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Sequel to: The Leading Man
Written: April, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (2x1) (3x5x4)
Category: Yaoi Bondage Wufei-torture Exhibitionism Voyeurism Threesome Lemon Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, bondage, Wufei-torture, exhibitionism, voyeurism, merciless teasing by a hentai blond, threesome, lemon, WDNNSP!, hint of angst for spice

Note: The pilots are thrilled to get approval to remain at the safehouse with their favorite little dungeon for more fun and games. But why does Wufei get chained up when he tries to make things a little more comfortable for them all? And just *who* does Quatre think he is to tease the Chinese boy like this, anyway?!?

The Set Designer
by Enigma

Chang Wufei and Duo Maxwell were laughing as they carried a small couch down the wooden stairs into the "dungeon" where the five Gundam pilots had found a great deal of pleasure in sharing various sexual fantasies inspired by films.

"Man, isn't this great?" Duo chuckled, placing the sofa near the wall facing the end of the bed.

"Yeah, you got that right!" Wufei agreed with a smile as he went to finish putting sheets and a comforter onto the old bed in the middle of the basement. "Who would've ever thought we could talk the scientists into letting us stay here for awhile? We actually like this place and it *isn't* a dormitory, so I would've assumed they'd refuse on general principles!"

"Absolutely true, old buddy!" Duo grinned and slapped the smaller boy on the back, accidentally knocking him down onto the bed in his enthusiasm. "Oops! Sorry about that, Wu!"

Blushing, the Chinese pilot accepted a hand up and was careful not to let his loose-fitting sweatpants, the only thing he was wearing at the time, slip off as he regained his footing.

"Sh'yeah, right!" Wufei scolded, as Duo shrugged and pulled the waistband of the borrowed pair of Heero's boxers back up after they slid down one hip to expose far more creamy skin than he intended to at this point.

They were getting things ready for an afternoon "celebration" while they awaited the return of Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton, both of whom had gone to get the group enrolled in the local community college for classes. Quatre Raberba Winner was supposedly working on warming some body oil, but both boys knew it was just as likely that the hentai little blond was running around in the buff as usual concocting all sorts of odd sexual fantasies to play out on his friends.

Duo decided to go in search of the oil as Wufei put the final touches on the room's "upgrade".

They'd all agreed it was far too cold the last time they had used the room and Wufei had taken on the role of "set designer" to deal with it. He had searched the linen closets and found some throw rugs, covers for the bed, and a few pillows they could use. Now, the Chinese boy walked over to the chains hanging from a wall and part of the ceiling and started trying to sort them out for more fun with a slight bondage overtone.

As he pushed the chains and hooks back and forth, though, an odd thing happened and his wristbands became ensnared in some of them, functionally trapping him with both arms high above his head. This was not entirely uncomfortable but it was certainly not very good for getting anything much accomplished on the project he was working on.

Annoyed, Wufei called out, "Duo? Quatre? Can anybody hear me?" There was no immediate response, so he yelled again, "YO!!! GUYS!!! A little help down here, please!!!"

The shout brought Quatre padding down the stairs, bare feet coming into view before the rest of him, equally bare, followed. At the bottom of the stairs, he froze and took a good long look. "Wow, Wufei, are you actually caught on some of those chains?"

The ShenLong pilot frowned at him as he felt the loose-fitting sweatpants begin to slide downwards. "What does it look like, genius? Yes, I'm trapped here. Help me get loose!"

"Hmm," Quatre pondered as he stepped close to his lover and then began a slow circle that reminded Wufei of a shark homing in on its prey. "No, I don't think so, Wufei. You look awfully good just the way you are right now." Small hands ran down the trapped boy's bare chest and Wufei couldn't suppress the shudder that ran through him.

"Kisama," Wufei breathed out, although he didn't sound like he was really all that mad about the situation. The five of them were planning on a sexy afternoon of fun as it was, and having it start a little early wasn't too bad except for one thing. "We're supposed to wait for Trowa, Quatre." He moaned softly as the Arabian boy walked around him trailing one hand around his waistline sensuously.

"Oh?" The blond's lips drew up in a moue of disappointment. "Well, he'll be home soon, you don't mind waiting for him just like that, now do you?" He leaned in and kissed his lover teasingly adding, "You know, I think Trowa will find that seeing you in chains is a real turn-on, Wufei. It certainly is for me!"

Coffee-dark eyes slid shut as images of their taller lover's possible reaction to this scene scrolled across Wufei's eyelids.

Wufei moaned softly yet again, his knees weakening. The teen would have fallen had the chains not held him as tightly as they did. But he remained trapped as Quatre stepped in front once more and began toying with one brown sugar nipple and lapped at the other with slow wet swipes of his tongue.

"Well, *damn*, Wu!!" Duo's voice cut through the haze in both boys' minds suddenly. He had located the fragranced oil sitting forgotten in a cup of hot water in the microwave and was simply bringing it downstairs unawares of the unfolding drama until it was right in front of his eyes. "You look *hot* like that! I want a taste, too!"

"Maxwell..." Wufei tried to warn, but his voice trailed off as the American approached hungrily.

"You can't have him all to yourself," Quatre pouted as Duo displaced his fingers to lick and suckle sweetly on the Chinese pilot's chest. One violet eye peeked over at him and Duo simply continued dragging sweet noises from his trapped friend.

"I.. am not..." Wufei gasped as he tried to breathe and flailed at the chains once more in a desperate effort to even the odds for the game the other two were playing, "…a piece of candy…!"

Wufei gave up on his obviously useless struggle for freedom and said more firmly, "Stop licking meeee…!" He trailed off, moaning uncontrollably as the braided boy rubbed gently at the firming flesh that remained barely covered by the low-riding sweatpants.

Both of his torturers, however, snickered at this and resumed their activities enthusiastically.

As Quatre slipped one hand into the back of the pants to cup one tightly muscled buttock, Duo captured the black-haired boy's lips in a demanding kiss that would have left them both breathless, given time. Instead, it was interrupted by a low growl and the sound of the front door of the safehouse slamming shut.

"Oi! Heero!" Duo chirped happily, "We're down here! You and Trowa come on down and join us, okay?"

Familiar yellow sneakers came pounding down the stairs noisily as Heero followed his lover's voice. "You better not have started without me, baka!" Heero snarled, "You know the rules!"

Duo eeped and moved away from Wufei, brushing a last kiss to his already swollen lips in apology before going to embrace Heero. The Wing pilot was not fooled in the least, he could feel the swollen evidence of Duo's desire against his thigh when he held him, but he smirked and said nothing about it directly.

"What do you think you're you doing to Wufei, Quatre?" Cobalt eyes danced merrily as Quatre squirmed a little under the scrutiny he was receiving, Heero's unflinching gaze suddenly reminding the Arabian teen of his own nakedness.

Breathless, Wufei looked at Heero with undisguised hope for freedom, but got no help.

"Um, well," Quatre hedged and then angrily remarked, "What difference does it make to you, Heero? He's *my* lover and if we want to play, we can damn well play! You don't own us like you do Duo!"

"He doesn't 'own' me, moron," Duo shot back, "I belong to him in my own way and he belongs to me in return! You have two lovers already, so don't be so jealous all the time!"

"I'm *not* jealous!" Quatre retorted angrily as he turned his back on Wufei to verbally duel with Duo. "I'm perfectly happy with Wufei and Trowa!"

"Oh yeah?" Duo smirked, "Then how come you were in such a hurry to get your mouth wrapped around me last time we were down here?"

Quatre sputtered a bit then stated flatly, "Because I like to suck cock, that's why!"

Violet eyes rolled as Duo found no appropriate comeback for this simple, if not blunt, statement of truth, then he demanded, "Hey! Heero! What the hell are *you* doing?!?"

The Wing pilot glanced over one shoulder after breaking off the kiss he had been sharing with Wufei and he answered dryly, "I'm just getting caught up, baka. It looks like you were both nibbling on our chained comrade here. I'm just keeping the score even."

One golden hand trailed down to rub against Wufei's exposed hip eliciting a deep pained moan. "Guys, please?" Wufei nearly whined and moved his arms silently asking for freedom.

They shook their heads "no" and Heero gave the trapped pilot another kiss that was far more demanding than before. Breathless after a few moments, he stepped away from the boy who was tangled in the chains and Wufei finally did whine at the loss.

Heero raised one callused hand and stroked Wufei's cheek briefly and apologized, "Sorry, Wufei, but I'm not going to let you down either. Trowa will really enjoy seeing you like this and I'm not about to deny him that pleasure. But I *will* help you get out of those pants."

As Heero moved to quickly strip him, Wufei shivered as all three boys stared at his dripping arousal which begged for attention. Their eyes then tracked upwards to take in the view of the chains which were now even more tightly wrapped around his wrists, comfortably holding him stretched out full-length, naked in the cool basement air.

As Heero stripped his shorts and tank top off, Duo dropped the boxers he'd been wearing onto the small sofa. Quatre moved close to Wufei once more and stood behind him, stroking his aching length and nibbling on one tender earlobe while he toyed with one nipple teasingly.

"Heero," Quatre asked as the other two boys moved towards the couch, "what happened to Trowa? Wasn't he with you at school? I thought we needed to wait for him to *really* get started."

A low, inarticulate moan left Wufei's throat at this revelation. He was barely able to hang on through all of the stimulation and the idea of waiting much longer nearly destroyed his ability to think. Quatre moved closer behind him, though, and caressed him more forcefully as he made little shushing noises that went unheeded by the frantic youth.

"Um, yeah," Heero commented as he pushed Duo down onto the couch and then climbed on top of him. "Trowa said he'd go pick up the uniforms we're supposed to wear and he'd be home right behind me. Guess he got delayed."

"Uniforms?" Duo complained, "I thought we were going to a college, who needs any stupid uniforms for that?"

"We do, baka," Heero answered as he knelt over the American boy's straining erection, "I signed us up for the OZ Junior Officer Training Program so we could get some surveillance done while we enjoy the time we get here. All play and no work makes Duo Maxwell, um…" Heero's voice trailed off as their cocks collided pleasantly, wrenching a moan from all four throats in the room. Quatre had moved to position Wufei so they both had an unobstructed view of the couch and he wasn't being disappointed by either young man there.

"'All play and no work makes Duo Maxwell' -- a *very* happy boy, Heero!" The braided boy moaned enticingly as he wrapped both arms around Heero's neck and pulled him in for another deep kiss.

Quatre groaned and resumed his assault on his own lover, driving Wufei to distraction with non-rhythmic strokes that tantalized but never satisfied. The blond pressed tightly against his ass and began whispering his own play-by-play description of the pair on the couch.

"My goodness, Wufei," Quatre breathed in warm moist words against his ear, "I can't tell which one is better hung over there, do you think it's Duo or Heero, hmm?"

Wufei shuddered and closed his eyes as he whimpered softly, "Get me down. Please, oh please…"

Quatre just chuckled darkly and squeezed Wufei's thickness firmly as he answered, "Nope, koi, not until Trowa gets home. Just watch the boys on the couch, Wufei, aren't they beautiful?"

"Oh, yes, they are." Wufei moaned and begged, "Please, release me, Quatre! Please?"

Another dark laugh was his answer as Quatre's hands returned to stroking and teasing without offering any real relief whatsoever. This torture might have continued unabated, but a loud thud from upstairs announced the arrival of the last pilot.

"Trowa!" Wufei called out in a voice rough with need and the pain of an afternoon of tortured waiting. "Help me!"

"Dragon?" Trowa called back in concern before he leapt down the stairs but then halted at the erotic tableau before him.

Emerald eyes widened as Trowa observed Heero's heavy-lidded eyes as the Wing pilot was stretching his own opening for Duo's heavy erection. Trowa then glanced across the room and felt himself harden painfully as he realized that Wufei was not simply standing still for Quatre's pleasure, but that he was actually trapped in the chains above him.

A half-smile crossed Trowa's face as he stepped closer to his lovers, stripping off his turtleneck and jeans with practiced speed, leaving a trail of clothing behind himself as he walked. Naked, he stepped up to Wufei's chest and ran both hands gently across the over-stimulated nipples as he claimed the puffy lips for a sweet kiss that held love and adoration without demands unlike the other three boys' kisses.

Wufei sighed happily as Trowa then stepped back and released him, catching the Chinese teen as his knees finally had a chance to collapse under him as they had been trying to all afternoon.

Trowa bent down and swept the exhausted yet still aroused boy into his arms and took him to the bed. He laid Wufei down gently after drawing back the comforter and sheets, a change that brought a smile to his lips. "Fei, you got a blanket put on the bed? Thank you."

Trowa intended to then kiss him again as gently as possible, but found a pair of strong bronze arms wrapped around his neck as Wufei suddenly begged urgently, "Please, angel! Please fuck me, Trowa! I need it so badly! They've teased me all afternoon and…"

"Shh, take it easy, dragon, of course I will, love," Trowa cast a glare at the unrepentant blond who grinned back at him. A noise of pleasure from the couch drew his attention to Heero who was rapidly pounding his hand into his own ass as Duo's tongue thrust deeply down his throat.

A wicked gleam entered Trowa's eyes as he turned back to the teasing blond and he commanded, "Prep yourself *and* Wufei, Quatre, or go upstairs alone."

"WHAT?!?" The blond's mouth dropped open in shock as Trowa reached over to grab the bottle of sandalwood-scented oil and handed it to him, green eyes flat and cold.

"You heard me," Trowa answered in a no-nonsense tone. "Take some oil and get started or just go take care of your needs yourself. I'm sure you've been cruel to poor Fei all afternoon and I'm going to try to soothe him until he's ready. Now, are you in or are you out?"

Quatre sputtered a bit, then took another look at Heero's face which was a vision of unfulfilled desire as he positioned himself above Duo, and then the blond caught on. Not only was it necessary to get the two members of their trio that Trowa had decided were going to be middle and bottom ready for their union, this was just sexy as hell to begin with.

Now confident that this wasn't as cruel a fate as it seemed at first, Quatre snatched the oil away, knelt beside Wufei who lay partially cradled in Trowa's arms, and spread his own legs. As the first fingers were sinking into both of their bodies, and wringing a loud groan from Wufei's throat, the couple on the couch was getting noisy, too.

"Don't move, Duo," Heero warned in a deep and almost threatening voice.

"Wouldn't dream of it, koi," Duo promised as he watched with avid desire when the Japanese boy began to impale himself on the upthrust flesh that had been aching for their union.

Heero wasn't as experienced at both positions as he might have seemed, but one thing he insisted on, if he was going to be taken by Duo, it would happen at *his* pace which was a slow one. The Japanese teen enjoyed the fleeting sensations of pain that still surrounded being filled by the American's large cock and he didn't want to be hurried through it by the other boy's raging lust.

Slowly sinking down, Heero felt each and every centimeter as it entered him and he felt a rush of the pain he enjoyed as his ass brushed against the tops of Duo's thighs before he settled down, fully seated on his lover's erection.

"Gods, that's good!" Duo exclaimed, head thrown back and eyes wide.

Heero smirked and leaned forward to allow a few inches to ease back out of his body as he kissed the long neck in front of him. Then he reared back hard shoving Duo's cock back in deeply enough to hit his prostate. A shiver of pleasure ran through Heero and he yelled, "YES!!!" Both were breathing hard as Heero commanded, "Now, Duo! Move now!!"

"You've got it, lover," Duo growled as he finally took control of their coupling.

As the braided boy got a firm grip on Heero's hips, Trowa's attention was pulled back to the boy in his lap. Wufei was tossing his head as Quatre enthusiastically oiled and stretched both himself and the Chinese teen.

"Now? Please, Trowa, Quatre, now?" Exhausted, but still wanting, Wufei begged sweetly and both boys nodded agreement as Quatre moved to lay beside him.

"Yes, koi, now," Trowa smiled and kissed the boy before turning him to face Quatre who in turn wrapped both arms around Wufei and pulled the tired boy over on top of himself.

"I'm sorry for teasing you so much, love," Quatre whispered as he oiled Wufei's aching erection before guiding it into his own body with a gasp of delight.

"GODS!!!" Wufei cried out and then bit his lip trying to keep control long enough not to spoil the moment for the three of them as he felt Trowa moving into position behind him.

Wufei felt his buttocks being stroked gently and then spread apart as Trowa nudged the oiled opening with the broad head of his cock. After only a moment's pressure, it slipped inside easily and the taller pilot was soon fully sheathed in the smaller boy's tight channel.

The trio on the bed took deep breaths before Trowa alone began to move for them all. He quickly established a rhythm knowing that Wufei would barely last a few moments after the excessive amount of stimulation he had endured at the hands of not only Quatre but also the couple who were currently driving each other towards oblivion at breakneck speed.

Trowa continued to thrust smoothly, pushing them all towards completion and then whispered, "Watch!" as he saw Heero and Duo begin to climax together.

Duo was holding Heero's hips and pistoning the other boy up and down demandingly as Heero reached down to stroke his own length with rough pumping motions.

A low growl built in Heero's throat that erupted as a single shouted expletive as his creamy seed poured forth from his body onto his hand and Duo's stomach and chest, "FUCK!!!"

As the sensation of muscles clenching tightly around his straining arousal hit Duo, he, too, came hard crying out his lover's name, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he belonged to the Japanese teen body and soul.

"HEERO!!!" He screamed as the first pulses left his body which arched up off the couch as if he could drive himself deeper into the receptive body above him. As he sank back down, eyes closed, he heard similar sounds from the bed.

"Angel! Koi!" Wufei cried out in exhausted joy as his long-awaited climax swept him away.

"YES!!!" Quatre screamed as the first wave of fluid shot from his body into the tight confines where his erection was trapped between himself and Wufei.

Trowa, once more happy to go back to being nearly silent, simply grunted contentedly as he spilled hot passion into Wufei's trembling body.

All three lay quietly gasping on the bed. None of them had the energy to look as Heero, too, collapsed against Duo who wrapped tired arms around him and nuzzled his neck sweetly in the waning moments of bliss.

Peace descended on them all and it was dead quiet in the room for several minutes until Heero asked, "Hey, Trowa, did you get the uniforms?"

"Aw, geez, Heero!" Duo griped, "We just had some damned good sex, why'd you bring *that* topic up, huh? Aren't you sleepy like the rest of us poor mortals?"

"Yeah, Heero," Trowa yawned in disinterest as he moved just enough to slide out of Wufei's body gently. He was curious why there was no reaction from his lover and he turned worried eyes towards Quatre and asked, "Is Fei all right, little one?"

"Hmm, I don't know, let me check," Quatre reached one hand out to cradle the Chinese boy's chin and gently lifted his face. "Wufei? Lover? You okay?"

He got no answer at first, then a soft sigh that might have been a snore from someone else. With a tender smile, Quatre moved the other boy's face down against his chest protectively, stroking the sweat-soaked black hair lovingly, saying, "He's asleep, Trowa. I guess we wore him out."

"'We', Quatre?" Trowa accused quietly, glaring half-heartedly at the blond and ignoring Duo's soft chuckle at the entire conversation.

"All right," the Arabian teen sighed and resumed smiling as he stroked Wufei's hair once more. "*I* wore him out, with all my teasing when he was chained up like that. But he was just so adorable! He's hardly ever helpless like that, Trowa! You saw it! He was so sweet." A silly smile crossed Quatre's lips and he moved his head to kiss the boy in his arms even as Trowa rolled over to gather them both closer to himself.

"I know," Trowa admitted and pulled the covers up with one hand before cradling Wufei against his own chest so Quatre could get more comfortable as well.

Without thinking about it, Trowa, too, began protectively stroking Wufei's face and neck, smiling the same goofy smile Quatre had. "He *is* awfully cute like that, you're right. Wonder if we can convince him to let us tie him up again sometime?"

Heero snorted softly as he moved to stretch out on the couch, pulling Duo on top of him to rest under a blanket that Duo had thrown over the sofa when it was brought downstairs. "If you do get him to agree to that, let me know in advance. These two need to be watched or they're just going to torture him again, couple of damned hentai!"

"Heero!" Duo complained, "Why so worried about Wu? Don't you want to tie *me* up sometime instead?"

"We did that last time, baka," Heero chuckled and then yawned. "Besides, now that Wufei got his moment of glory, this only leaves me and Trowa to take a turn. Hey, Tro, what kind of fantasy do *you* want to live out down here?"

"I don't know," the HeavyArms pilot yawned, "I don't really have anything in mind. Why not skip me and do you next, Heero?"

Quatre was fidgeting with the blanket that just seemed a few inches too short and missed a chance to suggest that they skip both of them and let him go again. The blond was all in favor of being the center of attention for another sexual escapade. Eventually, he found the slack he sought and with that shaken loose he began to drift off to sleep feeling warm and satisfied.

"Nah, not me," Heero commented as he cuddled Duo to him tightly, rubbing his back in gentle strokes that eased the braided boy towards sleep. "I've got all I can handle right here in my arms to start with. Why don't we let it ride and get some sleep? We have class tomorrow."

"MmHmm," Trowa agreed and let his own eyes slide shut as the final waking teen allowed sleep to claim him.

None of the five pilots were the least bit worried about the chill in the air, either, since Wufei's efforts as "the set designer" had paid off well. With Duo's help, the ShenLong pilot had been able to provide enough sleeping space that Heero wasn't faced with trying to carry Duo to bed after sex and none of them were cold the way they had been the previous time they'd all played together in their delightful "dungeon".

Facing a quiet immediate future that included only ordinary classes and whatever odd things the "OZ Junior Officer Training Program" that Heero had signed them up for entailed, the Gundam pilots would be more than happy to sort out who would be up next for a film-inspired fantasy in the coming days.

What they had failed to note, however, was that it was already set.

Next would be Trowa after all. He'd brought home the heavy box of uniforms that undoubtedly designated him as "The Costume Manager," a title that uniquely suited the young entertainer as he himself would discover all in due time.

Author's Notes:

1. This fic is dedicated to my sweet Ryoko and my friends at [1x2x1ML] who have been infinitely patient with me while I suffer through the hell that Real Life has become. Thanks, Jana and SteelSong especially, for your caring support.

2. Please note: This is Part 3 of the previously unnamed "Film Fantasies" Story Series. Part 1 is "The Director" and Part 2 is "The Leading Man". This series features rousing good group sex and bondage fun of various sorts with a promise that Heero and Duo will not be separated even if it kills me to come up with new ideas for the sexual arrangements!

3. Muses-R-Us: Erato, my lemon muse, dropped this idea on me when I was on "vacation" over Easter. Trust me, this gift from her was far better than the Real Life angst that comprised the rest of my time away! Thank Shinigami and all of Wufei's gods that you only have to experience *this* aspect of the journey into Hell I am still going through.

4. There's an alert system to find out when something of mine is available at GW Addiction or Sweet&Sweet! If you like, come join them and hopefully there will be some new things hidden there soon!! Sign up at EnigmaFanficUpdates-subscribe@egroups.com!


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