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Sequel to: "Wet Dream"... which can be read at Gundam Wing Addiction along with all of Engima's other non 1X2X1 fics!
Written: April, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (1x2) (5x3) (4x4)
Category: Yaoi Lemon with Extra Goodies WDNNSP!
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, exhibitionism, voyeurism, masturbation, sexy gossip

Notes: Heero seriously over-reacted when he heard Trowa and Wufei making love in the shower. Can he make up for his faux pas just by washing Duo's hair? All alone and horny as hell, what is poor Quatre to do when he can't find a playmate of his own? Oh, and did Wufei and Trowa *ever* get done in the shower?

Wet Dream 2
by Enigma

After accidentally breaking in on Wufei and Trowa in the shower, Heero found himself more desperate to get his own lover naked under pouring water, too. Duo had dragged him away from the unforgettable sight of the other two pilots achieving ecstasy in the shower, Quatre by Heero's side at the time. For now, though, Heero faced an enraged Shinigami and he knew he had to deal with that before sex was even an option.

"What the hell were you thinking, Heero?" Furious, Duo stood with his hands on his hips and glared at him. "Aiming a gun at them just for being a little loud when they were screwing? Would you like it if they did that to *us*?!? God knows *you* aren't quiet!"

"Hn." Heero refused to match his glare, but he had no reasonable explanation other than the fact that he was still surprised that the pair were even a couple to start with. How Trowa and Wufei had concealed this new relationship for months spoke highly of their combined abilities as under-cover agents if nothing else. They had spent plenty of time "under covers" but apparently not enough this day or they wouldn't have been caught so easily in the shower, would they? And "in flagrante" at that!

"Well?!?" Duo demanded imperiously. Heero had no choice now but to answer. "All right, already! I'll explain," a slight twinge of the earlier blush returned to Heero's face as he griped, "Shit, baka, why are you making a federal case out of this?"

"'Federal case', Yuy? What century are *you* living in to use such an out-dated expression?" The braided boy actually broke into a smile at this and he relaxed a bit. He dropped his hands from his hips and turned to pull Heero into his arms. "You know something, Heero? There are times you are sexy even when you're being dense!" He laughed, a musical sound that gave Heero false hope that he was off the hook for his earlier mistake.

"Now, though," violet eyes darkened with a hint of threat as he pushed him away, "Explain yourself. Why *did* you point a gun at them, anyway?"

Heero glanced at the floor uncertain how to phrase his answer so that it was honest yet didn't result in his being relegated to the couch for the night. He thought it over a bit more and then decided to risk it all and simply speak the unvarnished truth.

"I didn't believe those two were really lovers, Duo." He shrugged in embarrassment, "When I heard Trowa yelling at Wufei like that, I thought maybe the guy was hurting him or something. Shit, Trowa's been like a brother to me and when I thought he was in trouble, I wanted to help him." Heero finally stopped talking, more than a little ashamed since even this sounded pathetic, all things considered.

"I see," Duo commented sarcastically. "*Our* Trowa Barton, Gundam pilot, ex-mercenary, accomplished acrobat, *and* deadly marksman just might not be able to handle his roommate if the smaller kid got a little out of hand, is *that* what you're saying, Heero?"

The braided boy snorted in disgust. "You mean to tell me that you have so little confidence in this guy you say is 'like a brother' to you that you feel you need to go in, gun drawn to defend him? From *Wufei* of all people?!? Doesn't that seem a little ridiculous to you when you stop and think about it?"

The Japanese pilot just sighed. "Yeah, Duo, it does. Guess I owe them both an apology, don't I?"

"Hell yes you do!" Duo snarled, "*And* you need to fix the door you busted! They deserve some privacy, ya know!"

Heero mutely nodded and did his level best to summon up a "sad puppy" look like Quatre so often did, but what garnered sympathy for the blond did absolutely nothing for the Wing pilot except make him look silly in the first place. As Heero scrambled mentally for other ways to rescue the situation before it became a truly lost cause, a noise from upstairs caused him to freeze.

"GODS, YES!!!" Wufei shouted and Trowa's voice was raised in an unintelligible chorus. The pair did indeed have a taste for exhibitionism after all, and even though no one was watching them, the door had been broken off its hinges and their voices carried throughout the safehouse.

Duo felt a snicker building up in his throat and he fought it down until he heard a low, pained moan from around the corner. Quatre had just called yet another old flame just to be rejected and the sheer weight of his desire was running him into the ground.

"I just can't *win*! This sucks!!" The Sandrock pilot was bitching and growling at things in general and then went stomping into the kitchen commenting to the walls something barely discernable about tea and cookies not being sufficient to make up for the lack of a sex life.

No longer able to keep a straight face, Duo doubled over laughing.

Heero just stood mouth closed as he watched his lover sink farther into his private joke before he couldn't resist asking, "What's so funny, Duo?"

"Oh, Heero," Duo chuckled, one arm around his aching middle and the other thrown over his lover's shoulder. "Here we are arguing over you being a moron while Fei and Tro are getting screwed in the best possible way and 'Quatre the Hentai' is coming apart at the seams because he can't get a date! How is it that the two of us, the ones who've been lovers the longest here, are wasting our breath talking when we could be doing far more interesting things?"

"I dunno," Heero smirked back, "When you put it that way, it certainly seems we are wasting our time, ne?" He was pleased to see the answering smile and he was emboldened to ask, "By the way, koi, want to take a shower with me? Seems to be a good way to spend time today, if you know what I mean."

"A shower, Yuy?" Duo chuckled, "How very unoriginal. Since when do *you* take your cues for sex from Fei and Tro?"

"Since they looked like they were having a damned good time that way, maybe?"

"Ah! Good point!" Smirking, Duo reached out a hand and pulled the other boy along behind him towards the bathroom they shared with Quatre on the first floor. He shouted towards the kitchen, "Yo, Q! Don't go breaking anything while Heero and I grab a shower, okay?"

An unhappy groan answered him, "Yeah, yeah, I won't." Then it hit him what Duo really meant and he growled to himself, "Damn it all! Now I *really* feel left out! Why couldn't there have been *six* colonies to send Gundams out? Then there wouldn't have been one guy left out all the time!"

Snickering at his own realization that he had added to Quatre's torture inadvertently, Duo pulled Heero into the smaller bathroom and closed and locked the door. Without warning, he pushed the other boy against the back of the door and kissed Heero demandingly. As the kiss broke, violet eyes stared into cobalt and the braided boy instructed, "I want you to make *me* scream as loud as Trowa just made Wufei scream, got it?"

"Oh?" Heero answered with an arrogant grin, "I take it you're assuming that Trowa was seme that time instead of uke and that *you* want to be on top this time?"

"Hell no!" Duo grinned back as he moved to begin stripping away his usual black outfit, "I don't care which is which for them! I only care about *you* making *me* scream! Now, are you going to stand there and watch me strip or are you going to get the hot water going?"

A slight smirk and a mumbled, "Ryoukai," were all Heero responded as he followed orders.

Soon, the small room was awash in steam. The two naked boys were standing together, one focused entirely on the task of unwinding the long braid of the other who had begun to softly hum a song to himself. Duo's hips swayed gently from side-to-side as Heero finished separating the heavy rope of hair.

A smile on his lips, Heero reached out and stopped Duo's motions and simply guided the long-haired boy into the shower with one hand on his back.

"So," Duo breathed out in a throaty voice, "Is this actually intended as a bathing opportunity here or are we getting wet just for fun?"

"Sex *is* fun," Heero shrugged, "But I assumed you might like me to wash your hair for you."

"MmHmm," Duo moaned appreciatively as he faced into the spray, letting the water cascade over his face and down his chest.

A pained groan left Heero's throat as he watched Duo and suddenly helping wash the long chestnut mass of hair seemed far less appealing. However, Heero was always a slave to the mission, and he forced himself to refocus as he picked up the shampoo and got to work.

Fistfuls of hair, lather that smelled of musk, and Duo's smooth flesh conspired to make Heero forget his intentions, yet he doggedly stayed on the job. Duo whimpered and leaned back against him as the last of the lather was rinsed away.

"Dear god, Heero," he moaned breathlessly, "how is it you make washing my hair into world-class foreplay?"

A dark chuckle broke the air as Heero moved closer and embraced his lover from behind, gladly crushing the weight of his erection against Duo's well-muscled ass. As he continued to grind his hips into the young man in front of him, Heero reached blatantly for the conditioner and then stepped away.

Duo gasped at the sudden loss of contact and then growled angrily, "Damn it! Where do you think *you're* going?!?" He spun around to look at Heero who was calmly pouring some of the creamy musk-scented conditioner into one hand.

Duo thought he intended to finish the work on his hair and snarled. "Come back here, Heero! You can finish that later! I want to get fucked here!"

"You do?" Heero asked with false innocence.

"Hell yes! Put that shit down and screw me!" Duo placed both hands on his hips angrily as he considered wrecking vengeance on his apparently coy lover.

Just as Duo was about to devise a new method of torture to even the score with Heero for teasing him, he felt a warm slick hand wrap around his aching erection.

Violet eyes popped open and Duo stared at Heero who stood in front of him, one hand stroking conditioner up and down his cock, the other hand reaching for and then taking hold of one pink nipple. Groaning under the two-pronged attack, Duo slumped against the cool tile wall of the shower enclosure and allowed his eyes to slide shut in pleasure. "Ahh.... God! That feels so good!" Duo moaned, as Heero sped up his stroking and began kissing the long-haired boy.

Tongues battled and more hands came into play as Duo reached for Heero's waist and pulled him closer. A low groan broke loose in Heero's throat when Duo reached down to caress his own aching arousal, spreading a bit of the conditioner onto him as well.

Forced to abandon the kiss in favor of preventing himself from coming in his lover's talented hand, Heero backed away and asked, "What do you want, koi?"

Mercilessly, Heero squeezed the other boy's swollen length before he asked, "What do you *need*, Duo?"

A groan of pain came back as Duo begged, "You, koi, I need *you*! Please, Heero, I need to feel you deep inside me! Please, Heero! Please, fuck me *now*!!"

"Without any additional preparation, Duo?" Heero teased. He knew his lover often preferred a bit of pain with his pleasure, "it adds spice" Duo had once told him, but Heero knew all too well it drove the boy crazy to even be asked such a thing. The delay that asking caused only stoked the fires of Duo's need higher, making him desperate.

"Hell yes! Without anything else to slow this down, damn it!" Duo was trembling and his cock twitched as he moved demandingly towards Heero with every intention of just finishing the discussion in a more direct method.

"Give it to me, lover," he demanded, violet eyes dangerously dark with passion.

Realizing he was about to lose control of the situation entirely if he didn't move, Heero quickly placed both hands on Duo's slender hips and moved him to lean his back against the tile wall. He lifted one of Duo's feet to rest on the edge of the tub, spreading him open beautifully. Heero slid closer and nestled against his lover allowing his erection to nudge meaningfully at Duo's entrance.

As the long-haired boy tensed slightly in anticipation, a slight roll of Heero's hips caused the broad head of his cock to force its way past the tight ring of muscle and then the entire length slid home into the clasping heat he alone knew and loved.

"Ah, YES!" Duo gasped loudly. "More! Fuck me harder, Heero!" Nearly silent, his lover slid halfway out and then plunged back in hard and fast.

"HEERO!!!" He screamed as the thickness that filled him so perfectly brushed against the spot deep inside that made sparks fly across the inside of his eyelids.

Gasping, Duo's knees very nearly gave way under him, but he tried to maintain his focus as his lover began a series of quick, deep thrusts hitting that spot repeatedly.

One strong hand wrapped around Duo's own conditioner-covered erection as Heero began to pump him in measured beats to match the inner strokes. Pleasure filled Duo's mind and his heart soared as he approached the edge.

Heero felt him stiffening and gave one last desperate thrust as he climaxed deep inside Duo's willing heat. "DUO!!!" Heero screamed as he throbbed pulses of creamy seed into Duo's tight channel.

Duo screamed as well, as pulse after pulse left his body to spurt out onto Heero's hand and to coat their stomachs as he fell over the edge of pleasure.

The spray of the shower continued to rain down on both boys as they slowly made their way back from wherever they went mentally at moments of intense pleasure. Slowly, Duo's eyes opened once more and he leaned forward to kiss his lover and groaned as he felt Heero's softening member slide from his body.

"Mm, that was fabulous, koi," Duo grinned, as he kissed Heero's lips.

"Yeah, it was, wasn't it?" Heero smirked back as he reached down to retrieve the conditioner with the intent of finishing his earlier assignment. As he poured another puddle of liquid in his hand he glanced at Duo and asked, "Did I make you scream enough yet, or do you need more?"

"Hmm, what happens if I ask for more, koi?" Duo asked teasingly as he turned to allow Heero to get started conditioning the wet, slightly tangled mass of hair.

"Ask for it and find out," Heero chuckled darkly.

Violet eyes narrowed as Duo caught a sound by the door before he could answer. A soft groan, possibly a pained moan, let him know that they had someone listening in to not only to their present conversation but possibly also to the things they had just shared in the form of a more direct communication. It was Quatre.

The little blond pilot, unable to find someone to play with, was apparently seeking to enjoy vicariously what his comrades were doing beneath the shower spray.

In the hallway, alone and in need, Quatre had one hand in the open waistband of his slacks and was stroking himself hoping against hope that Duo would be asking for more from Heero. The blond hadn't arrived at the conclusion that there was simply no hope for him finding a sex partner on such short notice and had missed much of the action so far. Desperate to hear what Duo's answer might be, Quatre never even heard Trowa walk up behind him.

"What do you think you're doing, Quatre?" Trowa asked calmly even though he could see perfectly well what was going on.

Guiltily jerking his hand away too roughly, Quatre wrenched a moan from his own throat as he spun to face the lanky teen. The sight that filled his eyes, however, pulled a tortured groan from his lips.

Trowa, still wet from the shower, was clad in only a clinging pair of boxers, his damp hair dripping down his neck allowing both glimmering emerald eyes to show clearly for a change. Quatre felt as if this vision alone might bring him to completion at any moment, Trowa looked like a wet dream just standing there. The Arabian teen's mind was suddenly filled once more with the images of Trowa being taken by Wufei in the shower only a half-hour earlier. Knowing the taller boy had just been intimate with the exotic Chinese pilot, brought a groan to Quatre's lips as his mind threatened to shut down on him.

Before Quatre could answer or form a question as to whether or not there was an off-chance that Trowa could help him out with his current difficulty, the bathroom door was pulled open angrily.

Heero, naked and unashamed, stood dripping wet and glaring at both boys in the hallway as he snarled, "What do you *want*, Quatre?!? We're busy!" He noticed Trowa and his eyes widened. "Nani? Since when are you one to listen in on someone else, Trowa?"

"I'm not," Trowa shrugged. "We need some towels. We're all out and Fei's waiting for one right now."

The issue of the laundry that had been ignored immediately popped into Quatre's mind as Heero nodded and moved away from the door long enough to grab a few towels from the linen closet in the bathroom.

Through the open door, Quatre caught sight of Duo, bare skin glistening in the shower as he moved in an unconsciously erotic manner to rinse the conditioner out of his hair, humming to himself as his hips swayed from side-to-side once more.

"Allah," Quatre moaned softly and he felt the tightness in his pants approaching a breaking point.

At nearly that moment, though, the voice of the fifth pilot broke his thoughts as Wufei walked towards them, one hand barely keeping a pair of too-loose silk boxers in place. His face was flushed and moisture clung provocatively to the silky black hair that hung in damp tendrils around his face and shoulders. "Never mind, Tro! I just realized that they're probably busy in the shower themselves."

As the Chinese boy approached, Quatre's mind flashed the image of the oriental boy naked and pumping into the tall youth beside him immediately beside the image of Duo's dance-like motions in the shower in front of him.

With a muffled groan, the blond felt the sudden shattering of the tightness as he climaxed without so much as an additional touch to send him over the edge. His cock throbbed as he came in his pants and Quatre realized through the haze that he was far from alone at the time but was unable to make good on an escape attempt.

"Quatre?" Trowa asked as he saw the other boy waver in place a bit and then lean against the wall, eyes shut in the guilty and embarrassing pleasure that poured over him in waves.

The growing dampness on the front of the tan slacks, however, told the tale all too well and when Heero reappeared with the towels, Trowa simply handed one off the top to the blond, saying, "You can use the shower in our room if you need to, Quatre. There's no door, but...?" Trowa's voice trailed off as a smile spread over his face when Wufei stepped up to help keep the blond from sliding down the wall, inadvertently allowing the loose boxers to slip dangerously down one hip, exposing a fine view of bronze flesh that wrest another groan from Quatre's lips.

Annoyed with the situation in the hallway, Heero was about to close the door and go back to see if Duo was ready to move to their bedroom for Act 2, when he picked up on the situation with Quatre. A leer on his face, Heero pointedly glanced at Quatre's now sticky pants and asked, "Guess you didn't need to try to find a date after all, huh, Quatre?"

Aquamarine eyes filled with pain as Quatre felt the familiar stirrings return. He clasped the towel to the front of his slacks as if that might keep his body from reacting to the sight of Heero standing naked and aroused in front of him and Duo glistening under the shower spray as well as the two partially-clad boys beside him.

Knowing all was lost, Quatre bolted free of Wufei's hands as he went towards the bathroom upstairs to not only clean off the evidence of his earlier climax but to hopefully find completion in a second under the shower as his teammates had all done that afternoon.

"Think he hates us?" Wufei asked with a smirk.

"Probably," Trowa shrugged easily as he tugged on Wufei's waistband in a half-hearted attempt to get the other boy covered before he changed his mind entirely and chose instead to simply caress the bare skin with one warm palm.

"He's just jealous," Heero remarked and then walked away, leaving the door wide open as he climbed back into the shower with Duo, startling the long-haired boy.

"Why'd you leave the door open, koi?" Duo asked Heero as the other boy started nuzzling his neck suggestively. Duo glanced toward the hallway and was unsurprised to see the other couple utterly lost in a passionate kiss, Wufei's boxers now slipping down far enough to allow a glimpse of black hair peeking out before it was hidden by Trowa's insistent shallow rolls of his hips.

Duo moaned deep in his throat at the image before him as he turned and savagely kissed Heero forcing an answering groan.

Pulling away from the kiss only long enough to realize that the pair in the hallway had somehow lost both pairs of boxers, along with the neglected stack of towels, Heero motioned with his head to encourage Duo to take another look for himself.

Moaning once more, Duo leaned against Heero and began to lap at his throat before answering his own question, "Privacy is over-rated anyway, huh, Heero?"

"Very much so, Duo," he nodded as he slipped his hands around to cradle the other boy's firm buttocks once more. "Perhaps doors just get in the way sometimes, ne?"

"Oh yes," Duo nearly purred as he sent his tongue back to work laving at his lover's neck.

A strangled scream reverberated from the bathroom upstairs and all four young men stopped what they were doing to laugh, chuckle, or otherwise snicker.

With a wry smile, Trowa said, "Well, Quatre apparently finally has matters 'well in hand' himself."

They all laughed for a moment and then went back to what they had been doing, enjoying each other to the exclusion of even wondering who was watching whom. As long as each was wrapped in the right set of arms, enjoying the fruit of their beloved's lips, none of them cared as each discovered new topics for months of wet dreams.

Strangely enough, the five Gundam pilots ran up one hell of a water bill at this particular safehouse but they were certainly very, very clean!

Author's Notes:

1. This fic is dedicated to Nazarri Blue, one of the lovely ladies at [1x2x1ML] who keeps me smiling! Hang tough and keep believing in love and Heero and Duo will always be glad to entertain you!

2. I just adore Erato! She's my lemon muse and she's been busy trying to cheer me up with nice little pieces like this lately! And, yes, I wrote this one all by my itty-bitty self! Here's hoping Ryoko thinks it makes a good sequel, ne?

3. Well, as promised, here's the (1x2x1) sequel to follow up the (5x3x5) original! I never planned on doing this to our poor little hentai pilot, but it felt so damned good to let Quatre "handle it" himself! I am so evil!

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