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You go Girl!
by Elyndys
Part 3

Heero awoke a few hours later, feeling slightly rumpled from having slept in her clothes, but refreshed. She stretched, wondering if it was safe to go back downstairs: she supposed the other girls had had time to have finished all their jobs. She decided to venture down to the kitchen in search of a drink.

Duo looked up as she heard footsteps, and couldn't keep a slightly smug smirk off her face as she watched Heero enter the room. Heero was a little unnerved by Duo's widening smile as she approached the fridge; but as she put her hand to the door to open it, everything became clear.

"What's this?" She kept her tone neutral as she pointed at the paper stuck to the fridge door.

"Oh," Duo sounded delighted to explain, "that's our list of household duties, so we know who does what. Is it OK with you?" Duo's smirk held a challenge, Heero forced herself to resist.

She smirked a little herself as she watched Duo's face fall at her response. "Yeah. That's fine." She wasn't going to give Duo the satisfaction of pissing her off! She would accept the situation gracefully, and clean that bathroom as though her life depended on it!

"Oh good. I'm glad you approve."

Heero smirked at Duo's expression and tone of voice. "No problem. Is there anything else I should know about?"

"Not yet. But now we're all here" Duo was thinking fast "I've got a great idea to tell you all! I've been thinking, I know just what we need – a housewarming party!" She grinned in triumph at Heero. "Bet that's just your sort of thing, eh?"

Heero grimaced. It wasn't that she minded parties per se – but she hated ones in her own house. Loads of strangers invading and refusing to leave… all the cleaning up… and you couldn't even go if you got tired of it. OK, so she had to admit defeat: Duo had her this time. Heero was determined to keep her dignity intact, however, so she kept quiet, merely keeping her expression as neutral as possible.

Duo's grin widened. "That's settled then! Friday OK for everyone?"


Well, Duo reflected as she wandered through the house, this wasn't a bad idea at all! It was going very – even surprisingly – well, considering it was now about two o'clock and the house was still in one piece. She made her way through various pockets of people – she didn't know most of them, but hey, it wasn't a party if everyone there was already your friend. That would defeat one of the main purposes of parties – the copping-off potential [1]. Speaking of which… she caught sight of Relena, clearly involved in deep conversation with a girl with the longest, blondest hair Duo had ever seen, even though her eyebrows didn't match it. Duo thought that was very careless of her. But Relena looked enthralled. She spotted Duo across the room, and flushed as Duo gave her a wide grin, a wink and a double thumbs-up. The blonde followed Relena's gaze, smirking at Duo's gesture, and returned the wink. Yes, Duo's suspicions were confirmed. Relena had pulled.

She got herself another drink from the kitchen, stopping a while to watch Hilde wiping the floor with a crowd of guys who were playing cards with her on the kitchen table. Hilde had always been one of the lads, and she could beat most of them at their own favourite games. Duo watched in only mild surprise as one of them, already shirtless, stripped off his trousers. Hilde was clearly trouncing them at strip poker (or, more likely, strip rummy [2]) this time, and cackling with glee. "Next time, do you want to play for money? I mean, I'm very happy the way things are, but maybe you guys would rather end up poor, but with *some* dignity left?" She laughed some more, and Duo shook her head, chuckling. She didn't dare get involved; she knew from experience how good – or how lucky - Hilde was.

Duo herself had spent most of the night mingling, checking people weren't wrecking the place and just dancing in their little living room to cheesy pop songs. Colony pop music was the best! Cheap, tinny and at least 10 years behind the rest of the music scene, Duo knew it couldn't be beaten for good solid party music. Especially when you were not quite sober. Of course, some cynics would argue that it could *only* be appreciated in that state; or, further, only when you were totally and utterly pissed. Duo thought those people had no sense of humour. She herself wasn't actually that much the worse for wear; things were a little fuzzy around the edges, but she could still walk in a reasonably straight line so she was happy. She'd been having a great time, and so, it seemed, were the others: wandering back into the living room she caught sight of Relena and her friend, looking even, well, *friendlier* than they had before… Duo made a point of catching Relena's eye and making a "Get in there!"[3] gesture which made Relena blush, even as she found herself on the receiving end of a very enthusiastic kiss.

Duo grinned. This had been a great idea! Even if initially it had just been to piss Heero off. Speaking of Heero… where was she? Duo hadn't seen her for hours, since they had all played cards and lost to Hilde; Heero had obviously, and wisely, decided to cut her losses. But where was she now? Somewhere looking for peace and quiet, Duo thought. She began to make her way slowly to the top of the stairs, pausing on the first landing to make way for two young men heading into Relena's room, in an embrace similar to the one Duo had just seen Relena herself engaged in; Duo recognised one of the guys from the LGB, and gave him a cheery wave as he caught sight of her. She giggled as he slammed the door behind them and continued up toward her own room and Heero's. She suspected that was where she'd find the other girl; it was doubtful any of the party goers would bother to come all this way. Unless Heero had found someone as well… Duo quickened her pace.

"Heero! Heero?" She didn't really care if she was interrupting anything; and in any case, Heero's door was ajar. Pushing it open, she went in boldly and looked around; the room was dark, and Heero wasn't inside – but the skylight was open.

"Heero?" Duo called, her voice cracking a little. "Are you on the roof?"

No answer… Duo had a feeling she should be slightly spooked, but she was feeling particularly fearless today. Or at least, as fearless as she tended to be after the amount of alcohol she'd consumed. She made her way over to the skylight, only banging her head on the sloping ceiling once. She couldn't see very much from underneath it; so, it seemed, the only thing to do was climb out.

Slowly, carefully, she made her way out onto the roof. Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she could make out the figure of Heero, sitting o the flat roof of an extension to the building on a slightly lower level than the roof Duo was crouched on. It only took a moment's deliberation for Duo to decide that yes, she should go and talk to Heero. After all, the girl might be getting cold, or lonely. Duo wanted to make sure she was OK.

So she crawled down the tiles to where Heero was sitting, and clambered down onto the flat roof to sit next to her. Heero was holding a can of an energy drink that Duo thought smelt like medicine. She looked across at Duo as she sat down. Duo smiled in as friendly a way as possible.

"So, Heero… you enjoying the party?"

Heero shrugged. "It's OK."

Duo shook her head. "Just no pleasing some people is there! I take it you didn't get off with anyone?" She poked Heero playfully.

Heero snorted.

Duo grinned, surprised to feel a small spark of something like relief at Heero's answer. "Well, me neither. But Relena looks to have had better luck."

"Not that scary blonde?"

Duo looked surprised. "Yeah, how did you know?"

"She's been chasing Relena for ages."

Duo sniggered. "That makes sense. Relena must have finally given in. She didn't look too unwilling though. Everyone's having a great time."

Heero looked at her out of the corner of her eye. "If you're having such a great time why did you come up here?"

Duo's jaw dropped. "Hey! I was just showing a bit of concern, checking you were OK 'cos I hadn't seen you in a while!" `And I wasn't at all curious as to whether you had someone up here with you, oh no…'

"I'm fine."

"Well… good!" Duo shook her head again. "I dunno, you try to be a friend to someone…"

Heero turned to look at her quizzically. Duo shifted a little uncomfortably.

"Yeah, Heero, look… I'm sorry I've been so awful to you… This party just started as an excuse to annoy you… Sorry." Her voice trailed off to a mumble by the end of the sentence.

Heero smirked. She'd known that, but it kind of made her feel happy that Duo had apologised. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Heero sipping from her can and Duo casting surreptitious glances at her whenever she could. Heero looked beautiful in the moonlight, Duo thought almost wistfully. No matter that they'd not been best buddies up till now, Duo still had to admit what she'd known since they first met: Heero was gorgeous. She was wearing a short, strappy navy blue dress for the party; it outlined her figure perfectly, and Duo admired the curve of her breast, her slim waist, the thigh exposed as Heero sat with her knees up and her feet flat on the ground. She felt sure she and Heero could put aside their differences… Duo wasn't the sort to hold a grudge. She could forgive Heero for being so… trying. And she was willing to make the effort herself… She took a deep breath.


The other girl looked at her.

"I know we've not got off to the best start, but… I was kinda hoping we could start again…" She edged closer. "Don't you think, seeing as we're living together, we should be… friends?" She didn't give Heero a chance to protest, or herself a chance to change her mind; but before she could stop herself Duo was leaning in and pressing her mouth to Heero's. To her surprise and delight, Heero responded; Duo felt warm, smooth lips kiss her back! She was shocked; but she wasn't about to complain.

Heero had only a short time to prepare herself for the sudden vision of Duo moving towards her with what could only be one intention. In those few seconds, she decided she wasn't averse to a little snogging at parties, and at any rate Duo was an attractive girl – so she let herself enjoy the touch of those lips. Soon she felt hands come up too, one on her waist, the other on her shoulder, to begin with: it wasn't long before that one crept down, over her collarbone, down to rest warmly on her breast, and it was then that Heero began to feel a little uneasy. Sure, people felt her up all the time if they thought they could get away with it; they were usually easily dispensed with. But Duo…? Heero was confused. The hand at her waist was slipping now too, down her hip, onto the top of her thigh… She began to get more uneasy. Duo's kiss tasted of cheap beer, and Heero wasn't at all sure this wasn't going too quickly to not be weird.

She made up her mind, and pulled away. "Duo, you're drunk."

"I am not! I'm just… tipsy." The hands stayed where they were, and Duo leaned in again, but Heero raised a hand in defence.

"Either way, you're going to wake up in the morning, or possibly the afternoon, with a hangover and think `Oh my god, what did I do to Heero last night.'" [4]

Duo was a little taken aback. "Are you saying you don't want me?"

Heero reflected. She wasn't in the habit of sleeping with people who, up until half an hour ago, would probably not even have given her the time of day without making a snide remark about it. This sudden turnaround confused Heero no end, and she was inclined to answer Duo's question with `Not necessarily; what I am saying is that I doubt *you* want *me*.' But she didn't; she shrugged. "All I'm saying is, don't embarrass yourself by throwing yourself at me. You'll only feel stupid later." Heero wondered only briefly about how that sounded to someone else's ears.

Duo thought about that. Yeah, she supposed it was a bit sad, trying it on with someone who barely tolerated you most of the time, when you had a few drinks inside you. And Duo had her pride. A great deal of it, in fact.

It was her pride that won over now. Hero was right. It would just be a mistake. Heero probably thought she was an even bigger idiot now. She managed a smile. "Yeah, I know what you mean, I guess. I, heh, I suppose I should say thanks. Y'know, not letting me make a fool of myself."

Heero smiled a little too. "No problem."

"Hey… you, er, you wouldn't mind not mentioning this to, well, anyone would you?" Duo would hate for this to get out… She had to think of her reputation!

"Mention what?"

Duo scowled. "You know, the whole me-kissing-you, me-not-getting- any-further thing! I'd hate everyone to know I acted so stupid, and even more so that I…" She noticed Heero was smirking, and sighed. "Oh, I *get* it now… Guess I'm still a bit out of it… Err… thanks."

"No problem."

"Y'know, I'm suddenly feeling a bit tired… I think I'm off to go lie down." Down below they could see people straying away from the party.

"I'll come down with you."

Duo felt distinctly uneasy as they made their way back down off the roof. She had only Heero's word that she wouldn't mention this incident to anyone… She'd better stay on Heero's good side from now on. Though, from their history up till then, that would be easier said than done.

Heero too felt strange as she let Duo out of her room and watched the other girl go to hers. She had something over Duo now; she knew she'd made the right decision, going any further would just have made the situation unbearably awkward. But still, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that there things left unsaid. It was all she could do, as she fell asleep, to hope this wouldn't come back to haunt her.

[1] Copping-off – umm… getting off with someone? Engaging in snogging? Or maybe more… ^_^

[2] Man, I've not played that game in ages…

[3] Said with emphasis on the "in", this is a laddish phrase used to mean "Go for it"

[4] *snicker* These were practically Simon's exact words to Tony just before Tony came out to him, gave him a big kiss, and was almost caught by Tony's girlfriend, who also happened to be Simon's sister… Ah, happy EastEnders memories!

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