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Warnings: YURI! ^^;; Well, it came to me as I was going to sleep, as a lot of fics do… *sigh* But this was just too interesting an opportunity to pass up! So, in an AJ Maxwell stylee *bows to said author* I proceed to present my first venture into yuri. There'll be lemons, there'll be bitching, there'll be maybe some tiny smidgeons of angst and humour and dirtiness. But aside from that… it's a get-together fic… Plain and simple… You already know how it's going to end. Hope you enjoy it anyway! ^_^

Notes: Well, this will be set in a university, in a student house… I mean, it should all be fairly self-explanatory… it'll probably be set in an After Colony timeline anyway, just so I can have fun making things up! Look out for series references, lol... And it will be incorporating the best and worst of British slang, just for the fun of it. If there's anything you can't understand from the context, let me know! And yes, I'm writing this down purely so I don't forget it, or give it up. Yah! [:)]

You go Girl!
by Elyndys

"Hi Duo, hi Hilde! I've been thinking, I've got the perfect solution to our housing problems next year!" Relena sat down across the table from her two friends.

"Oh, you found someone to share with us?"

"Yes! I mentioned we were looking for someone to share with to my friend Heero, and she said she was looking for some people to share with, so I thought, problem solved!"

"Well, that's great! We don't have to bother with putting adverts all over, and making sure no weirdoes turn up! Well done, Relena!"

"When can we meet her?"

"Well, I said to meet here at one o'clock so I could introduce you all and we could have lunch or something…"

"Oh, sorry! We have to run! Society meeting – aren't you coming?"

"No, I wanted to go to the gym this afternoon – I promised Heero…"

"Never mind. We'll see you tomorrow night. We'll stay long enough to meet Heero and then we'll go."

"OH, here she is now! HEE-RO! Over here!" Relena waved enthusiastically at her friend, and Duo and Hilde watched as a smallish girl with short dark hair and intense blue eyes walked towards them. Dressed appropriately for the warm spring weather, she wore a short skirt and vest top… which drew Duo's attention straight to one of Heero's more prominent features.

Two of them, in fact. `Wow…'

"Hi Heero!" Relena chirped, motioning for the new girl to sit down next to her at the table. "This is Hilde, and this is Duo." She gestured at each in turn.

Duo beamed. "Hello, nice to meet you."

Heero smiled coolly back. "Hello, Duo. It's a pleasure." `Oh, yes.'

Hilde and Relena looked at each other, then back to where Heero and Duo were still watching one another and smiling. Hilde looked at her watch. "Um, Duo… We should be going, we have to get across to the Workspace for the meeting…"

Duo turned to look at her, a little startled. "Oh – yes – right. It was nice to meet you, Heero! I'll be seeing a lot more of you soon!" She grinned and extended a hand.

Heero shook it. "I'm looking forward to it."

Duo stood, still holding Heero's hand for a moment before reluctantly letting go. "See ya!" Bye Relena!"

"See you guys later! Tell them I'm sorry I couldn't be at the meeting!"

The two girls made their exit, Duo throwing a couple of surreptitious glances over her shoulder as she departed.

Relena saw Heero was watching their departure, too. She smiled. "So, you think it'll be OK sharing a house with them?"

Heero smirked. "I'm sure we'll get on like a house on fire."

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