WARNING: Very High Angst Lemon, Proceed With Caution, Kleenex Warning
[Sequel to Tragic Secrets; Book 6 of the "Secrets" Arc, Final Installment of arc]
Author: Enigma
Written: October & November, 2000
Cumulative Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (1x2/2x1) (3x4/4x3) (5+S)
Category: Angst, yaoi, AU
Cumulative Warnings: Angst, lemon, yaoi, sap, AU, OOC
Be Prepared: Kleenex Warnings!! also: avoid Colas
DISCLAIMERS: I don't own Gundam Wing or any other anime or TV characters I use here, just the ideas in this story and some characters that are new are truly mine. Any reference to copyrighted material or trademarked goods should be considered an "homage" (yeah, right!) Don't sue me, even the lawyers wouldn't enjoy it, except of course for the Ashe and Jojo characters!
NOTE: Timeframe---after the war has ended and the Gundams were destroyed. //yada, yada, yada// = inner thoughts

Silencing The Secrets
Part 16

The next day something different happened. When the delivery truck came, there was an extra package addressed just to Duo. "Hey, what's this?" He asked Laurel who just giggled happily as she unwrapped her own.

"Ooh, Uncle Duo! Looky! We got a new game for that Nintendo thing you like so much!" She smiled holding up a game that required finding clues to a mystery using math skills.

Duo groaned appropriately, "Math?!? Oh no, Laurel-my-sweet, you know I *hate* math games!" He teased knowing full well they both loved them.

Laughing she asked, "What did you get, Uncle Duo? A new toy, too?"

He looked puzzled as he examined his mysterious gift. "No, Laurel, I don't think it's a toy, but I'm not sure what it is." He was truly perplexed until he rummaged through the packing materials and pulled out a card which he read aloud. "From Someone Near Who Holds You Dear: Enclosed is a gift best enjoyed the second day after you receive it. Plug this in overnight to charge and tomorrow you'll be living large." Gagging at the horrible attempt at poetry, he looked around to find the guilty party and make them tell him what it was. Failing to note a pair of cobalt-blue eyes sparkling with mirth, he shrugged. "Oh well, Laurel, guess I'm supposed to plug this in and leave it until tomorrow. But what the heck *is* the darn thing?"

That question bothered him all day and he asked everyone, including Heero if they knew what it was. Heero tried desperately not to smirk, but it snuck out anyway. Once he had finally given free rein to his emotions, he was almost incapable of concealing them.

"All right, Yuy," Duo tried to sound dangerous as he prepared to interrogate the person he had now identified as recognizing the object. "What the Hell is this thing? And who sent it? Bad poetry isn't your style, but you seem to know something." Heero shrugged trying very hard not to say a word, he'd incriminated himself enough already. Duo, however had been going nuts wondering what it was and suddenly remembered a certain weakness of Heero's he could use against him. The Wing pilot was ticklish.

So two grown men ended up rolling on the floor like little kids; one laughing maniacally trying to get the other to speak, but his victim was too busy laughing under those amazing fingers. Finally, Duo realized he'd never get any answers from someone who couldn't stop laughing and eased off on the tickling, but quickly moved to straddle Heero's hips so his source of information couldn't escape. He had neglected to take into account the effect such activities had on his own body, however, and Duo was more than a little surprised and embarrassed to realize he was pressing down hard on something unexpected beneath him which his own body echoed rather loudly. This wrung a pained moan from Heero's lips as desire fogged his mind. The sound in turn, wrung a moan from Duo as well and suddenly the "unknown object" was forgotten entirely.

Voice low and rough, Duo managed to get out, "Heero? What are we doing here?"

Heero looked up eyes sparkling and suppressed a shudder of delight at the tone. While he was desperately in need, he did not follow his instincts to flip Duo over and take him right there. "Gee, Duo, I think you were wondering what something was, but I've forgotten what. As for being here on the floor, you attacked me and tickled me, remember?" Heero was wisely putting the ball squarely into Duo's court letting Duo take whatever action he wanted to. Happily, the action was a surprising kiss. Duo leaned down and took the sweet lips that lay open and still panting from the merciless tickling and kissed Heero deeply. The feeling of warmth that spread through both was nearly overwhelming. Heero cautiously wrapped an arm around Duo's back and gave him a comforting hug along with the kiss.

Smiling, Duo broke the kiss and leaned back very deliberately grinding their erections together teasingly. "Well, if that's the case, Heero," He smirked at the level of control he felt as well as the strange euphoria overtaking him. "Should I remember later just what it was I was trying to find out about, I'll track you down and tickle you again until I get my answer!" With that, he planted a last sultry kiss on Heero's willing lips, then stood and walked away.

Heero just lay there. //Mission progress: Excellent! However, now I need a cold shower!//

The next day was far better. Another package arrived from the same company as the mystery one had, but there was a second as well.

"Oy vey!" Duo moaned in happy dismay as he dealt with his new packages.

"Something wrong, Duo?" Quatre asked, glancing up from one of over a dozen wedding gifts that had been delivered. He had no idea that Heero had decided on a plan to seduce the Deathscythe pilot through indirect means and was as puzzled as his friend by the packages.

"Yeah, Q, there's something wrong, I just realized I'm a complete idiot!" Duo's words and his tone did not match up at all and this puzzled his friend.

Setting down the package he was holding, Quatre got up and walked over to sit next to Duo hoping to get some answers. The wedding was coming up and there really wasn't enough to justify it, but Quatre decided to minimize his business obligations for awhile to spend more time on preparations, so he had free time for a change.

Comfortably dressed in his old favorite combination of tan slacks, a white shirt, and lavender vest, the white satin eye-patch was the only thing easily identifiable as different on the Sandrock pilot. However if one looked more closely, they'd have realized he was quite different in appearance now. The months of struggles, the business, the surgery, and now the upcoming wedding had all had an effect in sculpting his once soft facial expressions into those of a driven man who had found purpose in his life above and beyond that which he had felt during the war. He had also gained a few inches of height and seemed much older now; all in all, he had matured into a roguishly handsome man anyone would have been attracted to.

//Too bad Trowa saw him first!// Duo laughed to himself. //Quatre is one hot looking guy! Wonder if Trowa even knows how lucky he is?//

On cue as usual, said "lucky guy" came into the room as well, leaning down to kiss his seated fiancÚ. Trowa, unlike Quatre, had turned his back on his old apparel and was dressed to kill in a lightweight t-shirt that looked as if it had been painted on over his well-developed muscles. It was tucked into tight fitting jeans and surprisingly revealed far more skin than most of what Duo had ever seen him show before. Feeling his own body react at the sight of his two friends kissing, Duo looked for escape. He got up to leave the pair of lovers alone.

"Hey, Duo, don't go," Quatre smiled as Trowa stood behind him looking with mixed amusement at their obviously uncomfortable friend. "Weren't you going to tell me what was bothering you?"

//Oh, right, Quatre! Like I can tell you that the two of you right now are getting me turned on? I don't think so!//

"Um, well, Q-man, it just occurred to me that I need to go take care of some things." Duo tried to look casual as he prepared to run if necessary before he embarrassed himself further.

Quatre, however, had no clue why he seemed distressed. "Oh. Well, if you need to go, okay, I was just concerned with why you were calling yourself an 'idiot'." He really was worried knowing that Duo's self-image tended to bounce from positive to negative at mercurial speeds.

Duo shrugged and smiled. "Oh, that? Well, I just found out the 'mystery object' that came yesterday was one of the new book-disk readers and I'd seen ads for them and can't believe I was stupid enough not to recognize one, that's all." This was true, he really did feel ridiculous for attacking Heero the way he had to begin with, but now he realized that he should have known what it was all along and it really irked him.

"Okay," Quatre looked dubious at best. "But what's in the second box?"

"Don't know," Duo answered, then was intrigued enough to come back into the room to open the package in question. "Cool! A bonzai tree! Look, guys, it's a bonzai tree!" Happily, he held the dwarf horticultural specimen up for their inspection.

Trowa took it from his outstretched hand and looked it over approvingly. "Very nice, Duo. Where did you order this from?" He asked nonchalantly.

Confusion ran across the American's features as he frowned. "I didn't order it, Trowa. I assumed you guys did, who else would've sent it to me?"

The couple exchanged glances as if wondering whether their friend had really become that dense. "I'm sure I don't know," Quatre answered sweetly, then waited until he was certain Duo was looking straight at him before he lifted an arm around Trowa's neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss. This brought a slightly strangled noise to Duo's throat as he realized he'd forgotten his earlier reasons for wanting to leave the room.

"Well, uh, sorry, guys, but, uh, need to go take care of some, uh, stuff," Duo stuttered before fleeing the room that had become distinctly uncomfortable again.

"That was wicked, Little One," Trowa remarked dryly after Duo was out of hearing range.

In response Quatre just grinned. "Oh, don't you chastise me, Trowa Barton! Besides, I didn't start it, you did!"

Trowa muffled a grunt of laughter before answering, "Wrong. I do believe our good friend Mr. Yuy 'started' that and I dare say it doesn't hurt to help him along with whatever he is up to."

Laughing, his fiancÚ agreed, "True, so very true. However," Quatre looked at him sternly, "Don't start anything yourself that you don't intend to finish."

Cocking his head at the mild accusation Trowa remarked, "Are you calling me a 'tease', koi? Because you know full well that I am not." That said, he decided to prove it and proceeded to seduce his very willing fiancÚ and the two lost part of the afternoon together quite happily.

Seeking relief from the heavy sexual overtones of his friends' actions, Duo hoped for solace in the garden. He didn't really have anything planned to work on out there, but just being in the peace and tranquility of the gardens helped him think.

Grabbing a large bottle of water from the refrigerator, Duo headed out to check on his plants and possibly just hide for awhile. However, there was quite a surprise waiting for him when he got there. A surprise Trowa obviously knew something about to have successfully herded him in that direction. He walked down the path he liked best on his way to the small area he had convinced the estate gardener to let him work in when he saw something that took his breath away. Quite literally.

Standing in the sunlight, wearing only his old trademark spandex shorts and sneakers, Heero Yuy looked totally disgusted as well as completely irresistible. Muscles rippled across his back as he attempted to dig a hole in the firm soil to plant something that was leaning against a tree in the background. Duo, helpless, simply stood gaping at the vision before him.

//Is that *Heero*?!?// Duo was enthralled. //God, he looks incredible! Did he always have a golden touch to his skin tone or is that something I forgot as well? Hell, who cares! Here I thought I was escaping overly sexy friends inside and now *this*?!? It's either not my day or I need to redefine what my day should be!//

"Damn it!" Heero cursed as the shovel sprang loose from his control for the umpteenth time. He dropped the offending tool onto the ground in disgust and leaned over to pick up a book that was laying near his feet. Granted, he hadn't heard Duo come up behind him, that was another new characteristic of his, the silence he had always utilized during stealth operations which he hid outside of them, was a constant trait now. However, when Heero leaned over from the waist to snatch the book off of the ground it gave Duo quite a stunning view of one very well muscled and highly desirable ass.

Stunned, the water bottle he'd carried out slipped between nerveless fingertips, startling Heero.

"What the Hell?" He demanded spinning around and reaching for a gun that wasn't there, thankfully. As surprised as he was at being discovered a little ahead of schedule, Heero just might have actually shot his hoped-for lover instead of simply looking a little silly instead. The tension in the air broke when Duo gave in to the overpowering desire to laugh at his friend's dismayed look.

"Going to shoot me, Heero?" Duo laughed a bit more as he snatched the water bottle off the ground and walked over to where his friend stood looking totally uncomfortable. "Afraid you forgot your pistol and I didn't bring one either. They usually aren't needed out here in the gardens, no da!" He joked to ease his friend's discomfort as he offered him some cold water. Heero, a true novice gardener, hadn't thought to bring water with him when he'd come out and suddenly was very thirsty.

"Thanks," He smiled and proceeded to drink deeply.

//Now this is getting to be too much!// Duo moaned silently. //The guy is even sexier when he's drinking water? Here I was trying to not let things get out of control and he's got me so hot and bothered I doubt I'd say "no" if he offered right now!//

Just then, Heero took a strategic risk and poured some of the cool liquid across his face, smiling as he heard a low groan from Duo's chest as he shook his head sending glistening droplets flying around him. Grinning broadly for reasons he hoped he'd not have to explain, Heero finally handed the bottle back. Since Duo was totally distracted, he stole a glance of his own and was pleased with what he saw. The chestnut braid shone in the sunlight trailing down the back of a loose fitting purple tank top which perfectly complimented Duo's eyes while setting the bronze tan off nicely as well. The shirt was tucked into a pair of black cut-offs that had gotten quite a bit tighter than usual on the object of his affection; indeed, the fit of those shorts told Heero everything he wanted to know, his plan was working quite well. The bare feet just added that touch of innocence to the look that would have driven Heero to distraction if he didn't already have a mission plan for this.

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