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You go Girl!
by Elyndys
Part 4

It was around one in the afternoon that Duo finally realised she was awake. `Not bad, girl, not bad – nothing hurts and the room isn't moving.' She was struck with relief for all of several minutes before she remembered.

"Shit." She automatically said it aloud, cheeks warming in embarrassment. `I wasn't even pissed [1] and I still managed to make a fool of myself! I don't even have any excuse!' She groaned. `I should have known better than to try my luck with someone like her! Too cool for me.' She snorted sarcastically. `I need someone less frustrating. Yeah, that's it; I need a girlfriend, that's the only reason I was throwing myself at Heero. Yeah. I'll just have to find someone different, and forget about Heero.'

Duo couldn't avoid the niggling feeling that that was something anyone who met Heero Yuy would find difficult to do.


Heero was enjoying the quiet. Everyone else was still in bed, and she wasn't expecting them to be awake anytime soon: Hilde, she suspected, had stayed awake till the bitter end, raking in the cash from the card-players; Relena was… occupied, no doubt; and Duo… Heero had a sneaking suspicion Duo would be avoiding her.

She felt vaguely uncomfortable with that. After all, Duo had just taken her by surprise, that was all; she hadn't meant to upset her, just get her to see reason. Duo clearly didn't *like* Heero at all when sober, so waking up next to her would surely have been a bad thing. She knew she hadn't particularly taken to Duo that much, on available evidence, so the whole idea seemed pretty pointless to Heero.

She sighed. She was content to wait and see what happened, she supposed, and sat back to continue reading her magazine, surrounded by the debris of the party.

It wasn't long, though, before she was mildly surprised to hear footsteps coming down the stairs. She was slightly more surprised to find it was Duo who entered the room.

"...My god, what happened?" Duo surveyed the wreckage that was the living room.

"Party. Had you forgotten?"

Duo found herself incandescent with anger at those few words. She didn't bother to hold her tongue. "No, but it seems you've forgotten you live here. Why not show a little fucking consideration and do some tidying up?!"

Heero glanced at her over the top of the magazine. "I've done my job. The bathroom's spotless. I seem to remember that was your suggestion?"

Duo was ready to scream. There was just something so indescribably exasperating about that attitude that made Duo want to throw things, probably in Heero's direction. She dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands, making a supreme effort not to just march over there and wipe the smug little smirk off Heero's face. Without another word, she stormed out of the living room and back up the stairs, determined to have the world's messiest shower, just to give Heero the chance to show off her skills again.

She was going to get ready, then go out to pull some pretty little thing, and show Heero that the night before really had just been a moment of temporary drink-induced insanity.


An hour later, washed, dried, brushed, scented and made up, she strode defiantly into the living room, ostensibly to pick up her handbag, but with more than a little intention of showing off in front of Heero.

Luckily the other girl was still sitting on the settee, watching wrestling and occasionally chuckling.

"I'll see you later. I'm going for a drink in the sun." Certain she'd be safe from an answer she didn't really want, she added lightly "Want to come?"

Heero didn't bother answering such a facetious question, but called without turning round, "While you were upstairs there was a phone call for you. Some girl called Trowa?"

Duo felt a small tingle of excitement. "She's on my course. What did she want?"

"Dunno. She asked if you could call her when you were free."

Duo grinned hugely. This was perfect! She'd been getting pretty friendly with Trowa last year, before she'd met Heero, and this was just what she needed. She felt a pang of guilt for not paying as much attention to Trowa recently, but she'd make up for that.

She picked up the phone and dialled. "Hi Trowa – I got your message. I was just going to step out for a drink and wondered if you wanted to join me?"


It was much later when Duo eventually returned home, glowing with sunshine and attention.

Passing through the living room on the way to the kitchen, she realised Heero was still sitting on the sofa, this time reading a book.

"God, woman, have you been there all day?!" She checked her watch. "And furthermore, do you never sleep?! It's three in the morning!"

Heero eyed her levelly. "I had a nap earlier. And no, I've not been here all day. I went out for a run this evening."

Duo was mildly irked that Heero displayed no curiosity as to where she'd been. She looked round. "Well, I'm glad this room's tidy now at least. I guess Relena and Hilde did it while you were out." She grinned sardonically.

Heero never batted an eyelid. "We tidied up when they got out of bed. We didn't vacuum though – that's someone else's job. I tidied the bathroom again as well – someone had left it in a mess."

Duo decided to abandon that tack swiftly, heading for the kitchen. "You want a drink?"


Duo got herself a glass of water. "Well, I've had a great day, thanks for asking – I met Trowa in the bar, we had a few drinks, then went back to her house – she cooked for us! I was impressed. Then we just watched videos till now. She has a great gangster movie collection." She gave Heero a simpering smile.

"I think you're in there," commented Heero, deadpan.

Duo stared at her for a minute, then shook her head. "Guess I didn't expect any enthusiasm. I'm sure you wouldn't know romance if it came up behind you and twanged your bra!"

Heero smirked. "I'd know about that."

Duo waved a hand casually in her direction, heading out of the room again. "Well, night night!"

"Sweet dreams."

"I hope so!"


"Well, see you later, ladies, I have a date!" Duo waved as she grabbed her keys and opened the door. "Don't wait up!" She winked.

Heero snorted, but Duo was already gone.

"Duo's barely been here these past few weeks!"

"Yeah, since things have started getting serious between her and Trowa. I think they make a good couple, actually."

"Oh, you know Trowa, Hilde?"

"Only through Duo, but I see her around a bit, she's cool. Nothing like Duo at all in a lot of ways, so I guess opposites attract in this case. Like someone else, eh Relena?" Hilde winked at her friend across the table, and Relena blushed.

Heero stood up to leave, not particularly interested in the romantic gossip currently going on in the kitchen. "I'm going for a run."

"See you later!"

Heero often felt that exercise helped her work off annoyance; hence, she reflected, she'd got a lot fitter over the past few weeks. She didn't have a lot of time for other people's love lives, but recently they seemed to have been shoved down her throat. First Relena and that rather… unusual blonde girl, Dorothy. She had been practically living at their house recently, following Relena around like a puppy. They were studying the same subject as well, so they were pretty much inseparable.

Much as Heero liked seeing her friend happy, sometimes she wished she could be happy a little less… noisily. They'd disturbed her late- night sci-fi movie marathons and Colonial Basketball League viewing several times. Heero found such evidence of her friends' sex lives vaguely... distasteful.

And now there was another relationship to deal with – Duo and this girl Trowa. Heero had met the latter several times now, and she actually seemed intelligent, measured in her thinking, and collected; Heero had no idea what the woman was with Duo for. At least, though, those two were quiet. Funny, she would have expected Duo maybe to be more vocal, not that she had devoted much time or energy to the consideration of such things! Maybe, she mused, Duo and Trowa hadn't got that far in their relationship yet? But then she knew from her own experience that Duo was a fast worker in that department...

Heero gritted her teeth. Why was she thinking about *that*, of all things? They both just wanted to forget the whole incident, and it was obvious that Duo had. Heero guessed the whole atmosphere of general relationship-ness had just drawn attention to her own lack of one.

She sighed. There was only one thing for it.

She would have to find a girlfriend of her own.

[1] `Pissed' in the British sense – drunk ;)

to be continued

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