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Book 3 of the "Incredible Edibles Series" (The rest of the series can be found at GW Addiction)
Written: November, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairings: (5x3) (1x2) (6x4) {yes, there *is* a sex scene for each pair!}
Category: Yaoi, Romance, Humor, Food Misuse, Lemon, AU-OOC
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, romance, highly questionable sense of humor, *serious* misuse of traditional holiday foods!, excessive oral sex, lemon x three!!!, ornate food descriptions ala' "Iron Chef", American traditions, a child, sap, fluff, and general silliness. AU-OOC.
Lemon Disclaimer: Kindly note that in the Real World, "safe" sex should be practiced at all times. However, this is an "Enigma Yaoi Romance Lemon" and all bishounen in question are hence magically protected against the dangers of sexually transmissible diseases, therefore they can skip the condoms -- and they know it! Furthermore, the substances used as lube here should not be employed in the Real World for obvious health reasons.

Notes: Wufei and Trowa get some surprise visitors for Thanksgiving dinner, but they all soon discover that sometimes the best place to enjoy part of a feast can be in bed!

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A Joyful Gathering
Part 7
by Enigma

Earlier, in the room with the twin beds in it, Duo had stepped out of his boxers and turned to Heero who stood naked and eager beside him and asked in astonishment, "Was that *Trowa* squealing something about being 'cold', babe?"

The Japanese pilot snickered and nodded, "Sounded like it to me, koi." He stopped laughing as he asked in confusion, "Did *you* have any idea that he let Wufei take the role of seme? That seems backwards."

"Shit no! I'd always assumed that Tro would be the dominant one of two of them." The braided boy responded with an evil smirk, "But come to think of it, I'll bet it's quite the sight to see, ya know? Tro underneath Wu, writhing and begging him for more? Makes me hard just thinking about it!"

"Fuck that," Heero growled and grabbed the American boy by the ass, dragging him closer as their erections collided with an erotic jolt. "The only thing you should need to get you hot and bothered is me, baka. Don't you forget it!"

Duo chuckled darkly and moved to caress the side of his lover's face briefly as he answered in a more somber tone, "I won't forget, baby, just make sure you're always there when I need you, got it?"

The meaning of his lover's words reached the Wing pilot immediately. There had been a mission that hadn't gone well earlier in the month and only a near miss had allowed the Japanese teen to return to his American lover without considerable injury. A softness entered cobalt-blue eyes and Heero nodded as he promised, "I'll do my best, koi. But you have to do the same, all right?"

"Absolutely," Duo sighed and dropped his chin onto a golden shoulder, quiet contentment in his heart for a moment.

When the braided boy sighed again, Heero asked gently, "What's wrong, Duo? What're you thinking about, koi?"

The amethyst-eyed boy was silent as he considered how to explain to his lover what he was thinking and feeling, then he offered, "You know what I was telling you about Thanksgiving, Heero? How it's a time for reflecting on the good things and special people in your life and being grateful for them?" He paused and felt a nod and warm hands rubbing across his back before he continued, "Well, I don't quite know how to say this, but I want to thank you for being who you are. I'm lucky to have you to love."

Heero was at a loss for words.

Thanksgiving wasn't a holiday he understood or had even experienced until that year, but he knew that he was grateful that Duo wanted him in the first place. Thanks to the happy-go-lucky American, Heero had transformed from an anti-social, suicidal weapon in human form to a genuine person. A person with feelings, hopes, dreams, and fears.

No truly original sounding sentiments would present themselves to him, so Heero said, "I'm glad that you love me so much, Duo. I, well, I'm grateful that you even *want* me in your life at all, much less that you want me so much." A happy little sigh echoed softly into his ear before he ended with, "And I'd like to go ahead and *show* you how much that means to me right now if you want to." The tiny thrust of his hips that ground their temporarily ignored erections together emphasized that statement and Duo answered eagerly with a more demanding return shift and an evil little grin.

"Sounds like a plan, Heero," the Deathscythe pilot moved back long enough to regard him with distinct amusement in his eyes as he asked, "But what's the deal with stealing the gravy, babe? Did you sneak some leftover turkey back here for a sandwich?"

Heero snorted in amusement and moved to drag Duo over to the bed closest to them and very nearly tossed him onto it with a smirk, "No, baka, I do *not* want to make a sandwich! I didn't have much of a plan for it past the obvious misuse we seem to enjoy with such wonderfully viscous substances!"

Violet eyes rolled skywards as Duo gained an "oh please!" expression and he chastised, "Geez, Yuy, only you make something we're going to use for lube sound like machine oil for your Gundam!" He reached over to the bowl of gravy that Heero had picked up and was testing to make sure it was cool enough to use, sticking a finger in and then licking it off. "Yumm! This stuff tastes a helluva lot better than the gravy I usually make. Wonder what they put in it to get this flavor?"

Duo dipped the finger right back into the gravy and then pressed it to Heero's lips encouraging him to suck it clean, an assignment that the Wing pilot accepted enthusiastically. Lapping and sucking at Duo's finger, though, gave him an idea. With a mischievous smile, Heero commented, "I don't care how they made it taste like it does, I know a way to make it taste even better! Lay down, koi."

Warning bells of the happily hentai variety rang in Duo's mind and he did as he was instructed to but still asked, "What're you thinking of trying, Yuy?"

Waiting until the braided boy was flat on his back, head propped on a pillow where he could observe, Heero finally used two fingers to scoop up a substantial dollop of gravy which he then began to drizzle a little at a time onto Duo's chest without explanation. Heero was enjoying slowly driving the other boy to distraction by creating little swirling patterns with the impromptu beige body-paint over each rosebud nipple as well as leaving trails of it in other places. Scooping up more, he plopped a fair amount straight into the well of Duo's navel and the other boy simply couldn't handle it anymore.

"*Damn it*, Heero!" Duo exclaimed, "Are you planning to just drop that stuff on me or are you going to *do* something with it?!" Frustrated and horny were two feelings that didn't sit well with the Deathscythe pilot under normal circumstances but as it was with him under a slowly spreading coating of gourmet turkey gravy, he was about to go insane.

"Oh, I plan on doing something, koi, just be patient." Heero remarked and set aside the dish before turning to place his full attention to his wriggling and now aromatic lover.

"I don't *want* to be patient!" Duo grumbled but forced himself to lay still and see where this was heading after all.

Heero cocked his head from side to side as if deciding on something, then took both hands and placed them palm down over both gooey warm puddles of gravy that concealed rosebud nipples, rubbing each firmly until he felt the little pebbles of flesh harden.

Passion-darkened violet eyes sank slowly shut with pleasure as Duo moaned, "Oh, yeah!" A shiver of delight shook his body as his lover continued to massage his gravy-coated chest. He nearly yowled when that luscious pressure was complimented by a slow, hot swipe of Heero's tongue across the spreading pool of gravy in his belly button.

A dark smile was hidden from view as the Japanese teen plunged his tongue into the small indentation repeatedly, the gravy there long since gone as what was left of it above was spread about even more fully by less than gentle twists and tugs at Duo's sensitized nipples.

"YES!!!" Duo proclaimed in delight, back arching up off the bed as he lost himself to the pleasure that he felt centered in his abdomen. Fingers clawing in desperation at the sheets to avoid burying them in the messy hair of the boy who seemed intent on making him lose his mind, the American boy began to mumble various incoherent things as he begged for his lover to hurry.

Well versed in understanding the Deathscythe pilot when he was in the throes of passion, Heero reacted quickly and moved to lift one of Duo's knees until his foot rested flat on the bed, opening him and causing both of them to ache with need. Yet another dollop of gravy was collected from the dish and Heero didn't hesitate for an instant to begin rubbing his slick fingers against Duo's ass, letting the tips of two of them sink into the braided boy's entrance slowly.

Duo shuddered and increased the running monologue of words of encouragement and begging that told Heero he could either hurry up or end up being tossed face down at any moment and being taken without any preparation at all by the boy he was driving insane. Not wanting to incur Shinigami's wrath in that particularly painful form, the Wing pilot finally moved to bring the two of them together physically by coating himself with the last of the thick brownish liquid and then quickly kneeling between Duo's open thighs.

Feeling the bed shift under his body, Duo forced his eyes to open once more, amaryllis meeting and being held by cobalt as Heero reached forward to lace the fingers of both hands into those of his lover and then pinning them above the braided boy's head. Even as the tip of his erection probed the gravy-slick valley of Duo's ass in search of its home, Heero leaned down and captured Duo's mouth in a fierce and possessive kiss.

Returning the kiss avidly, the American boy decided he'd had enough of being passive and shifted slightly on the bed, wrapping his leg around Heero's waist before wriggling until he felt himself being entered by his koi the way he'd wanted it so badly. The moan of delight that Duo made as he was being taken seemed to be the sweetest sound in the galaxy to his partner who in turn pressed harder and soon was buried to the hilt in tight clasping heat.

Neither boy was in the mood to wait to adjust, their many sexual explorations together allowing them to predict what they each could or couldn't handle, and they were soon pounding against one another furiously. The sound of the two bodies colliding in passionate frenzy echoed through the room.

Sensing that he was going to climax before his lover, Heero growled deep in his throat and tried to pull one hand away from where it was still busy holding Duo in place. Duo, however, wouldn't let him go, turning the tables on him and making him into a prisoner of sorts instead. Before Heero could even react to the change in the situation, his orgasm hit him and washed over him like a powerful wave, crashing through him and shocking him.

"HN!!" A surprised grunt of pleasure was all that Heero could form as he spilled the liquid proof of his love deep into Duo's trembling body. The boy who held him captive in mind, body, and soul found it amusing enough that he began to laugh but he couldn't continue to find merriment in the situation as he, too, fell over the edge.

"FUCK YEAH!!!" The American teen shouted joyously and felt himself explode. Powerful jets of seed poured forth from within the tightly compressed space between the two lover's bodies, mixing pearlescent cum with the remains of thick turkey gravy and creating something all together new.

Both pilots trembled as their bodies released their passions and both gasped for breath after Heero collapsed down onto his lover's body. Duo released his death-grip and allowed Heero's hands to lay limply on either side of his head.

"Mmm," the violet-eyed boy moaned luxuriously, "that was nice. Only *slightly* kinky, but still nice."

"Baka," the cobalt-eyed boy answered in amused annoyance. "If you really want 'kinky,' then next time we play like this, I'll tie you down and leave the gravy hot, how would *that* suit you? Maybe add some mashed potatoes while I'm at it."

Duo snickered at him in open disbelief, "Try *that*, Yuy, and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of *my* fetish for whole buttered carrots again!"

A look of fear and lust filled Heero's face, memories of an astounding night that left him unable to even sit in a chair much less pilot his Gundam the next morning clear in his mind as he answered in shock, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Wouldn't I?" Duo teased then grinned and said simply, "Guess that's a risk you'll have to take if you make good on that 'taters and gravy' threat, baby!" To show there were no truly hurt feelings between them, he then moved to capture the other boy's mouth in a sweet kiss before laying back on the pillow, all smiles again.

Heero's gaze softened as the kiss broke and he pledged, "Ai shiteru, Duo. Zutto."

The sated smile that had played havoc with the corners of Duo's mouth faded into one of deeper meaning and he smiled back, "I love you, too, Heero. Now and forever." He leaned up just enough for their lips to meet and he kissed his lover sweetly before asking, "So, what do we do about all this mess?" Glancing down at the gravy mixture with obvious meaning and not being surprised when his lover slid off of him just enough to slide a finger through it.

Licking some of the glistening beige sauce from the sticky digit, Heero remarked, "I rather like it. Tastes like you with sage and extra salt. Delicious, really."

"Then go ahead, baby, have all you want!" Duo encouraged and then lay back and waited for the proverbial bell to ring on round two, something that happened early enough that they were able to use the shower as soon as the pair of blondes got out of it.

Author's Notes for This Part:

[1] Special Announcement! This colorful and aromatic oral lemon scene is hereby dedicated to my dear friends in the [1x2/2x1] world! It's been ages since I posted anything there and heaven knows that I can't keep up with those lists at all since there's more good things to read than time to read them, but I want them to know that I still think of them fondly. Who knows? My lemon muse, Erato, enjoyed playing with Heero and Duo in bed for the first time since "Equal Time" way back in June. Maybe she will want to put them through their paces again sometime? Thanks, [1x2/2x1] friends, you're the best!

Full Author's Notes to run at conclusion.

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