Disclaimers: I don't own the G-Boys (or Colonels Hogan or Klink!) but I like to play with them! I'm not making any money off this story. It's written out of love, so please don't sue me.

Written: April - May, 2001
Sequel to: The Set Designer
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (5x3)+(4x4) (1x2 + 2x1)
Category: Yaoi Bondage Exhibitionism Voyeurism Oral Sex Masturbation Threesome Lemon
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure

Note: The five Gundam pilots were all enrolled in the OZ Junior Officer Training Program by Heero, yet it is poor Trowa who bears the brunt of his comrades' displeasure over the ugly uniforms they're expected to wear because of it. How can his lovers and friends possibly hope to apologize by concocting a fantasy based on "Hogan's Heroes" of all things?

The Costume Manager
by Enigma

Trowa Barton sat on the small couch in the "dungeon" of the safehouse the five Gundam pilots were sharing and sighed deeply. When Heero Yuy had signed all five of them up for the "OZ Junior Officer Training Program" he had no idea it would be such a royal pain for him to get through.

He stared at the beams of light that sank in through the small window set high in one wall and wondered to himself, //Why do they all think that this is *my* fault? Heero is the one who did this without asking them, not me.//

It was not typical behavior for the slender teen to feel so put out, but he had tolerated complaints from not only his own two lovers, the noisy hentai blond Quatre Raberba Winner and the quietly erotic Chang Wufei, but also from Duo Maxwell who was more at ease bitching to him than to his own lover. The pressure of their angry eyes had gotten to him so badly that he had skipped his afternoon classes at the community college to go home and rest.

Originally hoping to escape unnoticed, Duo had spotted him and Trowa had been forced to admit why he was leaving campus early and that information would be used in an effort to cheer him up by his friends.

Trowa sat toying with a dagger that he carried out of habit and as he admired the sparkles and glimmers from the blade, he felt himself growing sleepy. His last thoughts before dozing off were, //I've gotta admit, though, these are easily the most ugly uniforms OZ ever came up with. Loose and baggy in all the wrong places, even someone with no fashion sense would find them offensive.// He yawned and slipped into slumber thinking, //I just hope the guys stop taking it all out on me, I'm tired of it.//

As the HeavyArms pilot slept, the other four "students" returned and put a plan of action into place.

"Are you sure this isn't going to just piss Trowa off more, Duo?" Quatre asked, staring at the black plastic device he had been handed by the Deathscythe pilot.

"Oh, I'm sure!" Duo winked back. "Trust me, guys, he's bummed out from all our complaints lately and there's nothing that will take his mind off it faster than a good fuck!"

"And how, pray tell," Wufei asked in disbelief as he shook a set of golden chains, "do you think *these* will do that? It's not as if he hasn't seen us in things like this before."

The braided boy snickered happily as he checked an unusual circular piece of gundanium for any unpleasant ridges or bumps before handing it to his lover. Heero accepted it without comment and looked as if he was not terribly interested in the implications of what they were doing. Duo pulled one last item out of the box he had been sorting through and held a long slender rod in his hand which he caressed against his cheek with a familiarity that was rather disturbing to Wufei.

"Wu, old buddy, Tro may have seen these on you before, but believe me," Duo grinned as he pulled on a pair of fingerless gloves, "he's just flat gonna find this too hot for words as he catches on! Now, suit up!!"

The least experienced in the world of sexual variations, the Chinese boy was still embarrassed a bit by the activities the five teens had shared the first time they had utilized the basement as a playroom for the erotic film fantasy that centered around Quatre. To be asked to repeat even a little of their actions from that day was probably a good way to break through some of his lingering doubts, but he was more worried that his taller lover might not enjoy Duo's plan.

As the dark eyed boy tried to come up with a valid excuse to *not* don the item he had been assigned, easily the easiest to cope with, the other three had finished hiding their own accessories under their "Junior Nazi" uniforms. In point of fact, the uniforms they were expected to wear to all of their classes were so ugly that they had renamed them to fit the nonsensical versions of those worn by the WWII German military in a few of the Mel Brooks movies Duo favored.

With a sigh, Wufei put on his new adornment as well, buttoned the shirt back closed with a slight wince and a wiggle as he tried and failed to get comfortable.

Heero finally looked at least slightly interested at this and he slid his hands down the front of Wufei's uniform shirt long enough to make a slight adjustment. Amazed, Wufei looked up at him with a grateful smile and he said, "Wow, thanks, Heero! How did you make it stop hurting?"

"I didn't really," he answered with a shrug and a tug on his uniform pants that had tented up over his groin, "I just got you distracted enough to tighten them properly. By the time those get taken off, it'll probably hurt like hell, but that's for you and Trowa to cope with."

"Ouch!" Quatre breathed out in sympathy. If Heero was talking about pain then poor Wufei was really going to be aching. As he started to walk towards the door to the wooden stairs, he himself realized he was walking with a slight limp from his own welcome discomfort and instead of complaining about it, he plastered on his usual huge hentai smile and kept going.

Duo noticed the modification in the Sandrock pilot's gait and grinned, "Yo, Q, is it getting to you already? You put it in too far or what?"

The blond hissed out a breath and said in a rather high pitched voice, "Oh no, Duo! It's not in far enough or I wouldn't even care if it hurt in the first place!"

Chuckling, Duo moved to the head of the line and opened the door. He called out loudly, "All right ya' bunch of lazy bums! Get your asses downstairs and report to the Colonel right this minute!"

All three boys behind him grinned and gave him the thumbs-up sign as they heard a startled yelp from below that let them know Trowa had been successfully awakened by the American's noisy announcement.

Softly, they also heard, "What the fuck?" as Trowa realized that he, too, had received a new item to wear. He had awoken to find a "classic" Nazi officer's helmet ala' Colonel Klink from "Hogan's Heroes" sitting beside him on the couch.

Duo shouted down the staircase, "Oi, Colonel! Put your helmet on, I'm escorting those new recruits into your office so you can inspect their uniforms!"

Trowa, still half asleep, failed to catch the touch of laughter in Duo's voice and he called back, "What are you talking about, Duo? I'm the only one down here."

Booted footsteps resounded from the wooden stairs and Duo answered simply, "Just call me Colonel Hogan, and it'll be pretty obvious soon, sir." He giggled under his breath and then stepped into the room more fully.

Clad in Trowa's own tight leather pants once more, Duo was also wearing one of the OZ uniform shirts he had stolen from Zechs Merquise on a dare from Quatre a number of months before. To everyone's surprise, and Heero's delight, the shirt fit remarkably well and the American teen cut quite the impressive figure dressed as he was.

Trowa let a low wolf whistle escape along with a wink as he pulled the pointed helmet into place only to find it slid down and covered his eyes far more effectively than his hair ever did. In annoyance, he finally yanked it back off and set it in his lap as he admired the view of his lovers and friends standing before him.

"What have we here, Hogan?" Trowa asked, going along with the gag.

In a row stood the three uniformed Gundam pilots who had been assigned the roles of the "recruits". First was Heero with his pants visibly out-stretched but no particular emotion on his face except when he thought Duo couldn't see him and then he just grinned wolfishly.

Next was Quatre who continued to squirm delightfully but Trowa wasn't sure if it was because he found being expected to remain dressed was a challenge or if it was something more. Quatre's preference for nudity was now so accepted that seeing him dressed seemed odd but Trowa did his best to not be distracted by it.

Last was Wufei with slight pain on his face as a suspicious jingling sound seemed to come from his shirt whenever he moved.

Never slow to observe and draw conclusions, Trowa had a rapidly growing problem of his own as he tried to conceal the smirk on his face knowing that the helmet in his lap was concealing his own more obvious interest in the game the others were playing.

Duo failed to answer his friend's question as he lost track of his thoughts while adjusting the overly tight leather pants, this much innuendo was a bit difficult for even him to control a reaction to.

"Well, Hogan? Care to explain all this or am I supposed to guess what's wrong with their uniforms?" Trowa finally gave up on trying to hide his amusement, but the tiny smile wouldn't have given it away to anyone not intimately familiar with him the way these boys were. To them, the slight upturn of lips was all that was needed to assure them that he was pleased with the show so far.

"Ah, well, um, uh, Colonel," Duo stuttered as he caught a nod from Heero who had been on search-and-identify duty to be certain that Trowa was in a receptive mood. Heero had casually kept an eye on Trowa's pants and the answer was certainly obvious that the emerald-eyed teen found this all very entertaining and Heero had let Duo know it.

A violet eye winked back and then the infamous Shinigami grin was flashed at the slender teen before Duo went back to the game, saying, "Sir, I hate to say it, but these guys seem to think the uniforms are some kind of joke! They complained they were baggy, uncomfortable, and flat out ugly!"

The braided teen sighed dramatically, "I didn't want you to have to worry about it, so I told 'em to just add some accessories and, well, they got carried away."

Duo shrugged and then turned to regard the others, drawing Trowa's eyes back to the three boys who had remained quietly at attention, or as close to it as Quatre could get at the time.

Standing, and confirming Heero's analysis, Trowa walked closer to them all, a decidedly predatory look on his face.

Duo reached out to hand him the riding crop, saying, "You might need this for your inspection, sir."

Trowa merely glanced at the riding crop and shook his head. "No, if I need to control them, it's better if my hands are free, Hogan. Besides," he ran one hand down Wufei's face gently, "it looks like I might want both hands for other things."

A soft groan escaped his lover's throat as the Chinese boy felt one ivory hand slide down unerringly to tug at his shirt demandingly.

"Let me see what you're hiding, soldier!" Trowa commanded then added, "And that goes for you two, as well!" Giving Heero and Quatre a no-nonsense glare, he ordered, "Strip. All of you. And, Hogan? That includes you as well."

"But, but," Duo argued instinctively, "but *I'm* not one of the soldiers here!"

"I don't care," Trowa shrugged and crossed his arms, "I've got the feeling I'm going to want to see everybody here in the same state of undress. Except for me, that is. *I* never complained about the damned uniforms, so why should I be included in the strip-search?"

"Because that would only be fair," Quatre said with a pout as he forgot the game identities long enough to focus on his growing desires. "If we're down here in our dungeon and some of us are naked then *all* of us should be naked!"

To Trowa's surprise, Wufei seemed to agree with their blond lover for a change. The Chinese youth tried to cross his arms over his chest angrily the way he usually did but that brought out a sensuous moan of pain that sent desire flooding through the other four teens in the room.

Trowa was tempted to give up on his "inspection" of the troops so he could alleviate Wufei's suffering, but the smaller teen began dutifully undressing and nodded toward the others for him to move on which Trowa did, approaching the blond who was practically dancing in place desperately.

As soon as everyone's eyes were on Trowa and Quatre, however, Wufei very rapidly unbuttoned his shirt and massaged his chest with a soft sigh of bliss. The Chinese teen was gaining a new appreciation for the value of the teasing fun Duo had in mind and seeing how "happy" it was making Trowa, he was now more at ease going along with it even if it did hurt a fair amount.

Now standing by the squirming blond, "Colonel Klink" wore a distinct smirk. Trowa reached out one hand and stroked the smaller teen's hip as Quatre rapidly tried to get out of the uniform and ran into the aspect of it that he hated the most.

As small hands tried to get all of the many buttons undone on the uniform pants, the Sandrock pilot groaned when one long-fingered hand moved from his hip to get in the way of the unbuttoning process and Quatre looked up at Trowa with a whimper.

"Um, please let me get these off, Trowa," he begged in desperation. "I *really* need to get these damned pants off as quickly as possible!"

"You do?" Trowa asked with mock-innocence. "Why? Is something bothering you with them, little one? Are they too tight or something?" His teasing was directed at the other big complaint against them that they were too loose to start with, but he knew full well what was bothering the smaller teen.

Whimpering, Quatre squirmed even more and found words too hard to come by as Trowa finally moved his hand out of the away and let him finish. As the taller teen turned away with a chuckle, Quatre yanked several of the buttons completely off in his desperation and then sighed happily as the pants slid to the floor in a heap. He stepped out of them and flashed a brilliant smile at Wufei who by now was also trying to cope with the recalcitrant buttons before moving to help him while they both ignored Trowa's attentions to Heero and Duo.

By this point, Heero, always one to follow orders quickly and without question, had stripped away his shirt and boots as well as the pants, stood naked and unashamed as Trowa paused to give him a long heated gaze.

"You know, Heero," Trowa commented casually, "I owe you for all the headaches I've had to put up with over these stupid uniforms in the first place."

"Yeah? So?" Heero smirked and seemed to dare the emerald-eyed boy to touch him in the same familiar way he had touched the others. "Then you 'owe' me for this little game, too, now don't you?"

"Perhaps," Trowa remarked noncommittally as he finally reached out ever so briefly to make a single adjustment to the accessory the Wing pilot wore, wrenching a groan from the cobalt-eyed boy. "Then again, sharing a bit of the agony seems more appropriate to me, so I'll leave things as they are for now."

Heero shot an angry look at his lover for this newest bit of pain and Duo shrugged in response as he himself found the zipper on the borrowed leather pants was stuck unexpectedly. A frown formed on Trowa's sensual lips as he moved to stop the Deathscythe pilot from ruining the expensive pants by batting the other's hands away and taking over.

"If you insist on using my clothes, baka," Trowa said, kneeling down to get a look at the stuck zipper, "at least take care not to destroy them! Geez! What did you do to these anyway?"

One hand held the base of the zipper firmly as the other pulled up and then back down on it, finally freeing the small bit of Duo's boxers that had gotten trapped in the metal teeth. Trowa then eased the zipper down fully getting a sudden shock as the other boy's erection pushed the cotton undergarments straight out of the opening and into his face.

"Ah, yes!" Duo sighed with pleasure as the pressure was eased, then he looked down at Trowa's wide-eyed shock and snickered, "Well, Colonel, that helped a lot! Thanks for insisting on my joining the men here in stripping! I had no idea that these pants could do so much damage."

Disgusted with himself for being surprised the way that he had, Trowa stood fluidly back up and regarded Duo with open annoyance as he, too, began to strip away the uniform he'd left on when he had come down to hide in the first place.

"Those pants, Duo, were never meant to have anything worn under them," Trowa commented dryly and without explaining his change of mind about undressing. "Next time you borrow them without asking, try to remember that, okay?"

"Okay!" Duo answered with a bright smile as he stripped off the shirt he'd gotten from the TallGeese pilot's wardrobe. He stopped and took the time to fold up the shirt and lay the leather pants carefully over a chair and then fell into line with the other naked pilots to await Trowa's re-inspection now that the "accessories" were all on display.

The HeavyArms pilot, experienced with a variety of costumes during his career with the circus, slipped out of the "Junior Nazi" uniform all too easily and was naked and aroused as he turned back to look at his friends and lovers once more.

As the slender teen stepped closer to his smaller lover, Wufei moaned deliciously as Trowa reached out to caress the swollen nubs trapped in the nipple clamps held together by a chain that had been driving Wufei crazy since they were placed under his shirt. With a gentle tug, Trowa elicited another soft groan of pleasure from the Chinese boy that he swallowed with an open-mouthed kiss.

"Ah, dragon-mine," Trowa moaned appreciatively, "You look utterly delectable like this! So sweet, so submissive, so erotic! I could just eat you up!" The last sentence was said in a near-whisper and made Wufei groan wantonly as another gentle tug stimulated the other boy and made them both want to move directly to the bed in the center of the room.

But Trowa knew he had best pay attention to the others or this game would not end well. With a last passionate kiss, he turned from his Oriental lover to his Arabian one with a rueful smile.

"So, Quatre, what little addition are *you* hiding, as if I couldn't guess?" Trowa teased, trailing one hand down to tickle the other boy's thighs apart a bit as the other hand stroked down the curve of his ass.

Atypically, the blond boy blushed as Trowa's questing fingers struck the broad blunt end of the butt plug that had been driving him crazy by not sliding in far enough to hit his prostate this entire time. Quatre moaned as Trowa rocked the small plastic phallus back and forth in place, adding a sense of motion to the feeling of being held open and making the smaller teen even more intent on finding completion soon.

"Oh, please, Trowa," Quatre begged as the other boy pushed the plug deeper with care, "It's not long enough! Please, oh please, take it out and give me something more! Give me *you*!" He begged with sincerity as the other boy continued to tease him mercilessly, knowing full well that until he either forced the sex toy deeper or took over himself, Quatre would never find the full pleasure he needed so badly.

"Soon, love, soon," Trowa finally promised with a lingering kiss, but then pulled back a bit with a knowing look. "I will unless you'd rather I replaced this with another toy that might do the trick far better, hmm?"

Quatre's eyes had been sliding shut with pleasure before these words and now they opened widely. "Do you mean it, koi? Do you really mean it would be okay this time?"

The blond looked utterly thrilled at the hidden promise and Trowa nodded with an indulgent smile.

"It'll be okay *this* time, little one," Trowa warned gently, "Just don't go back to your old habit of keeping it in all the time! It's not safe or healthy. Now, go get your vibrator out of my drawer and let me replace this," he tugged on the butt plug meaningfully, "with it, all right?"

"Sure!" The blond grinned and after a quick kiss, he went back up the stairs in a rush that made it clear he no longer cared about the discomfort he felt from the plug since a greater pleasure awaited him shortly.

"Was that wise, Trowa?" Heero asked in concern. "You know he couldn't be trusted the last time you let him use that thing."

Trowa sighed and shook his head as Wufei moved to embrace him supportively. "I know, Heero, but now that the five of us are doing this together more often, I've got you and Duo to help Fei and me keep track, right?"

"Right!" Duo agreed, moving to embrace his own lover as well. "We'll keep an eye on him, too, and besides," he winked at his lover who was now caressing his aching arousal with clear desire, "a vibrator *does* kinda fit our theme today."

"We'll all see to it that Quatre's more careful, love," Wufei added with a soulful kiss. "But for now, can we move on to the fun part? My nipples are aching for you to take these damned things off of me and Heero said that only you should get to do that. Onegai?" He asked with a tender smile and a hopeful look.

Trowa smiled at him and kissed him briefly before answering, "Well, I'll be glad to, but shouldn't I do something about that cock ring of yours, Heero?" He glanced at the other boy's straining erection that had been held at attention by the band of gundanium throughout the afternoon's entertainment.

"Nah, I'll do that, Tro," Duo offered and Heero glanced at the violet-eyed boy with appreciation and a bit of confusion even as Trowa walked over to them.

"Isn't that part of the 'colonel's' duties, Duo?" Heero asked, trying to recall through his lust-hazed condition what the rest of the game was to have been.

"Maybe so, Heero," Trowa answered with a gentle smile and a brief kiss to each of the couple in question, "But as of now, let's just drop the fantasy and I'll let your lover take over for me. I'm sure that Duo is far more aware of your needs in that area than I am."

"Right you are, Colonel!" The braided boy grinned and pulled his eager lover over to a mound of blankets he'd noticed when they'd come down the stairs. "I think the floor looks fun today, koi, what do you think?" He asked playfully.

With a growl of desire, Heero merely pushed Duo down onto the nest of cloth with a grin. He had no intention of letting small talk take up much more of their time and he crawled on top of Duo with demanding kisses along his torso.

A slight chuckle was heard as Wufei turned to see Quatre come bouncing down the steps, the infamous vibrator held as if he had found a long lost friend along with a new tube of lube that they had all forgotten to bring down initially.

"I'm back!" Quatre proclaimed gleefully and, after a pair of quick kisses to his two lovers, he bounced onto the bed. Kneeling in the center of the bedspread, he looked up eagerly at Trowa and held out his hands with the lube and sex toy asking, "Now, Trowa? Can you switch these for me now?"

Wufei snorted in amazement as he, too, went to the bed and moved to sit next to his blond lover. As he stroked Quatre's back gently, he softly reprimanded, "Now, you do realize that this is only temporary, right? You're expected to give that thing back to us later today, right?"

A moue of disappointment crossed the blond's face until Trowa came and wordlessly sat on the other side of him and took the items from his hands. Trowa gently pressed Quatre to bend forward at the waist and the blond eagerly raised his ass in the air, wiggling with pleasure as he felt fingers removing the butt plug that had driven him to distraction without giving him any satisfaction whatsoever. As the plug came free, though, it was Wufei's fingers that were ready to replace it with a fresh layer of soothing lube.

The Chinese boy smiled at Trowa as they worked together to prepare their lover for the vibrator which was soon inserted to Quatre's distinct excitement. As the long narrow device sank in to rest comfortably inside the aquamarine-eyed boy's ass, Trowa went ahead and activated its controls, sending a thrill of motion along its length.

"YES!!" Quatre cheered suddenly as the stimulation to his sweet spot began immediately. "Oh, thank you!" He gushed, kissing both of the other boys before moving to lay by himself across the foot of the bed. Almost immediately, Quatre's eyes sank closed happily and he laid there, one hand wrapped around his own dripping cock and the other holding the controls, lost in a pleasant world of sex for one.

"He's easy to please," Duo snickered after watching the other three getting the blond set up.

"A little too easy to please, I'm afraid," Heero remarked sullenly, garnering a glance from his lover. He then added, "You're right, guys, we *are* going to have to keep an eye on him after this. He's a little too enthusiastic about that damned thing!"

"I know," Trowa smirked, "The main reason I suggested it, though, is that sometimes a three-way isn't half as fulfilling as time shared one-on-one, right, my dragon?"

Wufei peered at him and was suitably surprised by the fact that his tricky lover had engineered the situation so that they would make love as a couple. This was something they were both quite fond of and that Quatre didn't particularly mind as long as he got to be included in some fashion even if it was with a sex toy on his own in the same bed.

With a shy smile, Wufei finally admitted, "Yes, angel, I do rather like the feel of only one set of hands on me. Yours, to be specific," he purred as he received exactly the treatment he was asking for and they were soon laying on the bed engrossed in deep kisses and passionate gasps.

The teasing the group had shared previously was now working to push them all into a veritable feeding frenzy of sex.

On the floor, Heero and Duo had lost any interest in the others and were making good progress on driving each other to the edge quickly with their mouths alone.

These two were in a hurry to discover who could bring the other off more quickly in the classic game of shared oral joy better known as "69". Laying facing each other's straining erections, Heero and Duo took turns licking and sucking then stopping to see what the other could do to top the sensations being offered.

In an unexpected act, Duo carefully removed the cock ring from his lover in an unusual way, wrenching a moan from Heero's usually silent lips.

"Ah, gods!" He had exclaimed happily when the other boy had pulled the gundanium ring off with his teeth. None of them knew where Duo came about such skills, but he never failed to amaze them and this move was one that nearly destroyed Heero's hopes of not being the first to climax that afternoon.

Fighting down the rising tide, the Wing pilot had suddenly deepthroated Duo's thick cock in an attempt to take him with him if he did lose it.

"Shit!! Damn, Heero," Duo had gasped in near agony, "Too much! That's way too much! Aw, crap!" He exclaimed, wriggling and trying to obey the unwritten rules of this little game which stated that Duo couldn't withdraw from the other boy's mouth until after he came, but it was difficult at best.

Heero, unable to keep the teasing torture up for long, was having trouble controlling his gag reflex and had to release the suction he was attempting to create and growled back, "Thanks for the, um, 'freedom' down there, baka, but that move's a bit much! Keep that in mind before you beg me for mercy next time!"

Shaking his head in amused disgust, Duo answered before going back to licking his own luscious snack in long wet swipes, "And remind me not to do you any favors, Heero! Geez!"

An amused snort followed by some intricate tongue work was the answer that wrung a moan from the American's throat as they refocused their energies on things that were more fun than complaining.

At the same time, on the bed, Trowa was enjoying Wufei's efforts to honor his own request to be taken by his Chinese lover, something he felt strangely in the mood for after such an odd afternoon.

Trowa's usual impatience with allowing the other boy to do this was eased by the fact that for every time that Wufei's fingers danced inside himself, the taller teen would indulge in the fun of toying with the chain attached to the nipple clamps that was still in place. The golden chain had just enough slack for Trowa to still reach it in a semi-reclining position and with every gentle tug, there was a sweet moan as well as a deeper plunge of the fingers into his body.

"Stop, angel, please stop," Wufei begged as yet again he sank his hand too deeply for his own tastes, causing him to have an unfounded fear of hurting his lanky lover.

"N-n-no!" Trowa stuttered happily as he saw sparkles cloud his vision as the smaller boy struck his prostate yet again. "Wh-wh-why would I want to stop making you do *that* to me, love?"

Somewhat angry for being distracted while he was trying to focus on the serious work of stretching his lover's entrance, Wufei halted his actions and pulled his hands away, wrenching a moan of complaint from his taller lover.

"Well, Mr. I-always-get-what-I-want," Wufei rattled off in a mildly offended voice. "If you're not willing to lay still while I do this, I guess I should just stop, ne?"

If he'd been watching the slight smirk on Trowa's face as he said this, Wufei might have been ready for the next move, but as it was, he was staring at the nipple clamps and wondering how much longer he'd have to tolerate them and he missed it entirely.

The emerald-eyed teen then moved with amazing quickness and flipped the smaller boy onto his back on the bedspread next to Quatre. Trowa climbed on top of his lover and lowered his head to mimic Duo's actions with the cock ring by using his teeth to remove the nipple clamps from Wufei's chest.

"Oh, yes!" Wufei sighed in happiness as he felt the clamps loosening. Then he realized there were other, less enjoyable sensations just as Heero had predicted.

"No! Oh... ITAE!!!" Wufei shouted as the blood rushed back into the tortured nubs of flesh which would bear the marks from the clamps for some time. As he whimpered and a few tears leaked out from under long black lashes, Trowa apologetically licked and tried to soothe the sore spots.

"I'm sorry, koi," Trowa said apologetically between licks. "But I'll take your mind off it, okay?"

Sniffling and cursing himself for being unmanly about such inconsequential pain, Wufei nodded and kept his eyes shut as he felt his lover move to straddle his hips. Just as the Chinese teen felt the motion of his now highly excited lover beginning to impale himself on his upthrust erection, he suddenly felt a warm wet mouth enclosing one of the sore nipples all over again.

Coffee-dark eyes flew open to an erotic vision as he discovered that Trowa was now sinking down on top of him but a golden head was nestled against his chest, happily lapping much of the soreness away for him.

"Quatre?!" Wufei asked and then gasped as he felt Trowa's smooth buttocks flush against his thighs. "Wh-wh-what are you doing? I thought you were, uh, um..." he paused and nearly screamed as Trowa clamped his muscles down on him with an evil grin cutting off any further remarks quite effectively.

Quatre looked up from what he was doing and moved to kiss Wufei sweetly before saying in a voice dripping with pleasure from the vibrator still buried within him, "I just wanted to play, too, Wufei. Your cries were utterly delicious!" Darkened aquamarine eyes took in the glistening tear drops and Quatre moaned as he shifted the toy within himself to better stimulate his own pleasure centers.

As Trowa began to ride his small lover with wild abandon, Quatre pleased himself by stroking his own hardness enjoying Wufei's whimpers as he lapped at the exquisitely sensitive nipples and the vibrator sent him closer to the edge.

On the floor, though, the Wing and Deathscythe pilots were achieving ecstasy in the fashion they had chosen for themselves.

Duo's head moved in relentless jerks, pulling Heero to the edge with suction and tiny nips of needle sharp teeth. Heero, ever single-minded, had finally worked his muscles loose enough to deepthroat his lover. Without warning, he did just that and sucked the other boy hard.

Duo nearly strangled himself as he tried to scream out his pleasure when he climaxed yet refused to release his lips sensing his own reward was imminent.

Heero, mouth busy as he drank down Duo's release, moaned in helpless joy as his own hips flexed and trembled while he came in pulses into the elegant mouth which trapped him.

The pair forgot entirely to be competitive and keep track of who came first that afternoon. After they had each licked one another clean, Heero and Duo turned to snuggle together and kissed deeply, tasting each other in their mouths and realizing rather quickly that they were not done for the afternoon. They remained oblivious to the others for quite some time as they pursued greater pleasures.

On the bed, Quatre was the first of the trio to hit the edge and with a look of astonishment, he came over his own stroking hand moaning sweetly, "Ohhh… yes!" before bringing his mouth back to Wufei's in time to capture the Chinese boy's cries as he climaxed.

Wufei's back arched up off the bed as he spilled his seed deeply into Trowa's body above him and the sensations all three shared were intensely private regardless of this seemingly public display of sexuality.

Trowa watched his two lovers' faces twist in the throes of bliss and then joined them despite the fact that his own erection had remained virtually untouched. There was nothing in the world that could rival the unmitigated sexual joy he found in seeing his precious loves find completion together.

Neither Trowa nor Wufei would complain about Quatre's unexpectedly joining them, it had brought the trio together in a new arrangement that seemed fulfilling to each of them and they finally collapsed together on the bed.

Before Trowa could say a word to Quatre about the matter, the blond removed the now deactivated vibrator and dropped it onto the floor. With a shy smile, the blond pulled up the blankets and rolled over to embrace his two lovers, Wufei warmly snuggled between himself and Trowa. The tallest of the three gave an encouraging nod to Quatre and the aquamarine eyes slid shut happily as he realized that being allowed to play with his favorite toy would be far more likely now and that was more than enough for him at that point.

Heero was quietly tempting Duo with tiny touches and whispers in his ear even as Quatre and Wufei began to doze off. Trowa watched the couple on the floor with mild amusement before he, too, rolled over and allowed himself to drift into slumber.

Teasing over the "Junior Nazi" uniforms had brought about a spectacular afternoon of sex and all five Gundam pilots silently agreed that there would be no need for further argument over their temporary presence in their lives.

Trowa's time as "Costume Manager", however, was now limited. No thanks to OZ, the five teens would be moving on soon and there was time left for only one more session in their beloved dungeon. Heero Yuy had yet to take center stage but he would do so very soon as the "Special Effects Coordinator" for the final celebration in their beloved dungeon.

Author's Notes:

1. This fic is dedicated to all my friends that faithfully C&Ced for all freaking *28* parts of the monster angst-fest "Hidden Gifts". Hopefully there will be time to get started on the thank you notes I owe so many of you this week, I appreciate your patience!

2. Muse News: Erato, my lemon muse, got excited at the Convention when I bought a pencil board with some yummy images of G-Boys in OZ uniforms! Now, if my damned scanner wasn't such a hunk of junk, I'd have a scan to share with this. Oh well.

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