickered as he followed. Had his mistake really caused these lovers to fall so hard for the same girl? He used magic to make them tired, and then pulled the smaller one over to the other youth. He chuckled to the taller boy as dripped the anti-nectar over his eyes, "When thou wakest, thou takest true delight in they former lad's sight."

He moved then to the blond one and, squeezing the bud, said, "The country proverb known, that every man should have his own, and in your waking, yours shall be shown."

He smiled at the two lovers then, but it turned bitter sweet as he remembered what his next task was to be. He despairingly disappeared back to his tree house.

Trowa stirred, feeling an itching on his nose. He scratched it and then opened his eyes. A firefly danced above his face. He watched it a moment, and then realized that he did not know where he was, and this was NOT the place he'd fallen asleep. He frantically sat up and looked for Quatre. He found his love dozing not far away. The firefly that had woken Trowa flitted over to join the others, who where fluttering above and about Quatre, shedding their tiny golden lights on him as he slept.

Trowa crawled over to him and took the boy in his arms. Quatre's eyes opened slowly and he smiled sleepily for his Trowa.

"Look," Trowa whispered, nodding to the little lantern bugs that darted around them.

Quatre watched them a moment, and then turned to Trowa, troubled. "I had the most unsettling dream, Trowa," he said.

"Couldn't have been worse than mine," Trowa replied.

"We were both in love with Relena Darlian and fighting over her!" Quatre relayed.

Trowa made a soft noise of surprise. That's what I dreamed!" said.

"I think we should get going again, Trowa, this woods is enchanted somehow. I mean, imagine! Relena Darlian out in the woods!"

"I agree," Trowa said, helping him stand, "But where is the exit, we are far off the path now!"

All the little fireflies started flying in the same direction away from them. Trowa and Quatre looked at each other and shrugged. They followed the glowing bugs and were led to the edge of the forest near the road.

Trowa took Quatre hand. "We could be there by the end of this day if we waste no more time," he said.

Quatre started on ahead, tugging Trowa's arm to follow, which he did.


Heero had struggled to remain awake as he waited for Duo to return. He had been focused on much more important things while Duo had talked to the Faerie King, but it did not take Duo long to accomplish whatever task he had been assigned. Heero sat up immediately when he reappeared.

"You're back," he observed, biting his bottom lip in anticipation. Even a short separation had made him want Duo all over again. Duo smiled at him, but not with his usual merriment.

"Heero…" Duo said, coming towards the bed. He wanted to be honest with the human, to tell him that he needed to be put back in the forest. However, only part of him was feeling that, and the other part, (the larger part) that thought he should tumble Heero one more time, won out. Heero's eagerness wasn't helping at all, either. The mortal leaned off the bed and pulled him near.

Heero moaned his name as wrapped his arms around Duo's waist and kissed his chest. His lips wandered to the left to lick circles around Duo's nipple, quickly making it erect. Something in his touch promised to do the same to other parts of his body. With incredible strength, he pulled Duo to the bed and rolled on top of him. The faerie's mind blurred with pleasure as Heero kissed down his body. He gasped and bucked when he felt the youth's lips encircle his erection and start sucking. Duo moaned and pounded on the bed with his fist, but Heero only sucked long enough to get him wet. He crawled up and kissed Duo fiercely on the mouth before leaning back and taking him inside.

"Heero!" Duo shouted. He seized Heero's hips frantically as Heero began to ride him.


Heero settled next to Duo, becoming aware that he was losing his battle against sleep. He rested an arm across his faerie lover's waist and finally succumbed with his face nuzzled in Duo's side.

Duo stroked his hair and chuckled silently at his exhausted human. With a sigh, he thought regretfully about what he had to do. He longed to keep the youth, but Heero was only so smitten because of the flower's nectar. Duo liked him too much to leave him enchanted wrongly forever. He wrapped his arms around Heero and in a blink, they were back in the aspen thicket. Duo carefully rearranged the Athenian garment on the sleeping Man and then gave Heero one last kiss before dripping the flower's nectar in his eyes.

"When you wake," he whispered, "You will not remember a thing. Only I will have to live with the memory of giving you up."

He made himself invisible, and sat in a near-by tree to watch the human until he woke.

A throat cleared behind him, nearly making him topple off of the branch.

"While you sulk, Puck, a guardsman with ass ears still snores in the glenn," Mei reminded him, arms crossed over her chest.

Having completely forgotten, Puck grudgingly got up and followed her. He wouldn't have needed her as a guide, for the ass's snoring could be heard from far away. Puck used his magic to return the guardsman to his natural shape, much to Mei's delight.

"You really do like him," Puck observed.

"I do," Mei said, stroking his black hair back into its proper ponytail.

"Would you go back with him?"

"Yes," she answered certainly, "Go now, for he wakes."

Puck bid her farewell, and disappeared back to the thicket.

Wu Fei awoke with a snort, reaching for his sword. A smaller hand closed over his, taking his fingers from the hilt and enlacing them with its own. He found himself lying in the arms of the same nymph who had offered him assistance on the road. He could vaguely remember a ginger-haired Faerie King, but it all seemed fuzzy.

"Am I still dreaming?" he asked, out loud and bewildered.

"No," the pretty young nymph smiled, "They call me Mei."

"I am Wu Fei," the man answered, "And I am lost. Might you help me find my way out of this forest?"

"Only if I can come with you where you are going," the girl said.

His pitch eyes widened. "You would… want to come with me?" he asked in disbelief.

Her response was a light kiss on the lips. When she released him, he stood and helped her up. The sprite girl giggled and started running. The man took the challenge and pursued. He chased her through the woods, only catching glimpses of her now and then just beyond trees and behind shrubs.

She waited for him at the road.

"I am still not convinced you are not just some demon in disguise," he panted.

"Care to take a chance?" she asked with a grin.

"Yes," he answered, "But you'll have to wear more clothes than that." He threw his cloak over her shoulders, and she pouted. "Ok, at least around other people," he amended.


With Mei leading her man back to Athens, the two young lovers running away, the Kings reunited, and Dorothy well on her way to helping Relena forget all about boys, the night was over. The story ended as the sun rose, everyone happy and everything set back the way it should be.

But the story was not over…


It was the first thing on his lips and the first thought in his mind when he woke.

"Duo?" Heero asked as his eyes opened and immediately searched for his love. He looked around, horrified, his heart icing over in panic. It had happened! His worst fear had come true! He was back in the aspen thicket, right where he had left his things. He scrambled on the ground a bit before standing and calling, "Duo!!"

He called in every direction, but there was no answer. He snatched his bag and searched frantically through the forest, calling for the faerie. As the sun rose in the sky, he did not stop. Surely, if he made a big enough racket, Duo would come back for him.

Puck watched him, confused and hurting. Something must have gone wrong with the antidote. It was so hard for him not to respond to Heero's frantic cries.

King Zechs wandered over to him, yawning. "What is this?" he asked, motioning to Heero, who could not see either of them in his desperate search. "This commotion woke me from my sleep. What have you done now?" he questioned the prankster.

"I don't know! I put the antidote on him a few hours ago and told him to forget, but he didn't!" Puck answered.

"It should have worked instantly," the King frowned, "But I meant this 'Duo' thing. What is that?"

"That's what he calls me," Puck said sadly.

The King held up a hand. "No. I don't want to know why. I'm going back to bed. Get this figured out, Puck." He disappeared then to rejoin Titan.

Puck made himself visible and sat on a high branch. "Heero," he said as calmly as he could. He hated seeing his human so upset.

Heero whirled around and ran to the tree where he sat. "Duo!!" he cried.

"How is it you still remember me?" Duo questioned timidly.

"How is it I could forget you?" Heero asked, looking up and placing a hand on the trunk of the tree.

"Heero," Duo sighed sadly, "Listen, this was all a misunderstanding. You don't really love me, you only think you do because I put a potion in your eyes to enchant you. It was an accident, and I tried to fix it, but something went wrong there. I'm sorry."

"Potion?" Heero asked, looking puzzled.

"Yes, when you caught me leaning over you, I was dribbling the love potion into your eyes. You would have fallen in love with the first person you saw upon waking, and since I accidentally woke you, it was I. I'm very sorry for taking advantage of you, I understand if you hate me," he grumbled.

Heero tipped his head back and laughed heartily. Duo blinked at him in surprise. "Love potion?" Heero nearly grinned, "Is that what that stuff was supposed to do? You baka! You didn't even get any of it in my eyes! When I caught your wrist, I felt something drip onto my forehead, but I completely forgot about it as soon as I saw you!"

Duo stood up, nearly falling off the branch in excitement. "So the antidote?"

"Didn't work because I was never enchanted!" Heero said gleefully, "I'm in love with you, Duo!! Now come down here so I can love you properly!"

Duo grinned at the feral edge Heero's voice took on at the last sentence. They both liked it any way but proper. Duo leapt off of the branch and landed on Heero, knocking him to the ground in an ecstatic tangle of arms and legs.

"Duo, I need to stay with you," Heero said desperately as the faerie kissed his face and lips.

"I'm not letting you go again, you had your chance!" Duo replied between kisses, "I'm sure I can convince the King to make you into a reveler."

"Then I get to stay here forever?" Heero asked, hugging Duo hard.

"Right here? No," Duo said gleefully, "My house? Yes!" They held each other tightly as Duo took them back to his treehouse.

It's over!! Well, that was my fluff, I hope you enjoyed it. I didn't get to include noine and Hilde like I wanted to, but at least I got Mei Ran in, and a little Sally. That was fun, but it took forever, and I wanted to kill it by the end.


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