Pairings: 1x2x1, 3x4x3
Warnings; yaoi, citrus of all kinds, some angst, a little more mundane than the last part , but important plot stuff.
Rating: NC17 at parts

Author's Note: Ano... was anyone wondering what happened with that leather jacket?

Summary: Picks up where Endless Waltz left off. Peace has finally come to the Earth and the colonies, and the Gundams have been destroyed along with all mobile suits and weapons of war. After a year apart, Heero and Duo try to settle down, and figure out civilian life and each other. Quatre is finally able to make peace with his past mistakes and steps up to claim his place as Winner heir. The end of the war leaves Trowa nameless and reeling, and with Quatre so absorbed in business, Trowa's wanderlust sets in.

AC 197
Part 7
by Granate

"So, what's your name?" Duo drawled, leering at Heero.

"H-heero," he answered nervously, feeling the other boy's scrutiny.

"I like the rolling of the 'r', that's sexy," said the boy in the black leather jacket. He folded his arms over his chest. "I know you know who I am."

Heero bit his bottom lip.

"How old are you?" Duo asked.

"Seventeen," Heero said, barely above a whisper.

Duo laughed. "You don't really seem like it. Mom and dad keep you on a short leash?"

Heero just nodded embarrassedly. "Is that your bike outside?" he asked quickly.

"Yeah," Duo answered casually, "I saw you looking at it. You like it? Isn't that why you came over?"

Heero nodded, finally meeting his eyes.

"Ever been on one?" Duo asked.

Heero shook his head no, looking away again.

"Would you like to?"

Heero's eyes came back to his. "Y-yes," he answered.

"I bet your mom won't let you, huh?" Duo sneered.

"No," Heero whispered as he looked at his shoes again.

"Well, what if she never knew?" Duo asked. Heero looked up, but did not meet Duo's eyes. "What if it was our little secret?"

Heero looked at him, all innocent hope, "You - you would let me?"

Duo smirked. "Maybe, but first you have to let me do something," he hinted, moving closer to Heero.

"What?" Heero asked eagerly, thinking about the bike.

"Give me your hand," Duo demanded. Heero's brow furrowed, but he gingerly stuck out his hand. Duo took it and placed it on his crotch.

Heero jerked his hand back with a shocked expression and backed up. "We're not supposed to - " he started but trailed off as Duo came closer again.

"Not supposed to?" he laughed sarcastically. Then quieter, "Did you feel it, Heero?"

"Yes," he whispered, turning his head away to the side.

"Did you like it?" Duo hissed, coming closer still. Heero did not answer.

"You said you were curious about me," Duo reminded him, "That's what you said before." There was an edge of hurt in his annoyance.

No answer.

"Well, are you?"


"Do you want to ride the bike, or not?" Duo asked, crossing his arms. Heero was doing a really good job at this, but Duo would not force him, not even in a game. Not even if that's what Heero was trying to convey he wanted Duo to do. Duo hoped that wasn't the case.

Heero's eyes snuck back to him, but he didn't move his head.

"Then this has to be out little secret as well, understand?" Duo grinned. Heero slowly turned back and nodded. Game on, Duo thought.

"So, can I ride the bike now?" he asked.

Duo burst out laughing. "You haven't done what I want yet!" he cackled.

"But I - " Heero tried to argue before he was interrupted.

"That was not what I wanted," Duo told him wolfishly and moved even closer so that Heero backed up against a wall.

"Then what - " Heero started before the look in Duo eyes stopped him. Duo came very close now, but Heero found some courage, "Then what do you want?"

Duo turned around and walked away a bit before turning back. "Take your clothes off," he commanded.

Heero's eyes grew huge. "What?" he asked in disbelief.

"You're not stupid, and you're not deaf," Duo said, "Do what I said."

Heero looked perfectly shocked and torn. Duo just crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

And waited.

"The door's right there, Heero," he said plainly, "You can leave, but you can forget about the bike."

Heero eyed the door, but looked back at Duo. He seemed to steel himself, and then reached for the hem of his shirt. Duo could not help another wolfish grin.

Heero pulled the tee shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor before bending down to remove his shoes. He did not look at Duo, he just looked like he was focusing on removing his clothes. He kicked off the shoes and unbuttoned his jeans

"I've never thought briefs were that sexy before," Duo mused..

Heero pushed his jeans down and did not hesitate at his underwear, he just slid them down and stepped out of them. When he was done, he just stood and looked at the floor.

"Heero," Duo said. Heero's eyes raised, but not up to his face.

"Heero," Duo repeated. Heero's face tilted fully up. Duo was standing far away from him and just observing. He felt nervous and vulnerable. When Duo still did not move, Heero felt his stomach become very tight and knotted. He knew it was a not a real feeling, it went with the game, Duo wanted to him to feel this way. It was just excitement, it was very erotic, and it was exactly what he'd wanted when he saw the jacket.

"You look very good, Heero," Duo told him, "You have a very nice body." Heero did not respond. Duo was enjoying how he was almost visually squirming. He strode closer.

Suddenly, he felt Duo's body near his and he looked up just in time for Duo's lips to capture his. It was not an aggressive kiss, it was actually kind of sweet and calming. It practically made his knees wobble.

Duo pulled away again to look at him.

"Did you like that?" he asked.

Heero just swallowed. His throat felt too dry to answer.

"I can see that you did," Duo hinted. Heero did not need to look down at himself, he knew what Duo was looking at. "So may as well just answer me."

"Yes," he said, trying to sound brave.

"But it makes you nervous, doesn't it?" Duo asked.

"Yes," Heero said again, quieter this time.

"You'd look better if you were not nervous. Would you feel better if I were naked too?" Duo asked.

Heero nodded vigorously.

Duo smiled and then liesurely removed the coat. He undressed very slowly, first the tee shirt, then his jeans and shoes, and finally his black boxers. Duo stood before him, naked and confidant.

"How do you feel now, Heero?" he asked. Again, he couldn't really answer.

"You should confer more with your body, it seems to know the right answers," Duo said, smirking at the same tell-tale sign, which had only grown larger. No response. He sighed and approached Heero again so their bodies were not quite touching. Heero felt his muscles go taught with tension at Duo being so incredibly close but still not touching.

"Better?" he asked, "Are you less nervous now that I'm naked too?" He stroked the back of Heero's neck, but touched him no where else.

"No!" Heero choked out, "More!".

"More?" Duo asked with mock distress, "Then maybe I should put my clothes back on."

Heero let him get all the way back over to his shorts before calling "No!" Duo straightened and looked at him. "No, don't," Heero whispered, "I want to…"

"You want to what?" Duo smirked, looking at him expectanly.

"Let you do… what ever it was you want to do!" Heero said very fast.

"Are you sure?" Duo asked, raising his eyebrows, "You know they say I'm bad, you probably shouldn't be here at all."

"I know!" Heero said a little too loudly. He lowered his voice, "I know, I don't care!" He was amazed that Duo had orchestrated this change in his character. He was practically ready to beg.

"Ok, then," Duo said, pleased, "You'll do what I say, and then I'll let you ride the motorcycle."

"Yes," Heero agreed readily. He was getting pretty hard now, but it wasn't yet full strength.

A wide smile curved Duo's lips as he came to Heero again. Heero instinctually crushed himself against the wall. He wanted the touch yet he was afraid.

"It'll only hurt if you resist," Duo whispered before taking his mouth. The kiss was more aggressive this time, but only in a way that showed off how damned good Duo was at it. Duo pushed his tongue between Heero's lips and into his mouth. Heero jumped and made a muffled yelp, but Duo held his head still. His tongue thrust deep into Heero's mouth, nearly to the back of his throat, exploring and claiming. Heero didn't think he'd ever Frenched him this deep before.

Duo removed his mouth to whisper heatedly, "I'm going to do that to you here -" he stroked Heero's clenched butt, "-with this-" he placed Heero's hand on his dick again. It was rock hard now. Heero closed his eyes and tilted his head to the ceiling with a moan.

Duo took the opportunity to suck on his throat. "Stroke it!" he hissed in Heero's ear. His hand had not left Duo's cock, so he rubbed the length slowly. "That's nice, but you can do better," Duo said in a warning tone. Heero wrapped his fingers around it and really stroked it.

"Oh yeah," Duo moaned in his ear, "You're good at that." He sucked at Heero's throat more. Heero moaned again when he felt Duo thrusting into his hand and breathing hard against his skin. "Yeah, Heero, yeah… aw fuck," he whined into Heero's ear.

"Don't you want me to do that to you?" he asked with ragged breath, "Like this, inside you?" He thrust strongly into Heero clutching hand, and his fingers pushed between his buttocks.

Heero moaned again. Duo gave a powerful thrust, and touched Heero's opening.

"YES!" the cry tore from Heero's throat.

Duo stopped moving. "Get on the bed," he demanded. Heero opened his eyes and looked at Duo.

"Bed," he repeated. Heero removed his hand and stumbled to the bed. He lie down on his back, still breathing kind of hard. He felt the vulnerability again. He wanted Duo to touch him so bad!

"You're fucking gorgeous, fucking unbelievable," Duo swore as he rummaged in a drawer. After finding a tube, he turned to Heero. "Spread your legs."

Heero did.

"Farther. Prop your knees a bit."

He did. God the waiting was excruciating. He just wanted Duo to fuck him! He let out a tiny, impatient cry of frustration. It made Duo smile.

"Oh, I'm gonna do it Heero, have faith in that," he grinned lustily. He climbed onto the bed and knelt between Heero's spread legs. His cock stood proudly in the air. He squeezed some lube onto his fingers and rubbed it on.

"See this?" he asked as he rubbed it, Heero could not take his eyes off it "This is for you."

Duo rubbed and stroked himself much more than was needed to apply the lubrication, he just wanted Heero to watch. Duo closed his eyes and moaned as he touched himself.

Heero closed his eyes and moaned too, seeing Duo behind his eyelids. Then he felt Duo positioning himself. The waiting was almost over!

"Open your eyes," Duo demanded, "I want you to see me do this."

Heero opened his eyes and looked down to where their bodies were about to be joined. He was able to look as Duo entered him, fast and strong, but then he had to throw his head back. He groaned loudly in satisfaction. Duo pulled nearly all the way out and penetrated him again. He made another long groan. Duo pulled out and pushed in again, faster this time.

"Is this what you wanted, Heero?" he asked, thrusting in hard again. Heero grunted as Duo went deep.

"Is it?" Duo demanded, striking his prostate on cue.

"YES!" Heero practically screamed, "Yes, god yes…"

Duo hooked Heero's knees around his arms and moved up, driving himself deeper still. "Oh, god…" he nearly whimpered, "Isn't that good, Heero? God, you feel so good!"

He pounded Heero again and again. "You're so beautiful, Heero," he moaned, "You don't know how long I've wanted you. Did you want this too?"

"I wanted this!" Heero exclaimed, "Since the first time I saw you! I knew you could do this! I wanted you to!"

Duo practically growled and Heero felt his hand wrap around his dripping erection. He pumped Heero, both inside and out. "I want you to be all mine, Heero!" he shouted, "Are you all mine?"

"I am yours!" Heero promised in a groan, "I am yours if you promise to do this everyday! Please!"

"Then say my name!" it was Duo who begged now, "Say it so I know!!"

"Duo!!" Heero shouted. His whole body began to jerk as his release began.

"Oh, Heero!" Duo wailed, "Oh GOD, do it! Come for me!"

"DUO!" he shouted again as he came, arching his back up into Duo's thrusting.

Duo rode him out, hitting his spot several more times before losing himself completely in Heero's tight passage.

When the tidal waves had subsided, Duo pulled out, up onto all fours and watched Heero trembling under him. He covered Heero with his body and he stopped shaking. He kissed Heero's neck lovingly.

"That was incredible," Heero murmured into his ear. Duo heard a small chuckle and pulled his head back to look at Heero. He was smiling the biggest smile Duo had ever seen on him, his blue eyes squinting in delight. "That was so GOOD!" he exclaimed excitedly.

Duo joined in the grinning.

"You were amazing!" Heero told him, "God, the way you made me feel…!"

"You were good too," Duo said, "I didn't even think you wanted to at first!"

"Well, I had to play innocent! What would my mother have thought?" Heero laughed. "No, Duo, that was exactly what I'd been thinking. You nailed it!"

"And you…" Duo giggled, biting his neck.

"And me," Heero agreed with a satisfied sigh. "And very well!"

They lay quietly for a moment until Duo burst into giggles again. "'I'm yours if you promise to do it every day!'" he imitated Heero's desperately horny vow through his laughter.

"Shut up," Heero laughed, elbowing him, "I don't know, it just came out!"

"No no, it was perfect! Really!" Duo chuckled, "I loved it."

Heero was quiet again. He just kept smiling.

"So, we could do that again sometime?" Duo asked hopefully.

"We could, but I have some other ideas too," Heero said.

"You DO?" Duo asked, cobalt eyes widening. Where was all THIS coming from?

"Yes, but not for right now," Heero said, pulling Duo down next to him and kissing him.

"Right," Duo said into his lips.

O_O ummmmm whoa. It's not my fault!! IT WAS THE COAT!!!!

<runs away>

to be continued

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