WARNING: Graphic Violence! Not for the faint of Heart!

Written: December, 2000
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (1+2) (3+4) (5+2) implied
Category: Angst, Yaoi/Shonen Ai, Torture, AU-OOC, Gift fic for Lady Tomanaiya's Birthday!
Enigma Story Category: Gundam Nightmares
Warnings: Angst, yaoi/shonen ai, blood, torture, ref. to rape, squick, AU-OOC
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the Gundam Wing Universe. I'm not making any money off this story. I'm broke, don't sue me.
NOTE: How would Duo handle it if Heero tried to kill him somewhere other than an OZ cell? What could push Heero to really want to kill his lover full force, yet he would fail to succeed? What could possibly stop the Perfect Soldier if not himself?

A Drug Named "Pain"
Part 2

Sometimes, a person learns things about the one they love in the worst possible ways. And sometimes, what they learn destroys that love.

The door slammed shut behind Duo as he fled half-naked across the back lawn.

"Come back here you little bastard and take what you deserve!" His lover roared in pain and anger, as he reached for the pistol which fell from his hand as he hit the floor. "Damn you to *hell*, Maxwell!!!"

Off the grass and into the woods behind the safehouse Duo ran, never once pausing to answer the raving lunatic behind him even though his heart was shattering around him with every meter he covered. His feet flying as self-preservation kicked in taking him away from his previously beloved but now feared partner. As he ran deeper into the forest, he heard disquieting laughter behind him.

"You can run all you want, my pretty one," Heero laughed maliciously. "You know I'm faster than you are and I have more endurance. I *will* catch you, we both know it!" With that a single shot pierced the air as he fired into the sky sending shivers of fear through Duo as he ran. "And you *will* regret defying me when I catch you!" He laughed maniacally, firing additional rounds into the air.

Duo, blind with fear, tore through the trees ignoring the fact that he was leaving a clear trail behind him. Heero was a master tracker and even if he had concealed it, the Japanese pilot would have found him easily. Instead, Duo focused on speed.

Sharp branches tore at his pants and bare skin as he ran. Blood began dripping from numerous scrapes as he ran.

He realized he needed help; somehow he knew he would never survive the experience he feared at Heero's hands. Barely realizing what the ramifications of his actions could be, he drew his wrist comm unit to his lips and shouted,

"This is 02! Emergency! Anyone respond!"

"Duo, this is Quatre! What's wrong?" A voice responded.

It was quickly followed by a second, "02, this is 05, what's your status?"

"Wufei! Quatre! I need help! Heero's gone insane! He's trying to kill me!!!" Duo screamed into the unit totally ignoring the fact that Heero could probably hear him.

"What?" Quatre asked incredulously.

Wufei growled, fury lacing his tones. "I knew it! That bastard! Where are you? I'm in Nataku, I'll be there as quickly as possible."

"Wu, we're at safehouse 29, he's chasing me though the woods. I'm going to try to make it into the caves here, they're deep and convoluted, maybe I can lose him in there! ARGHH!" Duo suddenly had trouble breathing as he tripped over a root and slammed to the ground.

"Oh dear God," he moaned in agony, "somebody please help me!" He sobbed helplessly as he scrambled back to his feet and began running as pain shot up his leg.

Wufei was clearly disturbed, he demanded, "What just happened?!?"

"I fell, Wu, I think I just cracked a couple of ribs and my ankle's wrecked," he winced in pain, "I can never make it that far now. How close are you?"

"Shimatta! Not close enough! It'll take me at least 20 minutes to redirect my flight plan and get there. Quatre! Can you do it? Where the *Hell* is Barton?!? We're going to need him if we have to restrain Yuy!" Wufei sounded like he was on the edge of rage himself.

"Kuso!" Quatre cursed, breathless from the pain his uchuu no kokoro poured into him from Duo's fall. "I don't know where Trowa is now, but Sandrock doesn't have much speed and I'm too far away anyway. I can be there in an hour, but that's the soonest."

Wufei growled, "I'll try to save him, Quatre! Duo, just keep running! I'll be there as quickly as possible, maybe 15 minutes!"

"Right," Duo breathed hopelessly, then screamed in agony as he stumbled, his leg now numb with pain.

The pain Quatre was sharing with his friend jumped higher, "Can you hold out that long, Duo?"

A terrifying voice interrupted them, familiar yet foreign, as Heero overrode the comm unit link from his own.

"Oh no, sweet little angel-boy," he purred, "poor Duo can't possibly hope to last that long. How does it feel to let your friend down, hmm? You'll never get here in time! But that space heart of yours will let you enjoy every minute of what I do to him, won't it?" Heero laughed maniacally at the thought of causing pain at a distance like that as well; it fueled the sick fantasies his mind reeled under.

Then he growled at Wufei, low and dangerous. "As for you, pathetic broken toy, that piece of shit Gundam of yours can't get you here fast enough to do anything for Duo! He's all *mine* and by the time you get here there won't *be* anyone for you to save!"

"Yuy, don't do this!" Wufei warned threateningly. "If you injure Duo I swear I *will* kill you this time! I may not have avenged myself for when you raped me, but I *will* avenge Duo if you hurt him!"

"Ah, poor toy!" Heero laughed. "Finally convince yourself you really *didn't* beg me to take you that night? You did you know." The mocking laughter added to an admission of guilt terrified Duo further.

"Kisama! I never would have begged for what you did to me, bastard!" Wufei's voice cracked in agony. "I 'begged', as you say, because you had a gun to my head! If I hadn't begged, you would have killed me then and there, or have you forgotten?"

The chilling laughter increased. "Ah, yes, I did indeed have a gun to your head, just as I will have one to Maxwell's pretty little head soon. Only he can beg all he wants, I'm going to kill him just the same!"

"No!" Three voices cried at once.

A chilling laugh tore though their souls as a twisted voice sang out his pleasure, "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" Suddenly, a shot rang out.

Duo's open comm link carried his bloodcurdling scream back to the ears of his friends before he passed-out, it was more than he could take. His limp body fell forward and tumbled into a small ravine concealing his bleeding and nearly destroyed figure. The fall broke his left wrist as well as the comm unit when he collided with a rocky out-cropping on his way down.

"NOO!!! DUOOO!!!!!" Wufei shouted his anger in impotent rage.

Quatre, however, cried out softly as his uchuu no kokoro told him that Duo was terribly injured. "Wufei!" The Arab barely held onto consciousness. "Duo's been shot and he's dying! You have *got* to get there faster or we'll lose him!!!"

"Don't bother, toy," Heero snarled. "He's as good as dead now and you'll never find his body. But when I'm done with him, I'll track *you* down, too, and make you pay for your interference! Then it will be angel-boy's turn!" Laughing insanely, Heero severed the connection.

The two concerned friends tried to get Duo to answer them, but a quick diagnostic check told them his comm unit was no longer functioning. They switched to a secure line and raced towards them as quickly as they could, each swearing vengeance.


Heero approached the spot his lust-clouded mind told him he had shot the braided boy.

Kneeling down, he ran a finger through the still warm blood that lay pooled at his feet. In a sickening action, he brought the finger, dripping with Duo's lifeblood, to his lips and sucked it. "Sweet, so very sweet. I knew it would be good to hunt him like this."

Turning slowly, he searched for his quarry.

Mind fogged with overwhelming desire, he finally found the ravine and climbed down to retrieve his victim. Throwing the battered unconscious body over a powerful shoulder, he carried Duo back up to the flat area where he had been shot and threw him down roughly onto the ground. The impact woke him slightly and Duo began to desperately cough up blood, staining his lips crimson.

The sight of blood on the lips he had once treasured inflamed Heero's bizarre lust even further and he ripped the last remnants of clothing from the body at his feet with his bare hands.

Duo lay naked and helpless before him now. The broken ribs and twisted ankle had been his main injuries before, but now there were others. The bullet had left his abdomen a bleeding mess. A broken bone had pierced the skin where his left wrist had shattered. Massive swellings were rapidly forming across the pale skin and there were indications of further broken bones and clear signs of internal injuries.

Heero stopped to lick the blood off of the lips he had tenderly kissed so often before, then savagely bit into the lower one, releasing a free flow of fresh scarlet warmth.

"no, heero, don't do this please" Duo pleaded and would have said more, but he was still coughing up blood and soon fell unconscious again.

Angry that his plaything was not awake to scream for him any more, Heero pulled a knife from his boot and slowly cut Duo in a number of places, hoping the pain would wrest another delicious yelp of agony at the very least. Soon blood streamed freely from a long wound in Duo's scalp to cover the once laughing violet eyes and yet there was no response.

Wielding his blade with an inhuman strength and speed, he snarled as he mutilated the previously smooth skin laid out before him. Yet, somewhere, deep inside of the Japanese pilot a voice cried out, stopping him from following through on an irrational desire to continue to slice the body he crouched over.

The voice he could not recognize as his own tried to remind him of words like "love" and "trust", but they had no meaning for him, only "pain" had meaning any longer.

Tossing his knife away from himself, Heero smirked, "I don't feel like fucking a dead guy, so I guess I'll just have to screw you now while you are at least a little alive, my pretty boy."

Heero removed his own bloodstained clothes and prepared to rape what was left of his lover. Pausing to lick blood off of the body beneath him, Heero growled low in his throat as he discovered again how much he craved the taste. Naked, he bent over him, licking off the blood, sucking at the numerous wounds swallowing more until his face dripped red.

Tiring of this, he forced the unconscious youth's thighs apart roughly. Pushing the long legs open, he shoved the thick head of his erection against Duo's unprepared opening, but as he started to force it in, a single bullet fired from close range took him down.

Standing behind Heero, Trowa Barton stood holding a gun, gasping for breath after the run through the woods in search of his friend. Shaking with rage, he made an oath, "If you die of this unspeakable act, Duo, he will die, too. I swear it."


No one knew that Trowa had been wisely silent when he received Duo's panicked cry for help.

Knowing it was an open communication line, he had suspected Heero would hear and had not mentioned that he was already on his way to the same safehouse and was nearly there. But holding his silence had hurt him deeply knowing the anguish Quatre would have felt being unable to locate him for the rescue effort. Ordinarily he wouldn't have found them in time, but Heero's sadistic thirst for blood had given him extra time and he had tracked them down in time to stop the rape if nothing else.

Now, Heero Yuy's body lay across Duo Maxwell's and their blood mingled as it flowed onto the ground. Heero was not dead, Trowa was an excellent marksman, but he was gravely injured.

Just then, though, even the man who had once been his friend didn't care. Trowa's booted foot roughly shoved the offending body off and he urgently checked Duo for vital signs. They were weak, but there was still hope.

He opened a comm link. "Quatre! Wufei! I've stopped Heero. Duo's in bad shape, how soon will you each get here?"

"Trowa?!?" Quatre's voice shook, the fact that Duo was unconscious had helped block the full horror of what was happening from reaching his uchuu no kokoro, and had left him conscious. "Thank Allah! We didn't think you even knew what was going on! How'd you stop Heero?"

"Yes, Barton, is that filthy bastard dead?" Wufei demanded angrily.

"Not yet, he isn't. I shot him. He's only got an hour or two before he'll die without medical assistance, but frankly, I don't care." Trowa's voice was firm and cold. "Duo, however, needs help *now* or he's not going to survive. Wufei, ETA?"

"Three minutes, I'm at maximum speed. Take him to the house, I'll meet you there."


"Trowa, how bad is it? Can you give me details?" Quatre received no answer, the Heavyarms pilot didn't really know where to begin even listing the injuries that he could detect so he didn't bother to, instead focusing on first aid.

"TROWA!!!" The blond screamed, then slammed shut the comm link. Extending his senses beyond what was reasonable, he forced open a very different link to access Duo's subconscious; the pain almost caused him to black-out as well, but he tenaciously held it open and what he found frightened him to the core.


Trowa gently picked up Duo's dying body and carried him back to the house not surprised to hear Nataku coming in fast and hard, landing as they broke free of the woods.

Wufei had the hatch open and leapt out before the engines were even off. He ran towards them; seeing the condition of the body Trowa carried, he immediately returned to his Gundam to retrieve the medical kit he carried. It was more advanced then what the others carried since he took solo assignments more often, it might be Duo's only chance to survive.

As the pair silently began treating the dying pilot, it was clear it would not be enough.

They got several tourniquets in place where there was at least a small hope they might postpone the inevitable, but the internal bleeding showed no signs of lessening. Soon they had wrapped Duo's naked body clothed only in the sticky blood which seemed to seep from every portion of exposed skin in the kit's rescue blanket. They were about to place him into the stolen car Trowa had been driving to take him to a hospital; it was a thirty minute drive at top speed, but it was the only chance they thought they had.

"Wait," Wufei commanded, his acute hearing picking up something familiar.

From the distance came the distinctive whine of a jet-powered trauma helicopter.

Apparently, Quatre had radioed a rescue team and had disclosed their location in direct violation of most of the security rules that pertained to the Gundam pilots. The safehouse could never be used again, but none of them cared. Wufei never even wondered why the pilot of the chopper hadn't even asked about his Gundam, easily seen from the air.

Working swiftly, the doctors and medical specialists prepared the broken body of the Deathscythe pilot for transport. They loaded Duo onto a gurney, several units of blood already flowing into his veins as Trowa went back into the woods to collect Heero's unconscious form.

The medics were shocked when they saw a second victim, but the gunshot wound was far simpler and less urgent then Duo's numerous injuries. They worked valiantly to save both young men never even wasting the time to ask why both were naked. As men and women of medicine a naked body was easier to treat, but it would have seemed strange to anyone other than these professional who worked within the "Golden Hour". This was the too brief 60 minutes after a traumatic injury occurred when there is the best chance for survival with proper treatment, Duo and Heero both were lucky to have had them there at the time.

The two injured pilots and their friends were eventually on-board and they were flying to a trauma center when Wufei asked, "Trowa, why haven't you contacted Quatre with our new destination yet?"

"How do you think they knew where we were?" He replied sardonically, then returned his attention to the paperwork in his hands.

A half-smile graced Trowa's lips as he noticed the lines about location being a little too precise for the average person to have called them in, latitude and longitude weren't something most people knew about their home's locations. Further, he felt quite certain that insurance would not be a problem.

Quatre, source of the timely rescue, joined them two hours later while both Duo and Heero were rushed into surgery. Trowa refrained from asking where Sandrock was, after arriving, he had discovered the trauma center was underwritten by the Winner Corporation and was in neutral territory that answered to neither OZ nor anyone else.

For perhaps the hundredth time, Trowa was thankful for his own lover's wide-ranging knowledge and his family's humanitarianism.

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