Disclaimers: I do not, nor do I hold the delusions of owning the characters of gundam wing. No money, don't sue!

Pairings: 1x2
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: none really, it's pretty tame, shounen-ai, a little yaoi, alcohol abuse (^_^), a little lame angst, still trying to decide whether it needs a lemon at the end, mega sap and fluff. This story came about when I was working on a different fic, trying to refine a scene in which Duo says "you don't own me, pal!" and suddenly I thought, heh heh, what if Heero DID own him…..

Author's Notes: A little trip down Granate Memory Lane: the first fic I ever wrote!

Summary: Heero's got a trump card that might help him keep his roommate where he wants him. The question is, how will he play it?

Going Cheap
by Granate

The keys of Heero's labtop clicked away as he typed a report of the most recent mission. He appeared totally focused. It was a clever reuse, really, for he was paying more attention to his primping partner. It was a Friday night, and Duo was getting ready to go out with some friends. They'd only been at the school for two days, but it hadn't taken Duo long to attract a whole gaggle of friends and admirers. He watched Duo out of the corner of his eye as Duo checked his hair (again) and his shirt and - Heero had to remind himself not to stare openly - how his ass looked in the pants he had on.

//Baka,// thought Heero, //Of course it looks good. It always does.//

An evil grin attempted to form on his lips, but he kept it in check. //I'll wait till he's done to tell him he can't go.//

Duo ran a hand through his bangs and glanced at Heero in the mirror again. He frowned, //Ignoring me as usual.// They'd been living in the same room for two days, and Heero hadn't made any sort of move on him. The situation was perfect: they hadn't seen each other in a few weeks, and they were sharing a room for the first time... Duo thought this would be the perfect opportunity. But nothing was happening. Duo hoped he'd be able to get his hands on some alcohol, that always seemed to warm up the ice-boy…

Deciding he looked good, Duo headed for the door, "I'm out for the night Heero! Don't wait up!" he said cheerfully.

"You shouldn't be going out," Heero turned in his chair to face the braided boy.

"It's just for a few hours!" Duo blew him off as he reached for the door knob. It was the same argument thay had at every school.

"It might jeopardize our mission here." Heero stated, trying to provoke the American pilot. //Come on Duo, say the right words…// Actually, Duo had never really put a mission in danger, as social as Duo was at school, he was still The God of Death when it came to kicking OZ ass.

Duo grinned, thinking he knew Heero's line of thought. "Don't worry, Hee-chan," he said teasingly, knowing how much the suffix annoyed Heero, "I'll be back later tonight… and maybe I'll bring you something to drink!" he winked.

"Don't joke around," Heero warned, "You're not going anywhere."

"What?! You can't just sit there and tell me what to do!" Duo was sick of this. He'd had enough of sitting in the silence of their room. "You don't own me, Pal!" he exclaimed.

"Actually, I do," Heero said nonchalantly when he heard his cue.

"What?!" sputtered Duo, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about this," Heero said, pulling a piece of paper from a desk drawer, and handing it triumphantly to Duo.

It looked like… a napkin. Duo took it curiously and read it. It was Heero's handwriting.

"I Duo Maxwell hereby give the full, undeniable, and unrevokable rights of my body to Heero Yuy." And then his own signature at the bottom. It looked a little shaky, but it was his.

"WHAT?!?!" Duo shouted, cobalt eyes nearly popping out of his head. Heero snatched the napkin before Duo could damage it.

"It's a fake! I never signed that!" Duo exclaimed.

"Yes you did," Heero insisted, cradling the napkin protectively.

"No way! WHEN?" Duo wanted to know.

"Remember when we were staying with Quatre, and he got us into a bar?"


"What did we do that night?" Heero was looking straight into Duo's eyes.

Duo had to look away as he remembered. His cheeks colored slightly at the memory of what they "did." That was the last time they had seen each other before this mission.

"Uhhhh… we sat at the bar…. I ran out of money, and you had to buy me a few drinks… we got drunk, you wouldn't dance with me… Wu Fei sang some awful karaoke, then we all went back to Quatre's… and me an' you fooled around." //And I woke up alone, as usual.// Duo's mind added with a scowl.

"You obviously don't remember quite as well as I do…" Heero began.

The bar was dim and smoky. They were totally underage, but Quatre had gotten everyone in through some kind of connections. For a little relaxation, he'd said. Heero had, of course, not wanted to go, but Duo has dragged him. Trowa, Quatre, and Wu Fei sat at a table getting something to eat, while Duo and Heero were seated at the bar, wasting no time. Duo ran out of money after only three drinks.

"Damn!" he swore as he peered into his empty wallet, expecting moths to flutter out any minute. He turned to Heero, sitting on the stool next to him, elbow on the bar, chin in his hand, drunken smirk on his face.

"Now what am I gonna do?" Duo wondered despondently. //I am not nearly drunk enough!//

"I've got plenty of money." Heero offered slyly, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.

"But, Heero, I'm really out of money! I won't be able to pay you back," Duo said. He hated borrowing.

"Ok, theeeen… think of something else you can do…" Heero hinted. He thought he was being obvious enough.

Duo's eyes lit up. "Ok, you buy me a few more drinks, and I'll mess around with you tonight!"

Heero's smirk grew into a rare, genuine smile, "You were gonna do that anyway!" He downed another shot.

"Yeah! I was!" Duo laughed, "But how 'bout it, huh?"

Heero thought for a minute, drumming a finger on the bar.

"Heero!" Duo was offended, "This shouldn't take so much deliberation!"

"Ok," he conceded, "But let's get this in writing." Heero picked up a napkin and got a pen.

Duo sighed loudly, watching his overly-thorough partner.

Heero ordered another of whatever Duo had been drinking, but before he gave it to Duo, he passed him the napkin. "Sign it," he demanded.

"Fine fine WHATEVER!" Duo growled, quickily signing the damn thing. And then he giggled "Just give me the drink!"

They both had several more, Duo tried unsuccessfully to get Heero to dance with him, and then they went back to Quatre's for some fun.

Duo froze.

//Damn! I didn't even read that thing! Man, he's crafty, even after a few drinks!// Duo thought.

"Come on Heero, it was just a prank, right? You couldn't have been serious. I just want to go see a movie with a few people!" Duo inched nervously toward the door again.

Heero blocked his exit. "No. You're not going anywhere because I say so." The Japanese boy crossed his arms over his muscled chest.

"But its just a stupid piece of paper! It doesn't mean anything! I don't have to do what you say!" Duo stated defiantly.

Heero smirked. "You signed it. It's legally binding. Your body belongs to me, and I want it HERE tonight."

Duo's eyes went wide. //Hmmmm…. Well, maybe this could be fun….// His mind was in usual form.

Duo took off his coat and asked expectantly, "Weeellll, what am I supposed to do now?" He was actually kind of nervous, they'd never even really touched while sober. Sure they'd gone pretty far, but it was only a few times and they'd always been pretty drunk.

"Sit," Heero commanded, "I have a few things to finish." He went back to his laptop.

"WHAT?!" Duo demanded, offended. "If you don't wanna do anything, then why can't I just go out??"

"No," Heero growled, his blue eyes menacing "You will stay here."

Duo scowled and grabbed a book off his desk. He sat on his bed, back aginst the wall, grumbling to himself. //Jerk! He just wants to make me miserable. Man, he really knows how to get me steamed! Makin' me sit around here when he doesn't even want me. He sure does know how to push my buttons… but in good ways too….// Duo shook the thought out of his head, //I shoulda known better, shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.//

Duo tried to get into his book, the methodic click of the keys just became background, and he didn't even notice when they stopped. Duo looked up to find Heero standing in front of him. Before Duo could even put the book down, Heero was crawling over him, his lips easily finding Duo's as he straddled his hips. Duo was elated, eagerly kissing back. He closed his eyes and pushed his tongue into Heero's mouth. Heero gave a muffled groan and hungrily returned the favor.

//FINALLY! Man, he's even better sober!…// Duo thought as the other boy deftly unbuttoned his shirt, never ceasing his oral assault. Duo's hands wandered up Heero's back and into his hair. He felt Heero's fingers on his chest. He moaned as Heero kissed his neck.

"So, what do you want to do with me?" Duo asked, thinking he knew the answer.

"I wanna have sex with you..." Heero whispered amorously as he kissed Duo's ear, his fingers slowly making their way to the buttons of Duo's pants.

Duo froze again. //SEX?! Ack! No, I can't do that! Oh god, there's nothing I'd like more, only… to him it would be meaningless, but for me… I just can't put myself through that. It takes me a few drinks to get over the pain of just fooling around with him! He's worth it, but it kills me every time when he acts like it never happened…//

"Uhhhh I don't think we should do that," Duo blurted out, stopping Heero's hands.

Heero's hands escaped and dipped back into Duo's shirt as he kissed his collarbones, "Why? Don't you want to?" he mumured between kisses.

//YES!// "Errrrr we just shouldn't, ok? Please… I- " Dou thought he might cave when Heero started tracing the tip of his tongue up Duo's neck and rolling his hips against Duo's.

Heero had not anticipated that Duo would resist. //Feels like he wants me… Perhaps he just needs a little more coaxing…//

"Hnn, well, I'm afraid you don't really have a say in this," his lips moved back up Duo's chin, "…full… undeniable… unrevokable…rights…" he recited, punctuated by kisses.

He was driving Duo wild. //Oh man, I gotta get out of this, I want it way too bad! He is so goddamn sexy!// Duo frantically tried to squirm away, only to be further pinned by Heero's hips. With out even thinking, Heero reflexively clamped his hands on Duo's arms, pinning him hard against the wall.

Duo was actually frightened for a moment "Ow! Heero, don't make me!" he said desperately.

Heero instantly let go, stunned. He looked into Duo's wide eyes, confused.

"I would never … you think that I would…. I - " Heero stammered, unable to escape those huge violet eyes.


Heero immediately stood up and walked away. He couldn't face Duo now.

"Maybe you should just go catch up with your friends …." Heero said, not turning around .

"Heero - "

"Leave Duo…." Heero said, the anger rising in his voice.

"Wait, Heero I didn't really -"

"GET. OUT." Heero snarled, unable to even bring himself to look at Duo.

Duo buttoned his shirt as he headed quickly for the door.

Heero sat down in his chair and let his fore head slam onto the desk. //I completely fucked that up. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just just act like a normal person? I couldn't even tell him how I feel! I pushed him to hard, I went too fast, I was too forceful… I hurt him. The Soldier always comes out, even when I want to be anything but him. I am completely useless as anything else.// He closed his eyes.

//I should be making love to him right now, not sitting here feeling like some goddamn bully…"// His stomach churned and he felt sick. // What the hell have I done?!//

This was NOT how it was supposed to happen. Heero had written the contract as a joke, thinking Duo would notice. Once he had it, he kind of figured it could be a light-hearted way to let Duo know how he felt about him. And hint that he wanted to take things farther. Well, for them sobriety would be a step up, but Heero usually needed a bit of alcohol to get the confidance, loosen up a little. He was always less drunk then Duo, though, and that was the worst realization. That the boy he wanted as his lover wasn't interested when sober.

//Duo is usually much more aggressive than that, he had been hesitant the whole time. Why didn't I see it?// Heero agonized, //Maybe he was mad 'cause I made him wait?//

In truth, Heero had done that because he was nervous. Duo had actually agreed to play along, and Heero still had to get up the nerve. When they were drunk, neither had to "make a move." It was just understood. They just did it. The first time had just been some surprised, fumbling kisses, but they'd done a lot since then.

//No, he just doesn't want me. And now he never will. He shouldn't be with someone like me anyway…//

Duo breathed deep as he stepped outside, hearing the hall door slam behind him. The night air was cool, and he was burning up. He decided he needed to take a walk. He definitely wasn't interested in finding his friends. Not after what just happened. He needed to think.

//What the hell just happened in there?// he thought, running a shaky hand through his bangs. He had only been momentarily frightened. Of course he knew Heero would never make him do anything.

//Wait a minute, Heero wanted to have sex, and I turned him DOWN?!//

He reminded himself why. Fooling around with Heero was probably the best times he'd had in his crappy, short, pain-filled life. The guy was simply amazing, and so different from how he acted normally. But only when he was drunk. And the next day, Duo always woke up alone and things between them were back to normal. Not even a "good morning" or any sort of civility. He was lucky if he got a grunt of recognition and the usual glare.

//But he hadn't been drunk just now….// a little, hopefull part of Duo's brain reminded him.

He fought back, //Yeah, but still…. Can I do that to myself? I mean, yeah, I KNOW it would be great - no, incredible - no, mind-blowing but…. I want to be with him. All the time. Not just for fun or boredom or … horny drunkenness. I want to be more than that to him. I can't lie, I always have.//

Duo slowed down and stared up at the clear night sky. //But maybe it would be worth it. Worth the hurt just to feel him like that. See his face and hear him call my name the way he does…// a tingling ran through him when he thought of Heero's voice. //Maybe he'd stay….//

Duo's mind only had to wander a little farther before it convinced him.

//Well, there's only one way to know.// he thought decisively, heading back toward the dorm, //I might as well just ask him.// Duo hated game-playing and was never one to beat around the bush. //Besides, after what just happened, we need to talk anyway. I hope he doesn't throw me out again or anything.//

Duo stealthily entered the room. His dim desk light was left on, but otherwise, it was dark, and Heero appeared to be in bed.

"Heero?" he asked timidly. There was no answer.

//Heero can't be asleep, he never does sleep much, so he must not want to talk. Too bad.// Duo was still determined. He neared the bed.

"Heero, will you please talk to me?" he wanted to touch the form in the bed, but wasn't sure if he should. He waited.

Heero shifted but didn't turn toward Duo. "There's nothing to talk about. I shouldn't have done what I did, and I won't do it again. Just leave me alone."

"Heero, just listen." Duo said. "You didn't do anything wrong. I always like it when you… I know you wouldn't hurt me, I was just really surprised and got a little panicked because… because - " //Oh god, should I just come out and say it??// "I - I want to be with you, Heero."


Heero's voice sounded muffled. "Duo, I'm not the right person for you. Let's just forget it."

"No." Duo sat down on the bed and pushed Heero onto his back so he could look at him, "I don't want to just forget it. I like you, Heero. A LOT. I like being with you, even when you ignore me or snap at me. I even think you're funny. I love touching you, and when you reach for me, god, I think I'm gonna EXPLODE or something!" He looked away bashfully and started fidgiting with the end of his braid, "I… I know you. I know what you are, and I'm not scared. Even though sometimes I think you are. But I think you're beautiful." He looked into Heero's eyes again. "I want to be with you, I just… I just don't want to wake up alone… Know what I mean? I can't take that. I need this to be all the time… or I will have to try and forget it." He could hardly believe he'd just said all that.

Neither could Heero. He didn't know what to react to first. //He wants to be with me? He wants me to stay with him? He thinks I'm funny?? And …beautiful?// Heero was dumb-founded.

Heero's silence killed Duo's confidence. He was about to get up and leave.


Duo felt the tingling again.

Although he tried to live his life by his instincts and emotions, Heero always had trouble finding words for his feelings. But he knew it was important to do so now, or he might really lose his chance. He fumbled with the words and hoped they didn't come out sounding as stupid as they did to him. "Duo, I want to stay with you. I do. I always left because I wasn't sure if you wanted me to stay… I didn't want things to be awkward. I didn't want to ruin what little I could get of you, or scare you off. And I was nervous, I was trying to not get so attached, you know because of the lives we lead. But that's crap because… I already am." He pulled Duo down into a deep kiss.

* * * *

Heero contentedly nibbled the back of Duo's neck and shoulder. Duo sighed with satisfaction, the memory of what they'd just done rolling through his mind again. It had been just as mind-blowing as he'd imagined. He sighed contentedly again and a thought occurred to Heero. The evil grin could not be contained this time.

"Oh, Duo I should tell you," he said, "I own your soul too." His arms tightened around Duo's waist.

"What!?" Duo exclaimed, "Oh god, how cheap did I sell that for?" He had to laugh at himself.

"Later, that same night at the bar, you got hungry and I bought you a hamburger."

Duo shook his head and settled back as close to his lover as he could. "I guess, all I can say is I'm glad it was you who was buyin'!"


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