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Written: March, 2001
Sequel to: The Director
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (1x2x4) (5x3)
Category: Yaoi Bondage Exhibitionism Masturbation Threesome Lemon Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, bondage, exhibitionism, aggressive uke, masturbation, threesome, lemon, WDNNSP!, hint of angst for spice

Note: What Duo did for Quatre comes back on him in a big way! But what on earth is going on with Wufei and Trowa?!? Payback has never been so sweet!

Leading Man
by Enigma

It had been only a few days since Duo Maxwell had assisted two of his friends in giving an erotic gift to a third friend and he foolishly believed his lover, Heero Yuy, had forgotten the incident which he had walked in on.

Tired and still dirty from a long trip back to the safehouse he shared with the other four Gundam pilots, Heero had followed suspicious noises down a wooden staircase to the basement where he walked into a scene from a wet dream.

Duo, naked, hair down and sweaty from exertion, knelt straddling Chang Wufei's sated bare body on a bed along with the other two pilots. Both Quatre Raberba Winner and Trowa Barton were also nude, their skin still coated with oil as they basked in the pleasant world of after-sex exhaustion. It had taken all of Duo's legendary speaking abilities to keep his jealous lover from wrecking vengeance against the other three even if it was their fault for the braided boy being caught in such a questionable situation.

But now, it was time for payback, and as we all know, payback is -- um, well, this time it isn't quite hell, it's more like -- presenting Duo Maxwell, The Leading Man!!

Yes, well, bad joke, but anyway, Duo was now blindfolded and handcuffed, his hair flowing freely around him. Guiding him down the wooden stairs to the same basement where all the trouble had started was his now *ex*-best friend, Quatre Raberba Winner who was happily naked as he often was during their time between missions.

The blond once blamed this strange preference on growing up in the desert where it was "just too hot for clothes" but after it was pointed out that colony L-4 was no desert, the blond had just laughed. Eventually the truth came out when he admitted that it was simply because he liked to go "au naturale" when he could get away with it. Besides, it increased the likelihood he could convince one of his two lovers to take time out to play at a moment's notice.

"It'll be okay, Duo, trust me," the blond reassured the nervous teen but the reassuring smile he wore was concealed from the Shinigami pilot.

"*Trust* you?!?" Duo exclaimed. "Quatre, do you think I'm a total idiot?!? God, last time I trusted you and the guys I ended up..." Duo's voice trailed off as the memories hit him and he suddenly felt a little overly warm even though he was nude. He swallowed around the sudden lump in his throat and he finished, "The *last* time I trusted you guys, Heero nearly killed me for it! What makes you think I'm stupid enough to trust you again?!?"

The American boy stumbled as he tripped over an exposed nail on the bottom step, losing his balance. As he flailed briefly against the handcuffs which kept his arms behind his back, strong hands reached for him and kept him from hitting the floor.

"I've got you, relax!" Trowa ordered, scooping his friend into a bear hug of sorts before placing the usually braided boy back onto his bare feet.

The brief contact allowed Duo to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was doomed. The handsome HeavyArms pilot was also bare and in the moment he had held him it became painfully obvious he was just as aroused as the other boy was even if Duo was trying to deny it.

A groan escaped Duo's lips as Trowa moved away from him and he felt abandoned. Trowa chuckled softly, but said nothing more. He'd spoken as much as he planned to for the moment and allowed one of his lovers to take over.

Another voice rose as Wufei asked, "Are you okay, Maxwell?"

"*Okay*?!?" Duo squeaked. "No, I am NOT okay, Wufei!! Damn it all, I'm buck naked, my arms are cuffed behind my back, I can't see, and I'm horny as hell!" He took a breath but it came back out as a moan as he felt the Chinese teen's hands moving on his arms by the cuffs. At first he thought Wufei was going to release him, but he wasn't, he was just moving the restraints back down to where they belonged after they slid during the near-fall. The other thing he noticed when Wufei's hip brushed him was that he appeared to be naked as well, wresting a groan of desire from his lips.

"Unnh! Wu... Take pity on me, man! Please!" Duo begged and shouldn't have been surprised when the answer came from the third member of the trio that had gotten him into such trouble before.

"We can't do that, Duo," Quatre chirped and then moved to take the chestnut-haired teen's lips in a vicious kiss. "We've got a list of things to do here and letting you go now is *not* on the list!"

Gasping from the sudden onslaught, something Duo immediately missed when it ended, the blindfolded boy whimpered and then simply begged quietly, "But, Q, if Heero walks in on me with you three again like this I will be *so* dead! Please, man, don't do this."

The blond simply chuckled as he moved Duo to stand near the wall where Trowa had been chained the previous session they had spent in this uniquely furnished basement. Duo felt the chains brush against him but Quatre was only teasing, the handcuffs were more than enough to suit their purposes.

As Duo gathered his scattered wits, he heard something that made him whimper with need.

From across the room, he could hear the creak of the bed that they'd restrained Quatre on that spectacular afternoon when he allowed himself the title of "Director" for the purpose of assisting his friends in giving the traitorous blond a sexual fantasy like none other. A second creak filled the air and then a breathless voice.

"Trowa, let me take you, onegai?" Wufei moaned.

The sound of passionate kissing could be heard and what Duo couldn't hear but had apparently occurred, was that Trowa had indicated "yes" in his usual silent way.

"Ah, *gods*!!! Arigatou, koi!" Wufei exclaimed happily as the taller boy began stroking the smaller boy's chest with some warmed fragrant body oil.

The scent of the vanilla body oil hit Duo's nostrils. Just as his brain was processing this new stimulus, he felt Quatre's hands and mouth on his own chest.

"No, Q, please, don't do that!" He begged as the Arabian teen leaned into him and began suckling at one nipple, taking the other in his hand and rubbing the nub of flesh back and forth enthusiastically.

In spite of himself, Duo suddenly regretted being unable to see the other boy as he tantalized him with his mouth. The temporarily blinded teen was certain that the sight of the blond licking him would have been well worth the risks he was being subjected to at that moment.

Small sounds of pleasure left the blond's mouth even as he tasted and teased the other boy mercilessly. These little mewling whispers brought images to mind of the afternoon spent pleasuring the other boys and Duo found his knees beginning to weaken. As he neared the point of being unable to stand much longer, though, something was added to the mixture that really did change everything.

A pair of strong hands suddenly encircled Duo's arms from behind. Even as the now hazy-minded youth tried to do the math and figure out which of the boys from the bed had gotten up to help stabilize him, he heard a low voice commanding him, "Stay on your feet, baka."

"H-heero?!?" He exclaimed with a mixture of fear that his lover was going to kill him for this second case of apparent infidelity and desire that perhaps the Japanese pilot was there to do something far more enjoyable. "It's not what you think, Heero! Really, it's not! I'm not here because I *want* to be, I'm here..." he was cut off as the hands tightened infinitesimally.

"You're here, Duo," Heero rumbled in his ear as he stepped close enough to brush his own naked body against Duo's bare back, "Because *I* want you here! This is where I get even for what you three did while I was on assignment!" He ended his words by grinding with his eager erection against the other boy's ass meaningfully.

"Oh, God! Heero!!" Duo moaned and let his body rest almost fully against him. He had hated being blindfolded as this episode began, but now he was discovering that the slight sensory deprivation was only intensifying the effects of everything around him.

The scent of vanilla filled the air and as Duo allowed himself to focus on it, he heard once more the moans of pleasure from the couple on the bed.

"More," Trowa groaned softly, begging for Wufei to add a second finger. The Chinese boy was preparing his lover slowly, Trowa was always so very tight and he wanted to be sure not to hurt him.

"Patience, love," Wufei urged and kissed him gently as he continued to go at his own pace.

Quatre glanced over his shoulder at the other two and groaned with desire. It was a rarity to see Trowa submissively spread before either himself or Wufei, but when it happened it was a sight beyond compare. Long pale legs opened wide in invitation led the eye to a straining erection and it was clear that the tall teen was not in the mood to wait much longer for the Chinese boy to get them both to a point of readiness. With another whimper, Quatre tried to turn back to laving Duo's chest and pleasuring him indirectly, but he was about to give that up in favor of helping Wufei please Trowa instead.

As Quatre was preparing to abandon his assigned post, though, a low voice cut through his thoughts and ordered, "Take off Duo's blindfold and get on your knees, Quatre."

The blond head swiveled back and he clearly saw the rampant desire in Heero's eyes as he, too, had been entranced by the pair on the bed.

The Wing pilot would never have willingly told his lover that he desired any of the other teens, but the pair on the bed had intrigued him for some time. If Duo didn't make him so exquisitely happy, both sexually and emotionally, Heero wouldn't have hesitated to approach both Trowa and Wufei in the hopes of trying a three-way with them himself.

He'd seen a bit too much of the pair to deny his aching need for his own lover, though, and Heero decided it was time to move the action to completion.

Quatre did as he was bidden and slipped the black cloth off of violet eyes allowing Duo the chance to see the fantastical display that Wufei and Trowa were putting on for anyone who cared to watch. The Arabian teen paused to admire the lean lines of his lovers as they moved in a sensuous seduction which now included Trowa returning the favor of teasing beyond all tolerance by stroking some of the vanilla oil onto Wufei's shaft, bringing a soft moan from lips swollen from kissing.

"Want you," Wufei groaned to Trowa as he added a third finger to the effort of preparing him, drawing a look of intense pain/pleasure from the taller pilot. As Trowa tried to adjust, though, Quatre's attention turned away.

Now on his knees, Quatre placed his hands on Duo's hips to still their slight bucking motion before he leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. Teasing, the blond's tongue ran across the broad head, tasting the sweetly bitter fluid that had gathered there.

"Mmmmm!" Quatre moaned appreciatively even as he opened his mouth to begin stroking long hot swaths with his tongue from base to tip.

"Oh, yes!!" Duo cried out as he felt the work of the boy in front of him. As his head moved down to watch his length being slowly engulfed, he felt something far better, though, as Heero moved one leg to spread his feet apart on the cold concrete floor.

A happy cry escaped Duo's lips as he felt Heero begin to probe his ass, a single finger teased up and down the valley that extended from the base of his spine. To his relief, Heero soon stopped teasing and slid the finger into his entrance deeply.

"GOD!!!" Duo groaned through clenched teeth as he realized his lover was taking him too close to the edge by immediately hitting the soft spot within his body that turned everything to pure gold.

Heero grinned in pleasure as he felt Duo begin to thrust back onto his hand vigorously. The American was extremely sensitive under normal conditions, but Quatre had recommended that they let him pleasure Duo with his mouth even as Heero took him from behind.

This arrangement was obviously working almost too well and the stimulation combined with the erotic feeling of the handcuffs still in place were about to send Duo over the edge when a sharp cry from the couple on the bed drew everyone's attention there.

"TROWA!!!" Wufei screamed as he was shocked by the taller boy's suddenly aggressive behavior. One of the reasons Trowa didn't care for the role of uke was waiting on one of his partners to initiate the actual union of their bodies. And while he liked the feel of a cock buried in his ass as much as they did, he was too impatient. When Wufei had moved to enter him slowly, Trowa had looped one long leg around the waist of the Chinese boy above him and placed his other foot flat on the bed. Then, without warning, he had pulled tight with one leg and thrust up with the other, impaling himself in a single hard thrust.

"Ah, FEI!!!" Trowa groaned happily, emerald eyes half-lidded as he regarded the look of stunned amazement on the face above him before commanding softly, "Move. Take me harder!"

The shock slowly dropped away from onyx eyes and then Wufei smiled at his lover with as much feral desire and passion as he held for the brunette. "If that's what you want, Tro, then you've...." he paused as he pulled back a few inches and then slammed back in as hard as he could manage, wrenching a moan from his lover, "..got it!" He finished with a sexy snarl as he began slamming into and out of the demanding body beneath him, filling the air with the sound of flesh slapping flesh in an increasing rhythm.

Quatre, to Duo's surprise, never once stopped what he was doing to watch this display of animalistic sex and was totally focused on biting Duo's erection, careful not to damage him in his enthusiasm. As Duo refocused on the sensations the blond was giving him, he moaned and drove his hips forward in little begging thrusts of his own.

"Oh no you don't!" Heero warned as he felt his lover trying to establish a rhythm against the eager mouth that was engulfing him.

"You don't come until *I* say so!" The cobalt-eyed youth growled and pulled his own questing fingers free to apply some of the vanilla oil to his own aching need.

With no further preface, he slid into Duo's tight channel, filling the chestnut-haired boy in a single slow deliberate thrust. Heero was anticipating Duo's sudden loss of strength and recaptured his arms in his hands as he withdrew slightly and then plunged back in, sending Duo's cock deeper into Quatre's throat.

"YES!!!" Quatre gasped, then begged, "More, Heero, please, give us more!"

Muted by the overwhelming sensations, Duo could only nod his agreement with the request. From his vantage point he watched as Wufei pumped into Trowa with increasing vigor as the taller boy encouraged him with soft moans and barely audible words of love. Even as he felt himself approaching the precipice, Duo saw Wufei reach one hand out and begin to stroke Trowa's dripping arousal.

With a shout, the Chinese boy suddenly stiffened as he began to climax buried deep inside his lover's body. At very nearly the same instant, there was an answering cry as Trowa came, his seed glistening as it pulsed onto the bronze hand that continued to caress him gently as he was milked of every last drop.

Wufei, utterly spent by the truly unusual situation of not only being allowed to take the long-legged boy but also doing so with an audience, collapsed into Trowa's waiting arms and the pair lay together breathless yet content.

Quatre, meanwhile, had allowed one hand to slide free of its position on one of Duo's creamy hips to slide between his own legs. He massaged his aching cock as he heard the sounds of his lovers reaching completion without him and groaned in the back of his throat, sending vibrations down Duo's length as he felt himself near the edge.

Even as the blond was pleasuring himself with his hand and Duo with his mouth, Heero was increasing the strength of his thrusts making both himself and Duo moan and cry out.

Heero, clearly the "Director" of this erotic scenario, commanded Duo, "Come for us now, Duo!" With an unintelligible scream, Duo did exactly that and he filled Quatre's mouth with his seed.

The boy kneeling in front of them eagerly lapped up every glistening drop of Duo's passion and released his own onto his pumping fist at the same time, groaning with pleasure at the exquisite taste in his mouth and the feeling of relief that climax granted him. Quatre was breathing hard and watched with pleasure as Heero's threw his head back silently as he came, pumping Duo's ass one last time before freezing in place as he throbbed out the liquid proof of his own desires. Holding Duo's chest tightly, Heero pushed himself deeply into the other boy before withdrawing growling out loudly enough for the entire room to hear, "You are *mine*, Duo Maxwell, and don't you forget it!"

Rendered silent by the overwhelming nature of their union, Duo could only nod his understanding and agreement as he laid his head back against one powerful shoulder.

Quatre, still on his knees, looked up at the pair as Heero broke their intimate joining and he grinned. The hentai pilot was thrilled not only with the tasty treat he had just received but the view was to die for, in his opinion. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Quatre stood unsteadily to retrieve the handcuff key for Heero to release Duo's arms before they cramped up.

Curled on top of Trowa's body on the bed, Wufei had been bordering on sleep when the trio on the floor achieved release. He looked over at them and smiled before yawning slightly and closing his eyes to go back to cuddling his lanky lover.

Not as close to sleep but not far from it, Trowa had enjoyed the show the others had put on and found that his own desires were attempting to reawaken. But even as he wondered which of his lovers might be interested in something more, he realized he had been rather too enthusiastic with Wufei and was now becoming aware of being slightly more sore than he expected. With a silent decision to seduce the two boys he adored later in the comfort of the king-sized bed they shared, he let his green eyes slide shut and he pulled Wufei more tightly to him possessively.

Duo, once freed of the cuffs, was allowed to sink back to lean against Heero's body for support. He rubbed at the slightly chafed skin with a grin as he looked at his lover who had an odd smile on his face as he regarded him in return.

"That was fun, Heero, thanks!" Duo grinned as he allowed Heero to capture his mouth for a last passion-filled kiss. As they separated, Duo moved to take a step and his knees buckled sending him into Quatre's arms.

"Careful, Duo," the blond commented before moving out of the way as Heero bent to pick the sated youth up into his arms. Duo just sighed and gratefully snuggled closer, once more delighted that Heero had enough stamina for the both of them as the Wing pilot moved to carry him back up the stairs.

"By the way," Heero called back from a midpoint on the stairway, "I think if we ever do this again, it will be Trowa's turn for a feature part. He seemed to enjoy a bit more attention than I had suspected he might."

This was answered with an unhappy moan from the bed as Wufei was startled out of his peaceful state when Quatre dropped onto the bed beside his lovers and Trowa remarked flatly, "No, that wont be necessary, Heero. I have *more* than enough attention as it is!"

The Sandrock pilot giggled a bit and wormed his way into both Trowa's and Wufei's arms before he snuggled close and let his own eyes slide shut.

Wufei, however, looked mildly displeased.

"What's the matter, Wu-man? Did you want it to be *you* in the starring role next go at this?" Duo offered far more enthusiastically than Heero expected.

As the Japanese boy made a mental note to find out later if his long-haired lover shared his secret interest in the exotic youth, the frown on Wufei's face turned into a look of embarrassed chagrin. "No, nothing like that, Duo," he admitted, "It's just that next time we play down here we need to bring down a rug! Q's feet are cold from the concrete floor!"

"Wufei! That's mean!" Quatre sniped back and tried to move to put his cold knees against the other boy's back in vengeance, but Trowa stopped him by simply pulling him closer as he shifted Wufei to his other side.

Trowa yawned and then commented dryly, "*If* we ever play down here again, *I'm* bringing down a blanket, too, it's cold all the way around. Now go away, Fei needs to sleep."

"Oh?" Heero teased as he felt more than heard Duo yawning against his chest. "You think it's only Wufei that needs a nap, Trowa? I beg to differ. Our 'leading man' here needs his rest, too, so you're on your own."

The couple on the stairs vanished as Heero did his level best to disguise the fact that the afternoon's erotic adventure had tired him as well. The trio in the basement was quietly fading into slumber with the exception of Quatre who was staring angrily at the handcuffs forgotten on a chain-laden hook on the wall.

With a sigh of long-suffering, Trowa asked softly, "What's the matter, little one?"

"Well," Quatre pouted, "If we each take turns with this game I have to wait until you, Wufei, and Heero all get a turn! With my luck, we'll be somewhere boring without a fun little dungeon like this when it's my turn again!"

Trowa snorted in amused humor then mumbled, "Hentai," before falling asleep to the even breathing of the Chinese boy beside him.

"Yeah, so I am," Quatre remarked between yawns. "Never heard you complain about it before! Geez!"

Within a few minutes, though, the sweet sound of peaceful sleep was all that was heard in the safehouse. All five boys were tired from their amorous activities and while it is unknown if the remaining three ever got a "turn", it was clear that Duo Maxwell had thoroughly enjoyed being designated the "leading man" for the afternoon.

Author's Notes:

1. This fic is dedicated to the adorable Aaeth! Thank you, Aaeth, for a delightful trip into piracy and adventure on the high seas in "Kaizoku no Shou"!! And in payment for the heroic acts of one Chang Wufei therein, here is some yummy (1x2) bondage fun for you! Hope it was worth the wait! This is also dedicated to Ryoko, my Tro-koi and caretaker of The Mercenary, a guy who you lemon lovers REALLY want to meet someday!! Does this sound like Fei's Mercenary here to you, kitten? The Warrior *insists* that's who this really must be!

2. Muse Credit Union: Erato, my lemon muse, took an unscheduled vacation for a few weeks after all those hot lemons between Trowa and Wufei hit the web! But I begged her to drop in for this one and *maybe*, if she feels generous, I will convince her to stay while I put together a few more. What can I say? I like G-Boys' sex almost as much as Quatre does!

3. Golly! There's 80 way cool people signed up for the alert system to find out when something of mine is available at GW Addiction or Sweet&Sweet! If you like, come join them and hopefully there will be some new things hidden there soon!! Sign up at EnigmaFanficUpdates-subscribe@egroups.com!


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