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pairing: 2x1
warnings: yaoi, post-series
spoilers: probably none
length: 3 PAGES!

note: Heero's voice is a bit relaxed, but hey, give the guy five years and he may come around.

Melts in Your Mouth, Not on Your...
by Granate

"I told you to eat them instead of throwing them at me," I growl as we both stare at the squashed red peanut M&M on my couch cushion. Duo has his hands around his middle, laughing. I suppose it has to be partially my fault, for bringing a snack so easy to throw. Knowing his penchant for throwing food at me, I should have at least presented him with a challenge. A challenge and something that would not leave a stain.

"Great," I continue, gesturing to the couch, "so now whateverís not ground into your couch is stuck to my jeans."

Duo just laughs harder, as if the idea of Heero Yuy with chocolate all over his ass is the funniest thing heís ever heard. I donít think he cares about the couch. I tried to be careful about finding the M&Ms after heíd pelt me with them, but apparently, I missed one. I guess, out of such a big bag, that if I only neglected to find one, then I did all right. Better than 99%, Iíd say.

Throwing food may be juvenile, but thatís the point. One would think that saving the world twice would demand some respect, yet other Preventers Agents still have a difficult time taking twenty year olds seriously. They think weíll act our age, that the twenty year olds will flake out, screw up, give up, or just plain go off the deep end. What they donít understand is weíve never had the luxury of acting our age, and hell, if we havenít gone off the deep end yet chances are we wonít. Or maybe we were pushed off a long time ago.

We go through our daily lives acting like adults, adding years to our ages, successfully navigating and operating in a world that is at least a decade beyond us, just like we always have. I am the way I am, but Duoís always had more of a need to goof off occasionally. The only difference these days is that heís absolutely heedless about dragging me a long with him. He loves old sci-fi, even restores antique video players so he can watch them, and thatís become our excuse to hang out and pretend like we know how to act our age. I think weíre on the right track with the bad movies and food throwing. I like that heíll act this way around me, that he doesnít think twice about being an idiotic twenty year old and tying to get me to be one too. He doesnít worry about what Iíll think of him.

"Iím sure itís not as bad as you think," he tells me when heís stopped laughing enough to start making fun of me. "Here, turn around. Lemme see," he says, turning me by the arm. He cocks his head and squints in the dim light.

With a long-suffering sigh, I lean over a bit, bracing my hand on the arm of the couch. Bending over so someone can inspect my ass is the most humiliating thing Iíve done in a long time, even if itís Duo. He starts laughing again, sensitive soul that he is.

"Well?" I ask gruffly, still waiting for the damage report.

"Theyíll definitely need to be washed," he answers.

I make a face that I think he doesnít see and before I know it, heís turning me back around.

"Donít make that face, Yuy," he teases. "Geez, here, Iíll wash them for you even." Grinning wildly, he reaches for my belt buckle. I wonder if he hasnít had a little too much sugar tonight.

"Hey, Duo, wait!" I stammer as I fumble to stop him, fighting him off mostly because I donít want him to find out Iím half hard. Iíve been that way all night. I usually am most of these nights with him, and not because I have some weird fetish about snack items being thrown at me.

He notices, of course, and stops. He glances up at me for just a second and Iím sure must be blushing, and then he goes right back to unbuckling my belt. Though, for a different reason, I suspect.

"Duo!" I continue to protest. Itís just like him to be grabbing at my crotch before weíve even kissed.

"Your pants need to be washed, youíll just have to stay over," he says happily.

Me staying over is something thatís long overdue. As Iíve grown up Iíve become more aware of Duo, more aware of the way he treats me versus the way he treats everyone else. Iíve also become more aware of the way I treat him compared to the way I treat everyone else. Iím not so dense anymore that I donít see the difference. Iím not so dense that I donít know that our movie nights are just an excuse to flirt like the idiotic twenty year old males that we should be. Yeah, long over due.

Iím only getting harder and he doesnít even have my pants open yet. I finally manage to catch his hands. "I do not want to have casual sex with you, Duo," I growl at him. Aroused as I am, I can still walk away from this.

"Well, I donít want to have casual sex with you, either," he replies and just like that we have an understanding. His hands escape mine and settle on my jaw as he backs me up against the couch. I couldnít say who kisses who and it hardly matters. This kiss is also long overdue. He tastes like M&Ms and grape soda. Heís got me so distracted with his mouth, I donít notice that his hands are working on my pants again until I hear the jingle of my belt buckle. I wonít be stopping him this time. My jeans fall to the floor and he wraps his hand around my cock. I break the kiss with a moan.

"Nice," he says, giving me a squeeze through my shorts. "Been this way all night?"

I just nod.

"Gee, and here I thought I was the only one who liked sci-fi that much," he grins.

I growl his name and he grabs the front of my shirt, pulling me to his bedroom.


"This doesnít really change anything, does it?" I ask as we crowd ourselves onto the dry half of his bed.

He gives a thoughtful hum as he attempts to push his hair out of the way. "Well, if anything, Iím only going to expect you to put up with more of my sci-fi now," he says. He bumps up against the wall and arranges me with my back against his chest.

"More of that? At least Iíll get something out of it now," I say.

"Donít try to deny your love for it! Resistance is futile!" he declares dramatically as he spoons me and nuzzles his nose behind my ear. He grew just that much taller than I did and usually it would annoy me to be reminded, but not right now. Not with his soft breath on my neck. He is falling asleep back there, but something keeps me from joining him.

"Hey," I say, elbowing him just a little, "what about my pants? You were going to wash my pants."

"Pants?" he mumbles sleepily. "Oh, they werenít that bad, just wanted to get you out of Ďem."


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