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Written: January 2001
Rating: nc-17
Pairings: (2+[3x4x5])described (1x2/2x1)implied
Category: Yaoi Bondage Exhibitionism Lemon WDNNSP!
Enigma Story Category: Pilot's Pleasure
Warnings: yaoi, bondage, exhibitionism, lemon, WDNNSP!, hint of angst for spice

NOTES: What happens when two lovers ask for a gift for the third member of their trio and Duo feels like playing Alfred Hitchcock?

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by Enigma

The sound of footfalls on the wooden stairs helped Quatre Raberba Winner stir from his drug-induced slumber.

He glanced around and was shocked to find himself and his two lovers, Trowa Barton and Chang Wufei bound and gagged in a small dark room. He took inventory of his own status and discovered he was as naked as the other two were but unlike them, he was bound spread-eagle on a low bed.

Trowa stood chained upright, skin glistening with some added oil which highlighted his body's lean lines and the image sent a chill through the Sandrock pilot. Desire and fear warring in his mind as he again congratulated himself on having an exquisite lover.

On the other side of the bed, Wufei was also chained and glistening, but he was kneeling on a cushion of some kind, knees spread wide, arms held down to his sides by restraining rings set into the floor being connected to leather wrist cuffs.

All three were highly aroused and where the two had been oiled and were wearing cock rings to insure that they would remain aroused without relief, this had not been done to Quatre and he wondered why he had been spared the oil treatment as well.

Trowa glared angrily at the situation and Wufei looked resigned. Quatre felt he should be angry, but the other two looked so wonderfully delicious he had trouble focusing. As he fought his own raging desires he looked up to see their torturer as he walked into the room.

Stepping into the light which filtered in from a narrow dirty window set high in the wall, Duo Maxwell looked like a vision from a fantasy about old-style movie directors. He wore a jaunty beret cocked to one side, a megaphone in one hand, a riding crop in the other, and very little more. His chestnut hair flowed easily around him unrestrained and it caressed his silken chest and drew the eye to the open top of his overly tight black leather pants.

The pants appeared too long, but they were so tight, Quatre wondered if they were open simply for effect, and the sight of chestnut curls peeking out there was effecting him strongly, it looked as if they simply could not close around his slim hips. Why would the fashion-conscious young man be wearing clothes that did not fit? It made no sense. But the overall, the view spoke loudly to his lust and Quatre decided he didn't care.

"Ah, my pretties," Duo purred as he sidled up to each one in turn, kissing them and caressing the straining erections on each. "Are you ready for your Director now?"

"What do you think you are doing, Duo?" Quatre tried to retort hotly, but a moan slipped out as the other kissed his mouth sensuously. "Release us at once!" he gasped but didn't sound like he really wanted that either.

Smirking, Duo set aside the megaphone and pulled another ball gag out and proceeded to strap it in place on the small blond's mouth to silence him.

"I don't think so, sweetie," Duo smiled as he patted him on the cheek deprecatingly. "You are here for a reason and here you shall stay until I decide I'm done with you." Hungry eyes took in each pilot before he added, "And it will be awhile until I'm done with you! I have plans for you all!"

Stepping back once more, Duo admired them all and when he was sure he had Quatre's undivided attention, he moved to Trowa. "Ah, Trowa, how wonderful you look!" His smile was feral as he gazed at the tall pilot trying to decide if he found much desire in the green eyes. After coming to the conclusion that there was some but not enough, he leaned into the boy and began stroking his cock with purposeful touches, feeling the other lean into his hand and he knew it was going as planned. He smiled to himself as he tossed the riding crop aside allowing it to remain unused for the afternoon.

A choked gasp from behind Duo let him know that Quatre was watching everything he did. Expecting the blond to now be as excited as he could afford to let him become so early in the game, he turned swiftly, pulling a third cock ring from a pocket and sliding it on wrenching a moan of agonized lust from the boy on the bed.

Wufei as well was breathing heavily having watched what was being done to his lovers. "Did I forget you, Wufei?" Duo asked, moving around the bed to crouch down beside the ShenLong pilot and stroking him as well. A moan escaped the narrow lips as Wufei's eyes fell to the sight of tiny curls peeking out of the black pants. He would never admit it, but there was something about a bit of pubic hair being exposed that turned him on terribly.

Trowa watched appreciatively as Duo teased and played with both of his lovers this way and a smile might have crossed his lips if they weren't immobilized by the gag.

"Want you," Duo purred as he looked at all three. Sighing at the delay, he left Wufei's side to collect a bottle of oil from a steaming cup of hot water near the bed. Pouring a small amount into his palm, Duo smeared Quatre with it and rubbed him until his skin shone. While he was at it, he also stimulated the other pilot's nipples until they were painfully erect and highly sensitized. Quatre squirmed in place wanting the talented hands to do more than tease, but it was not to be.

Soon, Quatre was at the same state of raging arousal the others were and Duo knew he had complete control over them all.

Holding the megaphone to his lips haphazardly, he proclaimed, "When the music starts, I want action! Let me see some emotions, people!" He flipped the stereo remote nearby to "on" and music began to play. A softly seductive melody played and he returned to stimulating each boy directly.

With a hand on Trowa's cock, he stroked and moaned softly as he bent to take a single nipple into his mouth, glad he had thought to use flavored oils. Granted, he was curious how the tall pilot tasted without it, but that could wait. He had this opportunity now and was limited by what was planned, so he had to stick with the plan. Pulling his hand tightly across Trowa's straining erection, he knew the boy could not take much more and he regretfully turned his attentions elsewhere. As he headed for Quatre spread out on the bed, he remarked, "Well done, Trowa! You have earned a lead role for your performance!"

Green eyes danced merrily at the news; Trowa had wondered how to avoid being designated uke by the braided American, and it appeared he might have achieved it. Duo never told him that he had orchestrated all of their interactions in advance and it was just as well.

Kneeling on the bed across Quatre's bare chest, Duo took a risk. "Quatre," he warned, "I'm going to take your gag off and kiss you if you promise to behave properly for the director! Will you?"

He watched intently as aquamarine eyes searched Trowa's and then Wufei's seeking permission for what might have been seen as a betrayal of the trio's unity. Finding what he needed in their eyes, he turned back to Duo and nodded enthusiastically. Quatre loved the feel of lips on his body and even kissing was good, so he was willing to do whatever Duo demanded just to cut the edge of his need.

"Good! But fail to obey and it goes right back!" Duo warned as he unhooked it and quickly covered the lips with his own allowing no comment whatsoever from the other.

Leaning into the passionate kiss, both boys were soon breathless and lips were swollen. Quatre had taken advantage of the situation and had probed the other boy's mouth longing to discover the taste and sweetness which hid behind the eternal smile. He was not disappointed.

"Whoo!" Duo finally breathed heavily, breaking the kiss and licking his lips, "you are intense, Q!" Grinning he brushed one more kiss over the swollen lips then replaced the gag to Quatre's disappointment. Seeing the sadness and question in the eyes of the boy he was about to leave, Duo remarked, "Don't worry! That was great! You, too, get a starring role!"

Quatre might have smiled at the praise, but he was actually disappointed. It was always difficult for him to insure his position amongst the others on the rare occasion all three engaged in sexual activity simultaneously. They loved doing it that way, but it was hard on them, since both he and Wufei preferred uke to seme, a situation that provided Trowa with far too much activity, but he would never complain about his two lovers' voracious libidos.

Moving to Wufei, he knelt down and looked him in the eyes carefully. He was not pleased with the pain he found there. "Wufei? I want to release you, but you, too, must promise to obey me! Will you do that?"

Onyx searched emerald and aquamarine before a single nod told Duo that he agreed to the terms. Unsnapping the restraints quickly, Duo released the other boy who slumped into his arms and screamed in agony as his bent legs tried to straighten. Quickly releasing the gag as well without asking for any promises whatsoever, Duo cradled his friend gently and kissed him deeply distracting him from the pain he felt.

Kissing him constantly, Duo found himself reacting strongly to the warm body in his arms and he quickly moved to stretch the other out flat on the bed next to Quatre.

Moving carefully, Duo spread the other boy's legs and moved his hand down to tease at the tender flesh hidden there. This distraction was quite effective for several things and soon all four young men were moaning or whimpering their desires. Taking a moment to free an arm, Duo reached once more for the oil and unhooked Quatre's restraints as well.

He took some of the oil himself and gave some to both boys on the bed. Quatre had removed his own gag in the mean time and then turned towards Wufei who lay facing him on the bed. Working in near silence, Duo began to prepare Wufei to be taken even while Quatre was being stroked deeply with oil slick fingers by the Chinese pilot.

Soft moans told Duo that both were nearly ready, so he rose to free Trowa. The tall pilot never said a word as he removed the gag and very nearly attacked the violet-eyed boy's mouth, kissing him roughly before leaving him to focus on the tableau on the bed.

Before Trowa's eyes was a sight which never failed to leave him breathless. Two handsome young men were pleasuring each other thoroughly, both mindless of outsiders, lost in a world of sensual joy.

First, he moved to the far side of the bed and rolled Wufei onto his side facing away from Quatre, kissing him and eliciting a moan as the Chinese pilot mentally prepared himself for the emotional onslaught that came with their lovemaking. Back on the other side of the bed, Quatre greeted Trowa with a deep kiss and warm hands which stroked the waiting oil onto the oaken erection which quivered erotically. Then, Trowa gently moved to gather Quatre into his arms for a lingering kiss, then turned the boy so his back was firmly against his own chest and Quatre's arousal brushed Wufei's ready entrance, eliciting a small whimper of anticipation.

Duo helped to guide the three bishounen's movements so that Quatre penetrated Wufei while he was being slowly impaled by Trowa as well.

A collective gasp went through the trio as they pressed closely together sealing themselves into what seemed like a single body. Trowa began to establish a rhythm by withdrawing from Quatre's heat and then slowly plunging back in, filling both boys at the same time. Soon a rhythm was established and the bed was a mass of moaning sweaty flesh.

Duo stood alone against the wall where Trowa had been chained and watched jealously. He wished he could join them on the bed, his own erection having been ignored completely, but he had promised himself he would not participate in the final act, preferring to wait for his own lover to return even if it was several days away. His hand sunk low to the opening of the tight pants, but he caught himself and stopped before he might have even allowed himself the pleasure of release while watching the others. There would be time enough for that when Heero got home and if it drove Duo crazy waiting then it might be even better than usual when it did happen.

Soon, the trio on the bed neared completion, it didn't take much after Duo's expert teasing and stimulation, and the sounds made Duo even harder.

Moaning, Quatre reached forward to grasp Wufei's erection and he pumped strongly feeling the imminent release. "Hurry, Trowa!" He begged of the tall pilot who understood and began slamming into him forcefully sending them all over the edge. First to come was Quatre who had been the target of the entire thing and he cried out unintelligibly trying to fit all three names of the boys with him into his cry of bliss.

Wufei followed quickly, simply screaming and rocking his hips as he came all over his lover's hand.

Trowa was nearly silent as he joined them, he was not one to make much noise even during sex. He pulled the other two closer to him and holding them motionless, he filled Quatre with his passion again expressing his love for both when he joined hands with the blond around Wufei's trembling manhood as the last sweet drops came forth.

Finally, they all slumped together in a tangled heap on the now dirty bed, none of them willing or able to break their three-way union.

After they all relaxed a little, Quatre turned his head from nuzzling Wufei's neck and finally asked the question which had plagued him from the very beginning. "So, Duo, what brought all of this on in the first place?"

Duo grinned as he stretched and pushed off from the wall, his back hurt from the whole episode. "Well, Q, Tro and Wu asked me to help give you a gift, and this was it! We came up with the film motif and Trowa slipped something into your lunch to knock you out while we got everything ready. Good thing you came out of it when you did, though, poor Wu couldn't have handled being chained to the floor much longer!" He grinned at his friend who was now rubbing furiously at his leg where a cramp had formed.

Duo then assisted the others in getting themselves untangled and more comfortable. While he did this the tight pants which had plagued him through the afternoon became no longer tolerable. His friends were quite naked and it seemed silly to be the only one pretending to be clothed any more.

After helping his "stars" move from their positions, Duo finally gave up on his impractical outfit. Trowa's leather pants were too damned tight even for playing a game in, and he was stripped bare as he kissed Wufei apologetically. "Sorry, Wu-man, for your leg cramping up."

This was what had caused the Chinese pilot to cry out earlier, not the intense pleasure of watching his lovers being pleasured by the talented Deathscythe pilot which might have accounted for it. With help from the others who moved to make room, the long-haired pilot stretched the other onto the bed and began working hard to massage the tightness out using more of the oil they had employed earlier.

"Mmm," Wufei moaned, closing his eyes as the painful cramp eased, "that is great, Duo! Don't stop!" Duo chuckled and continued without any indication that he had ever intended to stop in the first place.

"*Heero*?!?" Quatre suddenly gasped and Duo laughed.

"Yeah, right, Q! Try to get me to fall for that one!" Duo smiled as he continued to massage the knots out of Wufei's calf muscle. "He's on a mission until the weekend, I seriously doubt he is here to catch us doing *this*!"

"Hn." A dark voice growled from where Heero Yuy stood angry and tired on the basement stairs. Duo glanced up at the familiar sound and nearly died.

"Saa, EEP!" Duo exclaimed, realizing how terribly exposed he was at this point; he was naked and straddling the Chinese boy's body, himself still obviously rock hard from lack of relief. "Heero! What are *you* doing here? You weren't supposed to be back now!" Duo scrambled trying to find something to cover his nakedness but it was far too late for that.

"Apparently, baka, it was a good thing I finished early and got here when I did!" Heero had worked hard to get done ahead of schedule, he wanted his lover badly but was not prepared for the scene in front of him. Frowning, Heero added, "So, Quatre, not satisfied with two lovers and decided to take mine as well?"

The blond blushed. That had never been his intention, he hadn't been responsible for what was going on, but the thought had crossed his mind that he needed to take Duo to bed himself and soon. "Um, well, Heero, no, that wasn't what was happening at all!" Then he got an idea of how to spur the Wing pilot into action instead of talk and he moved from where he lay to drape himself across Duo's naked body and kissed him deeply, shocking Duo completely. "But it is a good idea!"

Duo was blushing furiously, but Heero had already swept down the stairs and had caught the braided beauty up in his arms, holding the now shivering naked boy aloft tightly to insure he would not escape. "You, Duo, are *mine*!!!" he growled at Duo and then turned to quickly carry him back upstairs to their own room, his sudden arousal stretching the spandex painfully and bringing a satisfied grin to Duo's face. The wait was indeed worthwhile.

The trio left behind all smiled, but Quatre finally giggled. "Well, guys, thanks for my gift! That was spectacular!"

"You are most welcome," Wufei smiled kissing him deeply. "But don't you think Duo will have a hard time explaining this to Heero? Especially with your comment at the end there?"

Quatre just grinned as Trowa wrapped his arms around him. The tall pilot calmly pointed out, "If there is one thing he can do well, Duo can always handle Heero. And when he finds out what we were doing here, I would not be surprised to be getting a request for the film repertory troupe to reconvene for a performance for him, too!"

Quatre grinned evilly. Yes, a repeat performance with Duo as the star was a good idea. It was a great way to even the score as well as show their appreciation for him helping Trowa and Wufei carry out their plan.

The role of Director would change and Quatre felt he'd be happy to "train" Heero Yuy in the ways of control any good director needed to employ. Very happy indeed!

Author's Notes:

1. This fic is dedicated to the incredible Jade! I may never be in her category of pure sensuality in lemon writing, but without her work for inspiration and as a standard for quality, I doubt I'd have the guts to do this! Thanks, too, go to my friend and mentor, Jana! I am truly blessed to be able to call each of these writers my friend!

2. Also, this is the first newly created fic for the new Millennium! The chance of me doing as many stories as I did in December, 2000, is slim, but a lemon as my first for the year isn'tt bad! Plus a bondage fic! Yummy!

3. Muse Credit Union: Erato, the Greek Muse of lyric poetry and mime and honorary muse of lemons is in the house!!! SUGOI!

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