Written: December, 2000
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: (1x2)
Category: Yaoi Lemon WDNNSP!
Enigma Story Category: Pilots' Pleasure
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, fluff, WDNNSP!
Disclaimers: Wild G-Boys sex and alcohol consumption are things the owners of the Gundam Wing Universe probably wouldn't approve of, so obviously I don't own it! Plus I don't own the rights to any of the other trademarked goods mentioned here, but I use most of them . I'm definitely not making any money off this fic, so please don't sue me; we'd both get bummed out.

NOTES: Here's the first installment of a new series of lemon fics in the true "We Don't Need No Stinking Plot!" tradition! Heero's late getting home for good reason, he tangled with some unreasonable OZ dudes and got hurt. Just what will Duo have to do to grant his love a bit of "Comfort"?

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The Liquor Lemons: (episode 1) Southern Comfort

Heero Yuy was overdue returning from a mission. No big deal under normal circumstances, but it had been a long three weeks since he and his lover had been together and Duo Maxwell was getting worried.

"It figures!" Duo groused, pacing the confines of their latest safehouse. "I go to the trouble of getting him a 'welcome home' present, besides*me* of course, and he doesn't have the courtesy to show up on time!" Before he could complain much more, though, an annoying voice from his computer said "You've got mail!"

Assuming it was a message from his overdue lover, he rushed to read it. It said:

Ran into trouble. May not make it in tonight. Be there when I can.
"Damn him!" Duo exclaimed. "What could possibly cause the Perfect Soldier enough trouble to be late getting here to me? I'm going nuts here or doesn't he care?"

In the hopes of containing his anger, the braided pilot turned his attentions elsewhere and decided to spend some time just playing around reading whatever he found on the web. Several hours passed as he indulged himself in reading as many yaoi sex stories as he could find, ending up happily wasting the evening and needing a serious cold shower. He originally had no intention of breaking his own sexual tension until Heero got there, but he was frustrated and didn't take waiting very well.

One cold shower, and a quick fantasy inspired by a piece he'd read about a guy watching his lover pleasure himself, and Duo felt much more comfortable. He'd tried to reduce the amount of time he gave himself over to his seemingly endless supply of sexual energy when Heero wasn't around for even a quick screw, but sometimes he just couldn't deny the urge.

He realized that if Heero didn't get his cute ass back soon he might go crazy.


Later that night, as he tossed in his sleep, a noise brought him to full wakefulness.

Gun in hand, he stalked towards the front door where he thought the sound had come from and as he got closer he heard someone fumbling with the door handle. Heero didn't have a key to this place and the security wasn't preprogrammed, so Duo thought it was not impossible that his lover had made it home finally after all.

"Who's there?" Duo demanded standing to one side of the door in case it was an enemy who would automatically shoot through it.

"Baka!" A familiar voice growled. "It's me. Let me in, damn it!"

Thrilled, Duo shoved the gun in the back waistband of the running shorts he'd worn to bed and yanked the door open. "Heero!" He grinned expecting his lover to be happy to see him.

Instead, he looked pissed as hell standing there in torn shirt and shorts. Stepping back to let him in, Duo did a quick reassessment of Heero's status and realized first aid would come before sex.

Staggering in a step then falling towards his lover's waiting arms, Heero Yuy passed out from the exhaustion and numerous injuries which had kept him from arriving on time.


Cursing himself for being an idiot, Duo proceeded to carry his unconscious lover back to the bedroom he'd planned on them sharing for other purposes.

Duo laid Heero's body onto the bed and went in search of the first aid kit and some hot water to clean the wounds he could see already in the soft light cast by the reading lamp. Frowning, he remarked, "Heero, you look damned sexy laying there with your clothes torn like that. Hmm, one perfect nipple peeking out through the green fabric and your chest looks sooooo delicious, but honestly! How can you drive me crazy like this while you are out cold? Man! You really have no regard for a guy's feelings, ya' know?"

Shaking his head in frustration, Duo finally got his libido under control enough to begin cleaning the wounds properly. He pulled out a pair of surgical scissors and did the unthinkable, he deliberately began work ruining his lover's favorite shirt and spandex biker shorts.

He knew that to care for the open wounds he had to get at them but wasn't too certain of the level of severity of his lover's injuries and didn't want to move him around too much. Common sense dictated he simply cut away the fabric and go from there. Slipping the sharp blade under one strap of the tank top, he cut it free then swiftly cut the other as well. He carefully tried to lift the edge of the shirt free and noticed with irritation that it clung to clotted blood.

"Damn, boy! What did you get into a fight with this time? A wolverine?" He focused his attention on easing the blades through the fabric and found it was turning him on even when he was trying to ignore it. "Shit, Maxwell, can't you forget how hot he is for a little while? Yes, you've missed him. Yes, sex *was* on the agenda for this evening, but he's hurt, damn it! Stay focused!"

Growling at himself for being a hopeless hentai, he noticed the shirt was now cut open and he carefully spread the fabric out of the way, pulling it free gently from the dried blood and exposing his lover's damaged chest. He immediately forgot his own aroused state to pay proper attention to the task at hand.

After almost an hour of dedicated cleaning and bandaging, he was pleased to determine that the majority of the wounds were nothing worse than deep scratches though several were clearly places where a bullet had grazed his over. He felt relieved that nothing had needed stitches so far and there was none of the usual tightness or bruising that accompanied broken ribs. Overall, from the waist up, Heero had looked worse off than he actually was when he'd come through their door.

After getting fresh hot water, Duo began the arduous task of cutting through the skin tight black shorts.

Cocking his head to one side and then the other, he took a quick accounting of the visible injuries below the waist before trying to remove the clingy fabric. "Any chance I can do this without cutting them? He'll be so pissed if I ruin these and he'll probably claim," he changed the tone of his voice, "'it wasn't necessary'!"

He laughed at his own impression of Heero Yuy at his most annoyed. Then he noticed the fabric itself was torn in a half dozen places much like the shirt had been and realized that was his saving grace. Spandex didn't mend worth a damn and even Heero would've discarded them after assessing the level of damage the clothes had sustained.

With great care, and a deliberate effort to recite the periodic table of elements to keep his mind off of what he was doing, Duo slipped his long fingers under the spandex and lifted it away from Heero's skin before inserting the scissors and starting to slice. Brushing the area of Heero's body he was most personally interested in by accident, he clamped down on himself. "Damn it, Maxwell, don't slip up here! Heero would never forgive you for damaging *that* part of his body! And you know you wouldn't forgive yourself either!"

Refocused, he moved his hand over to the top of one thigh and resumed cutting. Before too long, and before he got to the radioactive elements, he had his lover fully exposed to the light once more. Ignoring the decidedly erotic image of Heero laid out like an opened Christmas present, he proceeded to clean and bandage the wounds he could find both across the front and back, again delighted to see they were minor over all but there was a lot of them. He did finally have to face stitching one relatively short portion of skin at the top of one hip, but it took fewer than two dozen small sutures and Duo didn't feel there was much danger of infection as clean as the injury was. He still liberally coated every open wound with antibiotics, but for the most part, it looked like Heero would once again walk away with only minor damage.

Duo chuckled sinisterly to himself, "Bet those OZ morons didn't get off half as easy as my koi did! That's one thing I've got to give you credit for, lover, you always do a helluva lot more damage to them than they do to you!" Smiling to himself, he stood to clean up the mess left behind by the first aid session.

Feeling stiff, he stretched and noticed dawn had come and gone while he'd worked. "Another new day full of anything but sex!" he groused, then sneezed.

"Damn it all!" He pulled out a box of tissues and blew his nose furiously. Coughing a little, he headed into the bathroom for a hot shower and some Dayquil if he had any. He'd never admit to Heero that he felt like he was coming down with a cold, he hated being sick and hated the way Heero tended to hover over-protectively when he was. Granted, he didn't mind when he was really banged up after a mission or other crisis, but a simple head cold was just an annoyance to him. It never occurred to him that it was an annoyance to others when he was sick, but that was a worry for another day.

By early afternoon, Heero had awakened briefly. Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, Heero stared at his new surroundings. He assumed he'd made it to their new home safely, but where was "Duo?"

No answer, but he saw his lover's hairbrush on the dresser.

He called more loudly, "DUO?!?"

Hearing his name, the long-haired American came in from the living area where he'd been studying schematics on a new mobile suit design OZ was developing. "Hey, Heero, how ya' feeling, lover?" He bent down and kissed him soundly.

"I'm fine," he grumbled, pulling Duo's arm to get him to sit down next to him on the large bed.

"Liar!" Duo laughed. "You were cut up pretty badly when you got here. What happened?"

Heero just growled. "Some OZ idiots thought they'd get in my way when I was done destroying off their latest computer system. Nothing new."

Shaking his head, Duo set about the task of checking and replacing the bandages over the various wounds. Many looked better already and he was pleased he'd taken the time to study up on first aid when he'd had the chance and that he had devoted as much time to caring for his partner as he had.

"What happened to my clothes?" Heero asked suspiciously. "Or did you feel like stripping me even if I was out cold? Get a cheap thrill, Duo?" he smirked at his lover knowing the other boy's penchant for jumping him the minute they got to a room alone much less an entire safehouse.

"Baka!" Duo reached over into the pile of garment remnants to prove to Heero the destruction had been necessary. "I knew you'd never believe me, but they were all torn up before you got here, Heero. I had to cut them off you just to get to the injuries. See?"

"Hn." Heero grunted then winced as he tried to reach his arms over his head, testing his limits.

"Easy there, big boy!" Duo laughed gently as he restrained Heero's movements. "Want the run down there, koi?" Heero nodded. "Okay, the worst was a wound on your hip that needed stitches, then there's several dozen deep scrapes, and about a half dozen bullet grazes. By the way, how'd you do that? Were you dancing between the bullets like Vash, *again*?" He smirked.

"Who?" Heero often wondered where the strange references his lover concocted came from.

"Vash the Stampede from 'Trigun', silly! My favorite old anime show, remember the vids we watched the last time we were with the guys? Tall blonde bishounen, great yellow shades, and a wild-ass red coat?"

Heero looked amused remembering the night Duo had insisted they watch anime and how Wufei had actually enjoyed the show in question, lots of "justice stuff", as Duo had laughed. The Wing Zero pilot smirked, "The one with the cat, right?"

"Right!" Duo grinned, "and the cute priest dude, too! Remember? 'Nice support'!"

"'Nice cover'!" Heero smirked back then yawned as his body reminded him he'd gone without sleep too much lately.

Without being asked, Duo got him a couple of Tylenols and some water. Heero dutifully swallowed it all then asked if Duo had any food in the place yet. Of course he did and he brought Heero a sandwich then firmly told him to sleep now and they'd play later.

"Play?" Heero teased. "I plan to do more with you than 'play', Duo."

"Same here, koi," his lover kissed him gently as he tucked the sheets around him again. "Oh, and I've got a present for you, too, so rest now, you'll need your strength!"

Heero groaned in mock-distress, "I'm doomed!" Then he fell back asleep not even wasting the time to wonder what his crafty koi had up his sleeve for a "gift".


By evening, Heero awoke again and felt much better.

He tried to sneak in a shower, but Duo stopped him since the sutures would have to stay dry and they didn't have any waterproof bandages to use. Heero grumbled that he felt dirty, so Duo offered an old fashioned sponge bath. After a few minutes spent gathering supplies, Duo brought in hot water, towels, a washcloth, some soap, and a mysterious brown paper bag.

"What's in the sack, Duo?" Heero wanted to know.

"That's your present!" He grinned. "Want to see?"

"Sure," Heero wasn't really sure at all, in fact, knowing Duo's strange tastes, it could contain anything from Duo's fabulous homemade brownies to kinky sex toys. He certainly hoped that, for this time at least, it was something closer to brownies than sex toys, he just didn't have any interest in that kind of rough and tumble lovemaking that evening. Happily, he was interested in sex, but something more relaxed suited him better when he felt sore to begin with.

"Well," Duo pondered noticing Heero seemed hesitant and assumed it was because he wanted the bath he'd mentioned, "why don't I clean you up first, hmm? You can have your present later."

Ever considerate, Duo placed a large bath sheet under his lover's body to keep the bed dry and proceeded to start washing him off slowly with the warm soapy water. Heero practically purred as his gifted hands added a slippery massage of sorts to the cleaning process. Earlier, Duo had slipped a pair of his own silk boxers onto his lover's body to try to reduce the amount of distraction that seeing him naked posed. Now, however, Heero wanted them off.

"Hmm, Duo?" he mumbled through a pleasurable haze, "take your boxers back off for me?" He was looking forward to that "massage" recommencing, preferably lower.

Pretending he misunderstood, Duo smiled invitingly at him and responded, "Sure thing, Heero," then proceeded to do a slow strip tease of his own out of not only his boxers but also the shirt and jeans he'd worn as well, leaving himself bare in the glow of the lamp. As a final touch, he did grant Heero what he had meant to ask for and removed the boxers from him as well.

"Oh, koi," Duo breathed throatily, "you look delicious!" He ran a hand across his lover's thigh near but not touching his stiffening manhood and was rewarded with a soft moan. He gently pushed Heero to roll over which he did coming to rest face down on the towel leaving the soft warmth of his ass available to Duo's attentions.

Ignoring the more logical places to begin bathing someone, Duo went straight for the area of interest.

He rubbed more soap across the surface of the washcloth then began stroking the slippery foam up and down his lover's well-defined upper thighs and strong buttocks. Rubbing with increasing heat, Duo himself let a deep moan escape his throat.

"Hmm, that feels wonderful, Duo," Heero sighed appreciatively.

Duo smiled at his lover's responses, then suddenly realized he'd forgotten the gift. "Hold on a second, Heero, I didn't give you your present yet!" Hopping off the bed to get it, Duo heard a groan of displeasure behind him as he dug through the bag to pull out a single glass which he poured a generous amount of his "surprise" into for them to share. He brought the glass and the bottle over to the bed. "Here you go, lover," Duo smiled holding out a glass of brown liquid to Heero who viewed it with dismay.

"Just what *is* it, Duo?" Heero asked as he brought the glass to his lips. Sniffing at the liquid, he decided he couldn't escape without tasting it and did so, wrinkling up his nose. "Oi! That is *strong*!" he exclaimed handing it back to Duo who took a deep swallow then coughed.

Duo grinned, "Smooth, ne, Heero? It's 'Southern Comfort', I heard it was really good, so I got you some. I'm willing to bet it will help distract you from the pain, if nothing else."

Smiling warmly and taking his elusive lover by the wrist, Heero pulled Duo in for a long sensuous kiss, then spoke huskily, "Duo, *you* distract me from the pain just fine. Now, put these wet things away and get over here." Heero topped off the apparent command with a second more passionate kiss. His lips pressed against Duo's as he pulled the braided boy down into his arms, his warm slick tongue asking for entry into the heat he desired so very much. Moaning deep in his throat, Duo gladly opened his mouth and sealed their passion with a moist lick to Heero's lower lip. Soon their tongues were sparring, battling for supremacy in a war where both won and each felt happier.

Breaking the kiss, Duo hurriedly cleared the bathing materials out of the way and slid onto the bed next to Heero.

Laying on his back, Duo let himself relax a little more than he had earlier. He'd been busy all day and his short night of sleep had left him a bit stiff; like a cat he stretched out full length curling his toes and groaning as he felt something in his back pop softly. "Ow," he complained.

"What's wrong, koi?" Heero looked concerned, Duo hadn't indicated he felt less than fine but he realized he'd never even asked.

"Just a little stiff, Heero, nothing to worry about," Duo smiled and stretched again feeling the last bit of resistance to his movements melt away as a warm hand came over his chest stroking and questing. He moaned softly as his nipples were rubbed sensuously. "Mmm, Heero, more," he begged softly, eyes closed in pleasure.

His lover chuckled softly and resumed stroking him. Soon the rough yet tender fingertips were replaced by the feeling of a soft moist mouth, sucking and laving his now sensitive nipples. "Oh, yes," Duo moaned as Heero increased the speed of his assault. Dipping a fingertip into the glass of liquor and spreading it across the smooth expanse of Duo's chest, Heero began lapping at him sucking the fluid off, heating both his throat and his lover at the same time.

Soon, the distance closed between them as Heero lifted the glass to his lips and brought his mouth down to the indentation of Duo's navel. With an evil grin, which his lover missed, Heero let a small stream of the liquor escape it's containment to flow into the little well. "Hey!" Duo squirmed, feeling the fluid resting in his navel cause his skin to tingle.

Laughing, Heero remarked, "Just thought the drinks should be on you tonight, koi. After all, I wasn't the one to go out and buy it. Besides, it's not good for us to drink too much of that stuff."

A little frown of disappointment crossed Duo's brow as he raised his head to look down at his stomach. "Sorry, you're right, guess I was just excited we'd be together again." He laid his head back down and smacked his forehead, noticing it felt warm but ignoring the observation. "We'll just use it for medicinal purposes, okay?"

Heero felt bad that he'd hurt Duo's feelings after the boy had done so much to care for him. "Don't worry, Duo, I just meant too much would be a real problem if we got an emergency call from Trowa, Quatre, or Wufei I didn't mean it wasn't a nice thought. Now, mind if I finish my drink?" He smirked as he lowered his lips to Duo's abdomen and sucked up the bitter fluid, rending yet another enticing moan from his lover.

Reaching a hand over, he gently freed the long braid of its restraints sending chestnut silk to cascade over Duo's body. "You are so very beautiful, my love," he whispered into a delicate ear being rewarded with a shiver of pleasure running down Duo's spine arousing both of them further.

Pulling Duo to roll onto his side, Heero leaned up onto one elbow to rearrange his lover's limbs as if the Deathscythe pilot were unable to move them himself. Placing one foot flat on the bed and nudging that knee out a bit, he tugged the other leg outwards, opening him like a flower to expose his innermost secrets to Heero's hungry eyes and hands. Stroking slowly, he caressed his beautiful lover's arousal watching it twitch in readiness.

One touch at the dripping tip carried the droplet of passion from Duo's body to Heero's lips. Then Heero leaned forward to tease Duo's mouth open filling it with his own lips, sharing the taste.

Both moaned as Heero's fingertip drew little patterns along Duo's sensitive inner thighs as he sought and then found the puckered entryway he craved. Slipping his hand up and down the crack in Duo's glorious ass, Heero could no longer wait and he slipped a single warm fingertip into the very rim, forcing it slowly to penetrate his lover's body. The rough feeling of being entered by even a single finger without lubrication was overwhelming, the braided boy was intensely aroused. Carefully, he pushed back on the single invader begging for more.

Slipping a tube of slick gel out of the nightstand, Heero quickly coated his fingers and then reinserted the first one along with a second. Probing deeper into the heat that awaited him, Heero began to thrust in and out rhythmically, then sent a third finger in to join the others as he quested for---

"HEERO!!!" Duo's body arched off of the bed as he felt the first brush against his prostate sending him into the world of pure sensation.

"Ahh, Duo, you look *incredible* like this!" Heero moaned breathlessly, stunned by how erotic Duo looked trapped in the clutches of ecstasy. He pressed his lips back against Duo's mouth, swallowing the sweet moans as he drove over and over into the special spot that made Duo forget his own name. Widening his fingers to prepare Duo for what was to come next, Heero realized that he, too, was more aroused than usual and decided to go a step further than usual to prepare his lover. He quickly added a fourth finger to his internal stroking with astounding results.

"UHHHNNNNN!!!" Duo almost lost his mind at the feeling of being filled nearly beyond any comprehensible limit. His body felt like it was all fire and nerves endings as he begged his lover. "Please---Heero---please, take me! Fill me, lover, please! I want to feel you inside me NOW!!!"

Heero couldn't withstand the infinitely pleasurable sound of his own name falling from those sweet lips, and to hear Duo begging to be filled by him in such a way sent him over the edge of restraint as well. Withdrawing his hand, he quickly lubricated his engorged manhood and prepared to take his lover who continued to beg, "Please fuck me, Heero! I need you so badly! Please don't leave me like this!!" Duo writhed, pleading mindlessly, awaiting Heero's next action whatever it might be.

Levering himself closer to the wriggling form of his lover, Heero pulled Duo to lay face up on top of him and spread his legs catching Duo's own at the knees and pulling them widely apart. Forcing the wide head of his erection into the very edge of the warm opening, Heero then pulled Duo bodily down by his hips impaling him on his oaken length.

Gasping, both lay still a moment as Duo's muscles clenched nearly throwing them over the edge. Growling his desire, Heero grabbed both silken hips again and lifted slightly, giving himself freedom of movement to begin thrusting into the warm channel.

Deeper and deeper he filled his lover who but was helpless under the assault on his now highly sensitive body. With nearly super-human strength, Heero finally flipped them both over, never once leaving the warmth he'd found. Duo now lay face down on the bed, panting hard as he tried to cope with the overwhelming sense of excitement he always got Heero displayed his true strength. Getting more room to move, Heero withdrew and then slammed back in as hard as he could.

"HEEROOOO!!!" Duo screamed as he approached climax rapidly, sending Heero into a fast hard series of thrusts each filling him and bringing the inevitable closer.

"Duuuuooooo. " Heero moaned as he reached between their bodies to wrap his hand around his lover's dripping erection. Fondling him roughly, he resumed the motions which embedded him ever deeper into the sweet heat.

Feeling Duo tighten, he added solid pulls on his lover's cock that matched his own internal thrusts sending the braided beauty over the edge "HEEEERRRROOOOOO!!!!" Duo shouted as his body convulsed, sending pulses of creamy seed all over their chests and bringing the most exquisite feelings of tightness to Heero's member.

The sensations surrounding him and the sounds in his ear, sent Heero spiraling after his lover as he filled him with the proof of his devotion, a silent scream was all that escaped his lips. Duo felt the stirrings within his body and almost passed out from sheer pleasure.

Finally, gasping for air, they crumbled together in a hot sticky mass of muscles. Heero gently withdrew from his lover's wet channel and gathered Duo tightly to him once more. "Ai shiteru," he breathed lovingly.

"I love you, too." Duo sighed happily and kissed him deeply.


As they relaxed in each other's arms, Heero kissed his lover again more gently then noticed something. "Duo?"

"Hmm?" puffy red eyes peered back at him.

"You feel all right?" Heero just now noticed his lover seemed a bit more flushed than sex usually left him.

"Um, well, no, not really, but why do you ask?" Duo winced, he'd hoped to hide the fact he'd started feeling lousy all day while Heero had slept.

Kissing the forehead of the boy in his arms, he noticed it seemed too warm. "Are you running a fever?" he asked concerned. A shiver ran down Duo's spine at the brief contact and Heero wondered if that was a reaction to himself or something less enjoyable.

"Don't be silly! Why would I---I---I---"


"Damn!" Duo looked apologetically at Heero as he reached over him to grab a tissue. "Sorry, koi, guess I'm coming down with something." He paused to blow his nose, not something that was terribly attractive, but Heero didn't care. Duo could run as he always claimed but this time he could not hide. He was sick and now Heero knew it.

"Duo, you sound awful," Heero stated bluntly. His lover tried to glare at him, but it wasn't very effective as a pair of sneezes burst through his attempt to quell them. "Why don't you take some cold medicine or something before this gets worse?"

Duo would have complained bitterly but he knew Heero was right and, looking decidedly sheepish for trying to hide it to begin with, he pulled open the lower drawer on his nightstand and brought out a box of Puffs Plus and some Nyquil. He poured the nasty tasting red liquid into a little plastic measuring cup that came with it and swallowed it quickly, feeling his cheeks burning with embarrassment for being caught. The taste in his mouth, that awful fake "cherry" flavor that was at least better than the medication's "original" flavor, was bothering him. He saw the half-glass of Southern Comfort still sitting by the lamp and grabbed it. He downed the contents in one quick shot to Heero's horror.

"Baka! Don't you realize that the medicine is 10% alcohol already? You've just swallowed five times as much in addition to that, and that stuff is," he paused to look at the label, "76 Proof! You trying to make things worse for yourself here, or what?"

Duo looked at his lover, bleary-eyed as the exhaustion of a long day sunk in with the alcohol on top of it. "Gomen, koibito," he yawned. "Guess I got lost worrying about you, that's all." His words trailed off into soft sniffles as he started to fall asleep.

"Hn." Heero grunted as if annoyed, then smiled at his beautiful lover cradled in his arms. "Sleep well, koi. We'll both feel better in a couple of days, I'm sure." He glanced sidelong at the bottle of brown liquor his lover had planned to be a "welcome home" gift which now seemed to be doing medical duty instead. Ignoring the bottle, he turned off the light by the bed and pulled the extra blanket up from the foot of the bed to cover himself and his now dreaming love.

"I don't know about this stuff being 'southern', but it's certainly turned out to be a 'comfort' when it was needed. Thanks, Duo, you're not just sexy as hell, you're pretty smart, too, sometimes. Oyasumi." He felt the tension flow out of his body as he relaxed into the warmth of his lover's arms and the comforter surrounding their naked bodies, all of which conspired to successfully lull him into a deep and healing sleep.

Stay Tuned for Episode 2 of the Liquor Lemons, "Slow Comfortable Screw". Remember, nothing is better for a cold than orange juice! Unless the patient is Duo Maxwell who might prefer a more "hands-on" cure!

Author's Notes:

1. This little ole' lemon is dedicated to my good friend and IM-buddy, Jana, queen of the longest lemons! Thanks for all the late night inspiration and keep on writing your wonderful stories! I can't wait to read more! (^_~) !

2. LL Episode 1 Drink Recipe: Today' recipe is almost too easy! Buy bottle of title booze (*if* you are legal where you live to do so! ^_^), pour some in a glass just like Duo did and then give it to your koi or drink it yourself! Be warned, though, Heero's assessment needs to be taken into consideration---that stuff is *strong*! Consider cutting it with some Coke (think of SteelSong when you do! ^_~) or even adding ice cubes!

3. Liquor Lemons Recipe Club credit goes to, um, well, nobody specifically. Guess it goes to all those people who helped me misspend my youth so I'd know what drinks to use here! (^_^)

4. The honorary muse of lemons, Erato, proudly brings this piece of sexy fluff to you! Enjoy!

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