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Book 3 of the "Incredible Edibles Series" (The rest of the series can be found at GW Addiction)
Written: November, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairings: (5x3) (1x2) (6x4) {yes, there *is* a sex scene for each pair!}
Category: Yaoi, Romance, Humor, Food Misuse, Lemon, AU-OOC
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, romance, highly questionable sense of humor, *serious* misuse of traditional holiday foods!, excessive oral sex, lemon x three!!!, ornate food descriptions ala' "Iron Chef", American traditions, a child, sap, fluff, and general silliness. AU-OOC.
Lemon Disclaimer: Kindly note that in the Real World, "safe" sex should be practiced at all times. However, this is an "Enigma Yaoi Romance Lemon" and all bishounen in question are hence magically protected against the dangers of sexually transmissible diseases, therefore they can skip the condoms -- and they know it! Furthermore, the substances used as lube here should not be employed in the Real World for obvious health reasons.

Notes: Wufei and Trowa get some surprise visitors for Thanksgiving dinner, but they all soon discover that sometimes the best place to enjoy part of a feast can be in bed!

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A Joyful Gathering
Part 6
by Enigma

Across the hallway from Trowa and Wufei, the newest couple among those gathered in the Virginia safehouse stood kissing passionately when the younger of the two started to giggle, an unexpected outburst since they'd already stripped off their clothes and were happily seducing one another.

Pulling away, curiosity written across his refined features, Milliardo looked at the much shorter pilot and asked, "What's so amusing, little love?"

"I was just remembering that time we ordered room service at the Four Seasons in Atlanta just to get something to use for lube since it was too early to get dressed to go out to buy some more." Quatre grinned happily and wrapped his arms around the taller man's waist and cuddled close, enjoying the press of an anxious erection into the soft skin of his belly. There were times the height difference was a problem, but this felt nice to both of them and they were happy with it.

The platinum blond man had the decency to chuckle softly as he mimicked the unfortunate kitchen staff member who had taken the order. In a bad Southern accent he asked, "'Did ya'll say that you wanted sum jella with extra whupped cream on the side, suh? Ah mean, it already *comes* with a whole passle of Cool Whip. What in tarnation do ya want that fur breakfast fer, anyway?'" [1]

Quatre's giggles returned and he smiled at the man who had draped his arms over his shoulders, commenting, "I really wish I'd heard both sides of the conversation that time, love."

"So do I, little love," Milliardo agreed with a smile, "I wished we had a speaker phone for a minute just so you would know why I was laughing so hard."

"That would've been fun," the Arabian teen commented then changed the subject to something more pertinent. "But I think that the whipped cream I just got out of the refrigerator might be too cold for lube, love. What else can we do with it?"

"Why not use it for what it was intended for in the first place?" Milliardo asked, tilting the fifteen year-old boy's chin up with one long-fingered hand. "Why not use it to add flavor to an already tasty treat?"

A small shiver of delight raced down Quatre's spine and lust filled his eyes as he agreed, "Oh, I'd *love* that, Milliardo!" He stepped back ever so slightly and wrapped a small but determined hand around the thick arousal that had left a glistening trail of precum on his abdomen. "I just love it when you let me suck on you!"

The assumption that by giving his younger lover the privilege of performing oral sex on him meant that Quatre would also be topping him later never really entered the thought process.

Early on in their relationship, they had discovered that while Milliardo found it gratifying if nothing else to feel his lover inside him, neither found that arrangement half as fulfilling as when the older man was the dominant partner. Of course, the fact that the nineteen year-old man was built like a porn star helped make that decision even more obvious. Quatre often had trouble walking the days after their more rigorous unions and it certainly wasn't due to lack of experience with the former OZ officer. No, it was entirely due to the sheer girth of the thickness that the smaller blond was currently fondling with such excitement.

Milliardo, however, wasn't in the mood for such a unidirectional exchange of pleasure and moved one hand down to return his lover's attentions, caressing the other pilot's hot arousal with long, smooth strokes. He said, "I'm so glad you like that, my darling, but you aren't the only one who likes to suck cock, you know. I think I'd like a chance to try coating you with some of that stuff and seeing if I can make you lose control before I get it all licked off."

Quatre quivered with sudden need and his erection began to pulse eagerly in the other man's hand as he accepted the offer, "Then let's make it a contest, shall we? See whoever can make the other one come first?"

"With only our mouths for tools this time, little love," Milliardo cautioned, tapping Quatre on the nose with a fingertip. "Last time we played this game, you cheated."

Not chastened in the least, the Sandrock pilot smirked at him and continued to pump at the flesh in his hand, "Maybe I did, but when I stuck my thumb in you and you screamed so deliciously I didn't mind losing the game." His impudent smirk never left his lips as he asked, "So, what are the stakes? What are we playing for, Milliardo?"

"Hmm," the older man stopped to think for a moment and then smiled. "Why not play for future favors, love?"

"Hurray! I like those stakes!" Quatre answered enthusiastically, gave his lover's thickness a final squeeze and then grabbed the whipped cream from its spot on the dresser with a grin. He turned back around to leer appreciatively at the taller man who was spreading himself over the double bed languidly, asking, "Over and under or side by side?"

Milliardo rolled up onto one elbow and patted the top of the bed saying, "Side by side, Quat-love. It makes the contest more fair, don't you think?"

The Arabian teen moved quickly to kiss his lover's lips then crawl onto the bed facing the man's now dripping arousal eager to get started. As he opened the container of fragrant, fluffy dairy product, he agreed, "Certainly. I know how important fairness is to you, darling, and I promise not to cheat, too."

"Good. Thank you for that, love," the former prince of the Sanq kingdom then gazed at him fondly and silently urged him to hurry up, the wait was driving him nuts.

Quatre smiled back at the man who was watching his every move with eager azure eyes and then he took a deep breath of the contents of the bowl and chirped happily, "Oh! I grabbed the one with vanilla and Kahl˙a blended into it! Yummy!" Not hesitating, he quickly coated the huge erection that hung ponderously near his lips and then handed the bowl to the older man who was shivering slightly.

"Damn, but for something that is supposed to taste like coffee with cream, that stuff is *cold*!" He exclaimed and then moved quickly to share his delicious discomfort with his partner, pleased to see the younger man shivering as much as he was and then made it worse by slowly licking the excess cream from his fingers as sensually as possible.

Moaning in the back of his throat and feeling desperate, Quatre nearly begged, "Now? Shall we start the contest now, Milliardo? It's too cold to wait."

"I have to agree, little love, but you do get used to it after a moment or two." The platinum blond tossed a stray lock of oh-so-long hair out of the way, licked his lips, and then counted down, "Three, two, one, go!"

Both men attacked their targets with fervor, lips and tongues sucking and licking in different patterns and with different levels of intensity since each knew his partner's needs were different from his own and wanting to give as much pleasure as possible with his efforts.

Quatre moved quickly as he engulfed the large head of his lover's cock and sucked feverishly at it, sucking down the flavorful combination of precum, vanilla, Kahl˙a, and above all dairy-fresh cream. It was a rich concoction, thick and altogether pleasant. He hated releasing that portion so he could begin to enjoy the long thick shaft, but he knew that the ultimate goal would never be achieved by staying in one place.

Milliardo, however, moved slowly, swiping across the underside of his young lover's slender cock in long, firm licks, lapping off creamy goodness and enjoying what the chefs had created in an entirely novel way. He suppressed a sudden urge to laugh at how those highly trained food artists might react to seeing their custom-made dessert topping being put to such use, focusing instead on driving Quatre insane by nipping lightly at the pulsing vein that he had uncovered.

The young man groaned and could barely stay focused on his task as his lover found and then stimulated each and every one of the spots on his erection and velvety sac that would send him pure joy the fastest. But he pulled back in those wandering thoughts and reminded himself that Milliardo couldn't resist it when he tongued the base of his cock firmly, working the tip of his tongue into the small hollow at the base of his erection vigorously.. He knew he had the right spot when his partner's hips trembled and the cock near his mouth twitched.

The pair lay side by side in an unbelievably beautiful tableau. Golden and platinum blond hair was spread out by heads which bobbed up and down, four blue eyes mere slits as they focused on pleasuring one another.

Feeling release approaching him and knowing that his partner wasn't as close, the older man fell back onto the only thing that he could do for Quatre that the smaller man couldn't offer in return. Willing his throat to open fully, Milliardo used his tongue and teeth to guide his lover's now throbbing erection into his mouth and then deeper as he deepthroated the boy with ease, nibbling and licking all the way down.

Quatre groaned and writhed as sparks of light danced in front of his eyes and he cursed the fact that no matter how he might wish it were otherwise, he simply couldn't fit all of Milliardo's length into his mouth that way.. He decided to do the best he could anyway, though, and he took in the broad cockhead as far as he could, hitting the back of his throat and groaning with delight as he felt his lover begin to hum and he returned the favor enthusiastically.

As they sent one another as much stimulus as possible, they were also being bombarded with feelings of pure bliss and it simply couldn't last.

What determined the outcome of the competition, however, was a lapse of concentration on Quatre's part and without much warning, he suddenly stiffened, made a startled shout of surprise around the hot flesh in his mouth and climaxed almost violently into his lover's eager mouth.

Pleased to feel his adorable little love trembling and shaking as he released creamy gouts of seed into his mouth, Milliardo, too, lost his concentration and exploded into bliss. Quatre jerked back a bit as he felt the first thick pulse of seed over-flowing his mouth and nearly choking him.

Orgasm swept through them both and by the time they had both stopped shaking from their releases, they had quite different appearances than they had at the start.

Milliardo had been careful to be ready for his erotic desert prince to lose control and he had successfully sucked up each and every drop as it was offered. After licking Quatre clean, he leaned back and the only trace of what had transpired was a tiny dollop of whipped cream that had escaped his attention and now decorated his chin.

Quatre, on the other hand, was a very happy mess. There were glistening streams of seed on his rosy cheeks and pert chin with whipped cream almost everywhere else, even up on his forehead from when he had been working so diligently at the base of his lover's erection. With a smirk, he lifted a finger and scooped up some cream as well as some of the cum and popped it into his mouth, sucking it off with a contented purr.

A fond expression on his face as he twisted on the bed so he could lay face to face with his lover, Milliardo intoned lovingly, "I won."

Faux-coy aquamarine eyes gazed back at him and as the finger in his mouth popped free to go in search of another taste of what he was wearing, Quatre murmured, "I know." After sucking on the creamy digit as suggestively as possible, he added, "So what's the favor you want, lover-mine? I hope it has something to do with sex."

With a small chuckle as he reached out to assist in the clean-up process and used his own finger to feed the boy a bit more of his release mixed with the vanilla/Kahl˙a/whipped cream combination, the taller man answered, "I haven't decided yet, little love. Why not give me a few days since I rather doubt I need to invoke a favor to get you to let me sink into your sweet body soon, now do I?" He ran the finger that had been moistened by the mixture he'd collected from Quatre's face as well as the boy's mouth down to slide it into the hidden entrance he knew would welcome him.

Trembling with a rapidly returning need, Quatre shook his head and pressed down, encouraging the voyaging finger to go deeper. Looking over to where the container of remaining whipped cream lay meaningfully, he answered, "Only if you make me wait for it, Milliardo." Then rolled over onto his back and spread his legs as wide as he could, inviting the man wordlessly.

Voice dark with passion, Milliardo answered, "I'd never make you wait if I could avoid it, darling."

Not much later, the two lay side by side again only now there was whipped cream and cum spread all over both their bellies and they had the most astoundingly satisfied smiles on their faces. Neither particularly wanted to move, but at one point the two of them made their way to a much needed hot shower glad to be rid of the scent of vanilla and Kahl˙a before meeting their friends later for dessert.

Author's Notes for This Part:

[1] Regarding my "Southern accent", as many of you know, I actually *live* in the South and trust me, people here really *do* talk that way at times! My spelling of dialects is really bad, though, so I'll give you the advice my English professor did when I complained about this kind of confusing stuff in Mark Twain's books: "Read it aloud and see if it makes more sense.. If not, don't worry about it and just skip on to the sex!" Heheh! Well, my professor didn't say that part about getting to the sex, I added that for kicks, but I hope that you see what I mean.

[2] Special Announcement! This decidedly messy sounding oral lemon scene is hereby dedicated to my dear friend Bearilou! Long ago and far away, when I wanted to try to think of a lemon for these two, she kindly sent me a whole list of great ideas for location. Unfortunately, Melpomene decided to take control of things for awhile and write other stuff and I hadn't written a lemon for these two yet. Now that Erato is back in control and willing to pen this one, I just *had* to salute Bearilou and say thanks again for waiting so patiently for this!!

Full Author's Notes to run at conclusion..

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