Author: Enigma
Cumulative Warnings: ANGST, yaoi, references to rape, torture, suicide, etc.
Cumulative Rating: R
DISCLAIMERS: Mores the pity, but, I don't own the rights to even the smallest part of the Gundam Wing Universe, just the parts of this bit of story that are new are truly mine. I'm not making any here, and I'm broke anyway, so please don't sue me.
Notes: The folllowing fic came and hit me *hard* one night keeping me up until into the middle of the next day! So, I've broken it up into smaller bites for posting. The warnings and rating are *cumulative*, so don't feel cheated if we haven't gotten to the heavy stuff yet, hey, this is just the Prologue, no da!

Deadly Secrets

The war was over.

The long, raging battles were over.

The even longer periods of waiting were over.

No more hiding, planning, and repairing between missions.

But, sadly, there was also no more need for Gundams or their pilots.

The group of five young men, each as different as possible from one another, had no reason to stay together as a team any longer. At the end of any war, there seemed to always be happiness, but for this makeshift family, there was very little true happiness to be found. Yes, they were all glad it was over and freedom was now upon the times they knew. Yes, two of them had homes to return to, the Arabian had many people relying on him to return to his family's holdings as soon as possible and the circus performer had that life awaiting him, but what of the others? The Chinese youth had a new career so closely aligned to his previous one, that a smooth transition seemed easy to attain. However, the Japanese teen had only been taught war but never peace; the entire concept, however desirable, was alien to him. The American boy had been a civilian, but his entire life was a mass of emotional scars from the deaths of all those who had ever dared to love him; it was no wonder he called himself the God of Death since it followed him every where like a shadow.

So, as the group bid farewell to one another, the feeling was distinctly bittersweet. They pledged to stay in touch, but each doubted they would have much in common a year from now and probably nothing in common in five. As they were leaving behind the mansion in the desert which had been their temporary home for the last time, the two with the least direction agreed to leave and journey together in search of a new destiny. Unexpectedly, destiny had already chosen that they remain together but it was to unfold in manner that neither could have foreseen nor would have wanted.

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