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Pairings: no real pairings, but 1X1 and yaoi thoughts of 1X2
Warnings: just hentai and yaoi thoughts (mostly about Duo) total, total silliness, in the pov of Heero's penis as it speaks to him

A Mind of Its Own
by Granate

05:58 The sun's up, and *I'm* up.

Rise and shine, Heero, time for another day of completely neglecting me! I don't know why I even bother to get up every morning when I know I'll only be punished with a cold shower. Jerk. Speaking of jerk, I could use a little more of that, you know. You're a little rough on me sometimes, but it's better then nothing. I swear all you think I'm really good for is taking a piss. Sure, make me do all your dirty work! I could do so much more! If only Brain would listen to me now and then.

Oh, oh! Shower time! Can we get steamy and wet and do the right hand jive, pleeease?? Shit, nothing beats jacking off in the shower. I mean, if all you're going to do is jack off, that is. Well, my hopefulness springs eternal, even as I see you turning the "cold" handle. But I suppose that's part of being 15, right? You think all these lovely erections I give you are a dime a dozen. You never appreciate me! I'm just gonna warn you right now, buddy, that there will come a day when I won't be able to get this hard. It pains me to admit it, but it's true. Sure, it's looooooooong way off, but you're not planning ahead here, are you? And just what will you do when that time comes? Get mad at me for NOT getting hard I suppose. Jerk.

06:15 Oh no, The Shorts!

I can see those black things coming at me, just like I do every morning. I both crave and fear them. I'm sure I've "informed" you of this little love/hate relationship. Uh huh. Don't try to tell me you don't feel them hugging and cradling me. Feels good, don't it? Ok, there's the love part. The hate? Whenever I start to "enjoy" it, you get mad at me!! I don't get it. *You're* the one who decides to wear them in the first place, I have nothing to do with that. Come on, sometimes, it's the only fun I have all day.

Oh, do NOT tell me we are going for a run. Jesus, man, you could at least wear a jock strap or something. I mean sure these pants are stretchy and tight, but come on! They can't hold me. It's constant abuse here, I tell ya, that's all I get. All I ask for is a little love and attention, and all you give me is constant jostling. I don't even get to socialize or visit with anyone. You know, some of that "love and attention" might make it worthwhile but nooooooo. I get boing boing boing and YOU don't even break a sweat.

07:00 Breakfast

Hey look who else is an early riser, it's that Quatre guy. Not that we've ever been introduced properly. That's so rude of you. Eh, he's not really my type anyway. He's cute and all but… TOO cute. I mean, god, he's practically our little brother. Hey, I do have a few scruples. Plus, he's taken.

Speak of the devil. Trowa, right? Again with lack of introduction, but you know, I think I'll pass. This guy has style, he's totally hot (see how you're not even surprised anymore when I lust after other men? We've come so far!). He's just got that confidant, cool attitude… Something tells me I'd be waaaaay out-classed.

07:30 OZ AGAIN?

Fuck OZ. I swear to god, all we do is sit in this chair at this computer. WOULD YOU GIVE IT A REST?? What about ME? What about MY needs? What about a little internet porn?? Is that too much to ask?? There you go again, just tuning me out! You are truly amazing. Fine! I can ignore you too, just watch!

12:00 Finally a little excitement!

Is it Gundam time? Yes, yes, we're moving in the direction of the garage! Ahhhh there it is, Wing Zero. What a fucking gorgeous piece of machinery. Kinda gets me a little horny… Can you blame me??? LOOK AT IT!!! And piloting it… damn, when Zero's purring like a fucking kitten, all lubed up and smooth and the weapons are all charged and humming… Oh, sure pretend you don't know me. You never let me have any fun. Jerk.

Hey, we've got company. It's Chang, come to work on his own suit. I'm not all that interested in him. He's a good guy, though. I can certainly appreciate another guy with a love for his Gundam. But he, like, LOVES loves his Gundam. Eh, to each his own, I guess. He's probably a lot like you and we instruments of pleasure must find enjoyment where we can.

14:30 Pink = limp

Uh oh, do you see what I see out in the drive way? God, whenever I get a glimpse of that ridiculous pink limo, I go all flaccid and just want to retreat. I mean, the girl herself ain't so bad, but the CAR. I just can't even look at it. That kind of thing robs a guy of his masculinity, kind of like those Sank Kingdom uniforms with the ruffles. Eee. I feel sorry for the guy who'e got to drive that pink monstrosity.

Come on, though, you know I check her out. Remember the little skirt she wore when we first met? For days, I just kept trying to imagine the rest of those thin little thighs… Those Sank Kingdom school uniforms didn't do a thing for me, but that Queen of the World dress. Oh, yeah. No leg, but more… what's the polite term? Décolletage? Yeah, that. Ok, ok, I'll stop thinking dirty thoughts about the Princess of Peace, I know you hate it when I do that. Disrespectful you say. Let's just go hide in Zero's cockpit like we always do.

15:00 I finally win a battle.

You know, we really owe the guys for always telling her we're not here. Can we get back to working on the Gundam now?? Wait, that's the door. No!!! Not back to the computer! No! No reaching for the doorknob!

Oh, now THAT'S what I like to see when I open a door - one Duo Maxwell to bump smack into. Rawr!! Make me stand up and BEG!! I may be able to ignore the princess, but I will NOT let you spoil this one for me. Aagh! He's moving away! Turn this scrawny ass around RIGHT NOW. If he's going to go work on his Gundam, then goddam it, that's what we're going to do too. That's right, walk calmly back to Zero and pretend like that's where you were going in the first place. I don't care if we just polish the damn body armor and you pretend to ignore him as long as *I* get a good view.

Ahhhh where to begin with why I like Duo more than anything else in the WORLD. Remember when we met him? Shit, I was up and ready to say hello at first glance, completely ignoring the fact that he shot us. Twice, tenacious little bastard that he is. I didn't care, I still would have liked a handshake. And when we were strapped to the hospital bed and he came to rescue us? Damn, if he'd given me a handshake then, I wouldn't have cared if he left us tied down. That would have been one hot introduction.

He's got nice hands, have you noticed? Oh yeah, large and strong but obviously able to be delicate as well. Yes, I've watched him fix the wiring in his suit many a time. I don't miss a thing. Now, imagine if you will, those hands on ME. Fondling, stroking, maybe a little squeeze now and then. I'm sure he wouldn't ignore my compadres down there either. Thorough, that's what he'd be.

And can we talk about his mouth for a bit? Think about THAT on me! Heh heh, yeah, polish that gundanium a little harder, Heero. You dummy. Just to torture you, I'm moving onto his hair. I fantasize about that hair. And since I do, I know YOU do. The ends of it tickling me. I swear I would GIGGLE. You want to hear me giggle, don't you? Oh, what if he wrapped it around me…

15:10 Problem

Oh damn, I'm getting really hard now. Heh, only took ten minutes of his presence. The question is, what are YOU going to do about it? Here's an idea. We go in the cockpit and close the door. Cockpit. I always liked that name.

Oh, remember when we saw my, uh, counterpart? I'm sure you remember. In the showers in gym class? Yeah, you remember! But you turned away before we could get acquainted! A shame, Heero, a real shame. I think he liked me! I think we'd have gotten along great, but noooo, you had to go and spoil it, as usual. But hey, remember how he looked with that long wet hair slicked to his skin?

Oh, sure. Now you get into the cockpit. What, didn't want to torture me with the shorts a little LONGER? Jerk.

Speaking of jerk… yeah like that. I like how it feels through the shorts. Just lightly with the fingertips first. Uh huuuuh… Tease me, just up and down. Then more seriously with the fingers, no don't wrap yet, just rub. Ooooo give me the palm now. Yeah, do it a little more forcefully, get me real hard. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

You better take a seat, bud. Being that you've ignored me for DAYS, this is gonna be big. This is your punishment, you know. If you attended to my needs more often, it wouldn't get to the point where we're hiding in the cockpit at three in the goddamned afternoon just because Duo Maxwell showed up with his gorgeous self and welding torch. Say… do you think he knows what we're doing in here? Mmmmmm… Shit, THAT thought really works me up. I think he'd like to know. I think he'd even like to see. I'd like his eyes on me as you get me all hot and stiff. Take the shorts off now.

Ahh… that's better. Shorts around the ankles, bare ass in the pilot's seat, one hand working me and the other clutching the arm rest. Now, where was I on my discussion of his best features? Ah, yes, his hair. Which IS magnificent, but I'm quite past foreplay now. Let's move on to the part I just can't keep my eyes off of: his ass. It's just so round and… and… and fucking SQUEEZABLE. You just wanna grab 'em and SPREAD. Jesus, does he even know how those pants make it look? And the shirt tucked in just shows it off. It's dangerous, walkin' around with an ass like that. Uhhh… squeeze firmer at the base. Yeeeaah.

God, how I would love to be just shoved on up there! There would be no words to adequately describe such joy. Speed up a little, I'm getting to the best part of the fantasy. But you know that. You know because we have the same one all the time, don't we? I'd like him in any position as I fuck him, but especially on his hands and knees, so my boys down there thump satisfyingly against his thighs. Uhhhh… my mouth is watering. Literally. Smear it around the tip, slick it up with your thumb. Press harder now.

Oh, if only I could be hammering away at that tight passage. Christ, to feel him surrounding me like that, accepting me. And I'd make sure it was good for him, have no doubts about that. His screams would only be in pleasure. Pure, raw, animal pleasure. Imagine the sounds he'd make. Imagine him begging for more even as I give it! Wouldn't you like to know what he sounds like? Fuck, that's gonna do it for me. Yessss, just a little faster. There! THERE! FUCKDON'TSTOPNOW! YES!!

* * * *

Whoa. Kinda blanked out there for a few minutes. Gotta love that post-orgasm-euphoria. Yup, always leaving Brain to think about the clean up. I did MY part. I keep telling you it'll feel even better if we had someone to play with (DUO MAXWELL), but you don't seem to be doing anything about it. Oh well, I'm a little too relaxed to get bitter about that now. Yeaaahh… I'm nice and relaxed now. Oh, sure, I could get hard again. Oh, trust me. But it's not like our own hand is really something to get that excited about.

So. Whaddya say, we do this again in a few hours? Damn it. You prick. You're going to make me go a few days again, aren't you? You can't keep this up, pal! I'm gonna take over one day! Brain won't stand a chance against me! And then, I'll find a way to get Duo Maxwell's delectable ass, even if I have to beg. Mmmm… I think I'm even a little too relaxed for thoughts like that. Check back in twenty minutes.


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