Author: Enigma
Cumulative Warnings: ANGST, yaoi, references to rape, torture, suicide, etc.
Cumulative Rating: R
DISCLAIMERS: Mores the pity, but, I don't own the rights to even the smallest part of the Gundam Wing Universe, just the parts of this bit of story that are new are truly mine. I'm not making any here, and I'm broke anyway, so please don't sue me.

Deadly Secrets
Part 5

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of confusion and revelations, Heero leaned back against his friends' steadying arms as his own exhaustion began to overtake him and his legs grew weak.

The nurse, however, was expecting it and had a wheelchair at the ready. She held it steady as Trowa and Wufei helped ease Heero into it.

"Arigatou, Mitsu-san," Dr. Asakura smiled. "Good work, as always!"

"Certainly, doctor! Now, Mr. Bridegroom, time for you to go rest and get better so you can keep that promise you just made!" She happily wheeled him back to his room where an IV-sedative stood waiting for him whether he wanted it or not.

"Ne, Mitsu-sama," Heero peered at her as she expertly inserted the IV, "How often *do* you see people get engaged in your ER anyway?"

"Oh, not often enough," she smiled wistfully, winking at Sally Po before glancing at Dr. Asakura, "not often enough! But you might want to ask Joe, over there though, he may not agree." The twinkle in her eye said differently.

The doctor in question seemed to be blushing a bit as he finished with the surgical team. But then he spoke up smiling broadly, "Yes, yes, *we* are getting married in two weeks, aren't we, my darling M-chan?"

The nursed seemed to light up the room with a sunny smile of happiness, then blushed at her obviousness in front of strangers.

"Oh my!" Sally interjected, "Two people who work side-by-side falling in love? Whoever could have guessed it could happen, ne, Wufei?"

"I do *not* blush, Dr. Po, so don't try your female tricks on me!" he huffed setting everyone off laughing.

"Yeah, right, Wufei," Heero snorted.

"Well, Yuy, when *I* decide to get married again, um--- I mean *if* I decide to get married again, I'll try some place a bit more romantic for my proposal than an ER. Unless of course, that's where she is at the time," Wufei amended abruptly with a sidelong glance at his partner, then smiled helplessly, too.

"Gee, Trowa," Quatre tried to look innocent and failed totally because he was giggling too much, "We'll have to keep all of this advice in mind, wont we?"

"Hn," was the only response the cherubic blond got before his lips were distracted with other activities.

"You two, *too*?" Sally Po asked incredulously.

"I told you, Sally," Wufei added with a tone of longsuffering. *This* is what I had to live with all through the war."

Grinning widely, she happily jabbed her elbow into her partner's gut getting a satisfying "Itae!" for her trouble. Then she smiled sweetly at Wufei to take some of the sting out of the lucky cheap shot she'd just gotten in past his defenses.

"Maybe," Heero added thoughtfully, "just maybe, today is the best day of *my* life, too." Heero negligently tried to wipe his eyes which were suddenly feeling heavy with the arm with the needle embedded in it, the pain reminded him to stop. It seemed amazing the sedative could take effect so quickly, but his emotional and physical reserves had been long since depleted.

"How so, Heero?" Trowa was truly perplexed. Giving CPR to your beloved who had collapsed after making a marriage proposal and then finding out all those seemingly endless potentially lethal secrets about the same person seemed a fairly undesirable scenario to him.

"Better to have learned what I did now than to have lost Duo forever due to ignorance on my part. But, if you guys have any *other* information on my betrothed I should know, let's hear it now, got it?" Surprisingly, the Yuy Glare of Death™ failed miserably as the others were busy glancing at each other warily, fear of any additional revelations plain on all of their faces.

"I'm afraid, *that* will need to wait," the doctor interrupted. "You'll need to get that rest now, Mr. Yuy, or I'll never hear the end of it over dinner tonight."

Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Sally bid Heero a good rest and left smiling for the most part to head to the hospital cafeteria.

So, the group of ex-Gundam pilots left one friend in a drug-induced slumber while they waited and worried about another friend in surgery. And even though Heero didn't get to listen in on the discussion of the other secrets he would need to know, the day's events certainly opened a floodgate of discussion later.

ALL of the Author's Notes:

1. Gomen, this was supposed to have been my first, PWP-lemon story, but it accidentally grew a plot and got all angsty and serious on me. Ooops! (^_~)

2. No warnings for OOC-ness since I thought everyone acted the way they would if this was happening in the real world. Let me know if you disagree.

3. As always, I'd like to take this opportunity to blame another night of lost sleep on those tricky muses, Melpomene and Erato. Mel gets most of the credit since having your lover almost die the minute you ask them to marry you is pretty tragic and, well, Erato wanted credit since it was supposed to go lemony, but didn't. Sorry, Erato, maybe next time, ne?

4. Thanks, too, go to a special friend (she's the nurse [hint-hint]) who is always giving me support when I need it! ::Enigma tosses Pocky™ in the air in salute!::

5. Oh, and if you noticed it, yes, the doctor is none other than... hey, wait a minute! If you didn't catch it, why should *I* ruin the fun by telling you? ::Aw, hell, Duo's bugging me to tell you. Okay, okay, Du-chan, calm down! I'll do it :: Our cameo anime star is another of my anime favorites, the one and only G-2, Condor Joe from "Gatchaman", so there! ::Happy now, Du-chan? Yeah, he says he's happy now. Good grief, I thought it was hard taking care of my kids! Two young teenage girls are nothing compared to *him*!::

6. C & C's always welcome at! Remember, writers live for feedback since we don't get paid for this stuff!

7. ::Uh oh, Du-chan just read that last bit in #5, I'd better run!::


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