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Pairing: 1+2/2+1
Rating: PG
Warnings: violence, ghouls, shounen-ai, cuteness, AU, demons, poor Japanese translations -_-'

Author's Notes: Winner of the SDDI's 2002 October Demonic Fic Contest! A Halloween tale of suspense(?), ghouls, goblins, and monsters! Where do our GW characters fit into all this?? Murders shock Duo's small, quiet town, followed by the appearance of a mysterious exchange student...

All Hallow's Eve
Part 7
by Granate

Duo whistled as he set the table for dinner. Things had gone well today. He had regretfully turned down all his friends' plans for Friday night and managed to evade their questions with his famous half-answers and partial truths. Of course, he hadn't told them that his plans for the afternoon were to clean the house so he could hang out with Heero all weekend. He had even convinced Solo to let him sleep over there both Friday AND Saturday nights. Solo's conditions were he clean the house before he left and have Heero over for dinner so he could meet the exchange student.

School hadn't been so peachy, he'd been very tired, but Heero had put up a little less of a fuss about sitting with him and his friends. However, the Hunter still hadn't been pleased about having to go to Duo's for dinner. He arrived on time and not smelling like any kind of monster slime, and he even wore clothes that were not ripped or torn. It was up to Solo and Duo to keep the conversation going, but at least Solo didn't seem as reluctant to let Duo go for the weekend. Since it was dark out, Solo insisted he drive them to Heero's place. He was only barely convinced not to go ring the bell and meet Heero's host parents. Solo could be so much like a real parent sometimes.

When they were sure they'd heard Solo's car pull out, they embarked on the night's hunt. They just walked silently for an hour until Heero felt something. He began running and Duo followed. Heero slowed and peaked around a building into a dimly lit parking lot.

"Vampires!" he whispered, turning back to Duo, "Three of them! And they have two victims…" He yanked his necklace from around his neck. "Freeze them from here while I attack, it might confuse them. Hopefully, those people are still alive; vampires like fresh blood." Heero attacked quickly, taking them by surprise. He managed to chop an arm off of one of the males with his first blow. The vampire howled and the two others attacked Heero.

Duo froze one of them so Heero could fight the other. They were unarmed and Heero was able to kill the other male before the female unfroze. Duo was relieved his power worked better on the vampires than the snake-woman. The armless one grabbed Heero by the hair and jerked him back hard, leaning down to bite his neck. However, Heero met him with a sword through the stomach and kicked him away. The female vampire unfroze and attacked. It dodged Heero's first couple of swings and managed to grab his shoulder and hurl him against a large metal dumpster next to the building. The dumpster made a reverberating metallic noise as Heero's body collided with it.

"Heero!" Duo called, running out of hiding. He froze the female again as she headed toward Heero and the Hunter woke up in time to slice her head off. They both went for the remaining vampire, which was crouched over one of the victims, trying to replace some of the blood it was losing from its arm and stomach wounds. Duo froze it as it hissed at them, and Heero neatly lopped its head off, stopping the blade before it cut the victim.

Heero went to each corpse and turned it to dust as Duo surveyed the victims. Both of the victims were still alive, but unconscious, which made it easy for Heero to erase their memories. Heero did that while Duo found a cell phone one of them and made the emergency call. They fled the scene and Heero headed for the northside.

"Are you ok?" Duo asked as they walked, "You hit that dumpster pretty hard."

"I am fine. I am not injured easily," Heero answered before changing the subject. "I am getting most of the feelings around here," he said, of the warehouse district, "I just wish I could pinpoint his hide-out."

"Isn't it really strong?" Duo asked, "You should be able to sense that, right?"

"Yes, and no," Heero answered with a frown, "Yes it should be very strong, but Zechs is also very powerful, he is able to mask his presence from me."

"You'll find him," Duo said very surely.

They returned to Heero's place and cleaned up. Duo felt like the night had been altogether too easy. He plopped himself down on Heero's couch and flipped channels until he came across an X-Files rerun and insisted they watch it. "This one's about vampires!" he said with a grin.

The next morning, they regarded each other a little awkwardly over breakfast.

"So, um, just what does a Super Duper Cosmic Demon Hunter do on a Saturday?" Duo asked.

"His homework," Heero answered.

Duo laughed. "You're kidding right? I mean, you're going to save the world, you don't have to pass high school!"

"I need to fit in," Heero shrugged, "I do not want to make anyone suspect I am not a student."

Duo rolled his eyes. "First of all, you don't fit in by doing all your work! Second, you seem to know everything already," Duo told him.

"What?" Heero frowned.

"Like in lit class, the date Tennyson started "In Memoriam." 1833, not published until 1850! Who the hell knows that kind of shit?" Duo exclaimed.

Heero just blinked at him for a few seconds. "Duo, that was printed on the back of the handout. Anybody who read it could have answered that. You… did not read it, did you?" he guessed.

"'Course not," Duo replied, taking a bite of his cereal and trying not to blush. "So, you don't have some Super Duper Mental Abilities or anything?" he asked.

Heero scrunched up his face in thought. "I do not think so," he answered, "That is why I need to do my homework."

"You should just blow it off and we should do something fun instead!" Duo suggested, "I mean, it's not like you're going to be staying here when this is all over, right?"

Heero was still for just a second, like Duo had frozen him with the cross. "I - I do not know what becomes of me after I have done my duty," he admitted quietly.

"Oh," Duo said, biting his lip. He cursed his loud mouth. He shouldn't have said that, Heero looked a little distraught. "All right, just let me go home and get my homework, ok?" he offered.

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