Pairings: 1x2x1, 3x4x3
Warnings; yaoi, citrus of all kinds, some angst, a little more mundane than the last part , but important plot stuff.
Rating: NC17 at parts

Summary: Picks up where Endless Waltz left off. Peace has finally come to the Earth and the colonies, and the Gundams have been destroyed along with all mobile suits and weapons of war. After a year apart, Heero and Duo try to settle down, and figure out civilian life and each other. Quatre is finally able to make peace with his past mistakes and steps up to claim his place as Winner heir. The end of the war leaves Trowa nameless and reeling, and with Quatre so absorbed in business, Trowa's wanderlust sets in.

AC 197
Part 5
by Granate

Heero was up quite early the next morning. By the time he finished with breakfast, a courier had delivered his and Relena's suits from Jean-Yves' boutique. He brought them both upstairs and left Relena's hanging on her door. In his room, he buttoned on the crisp, white shirt. It was well-tailored, and did not bunch under the shoulder harness. He threw a few punches into the air and moved around, still finding the shirt acceptable. And it was not ruffled or frilly, so he definitely approved.

The pants fit very well too. A couple of sidekicks revealed that Jean-Yves had enforced the crotch of the pants with elastic, but it was not visible until pulled. Instead of being sewn to each other, the two pant legs were both sewn to the elastic panel. The suit jacket had similar features. The entire seam up the back had an elastic strip, as did the sleeves where they attached to the shoulders. He could definitely move freely in the suit. Jean-Yves has included a short note saying that all the buttons on the shirt and coat were breakaway. Next, he pulled the shoes out and took a look at them. They were dressy, but substantial and supportive. The soles were thick Vibram[1]. Heero took off the suit and placed all the pieces back in the bag. He would send a text message to Jean-Yves after the conference.

They boarded Relena's private jet and the trip to Berlin was uneventful, things went just as Heero planned. When they reached the terminal, Relena was whisked away while Hawkins stayed for the luggage. When they arrived at the meeting hall, Heero and the two others went ahead to secure the room while Bartlett stayed with Relena as she greeted the hosts.

When Heero was satisfied that there were no bugs or bombs, the luggage was brought in and Relena was allowed to freshen up. The meeting would start with a formal dinner and speeches. Relena herself would open the talks and welcome the delegates. Afterwards there would be socializing and Heero was hoping to see Quatre and meet Mariemaia. He was also hoping to see some Preventers he knew; Wu Fei was supposed to be here.

Bartlett and O'Connell stayed with Relena in the suite as Heero took the rest of the team out to look over the grounds. He was warning them about a fault in the patio doors off the dining hall when he heard his name.

"Heero Yuy!" it was Agent Une herself. Heero excused himself to join her.

"We're having them secure those doors before tonight," she told him before he could say anything. He smirked.

"It is good to know you are here, Heero," she continued, "How is Relena? Is she confidant? I hope she is not nervous about more terrorist attacks."

"She seems fine as far as I can tell," he answered, "She is looking forward to the talks and I think she is very confidant we can maintain peace. She mentioned that Mariemaia wants to meet me."

"She does," Lady confirmed, "We can do that after the talks open, there will be time tonight. She, on the other hand, is a little nervous. This will be her first public speech since she pronounced war on the Earth Sphere."

"I am sure she will do just fine," Heero said, "Is Agent Chang here as well?"

"He is, I will tell him you asked after him," she said before pausing. "Heero, I could not agree more that what you are doing is incredibly important, but I still wish there were a way you could work for me too. If you suspect anything, please let one of my agents know immediately."

"Of course," he nodded. Agent Une then excused herself to attend to business. Heero and the team finished learning the layout and returned to Relena's suite to inform Bartlett and O'Connell.

That evening after everyone was changed, they proceeded to the banquet hall. Relena was seated at a round table with a few colonial representatives, an earth senator, and an ex-OZ official now working for the Preventers. Bartlett and O'Connell stood behind her vigilantly as she small-talked. Heero roamed the hallways, and even the kitchen, keeping Bartlett informed on the comlink. After dinner, Relena proceeded to the front of the room and opened the talks with a very eloquent and hopeful speech. She had read it out loud to Heero several times in practice, and he noticed that she added something that had not been there before. She said that at her table this evening, an ex-OZ officer had apologized to her for being part of the attack on her Pacifist kingdom. He was apologizing because, at the time, he had not even thought it wrong.

"The tragedies of our past can never be forgotten, nor should they be. Mistakes we have made, and terrible things we have witnessed live on in our minds and this is the only way we can ensure that we do not repeat those mistakes. But, at the same time, our minds must be focused on the future, and hope must continue to burn in our hearts. I know that hope lives in the hearts of all those here tonight, as well as all the citizens of the Earth Sphere.

"After decades of war and oppression, we meet today to strengthen our resolve for peace, and cement the path to it. We are here to build a government that will not become corrupt, and decide how best to educate future generations to love the peace we have struggled for. Tonight, we confirm that the Earth Sphere desires peace, not dictatorship. The citizens of the United Nation will not bow before anyone; we will have fair representation and decide together who governs us.

"A few things need to be clarified after these most recent revolts. I think one thing that was shown most clearly was the determination and bravery of the people, on earth and in the colonies. In the face of powerful mobile suits and trained soldiers, people rallied in the streets refusing to have peace torn from them. This, my good people is the most important thing we can do, for each one of us to rise up and protect what is we believe in. I thank you, everyone, and I applaud you.

"The revolt was lead by a very misdirected and manipulated young girl. I introduce her to you tonight, she has something she'd like to say. She is temporarily in a wheelchair because she saved my life. Mariemaia Kushrenada."

Mariemaia was wheeled to the podium and Relena stepped back and led the applause.

"I am Mariemaia Kushrenada," she said into the microphone, sounding every bit as composed as Heero thought she would, "Formerly of the Barton Foundation. It is true that Trieze Kushrenada was my father, and my mother was a Barton. I would like to say a few things, if you'd hear me out.

"The first is to my soldiers, my followers, those who swore their allegiance to me. If this is difficult for you to hear, please imagine how difficult it was for me to learn. I was manipulated by Dekim Barton from birth. He used my name, and my father's, for his own gain. I was a pawn in his plan to take over earth, and so were all of you. Please fight no more. I thank you for your loyalty and dedicated service, and I ask you to join the Preventers or local police forces if you wish to continue defending your homes. I have learned that this is the best way.

"Next I will address the citizens of the Earth Sphere United Nation. I apologize for my actions against you, I am truly sorry. I give you my solemn word that I will never again challenge peace just to create war. This was not my Father's way either, I was mistaken and lied to. I had Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian abducted because I wished to learn from her the secret to winning the hearts of the people, as she has. In just a short time with her, I learned that the hearts and minds of the people are won by honesty, integrity, and the strength to act in the best interests of everyone. From this moment forward, I join the rest of the United Nation citizens in the struggle to protect and maintain peace."

The applause was thunderous, and Heero joined in, it was a good speech, he was fairly convinced she was being sincere.

Relena took the podium again to introduce the next speakers. Lady Une gave a good speech that briefly outlined new ideas and goals for the Preventers. This would be elaborated upon later in the conference. The President spoke well, promising more funds to the Preventers and increased relief to damaged areas in the colonies and on earth. A few senators and elected officials spoke as well, confirming that their constituents only desired peace.

There were drinks and mingling after the speeches. Heero roamed in and out of the hall, keeping watch over the premises and going over emergency procedures in his mind. It felt good to be focused and working again. It also felt good that he didn't have to kill anyone, or blow anything up. He was there for the express purpose of preventing those things from happening. Bartlett radioed that Relena wanted to see him, so he made his way through the crowd to her.

"Do you have time to meet Mariemaia now?" she asked when he approached.

"Yes, of course," he answered. Relena led him to Lady and the girl.

"Mariemaia," Relena greeted her with a smile, "I have someone you'd like to meet."

She turned her chair around. "Is this him?" she asked. She looked at Heero. "It IS you!" she exclaimed, recognizing him, "Konnichiwa, Heero Yuy, it is an honor to meet you." She bowed her head.

He returned with a bow at the waist. "A pleasure, Miss Mariemaia, especially under much more friendly terms."

She giggled girlishly. "Take a walk with me," she urged, looking to Relena for permission. Relena nodded and Heero complied, followed as the young girl steered away in her chair.

"Heero Yuy," she mused, "What an ironic name for a Gundam pilot."

"It is a code name," he told her, "The Gundams were sent to Earth to take revenge for Heero Yuy's assassination. But, I suppose you know more about Operation Meteor than even I do."

"Yes," she agreed ruefully, "I am thankful none of you pilots actually went through with it. Now that I am away from Dekim and encouraged to think for myself, I can see that it was a terrible plan. One oppressive and corrupt government replaced by another. It was preposterous."

"You do not need to be so apologetic to me, Mariemaia, I was used much like you were, and brainwashed in much the same way. Except not in the manner of a leader, but in the manner of a killer. I was severely punished for thinking for myself. It took me many mistakes, and a long time before I was able to overcome it, and I had a lot of help along the way," he told her.

She looked at him thoughtfully. "It was you who finally convinced me that I was wrong," she said. His eyes questioned her.

"When I saw you, 01, warrior of the colonies and defender of peace ready to blast into my safehouse, it suddenly occurred to me that what I was doing was wrong. You were even willing to risk the life of the Vice Foreign Minister! And I know you are friends."

Heero grimaced slightly. "I would not have done that except for very serious circumstances," he said.

"I know! When you and the other pilots took a stand against me, I knew I must be wrong. Ever since I met Wu Fei, I have looked up to you pilots. I even thought you would all join me!" she laughed, "So when you set out to stop me, it shocked me into understanding. When you tried to shoot me, I was grateful. I wanted to die by your hand. I had saved Relena's life and knew that Dekim was dead, I was prepared to die."

"It is strange to wake up a second chance, isn't it?" Heero asked, "I have had much more than my share of second chances."

"Yes, it is strange," she smiled, "And I'm determined to do right this time."

"You sound like Lady after her coma," Heero noted, "You should ask her about it some time."

"I will," Mariemaia smiled, "So what is your real name, then?"

"I do not have a real name," he admitted.

The little girl looked shocked. "You don't have a name? That's terrible!" She scrutinized him for a moment. "You know, I think Heero Yuy fits you," she decided.

An ironic smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "That is what everyone says," he told her.

Heero then left her with Lady and was making his way to patrol a hallway when he heard a familiar voice.

"Heero!" He turned to see Quatre rushing toward him. He gave his blond friend a smile and Quatre hugged him. Heero was surprised, but it seemed very natural for ebullient Quatre and Heero didn't feel too awkward.

"I was hoping I'd see you here," he told the Sandrock pilot.

"I hope I'm not taking you away from your work," Quatre apologized. Heero shook his head and tapped his earpiece. "So, how are things going?" Quatre asked.

"Fine so far," Heero replied, "I have noticed no major security breaches, Relena's suite is secure."

Quatre smiled. Heero was always business, it could be difficult to get him to talk about anything else.

"And how about with your life? Things going ok?" he clarified.

"Oh," Heero said. Of course Quatre would want to know about more personal matters, and of course he could tell Quatre these things. Sometimes, Quatre did not need to be told, but he was asking this time. "I am good too, I suppose. Relena's team has pretty much accepted me, although there was resistance at first. I was able to give them all assignments they are satisfied with and will be successful at. I like the work so far, I feel like I am doing something, you know?"

"That's good to hear, Heero," Quatre nodded with a smile

"How is business for you?" Heero asked politely. He thought maybe he was getting the hang of small talk, although it was easy with Quatre because he knew him, and he felt Quatre understood him pretty well. Or at least knew things that helped him understand why Heero acted the way he did sometimes when others might have thought he was strange. Quatre might have been easier to talk to than Duo even, but only because Quatre sometimes knew how he was feeling without having to ask. He was the only person Heero knew with this unique ability.

"Never ending! You know how it is. I'm excited to get Duo's project off the ground, though, I am sure I can get the machines to the people who need them at a decent price. How is he, by the way?"

"Duo is very good. It was… difficult to leave him," Heero admitted, "You are coming to visit soon, aren't you?"

"Yes, about a week after this conference is over," Quatre confirmed.

"It may be a nice break for you, if business is making you weary. No doubt Duo will have something fun planned. Please bring Trowa, if you like. If he here with you now?"

"No, no, he's off somewhere," Quatre answered. Heero sensed avoidance in his tone.

"Where?" Heero pressed.

"With the circus. I'm, um, not actually sure where they are at the moment," Quatre told him with fake flippancy.

Alarm bells went off in Heero's head. Quatre and Trowa NOT together? He knew they had not spent much time together between wars, with Quatre's injuries and depression. But they had been so in love, Heero was sure of it. Even he could tell, and at the time, he was all but totally oblivious to normal emotions. He hoped nothing had changed.

"Is everything… ok?" he asked carefully.

"Oh yes!" Quatre laughed, "He comes and goes as he needs to, I would not stand in his way. Things are fine."

They chatted about a few more things, but the back of Heero's mind still worried. It would be just like Quatre not to talk about his problems because he was worried about burdening others. Maybe Duo could get him to talk.

They parted so that Heero could get back to work and Quatre back to the guests. The night wrapped up and Relena retired to rest for the following days' talks. O'Connell and Bartlett slept in her room, as instructed. Heero took a couch near the door in the main room, and Hawkins the floor under the large window.

The conference was huge success, and there were no attempts at fouling them. The final speeches were televised throughout the earth sphere for all citizens to see. On the jet back to Relena's home, Heero gave a review of their work and praised the team for a job well done, and even asked for comments to improve their efficiency. There were none. He reiterated that he was satisfied with the work, but not to let their guard down because of a successful mission.

At the mansion, he reviewed Pargan's security improvements, made sure Relena was settled in, and then departed for the spaceport a little early so he could run a special errand.

The team relaxed over drinks in the kitchen when they were sure Relena was fine. All agreed that things had gone well, and even Bartlett admitted that Heero's strategy had been successful.

"How old is he?" Hawkins asked. He himself was only 20, and had been considered pretty young for this kind of work.

"Seventeen," Bartlett huffed.

"That's what I heard," Hawkins said, "He looks like it, I guess, but I thought it couldn't possibly be true. You did a background check, then?"

Bartlett nodded and threw back the last of a whiskey.

"He could be a Gundam pilot," O'Connell put in.

Hawkins and Harris seemed to agree with her. Both of them were ex-OZ. Hawkins had joined after Trieze' coup, but Harris had been with them from the beginning, an Alliance deserter. People still made categorical assignments to "ex-OZ" or "ex-White Fang" etc. because these events were still so recent, but most consciously tried not to let it affect their perceptions of others. Views and ideals had changed radically in the past two years. Even the Vice Foreign Minister's team, which was only four, (or used to be) had many different backgrounds. But they worked well together because they now had the same objective: keep Relena safe.

"A Gundam pilot," Bartlett repeated dubiously. "Doubt it." He held the Gundam pilots in deepest respect and highest esteem. It had been surprising to learn they were practically children. There was a chance Yuy was the right age, but he dismissed it.

"How else would he know so much? Simple military training, even in the Specials, would not have taught him everything he knows," Harris argued.

"I swear I saw Quatre Winner HUG him!" O'Connell told them. Close association with Quatre Winner was proof enough to most media hounds. "And Preventer Agent Une flagged him down. He wasn't even scared to talk to her!"

"And did you see him shoot?" Hawkins added, "Only a Gundam pilot could have aim like that. The only question is, which one?"

"I bet he can be pretty scary, maybe he's the pilot of 02," O'Connell guessed.

"Yeah, but he doesn't look right," Harris reminded them. "I saw 02 once. He was on TV, remember?" They all nodded. No one could remember exactly what the pilot looked like, though. "Maybe he's 05. I saw him practicing a few martial arts moves, he could really fight I bet. They looked like Kenpo[2] moves to me."

"Maybe, but Mariemaia would have known him. They were introduced, you know," O'Connell told him.

"He shoots well, how about 03, the pilot of the double gattling suit?" Harris tried.

"No, he's gotta be 01," Hawkins cut in, "I don't know why, I just have this feeling."

"Did you ever meet 01?" O'Connell asked.

"No, but I just know it," the young man tried to explain, "Besides, Relena seems to know him pretty well. They say she was closest to 01."

"He's living with another guy in the colonies," Bartlett told them, as if this should resolve all standing questions.

"Oh, come on, Bartlett, you're not a bigot are you?" O'Connell teased him as she thwacked him on the shoulder, "That's not very socially acceptable these days, I'd keep your mouth shut in public if I were you!" She knew he wasn't a bigot, she could remember him talking fondly about a gay nephew or something, but she could sense a little jealousy. As if he were searching for something to incriminate Yuy, even something so inconsequential as sexual preference. How could that possibly mean he wasn't a Gundam pilot?

Harris shrugged. "Maybe that guy's a Gundam pilot too," he said. He looked a little embarrassed then, "Those things happen more than you'd think, even in OZ. Soldiers just formed… alliances. Sometimes more. Those kinds of bonds can be very strong."

"Well, I'll believe it when I see actual evidence," Bartlett said, "He could have met Relena any number of ways. They could even be school friends. I think he's just a well-trained young soldier. You know, one of those kids who lied about his age and enlisted way too young. Perhaps he was part of a special unit or something."

"Yeah, a GUNDAM unit," Hawkins grinned, just trying to get Bartlett's goat. The older man just ignored him and shook the ice in his glass.

The shuttle ride back to L2 was boring, Heero wished he were piloting. He spent a few minutes writing a text message to Jean-Yves telling the designer that the suit had been satisfactory, and he'd like several more of the same. Charged to the Darlian account, naturally. That still left Heero plenty of time to think Things had gone well, he'd earned the respect of the rest of the team and accomplished his mission of keeping Relena safe, now he was eager to get back to Duo. He was determined that his desire to protect Relena not overtake him completely. He had to have another life besides that job. And anyway, he could always remind himself with confidence that the other guards were more than capable. He knew that it was a good idea to separate home and work. At his job, he was still a soldier, while at home he was trying to reinvent himself as a person, to be a good boyfriend and roommate.

He found himself wishing he could have brought Duo along, and not just because he missed him. Duo would not be a distraction, on the contrary, they worked very well together and he could focus on other things besides Duo when he was around if he had to. Duo would have had valuable insight on possible break-in points or mechanical sabotage, those things were kind of his specialty. But Duo had his own work for the time being, and it was important to him. He had just found a suitable garage nearby and was in the process of setting up when Heero left. The HMBJ unit[3] did not need a prototype since it was already approved and patented, so on-site construction was to begin right away and Duo was now focusing on other projects.

There were many things Heero wanted to talk to him about, one being the shuttle, but he knew all those things would be forgotten as soon as they saw each other. He couldn't help thinking of all the things he wanted to do with Duo, most of them involving nudity and lube.

Heero tried to sleep, but he was just to excited. He could recall blocking these kinds of feelings during 195. At the time, he refused to admit that he had them, but he recalled the long trip to Peacemillion with Wu Fei and Sally and how he had been secretly nervous about seeing Duo again. They had been separated for quite a while that time. He tossed around in his reclined seat and made a mental note to ask Mr. Maxwell what special favors he had to do for comfortable seats in the cockpit of his custom shuttle. The shuttle finally docked, and he walked home at a fast pace.

Duo typed at his laptop and tried not to keep looking at the clock in the corner of the screen. You don't know when Heero will be home, he reminded himself, Could be hours from now. No sense in getting excited. But despite what his mind was constantly saying, he had, after all, chosen to do data entry and stats at home today in case Heero got home early.

4:17 the clock read.

He cursed himself for looking at it and threatened it with removal from the taskbar. But before he could do anything, he heard the keypad at the front door beeping. Duo hit 'save' and launched off the couch. He yanked the door open just as surprised Heero reached for the knob.

Neither said anything, they just kissed. Duo pulled him into the room by his collar and lips as Heero kicked the door shut behind him. He removed his jacket as the hello kiss continued. He wrapped his arms tightly around Duo, feeling up and down his back, the broadness of it. Duo's waist, his shoulder blades, his muscled shoulders, down his curved spine, down to his curved ass… Heero's need grew as he felt Duo in his hands. He hurriedly pulled Duo's tee shirt over his head. Duo released him only to allow this to happen. Heero's hands were at his back again immediately, now bent on unbraiding his hair as quickly as possible.

Heero kicked off his shoes as he followed Duo's lead toward the bedroom. Neither of them wanted to wait. Screw politeness, screw pleasantries, screw talking, there was sex to be had! His stomach twitched with excitement when he felt Duo's deft fingers loose his pants to the floor. He stepped out of them, hurrying Duo toward the bed. Duo fell back onto it, spreading his arms wide, his posture begging Heero to join him. Heero crawled over him, his lips and hands making up for the mere seconds away from Duo's skin. He could feel Duo's erection as he unfastened the jeans and it made his own jump in anticipation. The jeans went quickly, shorts too. He had vaguely noticed Duo pulling his underwear down, and he kicked them to the floor.

They were naked and tonguing each other's mouths like it was some kind of competition. Heero felt his lover press a tube into his hand. He broke away just to apply some lube to himself. Duo arched beautifully off the bed and moaned in impatience. Rubbing his cock and watching Duo, Heero already felt like he could come. He knew sex would not take long, but times like these, it did not have to to satisfy both of them.

"Duo," he whispered breathily, positioning himself. The word slipped from his mouth like a prayer or a promise.

"Oooh yeaaahhh," Duo whispered back, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as Heero entered him fast and deep right away. He missed this so much, more than he could describe in any way. He opened his eyes again when he felt fingers roughly stroking his cheek. The fingers told him, open your eyes, look at me. Heero's eyes looked dark ocean-blue right now, a color so beautiful he'd only seen it on earth. Those eyes held his unwaveringly, even as Heero's body moved over his. Duo pulled his legs up and spread them as far as he could to give Heero all the space he wanted. Heero knew his lover wanted his stomach to rub his dick as he pushed in and out, and he made sure to give Duo plenty of friction.

Duo clasped his back and called out wildly. Heero was hitting his prostate with amazing accuracy. His fingers dug into Heero's skin, into the two columns of muscle on either side of his vertebrae. Heero loved the feel of that, even if sometimes he had scratches and bruises. Duo was strong, there was no forgetting that. If he planted his feet, he could use his hips to lift them both off the bed right now.

He thrust deep into Duo again, wondering how only this body, this person could feel so perfect for him. He drove into Duo, striving to reclaim this territory for himself.

The way Heero started to cry out and close his eyes, Duo knew he was close to orgasm. "That's right Heero," he shouted in panting breath, just as close himself, "Let's do it! G-g-g-AHH! GAWD I love you!"


When Heero started with his, name Duo knew it was all over. The pace quickened and Heero became even stronger as he peaked. Duo came as soon as he did. Heero did not pull out before he collapsed on top of his lover.

"Duo, you…" he murmured in a dazed voice, words half muffled by his nose in the pillow, "…you are the best thing."

Duo was not sure he'd even heard right, he was so fucking satisfied at the moment, and he was not quite sure what that meant. But whatever it was, it was good.

[1] Vibram - it's on my hiking boots. Tough stuff. You could kick someone's ass with that. And he will…..

[2] Kenpo - a friend of mine learned this in Britain when he lived there. It's martial arts, he said it's like Japanese street-fighting. Really rough stuff. Now Wu Fei is Chinese, so he'd know martial arts in a Chinese style, but these people don't know that.

[3] HMBJ - Ya'll remember what this stands for right?? ^o^ I'm not telling, you'll have to re-read part 3. It's a great scene, you should re-read it anyway.

And I realized where I got the name 'Jean-Yves' from: Tomb Raider II! Lara's French friend has that name. But also, it is supposed to kind of be reminiscent of Yves St. Laurent, the modern fashion designer. Not that I know anything about fashion. Seriously.

Whoa footnotes in this one too! 'Reperio' is invading my liiiiiiiiiife!

The lemon wasn't my best, but I hope it was fun! Ja!

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