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Title: Quiet Time
Companion Piece to: Equal Time
Written: June, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (5x3)
Category: Yaoi Humor Lemon WDNNSP!
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, humor, lemon, clueless Trowa, Disney movie references, WDNNSP!

Notes: Trowa seems to want quiet time, but it's getting on Wufei's nerves. How might the devious ShenLong pilot get even for this and what the Hell does "Bambi" have to do with anything?!?

Quiet Time
by Enigma

"This is certainly peaceful," Wufei remarked with a smile, settling down beside his lover to admire the scenery from the front of the tent they'd just erected near a picturesque lake in the mountains.

Trowa nodded, gratefully accepting the cold soda Wufei handed him but saying nothing in return. He was being unusually silent and it was getting on his lover's nerves.

Earlier that day, when he'd first arrived back from a three week long assignment with Heero Yuy, Trowa had been surprised and pleased that Wufei had a rental car already packed with camping gear for a much needed private getaway. Exhausted from the effort of keeping the other Gundam pilot out of trouble during the mission, Trowa had slept in the car and Wufei had kept watch over him as he drove.

After so long apart, though, the Chinese teen was eager to talk with his lover, but the taller teen had been quiet even as they erected the tent and then ate the light lunch Wufei had brought along.

"So, love," Wufei asked, finally unable to stand the silence any longer, "did the assignment go okay? No trouble this time?"

"It was fine," Trowa answered with a shrug, "Didn't I see my fishing gear? I think I'll see if I can catch something for dinner."

Wufei frowned, he didn't want Trowa catching fish right at the moment, he wanted Trowa catching *him* instead. Forcing himself to be patient, though, Wufei rose and retrieved the rod and reel from the car handing them to Trowa and opening his mouth to speak but finding a long finger across his lips before he could utter a sound.

"Shh," Trowa quieted him and then gestured toward a small family of deer in a clearing not far from their campsite.

Nodding, Wufei placed a tiny kiss on the finger by his mouth and was about to add more when Trowa pulled away suddenly and began walking towards the dock, fishing pole in hand.

Annoyed, the Chinese pilot glared first at his retreating lover's back and then at the now vacant spot where the deer had stood.

"Thanks for nothing, Bambi!" Wufei growled, and then snickered at his own delayed hentai plans for getting Trowa back inside the tent after lunch. "Patience, Chang, let the man relax. There's plenty of time for sex later."

Not convinced in the least by his own assertions, Wufei went about the mundane tasks of setting up their campsite, gathering some wood for a fire later on the off-chance that Trowa succeeded in his self-appointed task of providing some trout or a small bass for dinner.

Meanwhile, dangling bare feet in the water, Trowa belatedly realized he should have paid a bit more attention to Wufei's needs rather than going fishing. As he was about to decide that his aquatic endeavors could wait, Trowa felt a slight tug at the line and he reeled in a rainbow trout.

"You look good enough to eat," he remarked to the fish, transferring it to another line that he tied off to the dock before casting again and settling in to get a few more fish after all.

Eventually, Trowa had three fish awaiting the filet knife and wanted at least one more when he heard footsteps on the deck behind him.

"Angel? How's it going?" a voice called out, breaking the tranquility.

Trowa turned and happily noted that his petite Chinese lover was now dressed in a positively adorable pair of old cut-off jeans and a red t-shirt. This delightful vision of seducible innocence was walking down the dock towards him.

Regretfully, Trowa put one finger to his lips indicating a need for quiet with a tiny shrug of his head towards the fishing pole.

"Nani?" Wufei asked in annoyance. A little peace and quiet was one thing, this apparent silent treatment, however, was getting old.

Without speaking, Trowa pulled up the line that now had a trio of iridescent fish on it and then he said quietly, "I need to get one more, so don't scare the fish away, okay, koi?"

Pouting, the smaller boy just nodded, and then turned to go but Trowa reached out and took his hand gently.

"I'm sorry, koi," Wufei remarked, hoping he might convince the other teen that the fish he had already would be enough. "I just wanted to…" Anything else he might have said was cut off, though, as a tug at the line signaled Trowa that he had another bite.

Hoping that this meant he was done with the now long afternoon of fishing, Trowa reeled in his line eagerly only to have it snag partway back to shore. Growling low in his throat, the slender teen gave a gentle tug and the line snapped off unexpectedly, the sudden lack of resistance causing him to fall backwards a bit and into his lover's bare legs.

Startled, Wufei landed on the dock with a thump and an annoyed snort, "Well, that's no way to catch a fish, Trowa."

The other boy laughed quietly as he leaned onto his lover's warm legs and sighed happily before sitting back up. "No, it's not, but it was a nice way to catch a Chinese bishounen."

Blinking in astonishment and immediately wondering how Trowa might feel about being seduced right there on the dock, Wufei's response was lost as the other boy quickly turned and began digging through his tackle box for replacements for the missing gear necessary for the completion of his task.

Climbing to his feet, Wufei dusted his hands off and asked tauntingly, "Well, you seemed happy that you caught me, did that mean you're going to keep me instead of throwing me back?" For a brief moment, he even considered pushing Trowa into the water with all the quiet fish he seemed overly interested in, but Wufei forgave him for being atypically clueless, extended missions with Yuy could do that to a person.

"I think I'll keep you," Trowa answered in a quiet voice, "But let me get one more fish for dinner and then I'll see what to do with you, okay?"

Wufei sighed softly as he watched the line spin away from the reel as Trowa cast far into the lake and returned his focus to the placid surface of the water. "We shall see, oh great and mighty fisherman."

Simply nodding and going back to fishing, Trowa missed seeing Wufei's mocking bow before the dark-eyed boy walked away, muttering, "I'll be at the tent if you need me. Or miss me. Or want me. Oh, never mind."

Overall, it was fairly humorous that they were annoying each other with such tiny gestures, but occasionally these fearsome terrorists acted like the teenagers they really were.

Nearly an hour later, Trowa returned to their campsite with a nice string of five rainbow trout. He went about the less than glamorous task of cleaning them since he wanted to present them as a peace offering of sorts to his lover.

For his part, though, Wufei was studying the contents of a report on possible OZ troop movements in the colonies, trying to keep from becoming bored out of his mind. He hadn't noticed when Trowa had returned and only the soft noises of a knife scraping against the scales of a fish caught his attention.

The Chinese teen rose to see if his lover needed any help and was walking towards the attractive vision of his koi hard at work cleaning the fish when a rustling noise drew both onyx and emerald eyes back to the same spot the deer had stood in earlier.

Wufei was surprised to see a fluffy brown bunny sitting there in the sunlight, nibbling on a blade of grass and he was about to say something about it to his lover when he felt a warm, though slightly damp, hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Trowa standing there with a whimsical smile on his face as he watched the rabbit eat.

Hoping to not drive away the latest visitor from the animal kingdom, Trowa again signaled for silence and this was the last straw for his lover.

"I don't give a *damn* about Thumper over there, Trowa," Wufei retorted angrily before turning and marching away.

"Oops," Trowa commented to himself. He then remarked to the oblivious rabbit, "I think I went too far, didn't I, little one?"

The bunny regarded him with one chocolate-colored eye and seemed to nod as it bit down on another blade of grass.

"Ah me," the slender teen sighed. "Sometimes I forget that the whole 'Trowa never speaks' thing doesn't go over well with Fei. Maybe he'll let me make it up to him later, right?"

Again the deep brown eye blinked back at him, but this time Trowa answered for it, chuckling before remarking drolly, "You're telling me that I damned well better hope so, ne?"

The HeavyArms pilot then laughed at himself for being more than slightly out of character after being too far into character and he strode back to the tent with seduction in mind.

Hovering over the campfire, Wufei stirred the flames up with a branch before tossing it on as well and grabbing the cooking gear. Having everything set up ahead of time had meant that cooking the fish was all that was left for their dinner and he silently went about his tasks hoping no more wildlife would interfere.

Trowa gladly grilled the fish himself, seasoning it carefully all the while keeping an eye on Wufei who was studiously trying not to look as aroused as he already was even as he set the rest of their meal out on a nearby blanket on the grass.

"Trout?" Trowa offered, as he brought the pan over and set it in the spot he assumed was meant for it.

"Rice?" Wufei responded, indicating the large cast iron pot sitting by the steaming fish.

"Looks good," the emerald-eyed teen remarked hungrily. He caught Wufei's hand and kissed it, saying, "And I don't mean just the food, koi."

"Hn," Wufei tried to snort angrily and failed. He felt foolish for his remark about the rabbit, but apologizing was a skill he had yet to master, so he blushed slightly even as he remarked, "Eat your dinner before it gets cold, Tro."

Catching the slight change in color on the bronze cheeks, Trowa smiled secretively and set about following orders in the hopes of pursuing more pleasant activities as soon as possible.

It turned out that they were both quite hungry and there's almost nothing as appetizing as the aroma of food cooked over an open flame, especially with the sound of the last of the evening's songbirds ringing through the trees at sunset.

The two teenagers ate their meal without conversation and as Wufei was about to compliment Trowa on the taste of the rainbow trout, he paused, mouth open yet not speaking. He looked from one side of the now nearly dark campsite to the other. Trowa arched an elegant eyebrow in silent inquiry as Wufei frowned unhappily and closed his mouth even as he crossed his arms in classic "I'm pissed" body-language.

Trowa followed his line of sight, but couldn't see what had annoyed his koi and when he turned to ask, Wufei put a finger to his lips for silence, frown deepening.

"What's wrong?" Trowa mouthed silently.

"Flower," Wufei mouthed back, glad they could both read lips.

"Huh?" Trowa cocked his head in confusion, then looked again in the direction Wufei had been watching, staring for sometime and wondering what he'd missed.

By the time he decided there was nothing there after all, Trowa realized that Wufei had risen, cleaned up a great deal of the mess from cooking and was missing from view.

With a soft snort of confusion, Trowa rose and walked towards the tent looking for his lover only to be surprised when Wufei stepped out into the moonlight clothed only in shadows as clouds intermittently blocked the rays of the full moon.

Trowa moved towards the naked boy, smiling as he felt the other step into his arms and entwine their bodies together.

As he was about to say something, though, Wufei looked at him mischievously and put his finger over Trowa's mouth and said simply, "Quiet," even as he drew the startled youth back towards the blanket in the grass.

Allowing a slight chuckle to find its way past his intention not to make a sound, Trowa noticed that the cloth where they'd been eating was now awaiting more intimate pleasures. The tube of lube that Wufei had left there after dinner was mute testimony to how they'd spend the next few hours and he was all for it even as he puzzled how he'd missed seeing it before hand.

Stripping quickly even as Wufei made himself comfortable on the blanket left Trowa even more aroused and he wasn't surprised in the least when he found himself virtually attacked when he did lay down on the cloth. Almost immediately, he felt delicate fingers ghosting across his flesh sinking down his torso without nearly as much foreplay as he had come to expect from his beloved partner even as the other boy kissed him breathless.

As Trowa felt lube-slick fingers demand entrance to his body, he groaned and spread his legs invitingly.

"Hush now, silence is golden," Wufei teased, finding a certain amount of justice in forcing Trowa to attempt to keep quiet during their love making, something the lanky teen could never hope to accomplish.

Rising to the challenge, though, and seeking forgiveness for his own apparently irrational need for silence earlier, Trowa nodded then gasped cutely as he felt not one but two fingers find their way inside his tight sheath. "oh gods, love," he groaned softly, not wishing to give Wufei any excuse to slow down, but wondering how on earth Wufei had gotten so turned on all of a sudden anyway.

Within a brief span of time, they were both groaning with desire and Trowa begged softly, "Now, onegai, take me now, koi!" spreading his legs impossibly wider and then going so far as to slather lube onto his lover's straining cock.

"Just do it!" Trowa hissed more loudly and Wufei shook his head in amazement even as he moved to grant his lover's demands.

Without further inquiry, the Chinese teen seemed to melt into his koi's body with a single powerful lunge of his hips and Trowa threw his head back and screamed his pleasure, "FEI! YES!!"

Totally lost in the feelings, Wufei gasped then brought his mouth down onto Trowa's for a hungry kiss that gave them both time to adjust, yet more desire for speed even as it allowed the quiet to return ever so briefly.

A slight clenching of muscle combined with the flexing of slender hips, told Wufei to hurry up. Taking his cue, he granted Trowa's request and was soon hammering the taller teen with a series of thrusts that would send them both over the edge.

Their bodies were pressed so tightly together and their passion so intense, that almost without warning, Trowa stiffened before screaming his lover's name at the top of his lungs and climaxing powerfully, covering their torsos with sticky seed.

Wufei didn't have a prayer of holding back and followed suit, filling the boy he loved with the proof of his own desires in pulse after heated pulse, finally adding his own cries of passion to the night.

Trowa trembled and gasped even as he wrapped suddenly tired arms around Wufei, drawing him down into an embrace spoke silently of their dedication and love for one another.

It took several minutes for them both to catch their breath again, and during that time, the soft sounds of the peaceful camping area enveloped them once more.

"By the way, lover," Trowa asked around a yawn as they curled even closer together on the blanket, "what was it that was bothering you about the wild flowers after dinner?"

"Nani? What're you talking about, angel?" Wufei asked, baffled by the inquiry.

"You looked totally pissed and you said it was something about flowers, Fei."

Wufei blinked coal-dark eyes in confusion and then laughed around a yawn of his own, "No, not 'flowers', Tro, 'Flower'. There was a skunk lurking in the shadows near the tree line and I was afraid it would react badly if we startled it."

"Ah ha!" Trowa grinned, pulling the smaller boy to lay across his chest, warmly snuggling him as he asked quietly, "Quatre was on another Disney video kick while I was gone, wasn't he? 'Bambi' if I'm not mistaken." [2]

Wufei snorted in amusement, "Hn! Hai, 'Bambi' way too often, koi. But I guess it could have been worse."

"Oh? How so?"

"It might have been 'The Little Mermaid' and those trout might have caused me to remember too many song and dance numbers, ne?"

"Oh gods, I'd hope not!" Trowa chuckled and tugged the blanket over them both.

In the quiet of the night, soon the only sounds were those of crickets chirping and one lone soft voice, mockingly offering in song, "Under the sea..." right before it was silenced, by a kiss, a laugh, and some decidedly *not* "G" rated activity.

Author's Notes:

1. Um, guess who watched Disney's "Bambi" once too often while the chibi-girls were growing up?

2. Heheheh! This was foreshadowed earlier, did you catch it? Why is it so easy to see Quatre as a Disney fan? Just hope I never get around to finishing "Quatre's New Groove", though! That one's squicky! Oh, and in case you wanted to know, that *is* Trowa singing at the end of this one!

3. This fic is dedicated to StarLight, Trixie, and all my friends on the Tro-Fei lists! Enjoy the lemony fun, all!!!

4. Muse Credit Union: Erato, muse of lemony goodness, and Thalia, muse of all things silly and pointless, teamed up for your amusement today. Scary combination, ain't they?

5. I've been asked by several folks to set up an alert system when something of mine is available, so please feel free to sign up at EnigmaFanficUpdates-subscribe@egroups.com!


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