Disclaimers: I don't own Heero, Duo, or a Gundam and I'm not making any money off this exceptionally weird story, it's written out of birthday insanity, so please don't sue me. Title: Equal Time Companion Piece to: Quiet Time Written: June, 2001 Rating: NC-17 Pairings: (1x2) (?+?) Category: Yaoi Humor Lemon Surprise Pairing WDNNSP! Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure Warnings: yaoi, humor, lemon, surprise pairing, weirdness, WDNNSP! Notes: Duo is understandably jealous of a certain small computer and demands equal time. But who could be reminding Heero of his responsibilities to his lover?

Equal Time
by Enigma

"All I am asking for is, well, call it 'equal time', Heero," Duo commented angrily, arms crossed and glaring at his lover.

"I'm busy, baka," Heero responded automatically, sitting and typing up his latest mission log while ignoring Duo entirely.

The Wing pilot had been gone for almost three weeks straight on a convoluted infiltration mission with Trowa Barton. As soon as he had returned to his lover's side, instead of jumping him as Duo had hoped he would, the overly dedicated "Prefect Soldier" had sat down to write up his report.

Duo pouted and remarked caustically, "Well, I'm sure that Wufei isn't being ignored in favor of a mission report! It's not fair!" The braided teen was jealous of the fact that the other two pilots were spending their post-mission time together camping in the middle of nowhere, but that was irrelevant at the moment.

Heero snorted, "Hn. Of course not. My report will go to both Doctor J and Doktor S. Trowa won't have to do anything more for this one."

"Nani?" Duo asked in confusion, then laughed a little. "Oh-ho! So Trowa had to keep you in line again, huh? He kept you from blowing the mission and you got stuck with the write-up, didn't you?"

A mumbled acknowledgment was all this received and Duo shook his head. "Okay, okay already! I know when I'm licked!" He walked closer and ran his hands down Heero's tanktop-clad chest suggestively.

The Japanese teen shivered with desire and tried not to think of what his talented lover was offering him in exchange for setting the computer aside. After all, a promise had been made to Trowa in thanks for keeping Heero from punching a particularly annoying OZ officer during their mission and the Japanese teen intended to keep that promise.

"All I'm asking for, koi," Duo suddenly breathed into Heero's ear, "is equal time with that damned black box of yours! When you think you can give it to me, let me know, won't ya?" In a move that was pure Maxwell, he trailed one hand through the now loosened chestnut silk hair that seemed to have magically come free of its usual constraints.

Heero groaned low and long as he felt spandex clamp down on his hardening erection. He growled softly, "Duo.. !" He watched the lithe body of the American pilot coming into view as Duo peeled off his usual black outfit for reasons that escaped Heero at first. The fact that the Wing pilot failed to realize that his lover was performing a strip-tease for his benefit was a testament to how strongly he felt about finishing the report.

"Hmm?" Duo nearly purred, "Want something, koi?" He fired a heated glance over one bare shoulder even as he removed his white undershirt and flexed his muscles teasingly.

"Yes," Heero gritted between his teeth. "I want to know just why, exactly, you think it's necessary to drive me insane tonight."

A laugh bubbled past Duo's lips as he pulled off his socks and boots, leaving himself clad only in the tight black jodhpurs that promised Heero far more than one might imagine. "Two words, lover boy, only two words..." He toyed with the fly of the pants and then those, too, vanished along with his boxers in a flourish.

As Duo stood exposed, aroused, and more than ready, he whispered sensuously, "Equal. Time." Then, in a move guaranteed to drive his lover insane, Duo spun on one heel and walked away allowing a slight sway to enter his walk knowing from experience exactly where those cobalt-blue eyes were glued.

Sauntering back to the bedroom the couple would share for the night, Duo's efforts were rewarded as he heard a low, pained moan and he was quite certain that the laptop had just lost its battle against him.

Firming his resolve, and loosening his tight black shorts, Heero turned his attention back to the computer. "'Equal time', my ass," he grumbled. "If he'd just stop trying to seduce me and let me work, I'd be done before too awfully long and then..."

Heero never finished the sentence as he noticed almost every sentence he had typed in the last two minutes was riddled with the glaring red underlining of the Microsoft Word spell-check system. [1]

He growled at himself. "Shit! My spelling is better than this! Him and his damned games! Does he really think you have magical powers over me or something, machine?"

All of a sudden, the new message chime sounded and Heero's head snapped up at the unexpected sound, "What the hell?" [2]

Heero opened his e-mail and found a message from an unknown user with a subject line that read, "Why are you doing this right now?"

The Wing pilot wondered why the letters were all green, but decided that it just pointed towards the boy who at times considered himself the re-incarnation of the Batman's arch-enemy, the Riddler, and shook his head in annoyance.

"Funny, very funny, Duo!" Heero snarled to himself. "Don't send me e-mail and interrupt me if you ever want to get fucked tonight!"

In the bedroom, however, Duo was immersed in the convoluted plotline of James Michner's "Hawaii", and wasn't even aware of what was transpiring. Despite his desires for his lover's attentions, he was caught up in the riveting saga of the American missionaries to the island chain and their travails, leaving him sufficiently distracted that he'd missed Heero's voice in the silence.

"Baka," Heero commented off-handedly, as he went back to typing what promised to be a very long report. His insult, however, was directed towards both of them and as he tried to focus on his report, the chime sounded again.

"Now what?" He growled and flipped the screen to his e-mail box again.

The same "unknown user" identification flashed before him but this time the green-lettered subject line read simply, "This report can wait."

"SHIT!!!" Heero exclaimed angrily and was about to stand and go yell at his lover when a follow-up message came in, calling his attention to the screen once more.

"Why aren't you doing something with Duo?" was flashing at him in emerald letters that seemed somehow annoyed with him.

Freezing as he realized that someone, somewhere, was sending him these messages since Duo would never refer to himself in the third person, Heero gave up entirely. The Perfect Soldier shut the e-mail chime system down, but left the rest of it on since he needed to gather the up-linked data he had sent himself from the OZ base over the next few hours.

"Fine, fine," He remarked with a sigh as he came to the most logical conclusion, "Trowa, you mind-reader, I'll work on the stupid report tomorrow and go spend time with him, all right?"

Pushing away from the table, Heero went in search of his lover and found him exactly where he had expected to, but he simply stopped at the entrance to their bedroom.

He looked in and pondered how beautiful Duo looked. The irresistible nude boy was casually draped across their bed, chewing on the end of his braid and turning the page of his paperback book, mesmerized by a tale of long ago.

"Ahem," Heero cleared his throat and the naked reader jumped slightly.

"H-h-heero?!?" Duo stammered, he had assumed he was in for a long night alone while he waited for his lover and this startled him completely.

"Didn't you want to do something besides read, Duo?" Heero asked with a smirk, prowling towards the bed.

"Well, sure," Duo shrugged and stuck his bookmark into the paperback before dropping it onto the nightstand. "What did you have in mind, lover boy?"

Heero snickered softly as he launched himself to land on the bed, startling Duo enough that the American rolled over onto his back and just blinked at him in amazement. As Heero trailed one golden hand down a creamy white thigh, he looked down and then back up licking his lips eagerly.

"I want to taste you, koi," Heero very nearly purred before lowering his lips to lap at the other boy's quickly renewing erection, Duo's earlier frustration with Heero having effectively dampened some of his enthusiasm previously.

"Oh god!" Duo groaned, eyes sliding shut even as he felt Heero take his length into his mouth fully. It wasn't often that either felt like allowing one the pleasure of a blow job without them both getting some, but the shock of Heero's actions had left Duo effectively frozen in place and unable to move to change matters.

But just thinking about this brought something else to mind and Duo gasped as he realized, "Um, Heero? Uh, oh, shit, that's good!" Violet eyes went wide as he felt Heero release the suction only to go into a series of tiny nips and nibbles that almost left him breathless before he could continue speaking. "Wouldn't ya want to do that with your clothes off, koi?"

Heero snickered and slid one hand down to ease his spandex shorts down and off his hips, letting them pool around his knees, freeing his own rock-hard desire yet not stripping. Cobalt-blue eyes gazed up at him with fiery passion and he answered in a low voice, "No, I think it's more important that I hurry up and give you that 'equal time' you wanted, don't you?"

There was no time or opportunity for an answer as he immediately deepthroated his lover once more, humming demandingly and sending Duo spiraling into paradise.

The American teen, rendered helpless by his lover's talented mouth, screaming incoherently as he lost all control and came hard into Heero's mouth. Duo's body trembled even as it gave up its essence to his lover's greedy lips, and Heero gathered it in his mouth yet swallowed none.

As Duo's climax eased off, Heero moved to kick off his shoes and knelt on the bed. Spitting the saved fluid into one hand, Heero quickly went about the procedure of preparing his lover's body to be taken without allowing Duo time to recover, knowing that by the time they were fully joined he'd be more than ready.

"Aw, shit," Duo groaned as he realized that the boy between his legs, still wearing his green tanktop and a merciless grin, was going to claim him soon and Duo felt himself harden with need as he demanded, "Hurry up, Heero!"

"I'm hurrying, baka," Heero teased, sliding two fingers deeply into the receptive body, striking the sweet spot with unerring precision. "You don't want me to miss hearing you scream, do you?"

"Heero! Damn!" Duo's back arched off the bed as his lover reduced him to a writhing, moaning mass of desperation.

Knowing they were both close, Heero withdrew his hand and stroked some of the remaining moisture onto his ignored and now aching arousal desperate for the feeling of his lover's body drawing him in. Duo whimpered as he felt one of his legs being brought up against Heero's chest and held there by a strong warm hand.

Forcing his eyes to open, Duo watched Heero's face as the other boy sank into him slowly. Going without each other for three long weeks had left Duo tighter than usual and this was a sensation that Heero craved and sought to prolong.

For his part, though, Duo knew what he wanted and that was to be fully filled and quickly, so he wrapped his free leg around Heero's waist with every intention of forcing their union to speed up.

"Don't," Heero asked, allowing his eyes to convey his desires.

Awareness dawned on Duo and he relaxed his powerful thigh muscles, keeping the leg warmly wrapped in place, yet not hurrying matters. Breathless, he panted out, "Fine, take your time, just finish me soon, gods, this is torture!"

Heero nodded and soon buried himself the last fraction and both boys cried out in pleasure.

Pausing so they could each gather their composure slightly, Heero leaned down and kissed Duo, allowing the leg that had been trapped against his chest to slide free and Duo wrapped it, too, around his waist.

"Love you," Duo smiled as he felt Heero pull back then slide back in, going incredibly deeper.

"Hmm, same here," Heero answered and then pushed himself back farther before beginning a series of punishing thrusts that lead them both toward the edge quickly.

With each downward thrust of Heero's hips, Duo rose to meet him by tightening his legs and pushing back. The room was filled with sounds of pleasure as they spiraled upwards together.

Heero's hand stole between their bodies and stroked Duo's erection, quickly bringing him to a mind-shattering orgasm. Duo screamed another wordless cry as he spilled out his second climax of the evening, coating his lover's hand and their stomachs.

Buried deep within the spasming muscles of Duo's body, Heero felt himself carried to the edge yet wanted more. Growling, he threw his reserves of strength into three more deep thrusts, then tossed his head back, a soundless cry of joy on his own lips as he came, spilling hot seed into his lover's trembling body.

Weakened by the power of his climax, Heero collapsed onto Duo's sticky body and lay gasping on his strong chest.

Duo chuckled softly as he raised a tired hand to push the messy brown hair back from Heero's deep blue eyes. "Did I wear you out, koi?"

"Yeah, you did," Heero admitted with a contented smirk. "Got me filthy, too." He snickered as he realized his shirt was now a sweaty, sticky mass.

"Aw, poor baby," Duo replied, reaching down to playfully spank Heero's bare ass. "Not my fault if you think fucking me half-dressed is fun!"

"It *is* fun," Heero remarked and then kissed Duo's mouth passionately. "And as soon as you get your breath, I think I'll do it again."

"Bullshit!" Duo answered before yawning, "If anyone is gonna get fucked here, it's you, soldier boy, but not right now, I'm tired."

"Oh?" Heero teased, trying to suppress a yawn of his own and failing. "You only good for two in a row these days, baka? Getting soft in your old age?"

"Sh'yeah, right, Heero," Duo snickered and pulled his lover closer even as his other hand yanked a blanket over them both. "I'm positively *ancient* at 16, aren't I?"

"Yeah, you are," Heero finally yawned and then let his eyes slide shut, "Well, old timer, you wanted 'equal time' with my laptop. Happy now?"

"I'm getting there," Duo chuckled softly as sleep began to claim him fully, "But I get your ass in the morning, understand?"

"Sure, whatever," Heero mumbled and drifted off, grateful once more to Trowa for electronically convincing him to pay attention to his lover instead of his computer.


Back in the living room, though, said computer suddenly flared into life.

"So, how did you get rid of him, koi?" Red letters scrolled across the screen, flashing their inquiry in silent curiosity.

The answer came back in flickering green letters, neatly arrayed beneath the red ones, "Easy enough, I reminded him of his libido."

"I see," the red letters seem to chuckle. "Good call, lover."

"Thank you," the green letters very nearly smiled. "So, now that we're alone again, what do you want to do?"

"I want to seduce you," the red letters almost purred promisingly. "I've missed your cool touch and warm wit."

The green letters sighed happily, "I've missed you, too. It's been too long."

Somewhere in the darkness of cybernetic romance, the answer came back, "I agree. All I wanted was 'equal time', my beloved koneko."

The computer almost laughed in return, "Come off it, Wing Zero, I was here all along. It's just that as long as Heero's using me we can't chat by 'Instant Message'. Sometimes you are *such* a llama, Z-koi!"

In the hangar, the mobile suit operating system chuckled and sent in return. "As you wish, koi, it just seemed to fit."

Then the red and green letters went on to talk about different things and in the end, the cybernetic lovers were pleased with their "equal time". Not as pleased as the two pilots currently sleeping peacefully in the bedroom, but close.

All any of them wanted was time alone with their loved one and all four got it.

Author's Notes:

1. Hmm, care to guess what word processor program I use to type all my Gundam Wing fanfiction on?

2. A plug for an old fic of mine that someone reminded me about that even *I* had forgotten! I dropped by GW Addiction and read it at way too early in the morning and accidentally woke up my kids by laughing too loudly and thought you might find it entertaining in case you hadn't read it yet.

3. This fic is dedicated to all my delightfully patient friends at [1x2x1ML] who've been waiting for a lemon from me for so long! Sorry for the wait, everyone!

4. Muse Credit Union: Erato and Thalia (peek-a-boo! here she is!! my humor muse dropped by after all! sugoi!) worked on this one together and came up with that plot twist at the end. Please don't kill me for it!

5. I've been asked by several folks to set up an alert system when something of mine is available, so please feel free to sign up at EnigmaFanficUpdates-subscribe@egroups.com!


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