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pairing: 1x2x1
warnings: language, yaoi, lemons, post-EW
rating: NC17
spoilers: for everything

special thanks to jana for comments and moral support.

summary: this fic sprung from a very simple idea given to me by jana - heero wants duo to fuck him but doesn't know how to ask. it grew into a monster that took over two years to wrestle into shape, but here it is.

Part 3
by Granate

The bedroom door crashed loudly against the wall but neither Heero nor Duo noticed as they stumbled into the room. Heero was trying to kiss Duo and untuck his shirt at the same time, but Duo was biting his ear in a very distracting way. Having finally won his battle with Duo's shirt, Heero ripped at his own tie.

"Leave it on for now," Duo said and took his hand away, using the tie to yank Heero to the bed. Heero was pushed onto the bed and obligingly laid down on his back. If Duo wanted to undress him, that was more than all right with him. He watched Duo hurriedly strip off his own shirt and tie. He liked that Duo abandoned his work clothes on the floor without even a glance at where or how they landed. He liked that Duo never took his eyes off him.

Heero was still feeling a slight compulsion to take control but he was getting better at ignoring it. Besides, now that Duo knew what he wanted, he doubted Duo would let that happen. He knew with absolute certainty that he wanted this, it had been right to say something. He realized he had not actually asked Duo to fuck him the way he had intended, but his method seemed to have gotten the reaction he wanted: Duo half naked and smiling and crawling over him on the bed. He skimmed his hands along Duo's sides and back. He liked the light color of Duo's skin, it was fair yet it didn't look pallid. It was as vibrant as the rest of him. Heero had always thought Duo was spirited and dynamic, from the moment they'd first met, but he had no idea just how lively Duo was until they started sleeping together.

Duo's smile melted into a hungry leer that Heero only got a glimpse of before Duo kissed him. Duo settled right on top of him as they kissed and his hand ruffled through Heero's hair. Duo had said more than once before that he liked Heero's hair. Between the two of them, Duo was the one with the spectacular hair, but if Duo liked his hair then he was welcome to it. It wasn't long before Duo's hand was slowly roaming down chest and past his belt. Duo broke the kiss when he reached Heero's zipper.

"God, Heero," he breathed, squeezing his cock a little. Heero knew he must be remarking on the fact that he was already nearly 100% hard. Heero just smirked. There was nothing he could say that was not perfectly communicated by the advanced state of his arousal.

Duo pulled back onto his knees and moved so he leaned over Heero's hips. He groped Heero's cock through his pants, getting a good feel for just how hard it was. He leaned down and put his mouth on it, using his lips and teeth to tease the rigid flesh through sturdy uniform pants. Heero groaned and his hand came to rest lightly on Duo's hair. Duo's mouth ranked among the best things he'd experienced in his whole life and he only wanted it more every time he got to be with Duo. Duo's attention was soon at his belt, which he unfastened with his teeth. Heero watched, clenching his jaw to hold back a groan. Duo then used his hands to quickly unbutton Heero's pants and pulled them down his hips.

Heero didn't have much of a chance to be impressed before Duo's mouth was back and tormenting him again through just one thin layer of cloth. Heero groaned. Duo didn't use teeth when he gave head, but he gently nipped and scraped through Heero's boxers, just teasing his straining cock. The material of his shorts felt more and more abrasive as his cock started to ache for some real attention. Duo sealed his lips sideways over the shaft and exhaled hotly, receiving an unsteady groan in response before mouthing it up and down. Heero was pretty sure he mumbled Duo's name as he bucked his hips in impatience.

Finally Duo withdrew and pulled his shorts down, stretching the elastic wide over his erection and dragging them down his thighs. Heero's cock was exposed, aching and damp. Duo's fingers touched just his inner thighs and he tossed his head back, thinking he was going to die from the anticipation.

"Yes," he hissed as he was spared sharp teeth and rough fabric, and instead sunk deep into Duo's hot, wet, welcoming mouth. Duo slowly sucked him up and down a few times before removing his lips.

"Loosen your shirt and tie," Duo panted and immediately took Heero back into his mouth, all the way into his throat.

Heero grunted and glanced down. He was not expecting to meet Duo's eyes, but Duo was watching him as he sucked. Heero reached up to loosen his tie and unbutton another button on his shirt. He wasn't sure what Duo liked about that, but his lips vibrated as he hummed in approval. Duo let him thrust up into his mouth a few times before letting go. Heero made a small noise of disappointment, but Duo's mouth covered his in a deep kiss.

"Turn over," Duo ordered against his lips. Duo moved back and guided Heero onto his hands and knees. He was away for just a second, getting the lube from the drawer, and then he sat on his knees behind Heero.

Heero was still wearing his grey Preventers uniform shirt and black tie, and Duo liked the look of it. He smiled as he lubed his fingers. Making Heero wait was fun because Duo had no doubt he was anticipating like mad. He finally touched one lubed fingertip to Heero's entrance, just teasing it. Duo relished the way Heero quivered. He teased some more, pressing but not penetrating, as his other hand stroked Heero's thigh and buttocks. Not until Heero groaned out his name did he slowly push his finger inside. He felt like an idiot for not figuring out what it was Heero wanted before tonight. The way Heero had encouraged him to finger his ass yesterday should have been a dead give away. Plus all the times Heero had tried to say something and failed with the words, the stammering and the uncharacteristic blushing. It seemed like it had been a difficult thing for Heero to ask for. Duo was going to make sure he liked it so much he wouldn't be shy about asking next time.

He kept up the slow pace until his finger moved in and out of Heero readily. He was thrilled that Heero had asked - or more accurately demanded - to switch their positions. Duo would have asked for it eventually, but now he could be sure that Heero truly wanted to do it instead of just going along with it because he felt like he had to. Duo added a second finger and pushed them both all the way in. He would have to loosen Heero's tight ass quite a bit before fucking would feel pleasurable for either of them. Heero was obviously enjoying it so far, though, given the way his body was moving and the little noises he was trying not to make. He was going to be amazing to fuck, Duo could tell. The urge to do it swelled up in Duo so powerfully it was almost unbearable for a moment. He pressed his groin against Heero's leg, but it wasn't enough. "Shit," he swore breathlessly.

Heero heard the jingle of Duo's belt buckle and the sounds of him fighting his way out of his pants. Adrenaline jolted through him when he thought that Duo was going to fuck him like this. He had assumed he'd be on his back the first time, but found himself wanting this. Badly. Even if two fingers wasn't enough preparation. However, Duo never entered him. Instead, Duo's cock slid between his legs and up next to his own cock. Duo moaned his name and pressed in closer. He reached around and rubbed their cocks together for a moment, getting them both slick from the lube on his hand. Heero pressed his ass back, making his balls bump against the root of Duo's cock.

Duo was painfully tempted to enter Heero and fuck him right here and now, like this, but he was bound and determined to have his fun before fucking Heero. He moved back a bit, keeping his cock nestled between Heero's legs but leaving some room between them so he could push two fingers back into Heero's ass. He wondered how many times he could hit Heero's prostate before he came this time. He wanted to get three strikes at least this time, otherwise sex would be over far too soon.

He lazily rubbed his cock against Heero's thighs and balls as he fingered his ass. "Tell me how it feels, Heero, none of this stoic crap," he instructed.

"It's good," Heero said, voice breathy and rapid. "I think I'm getting used to two."

Duo inserted a third finger and worked at the opening. Heero jerked and tensed. "Easy there," Duo said gently, "let me in." He leaned over and stroked Heero's cock with his other hand to keep his mind preoccupied. He knew Heero really liked having his balls touched so he cupped them and squeezed them. Heero groaned deeply and pushed back again. Duo grinned. "Go ahead, you can fuck yourself on my fingers," he said. Heero glanced back at him, blue eyes barely visible over his shoulder and Duo caught the flush across his cheeks. This definitely had to be a first for Heero Yuy.

Heero rocked gingerly, getting used to the feeling of all three fingers. Duo's hand disappeared from his balls and returned to his cock. He continued to rock his hips, moving on Duo's fingers and thrusting his cock through Duo's hand. Three fingers was more than the two Duo had put in before, but still not as big as his cock and Heero felt very stretched. He could feel every movement as Duo's fingers curled and stroked inside him. He gasped for air as his body twitched and bowed when Duo found his prostate. He was relieved when the feeling subsided and his body relaxed again. Duo's massaging felt even better than before and he was glad he hadn't come this time.

"You can't come until I hit it three times," Duo said.

Heero just grunted. The way Duo's cock was rubbing against the under side of his balls, he couldn't make any promises. Duo's cock settled against his thigh and he stopped his hand too, concentrating all his efforts on Heero's ass. Heero was receiving solely anal stimulation, bringing the feeling more clearly into focus now that he wasn't distracted by anything else. He didn't know if he could come just from this, but he shook and groaned when Duo struck his prostate again.

Fingers returned to his cock, just lightly teasing the tip. He moaned and pushed forward roughly, seeking more contact. "Oh, Duo, that's good," he gasped and received more of what he wanted. The fingers in his ass sped up, too, and Heero was afraid he might not last until a third strike. Duo's attention to the head of his cock never slowed and Duo searched for his prostate to hit it one last time. Heero squeezed his eyes shut.

"Duo, I'm gonna come," he gasped in warning, and then it all seemed to happen at once. Duo thumbed the slit of his cock and Heero's entire body jerked sharply, causing Duo's cock to bump his balls again. His back arched, and he groaned and shuddered under the first surge of orgasm. He was already coming when Duo found his prostate. A cry tore from his throat and his entire body bowed as he erupted again.

For a moment, all that existed in the world was the pounding of the blood through his ears and his own desperate panting for air. Then he was aware that Duo was all but holding him up. He let gentle hands ease him onto his side and he slowly opened his eyes.

"Soiled sheets: check," Duo's warm, husky voice said.

"Hm?" Heero intoned.

"We've finally soiled the sheets on your bed," Duo said again, his grin coming into focus for Heero.

Heero looked over to find the sheet next him soaked with his come. He ran a shaky hand through his hair. How many times had he shot? He couldn't think clearly. He was too woozy to be even a little embarrassed about how hard he'd come. He tried to ground himself as quickly as he could.

"Hmm, Heero that was hot," Duo hummed. 'Hot' was an understatement as far as Heero was concerned. He noticed then that Duo was lazily stroking his still-hard cock.

"What about you?" Heero asked. "Are you going to come once before we do it?"

"Oh, don't you worry about me," Duo replied with a leer.

Heero propped himself up on one elbow. "Just what is that supposed to mean? You think you've got the stamina?"

"I know I've got the stamina," Duo said. He pulled his hand away from his cock and let it stand proudly in full view. The way he saw it, if he could keep his composure through that, he could do anything.

"Is that so," Heero said dryly as he sat up completely. "Then know that I won't make this easy for you. I'm going to go wild, I'm going to make you lose control." Heero didn't really know what he was talking about, he didn't have any experience being on the bottom, but he knew that Duo had ways of driving him crazy from that position. He'd figure it out.

"That sounds like a challenge."

"It is."

"Then I accept."

"Good," Heero grunted and got to his knees. He kicked out of his pants, pushed Duo onto his back and straddled his hips. He wasn't ready again quite yet, but he didn't care. He was well lubed inside and he didn't mind if it hurt a little. He took Duo's cock in his hand and was about to lower himself onto it when Duo caught his shoulders.

"Oh, I don't think so, cowboy," Duo smirked as he pushed Heero away. "You asked me to fuck you and that is what I'm gonna do. You can ride the bronc another time."

He shoved Heero onto his back and got on top of him to pin him down. He kissed Heero, demeanor changing from rough to languid. Duo took his time about it, exploring Heero's mouth and sucking lips. He had to give Heero a chance to recover anyway, though he was still partially hard. He kissed over Heero's face and jaw, and then up to his ear, sucking and nibbling the rim. He sat up a bit to slowly untie Heero's tie and unbutton the rest of his shirt.

Heero sat up so his shirt could be pulled off. Duo began to remove it, but then twisted it around his arms and pushed him back down. The shirt effectively trapped his arms above his head. Duo was leering again.

"Duo," he rebuked, squirming.

"You just get comfortable," Duo smirked, "'cause you ain't going anywhere."

Heero resigned himself and relaxed back against the pillow. Duo took a few moments to take in the full picture of Heero on his back waiting to be fucked. As Duo had noticed countless times before, Heero's body was just about as perfect as they came. He had a naturally lean, agile build, but he'd filled out in a way that was sexy in a teeshirt and jeans, head-turning in the Preventers' uniform, and positively devastating in no clothes at all. Every muscle looked like it was carefully chiseled into relief, like a statue. Probably because there wasn't an ounce of fat on him anywhere, and Duo was proud to say he'd looked just about everywhere.

"God, and you used to be so scrawny," Duo chuckled.

"I was never scrawny," Heero said in his defense.

Duo just chuckled at him again, not seeing the point in arguing semantics about the past when he had Heero all grown up and tied down, right here in front of him. Not to mention Heero's cock was still half hard after coming once, and that alone was enough to totally absorb Duo's attention.

"Impressive," he said, rubbing the inside of Heero's thigh.

"I don't get to see you enough."

Duo laughed and Heero gave him the smug little smile he made whenever anyone recognized one of his deadpan jokes. Duo found it impossible not to kiss him when he was he was making that face. Duo caressed his hip as they kissed and then gently touched his cock, drawing a hiss from Heero.

"Is it too sensitive?" Duo asked, withdrawing his hand. He knew that sometimes his own cock was so sensitive after he came that it almost hurt to touch it.

"A bit, yeah," Heero answered, sounding apologetic for some reason.

"Ok," was all Duo said before kissing him again. This left him in the delicate position of getting Heero aroused again but not being able to touch his cock for a little while. Luckily, Duo thought he knew plenty of ways to accomplish that. First he overwhelmed Heero's mouth, kissing him until his lips were wet and swollen. When he kissed down Heero's throat to his collarbones, Heero made a noise and the muscles of his shoulders and chest flexed, shifting under Duo's warm, wet mouth.

He gave some attention to Heero's nipples, hardening them between his lips and teeth. He loved the way Heero twisted in his make-shift binding. It was exhilarating to have Heero under him so yielding and compliant. Heero was normally anything but tame - he'd been ready to shove Duo down and ride his cock the first time he'd ever bottomed! Heero was a force of nature of which Duo would always be in awe, and sex prior to this had been phenomenal, he had no complaints, but turning the tables was just as good. In Duo's meager experience, relationships that only went one way in the bedroom didn't last long with him.

Duo pushed Heero's knees apart and moved farther south. He noticed that Heero's cock was getting stiffer, but he purposefully ignored it as he kissed down Heero's hip bones. He positioned Heero's legs up and wide apart, bending his body and exposing his most sensitive places.

Heero wriggled and tried to look at Duo past his own legs. Duo smiled up at him as he grabbed a corner of the sheet to wipe some of the excess lube off of Heero's skin. Heero shut his eyes and let his head fall back when Duo massaged his perineum. It felt good and his whole body roiled with pleasure. Duo cupped his balls and kneaded them in his hand. A wet tongue teased them and then Duo sucked them into his mouth.

"D-Duo," Heero gasped, spreading his legs wider, silently begging for more. Duo rolled them in his mouth and then sucked on one at a time. Heero grit his teeth, but a broken groan slipped out. Duo finally released both, nipping and licking at the sac. Heero tossed his head and stomped one foot on the bed. Duo took hold of his thigh and put it back in position, making sure they stayed where they were put this time.

Duo cupped his balls again, gently pushing them upwards and then Heero felt something wet and soft on his entrance. He gasped out again. Duo was using his... Duo's tongue lapped and circled, wetting and caressing his delicate skin. Duo finally pushed inside, and Heero cried out sharply and threw his head back. It felt so good. It was distinctly different from fingers, much wetter and more flexible.

Duo withdrew his tongue only to delve inside again. He licked and sucked the entrance, savoring Heero's reflexive reactions. Duo was discovering a perverse joy in having Heero all hamstrung like this. Having Heero on his back with his feet in the air was more fun that he'd had in a long time. He would swear up and down that he wasn't some depraved fiend or anything. He was an honest to goodness normal guy who was alone more often than he would really prefer and had a pretty average, less than impressive sex life. Before Heero, that is. Heero just did something to him. Heero made him want to do dirty, indecent things that he'd never considered with anybody else. Like what he was doing right now. And like yesterday, too. If he'd been thinking about his job, he would not have made them late to a function by insisting on giving Heero a blowjob. However, he'd been thinking like a horny twenty-five year old male that he was.

Heero's mind numbed and spun like he was under the influence of a drug. Duo's mouth and fingers were all over him, everywhere at once - touching, licking, sucking, penetrating and enveloping him. It felt like there would be no end to it until suddenly everything disappeared and there was only one thing touching him, something bigger and harder. He opened his eyes. Duo had risen up onto his knees and was looking down at him with a lusty expression.

"I am going to fuck your brains out," Duo told him with a feral smile. "That's what you wanted, right? For me to fuck your brains out?"

Heero was annoyed that Duo still looked so composed, while he was clearly... not. "I want you to fuck my brains out," he confirmed. He wouldn't normally talk like that, but he was hoping a little dirty talk would heat up Duo's cool.

Duo bent down, focusing his attention on bracing Heero's thighs as he began to push inside. Three fingers, lots of playing and lots of lube had prepared Heero quite well. Heero still felt impossibly stretched, but it did not hurt too much if he remained relaxed. He released a shaky breath, focusing on not clamping or tensing. It was becoming more uncomfortable with more of Duo's cock inside, but he did not want to stop. He freed his hands from the shirt over his head and held on to Duo's shoulders.

"Heero," Duo gritted, closing his eyes for the last push. He paused, just breathing for a moment. He felt large hands on his back and unraveling his braid. His hair fell loose around them and he opened his eyes. Heero, his face damp with sweat and those brilliant blue eyes dark with lust, was smiling at him. Duo gave him a fierce kiss before he began to move.

Heero very quickly decided that it felt good. There was some pain, but low levels of pain barely registered to Heero, it was just another sensation. Besides, there was too much to like about it to mind the pain - the force of Duo's body when he was in to the hilt, the brief reprieve when Duo pulled out and the anticipation of the next thrust in that would open him and rock him into the bed. He wrapped one strong leg around Duo's back and kept the other on the bed, giving himself some leverage. Being fucked was invasive in a carnal, almost obscene way. He would have killed anyone else before letting them inside him like this, but with Duo it felt natural and satisfying, addictive even. He wanted more of it. He clenched long strands of Duo's hair in his fists like the reins of a horse and tugged. "Thought you were going to fuck my brains out," he said with a smirk that made Duo's blood boil.

"I was going to break you in slowly, but it sounds like you don't want to be able to sit tomorrow," Duo snarled and rammed into him suddenly, making Heero curse involuntarily.

Heero just growled back, never one for much talk during sex. He had sworn to drive Duo crazy and it was about time he made good on that. He yanked at Duo's hair and urged him on with his hips. He discovered he had a decent amount of influence on the rhythm from this position if he moved just right. He was getting the hang of it when Duo struck his prostate, splintering his concentration. He clutched at Duo's shoulders to hold on as pleasure quaked through his body.

The fingers digging into his shoulders made Duo grin wickedly. He had not been expecting to come through this experience without a few scratches and bruises - if he did everything right, that is. Heero was an animal top or bottom, apparently. It didn't surprise him that Heero would want to be fucked fast and hard. Another time, he'd take it slower and send Heero right out of his mind, but tonight he would give Heero what he wanted.

"Oh, god, that's good," Heero groaned, blunt fingernails grating down Duo's bicep. One of his heels was digging into the bed and the other inadvertently thudded against Duo's lower back. Duo angled Heero's hips up and sped his pace even more, plunging deeper. Heero's hands slid over the sheets as he sought to anchor himself. Duo found his prostate again and his body arched as he nearly tore the sheets from the bed.

"You can... touch my..." Heero said, words forced through clenched teeth. His leg tightened around Duo's middle and the other ankle pressed up and down his hip.

"Touch your what?" Duo asked as he paused deep inside Heero.

"My cock... it doesn't hurt, you can touch it," Heero exhaled.

"What do you want me to do, Heero?" Duo asked with ruthless grin, slowly pulling out. It could have been his imagination, but he thought he noticed Heero's face flush even more.

"Touch my cock," Heero all but pleaded. Duo slammed into him and struck his prostate. "God, Duo!" he shouted, writhing. "Touch my cock! Please!" he managed to groan before his words dissolved into meaningless syllables as Duo continued to fuck him.

Keeping his pace, Duo took hold of just the base of Heero's cock. Heero bucked under him powerfully, accidentally kneeing him in the side. "You gonna come?" Duo panted heavily.

"Oh, fuck!" were the last words Heero would be able to say because Duo was pumping his cock in time with his thrusts. His hand clamped down hard on Duo's forearm. Another hit to his prostate broke him most of the way, but he didn't come until Duo moved his hand up and jerked roughly at the head of his cock. Heero's entire body wrenched and he pitched his head back. His mouth opened but he could not control what kind of sound, if any, he made as his mind shattered in a flash of pure white light.

Duo had been working too hard to keep his control, and when climax claimed Heero, he had no choice but to give in to his own. Heero's body was too powerful and the sight far too erotic. Duo looked down just in time to watch the first jet of thick come spatter against his stomach, and he was utterly defeated. He thrust his cock hard in and out of Heero until a shout escaped him and he flooded Heero's tight passage. He clawed at Heero's thighs and desperately shoved as deep as he could, gushing inside him again. He was still pumping Heero's cock and Heero made an animal growl as he shot again. Duo refused to stop until Heero gave a long, helpless groan and dribbled come over his fist in a third release. Duo discovered that he was fucking Heero at the pace of his own hand, fast and shallow, until he ejaculated one last time.

He collapsed onto Heero's heaving chest and though that, with the combined strength of all four of Heero's limbs wrapped around, he was probably going to be crushed to death. He didn't care at the moment, though. He really couldn't think of a better way to go. He kissed the side of Heero's face and his neck and Heero eventually let his arms and legs fall bonelessly onto the bed. Duo rolled to one side and glanced down at himself. He had suspicious red marks in various places and his ribs hurt from Heero's knee. See, this was another reason it was nice to have Heero tied up. Otherwise, he was all riotous, hair pulling, side bruising, arm breaking, energy.

Duo tried to comb his fingers through his hair so he could put it back in a braid, but it was a hopeless mess due to sweat and Heero's greedy hands. He gave up and scooted over to kiss Heero's flushed cheek. "Alive over here?" he asked with an adoring smile.

"Not sure," Heero's voice rumbled up from deep in his chest.

"I know you probably want to fall asleep right there, but you're going to want to go get cleaned up," Duo suggested gently.

"I will," Heero murmured, looking like he was already falling asleep.

"Come on, let's at least get you out of the wet spot," Duo said, ready to move him by the arms. Heero didn't budge.

"I AM the wet spot."

Duo laughed. "Yeah, and you're going to be the sticky, disgusting spot if you fall asleep there," he warned.

Heero didn't answer.

"Do you want help walking to the bathroom?" Duo offered earnestly.

Heero's eyes opened into slits. "I will walk to the bathroom in my own power, thank you very much," he said flatly. His eyes closed again and he added, "In a moment."

"Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't clean up," Duo said, brushing Heero's sticky hair off of his forehead.

"I know," Heero muttered and finally roused himself enough to sit upright. He then proceeded to the bathroom alone and Duo attempted to clean up the bed. No possible arrangement would allow them to lay together and stay dry, so he pulled the top sheet over the mess and folded the blankets back.

Heero returned shortly and Duo went to quickly wash his face and brush his teeth. No way he was having a repeat of this morning. On his way back into the bedroom he turned off the light before getting into bed with Heero. It was silent and he thought maybe Heero had fallen asleep already, but Heero spooned up behind him and wrapped heavy arms around him.

Duo swallowed, unsaid words finally becoming imperative. "Heero, will you... be only mine?" he asked in a whisper.

"Already am," Heero grunted softly in his ear.


Shaking and shouting was a rude awakening after a night that was equally mind-blowing and exhausting. Duo's mind protested unhappily as he blinked his eyes open.

"Duo! Duo, get up!" Heero was saying urgently and shaking his shoulder. "Your flight leaves in thirty-five minutes! Get dressed, I'll pack your things!" Heero then started dashing around the room collecting Duo's clothes, still naked. It would have been amusing if Duo hadn't wanted that gorgeous naked body in bed with him instead.

"Heero," he said, blearily rubbing his eyes, "what's going on?"

"Your flight leaves in thirty-five minutes," Heero repeated, straightening up to look at him. "I don't know how this happened," Heero apologized as he ran a hand through his tousled hair. "I didn't wake up when I normally do. I must have been tired. I'm sorry about this, it's completely my fault."

"Heero, come here," Duo yawned.

"I'll call the space port," Heero said decisively, but then changed his mind, "no, I'll call Quatre and he'll deal with the space port. I'll make sure you get on that flight, Duo."

"Heero, come here," Duo repeated with a sleepy smile.

"Duo, we don't have time for that!" Heero told him.

"Come here," Duo persisted.

Heero made an annoyed 'tsk' noise but came over to the bed.

"My flight isn't until Monday morning," Duo said, tugging his arm.

"Clarify," Heero requested but allowed himself to be pulled back onto bed.

"I realized I didn't have to rush home for anything that I couldn't do on my computer from here, so during a free moment yesterday, I changed my flight," Duo explained, holding the covers back.

"When did you have a 'free moment' yesterday?" Heero asked. "I do know your schedule." He got under the covers and Duo smoothed them out.

"After the video conference with Relena," Duo replied. "I even used that connection to make the call." He rested his head on Heero's chest and closed his eyes. "See? Isn't this better?" he yawned again.

"So you're staying the weekend?" Heero asked.

"That a problem?" Duo asked, opening one eye to peer at him.

"No! No, it's no problem, it's great," Heero said quickly. "Though, I do have to work today."

"I know, I have some work I should be doing, too," Duo said, relaxing again. "But tomorrow is free, right?"

"Tomorrow is all yours," Heero promised and kissed his forehead.

Duo stretched and rolled onto his back, hands coming to rest under his head. "You know, Heero, if I get the position on the Health Commission, I'll be moving to here," he said.

Heero snuggled up to Duo's side and rested his head on his arm. "The thought had occurred to me," he said in bland understatement. He had only been thinking about it since the moment he'd heard about Duo's nomination. He'd run out and bought a coffee maker, just to see how he felt about it.

"We'll get to see more of each other," Duo smiled.

"It would really maximize our time if we lived together," Heero suggested, kissing his shoulder.

Duo's eyes widened in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious?" he asked.

"I think it could work out. I mean, you did floss in front of me," Heero pointed out.

"And here I was thinking toe-nail clipping was the indicator that we should move in together," Duo joked.

"I was thinking we could get a bigger place. Maybe something with two bedrooms so you can have a home office," Heero said.

"Oh, you were thinking, huh?" Duo grinned. Heero had clearly had more time to entertain this idea, while Duo was still trying to imagine it. "Do you really think we're ready for something like that?" he asked.

Heero had already given it some critical thought. "Well, I can't promise you egg sandwiches every morning," he cautioned, "and sometimes I keep odd hours or travel for assignments. But you also have a lot of time-consuming responsibilities. On the plus side, we get along and have similar tastes. And I am already used to some of your bad habits."

"Bad habits?" Duo inquired.

"Leaving wet towels on the bed and leaving your shoes strewn about, to name a few."

Duo struggled to return fire, but couldn't come up with a bad habit of Heero's. "Well! You...! Have... mismatched plates!" he accused lamely.

"Here, I'll help you: I'm lazy about laundry. I don't do it until I absolutely have to," Heero offered.

"That's way better than what I came up with," Duo admitted. "Plus, your plates are really going to be mismatched if mine move in with them. Oh my god... we're really talking abut co-habitating, aren't we?" he swallowed.

"It's still months away," Heero reminded him. "You have some time to get used to the idea."

"So I'll have a chance to try out clipping my toe-nails in front of you," Duo surmised.

"Yes. But Duo, should you decide that you're not comfortable clipping your toe-nails in front of me after all, I can't promise not to sulk," Heero warned.

Duo tried to imagine it for a moment. Coming home from work and Heero being there. Maybe making dinner. Or coming home from work and Heero not being there. Heero coming home late, looking a little rough around the edges. Still wearing his uniform. "Oh god," Duo blinked, "you'll be in that uniform all the time."

"The novelty will wear off," Heero said dryly, but Duo was already kissing him. Duo rolled onto his side and wrapped his arms around Heero's shoulders. Heero's hands roamed slowly up and down his sides, enjoying his smooth, warm skin. It wasn't long before they were moving against each other just slightly and Duo began to feel Heero's cock stirring against his thigh.

"Hey, can we get a cat?" Duo asked excitedly, suddenly pushing him away.

"Duo," Heero growled, trying to reclaim his lips.

"Can we?" Duo persisted, enjoying frustrating Heero.

"No," Heero said emphatically and kissed him again.

"You know, we should probably tell people about us before we move in together," Duo realized.

"That's true," Heero agreed.

"I think people suspect anyway," Duo said.

"Relena kindly pointed out to me that I didn't leave your side the whole night of the reception," Heero told him.

"I guess it's more obvious than we think," Duo said with a smile and shook his head. "Trowa cornered me yesterday at the bar before you got there. He thought we'd been sleeping together for the better part of year!"

"He would be right if wishful thinking counted."

Duo's mouth dropped opened in surprise. Heero rolled them over and kissed him before he could say anything. "I don't want it to be a secret anyway," Heero said, kissing up Duo's jaw.

"It doesn't have to be, I just thought..." Duo trailed off when Heero bit at his ear.

"Then let's tell our friends," Heero said, sitting back.

"Well, if you're ok with everyone knowing," Duo agreed.

"Duo, I want everyone to know," Heero said exasperatedly and pinned Duo's arms to the bed. "I want everyone to know that you're off the market, so to speak."

Duo grinned up at him. "I was never really 'on the market,'" he said, "I was more like one of those things on reserve in the back. With your name on me."

Heero kissed him in a way that made him damn sure they wouldn't be getting out of bed any time soon. He hummed and arched as Heero kissed down his throat. "What time do you have to go in today?" he asked, voice husky.

"I have a feeling I'm going to be late," Heero replied.

"What? Is the Very Punctual Agent Yuy going to be late?" Duo asked, suddenly aghast.

Heero growled slightly and nipped his flesh. "The only thing more shocking is why," he breathed in Duo's ear.

"Is it because he's in bed with the Sweepers Liaison," Duo teased with a sharp grin, "or because he can't sit down?"

"They're really going to have to up my bonus after this," Heero lamented, lips ghosting back up the side of his neck.

"I can just imagine your invoice," Duo snorted, "'Assigned charge consumed eight dollars worth of food, drank twenty dollars worth of alcohol, and took my virginity.' How much you gonna charge them? Will they even cover that?"

"I think I've been more than compensated for that. Besides, I don't want it back," Heero said before kissing him.


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