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Note: Bedtime Story request written over aim. Side conversations removed.

Bedtime Story
by Granate

granate: ok once upon a time

granate: there was a young man who lived alone and mostly kept to himself.

granate: his name was heero

granate: he lived a quiet life, could do most of his work from home.

granate: and did. because he wasn't very social

granate: he only went in to the office and saw people maybe once a week or so

granate: and there were occassional outings for shopping and other things

granate: despite this, he did not feel lonely

granate: because his upstairs neighbor was a bit on the noisy side

granate: he liked to sing and stomp around

granate: it was almost like having a roommate, except none of heero's things got moved, none of his food got eaten, and he really didnt have to interact with the person

granate: it was ideal

granate: and his neighbor could sing pretty well. he really liked to belt in the shower. heero rose earlier, so he always heard all of it

granate: once upon a time, there was another young man. his name was duo.

granate: he owned a bike shop and worked hard and had lots of friends

granate: and he was very happy because, for once

granate: he had a downstairs neighbor who didn't complain about how loud he was!

granate: he seriously entertained the idea that this guy must be deaf

granate: or never there

granate: but anyway, it was ideal

granate: one morning

granate: heero was at his desk and the water went on upstairs.

granate: a while ago, he had started keeping track of the songs his neighbor sang. just for fun and boredom and curiosity

granate: this morning, he made a little check next to "Teenage Dirtbag" and noted that his neighbor had, yet again, gotten the words wrong.

granate: "'drives an IROC' not 'drives on my rock'" he muttered to himself as he sipped his coffee

granate: (haha self-reference!)*

granate: quite sudenly, there was a loud THUD from upstairs

granate: alarmed, heero put his mug down and looked at the ceiling

granate: he waited

granate: there was no more singing

granate: just the water running

granate: heero shifted in his chair

granate: and waited

granate: and still, it was quiet upstairs

granate: no muttering or swearing or slamming the water off

granate: just silence

granate: without a second thought, heero got up and bolted to his door

granate: he took the stairs two at a time

granate: his heart hammered as he knocked on the door upstairs

granate: "anyone there?" he shouted, listening to the water that still ran from inside

granate: "hello?" he shouted, pounding on the door.

granate: there was no answer so he tried the knob

granate: miraculously, it was open so he dashed inside

granate: the bathroom door was locked, and he spared just a moment to be puzzled by the logic of someone locking the bathroom door but not the front door before kicking the bathroom door open

granate: the shower curtain had been torn down and was loosely held in the hand of the person lying unconcious on his back in the tub

granate: heero shook him

granate: there was no response

granate: heero shook the man harder and his face twitched a little

granate: "are you ok?" heero asked, relieved

granate: eyes blinked open, revealing deep indigo and deep, deep confusion

granate: "uh.. i think I fell," duo said fuzzily

granate: "I think you did too," heero replied, "you were unconsious."

granate: duo rubbed his head. "uh, not to be rude because I could have drowned in here, but who are you and do you think you could shut the water off please?"

granate: "Oh, ah," heero said, not sure whether to answer first or do as asked.

granate: he shut the water off. the emergency was over, he was coming to his senses a bit. he reached for a towel. "My name is heero yuy, i live below you," he said as he gave duo the towel

granate: "oh. OH! Well, nice to meet you, heero. I'm duo maxwell," duo said as he sat up and draped the towel over himself. "...this is kind of an awkward way to meet," he chuckled embarrassedly, "hey, wait a sec, did you... break down my door??"

granate: Heero adjusted the collar on his shirt. "well, it was locked," he tried to explain

granate: "I heard you fall from downstairs," heero added lamely.

granate: "and so you came charging up here to see if i was ok?" duo asked, pushing his wet hair out of his eyes.

granate: heero noticed for the first time that his hair was long. very long and clinging to his skin.

granate: "uh yes" he answered self-consiously

granate: "Wow, i dont know what to say," duo said as he tried to push himself to stand up.

granate: he lost his balance and reached for the wall

granate: heero caught him before the wall ever had a chance

granate: "heh, you're fast," duo chuckled as he turned red in embarrassment

granate: "you might have a concussion," heero said seriously

granate: "I think i'll be all right," duo insisted

granate: "if you get bad head aches or lose conciousness again, even for a little while, you should see a doctor," heero instructed

granate: "i'll remember that," duo said and stood on his own. "Uh, would you like a change of clothes? you're soaked," he noted, looking heero up and down.

granate: heero looked down at himself

granate: he was indeed soaked

granate: "oh" he said

granate: duo twisted his long hair into a rope in attempt to tame it as he waited for heero's answer

granate: "i can go back to my place like this," he shrugged

granate: "no no, it's no trouble! i'll lend you some clothes!" duo insisted

granate: holding the towel at his waist, he went down the hall as fast as he was able and dug out some clothes he thought might fit the other man

granate: "here!" he said and shoved the clothes at heero. he was glad heero hadnt run off yet, he needed to create an excuse to see him again!

granate: he ushered heero into the bathroom and closed the door behind him just enough so that he could still peek

granate: "you can leave the wet ones in there, i'll take care of them," he said through the door

granate: "thanks," heero said as he exited the bathroom

granate: duo grinned to himself, liking the way heero filled his clothes. especially, he couldnt help noticing, the jeans

granate: heero was hedging toward the door and duo followed, saying "thanks again for saving me."

granate: heero turned just the slightest shade of red. duo deicded he like making the other man a little uncomfortable

granate: "it was no big deal," heero all but stammered

granate: "no, seriously! you can drown in two inches of water! it's true!" duo exclaimed

granate: "oh. well. um. i'm glad i could be there then," heero said quickly

granate: "i'm glad you could be there too," duo replied, moving a little closer and grinning when heero backed into the doorframe

granate: heero groped for the door knob and wrenched the door open

granate: he paused a moment and looked down at his sock feet

granate: "andyousingreallywell," he muttered before darting down the hall and disappearing around the corner

granate: Duo thought his face was going to break he was grinning so hard. "I'll bring your clothes down when they're dry!" he called after the other man

granate: heero retreated back to the safety of his own apartment and tried to get back to work.

granate: there was more singing from upstair now.

granate: songs he hadn't heard before.

granate: ones with decidedly dirty lyrics

granate: he pretended to be too busy to change into his own clothes

granate: and then that night, he pretended to be too tired to change into pajamas

granate: the following day, duo hummed to himself as he folded up heero's clothes and put them in a neat pile.

granate: he grabbed a few condoms and stuffed them in Heero's pants pockets. on the way out, dry clothes under one arm, he snatched the bottle of wine from the fridge.

granate: he would have to thank his savior, after all.


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