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You go Girl!
by Elyndys
Part 2

"This what you're looking for?"

The voice behind her made Duo spin round. There, leaning against the doorframe of her room, clad only in what Duo thought must be the smallest towel she had ever seen, was Heero… who was holding Duo's hairdryer.

Duo suddenly felt a flash of anger; it was like Heero was mocking her, with that tiny little towel exposing her tanned, cellulite-free legs and showing quite a substantial amount of those… amazing breasts… And to make matters worse, Duo was sure the other girl was smirking at her.

Duo strode across the landing and snatched her hairdryer out of Heero's unresisting grasp. "Yes!" she snapped, glaring at the nearly-naked girl. "How did you get it?"

"You did say anytime I needed anything. And your door was open." Heero's expression and tone were irritatingly neutral.

Duo was taken aback. "I didn't mean right now!" She knew this was a losing battle, so decided to get out now, turning her back on the other girl and stomping back to her own room. "I'd be pleased if you could ask in future." She tried to calm her tone as she retreated back into her room, closing the door behind her and getting ready to dry her hair. She was surprised at herself for reacting that way: she was usually quite an easy-going sort of person. But there was something about Heero's attitude… She was just too cool, too aloof somehow, like she was looking down on you… At least, that was the impression Duo got. Even though Duo had made the effort to be friendly, Heero had not really responded in kind. It seemed deliberately perverse to Duo, to act like that then just wander into someone's room and go through their stuff… She was filled with the sudden urge to check nothing else was missing.

She almost laughed. She couldn't believe how much she was overreacting! But… something about the incident just irked her. And seeing her then, Perfect Heero, smirking at her, laughing at her… Oh, god; they'd only been in the same house a day. Duo didn't know how much of living with such a… person as Heero she could take.


Heero found herself a bit surprised at the strength of Duo's reaction. Usually people said "please" and "thank you" a lot to her, even though she could tell they were really pissed off. Usually her challengers wilted in the face of her glare; but Duo had put up a valiant effort. Heero was surprised Duo hadn't started a cat fight right there in the middle of the hallway: god, that sounded like something out of some cheesy porn film – lesbians in towels wrestling damply on a public landing… Heero rolled her eyes. She had hoped Duo didn't have a temper, but it was unlikely, she realised now… Duo seemed the sort to say what she felt, when she felt it. Heero sighed as she fastened her bra and pulled on her shirt. It might get noisy if Duo lost her rag at every little thing. Heero didn't often get into rows, but people quite frequently tried to row *at* her. She zipped up her skirt and smoothed it out. Maybe it was just something about her that made people want to pick fights with her. Heero smirked. She *knew* that's what it was; in fact, it wasn't one something about her, it was lots of somethings. Everyone seemed to have a different reason. Still… she smirked a little more. She hadn't missed the way Duo's eyes had travelled over her. The girl was jealous! After all, Duo was just not in the same… ballpark.

Chucking the damp towel off her bed and onto the floor, she took one last look in the mirror and, satisfied with her appearance, stepped out of her door, taking care to lock it behind her.


After stowing all her stuff where she hoped any nosy Heeros, or other people, wouldn't be able to find it – Duo was well-practiced in hiding her belongings – she thought maybe now she was safe to go and finish unpacking her things downstairs. Hair now dried and braided, and cleanly dressed, Duo exited her room and locked the door – only to run straight into Heero, doing exactly the same thing. Duo narrowed her eyes slightly.

"So, do I get an apology?"

Heero turned to face her, shrugging minutely. "Sorry."

Duo bristled for a moment, then sighed. She supposed that was all she could expect from her taciturn housemate. "I guess I'm just going to have to get used to living with you."

"Same here."

Duo did a quick double take. "I'm not that bad once you…" She realised it wasn't any good, and that Heero was now halfway down the stairs. "OK, point taken!" she called. "Wait up!"

Heero looked over her shoulder at the other girl descending towards her.

"I'm sure we'll be able to get on, once we know each other a bit better… After all, it must be terrible, moving in with someone to find out you can't stand them. I guess you've just got to learn to put up with a certain amount of stuff."

"I guess so."

"Like people who don't keep up their end of the conversation, 'cos they probably aren't even listening…"

"Or people who don't make it possible to even talk to them because they're too busy doing it themselves…"

"Hey, *I* was kidding!" Duo was indignant.

Heero rolled her eyes. "So was I."

"Oh." Duo grinned. "Got to get used to that. And hey, you were listening after all." She nudged the other girl playfully. "I'm not like this all the time anyway. Just trying to get to know ya a bit better! So we can understand each other."

Heero felt a little relieved at that. She felt a sudden urge to tell Duo her life story, to get to that promised peace and quiet sooner. But then they were downstairs again, and Heero knew there were things to do. Or at least, things for Duo and the others to do. Heero thought maybe she would watch for a while. After all, she had got all her own stuff sorted out before the others even got here, at 8 o'clock in the morning because she'd woken up at 4 and brought all her things over in her uncle's car. Which reminded her, she'd better ring and tell him she'd borrowed it; it was now 2 o'clock and he was probably wondering where it was. Still, she could do it later. She thought maybe it was time for a nap, and quietly went back to her room.

Duo watched as she did so; it occurred to her that Heero probably thought she was being subtle, but Heero was the sort of person who drew all attention to her. Or, at least, the sort of person who drew all of Duo's attention to her… Duo wasn't sure which it was. It irked her somewhat: she always found herself fascinated by those super-confident sort of girls, the ones who could do anything they liked, and do it well: Duo knew from Relena that it wasn't often that Heero got less than a first for her projects. But those same people who Duo admired for their abilities, and liked being around because they were often on her level, were sometimes – Duo couldn't think of another word – downright, and insufferably, difficult.

She sighed, putting the last of her things away. Relena had spent most of the morning scrubbing the kitchen, while Heero had apparently just been doing her own thing… Clearly Heero wasn't that interested in teamwork.

Duo determined to do something about that. And, no sooner had she decided that, than a wicked idea occurred to her. She never meant to do it that way… but it seemed as good a plan as any for making Heero realise she was living with other people now. Or, at any rate, it would be fun to see her reaction. Heero needed a bit of a shaking, Duo reasoned.

Depositing the last of her cutlery in her designated drawer (Relena had made custom sticky labels with all their names on: Duo's had pictures of little test-tubes on in reference to her degree course), she sat down at the table where Hilde and Relena were recovering in a cup of tea. "Whew, that's everything done in here… You've done a great job [1], Relena, everything's so tidy!" Relena smiled gently. "But listen," Duo continued, "we have to keep it this way. Now, obviously we'll all be responsible for our own things, like washing up, keeping our rooms tidy and so on: but what about the other household chores? Like vacuuming [2] and stuff. No one of us should be solely responsible for all that."

"You've got a point there Duo. Should we take it in turns, d'you think?"

"Well, not exactly Hilde. I was thinking more that we could each take responsibility for one or two jobs around the house, and then we won't forget who's meant to be doing what."

"Good idea!" Relena enthused, causing Duo to frin modestly.

"I'm glad you think so. Now, I've been thinking and I quite enjoy vacuuming so I'd be happy to do that. And I'm sure Hilde will agree with me that you should be responsible for making sure the bills are paid on time, and looking after all our money matters, and dealing with the landlord seeing as… well, let's face it, you're more sensible than us. And grown-ups seem to like you." She grinned as Relena frowned.

"You make me sound about forty."

"Aww, in mind only, in mind only…" Duo cackled and Relena hit her playfully. "Just kidding, kidding. But anyway, Hilde, what d'you think you'd like to do?"

"Well, I'd say grocery shopping but we'll all be doing our own…" She looked a little disappointed. "I could take out the rubbish."

"Yeah… That's not much of a job though. How about you take charge of washing, as well? After all, it'll be much more convenient and economical if we do communal loads." Duo beamed as the other two girls nodded their agreement. "Now, what other jobs are left?" She waited, but didn't have to for long.

"Hmm… cleaning the bathroom!" Relena sounded decisive.

Duo grinned widely. `Bingo!' "I agree! So, that leaves Heero for that job!"

"Are you sure she won't mind? We've decided that without her, and it's probably the worst job…"

"Hey, I think taking the rubbish out it pretty disgusting!" Hilde protested.

Duo held up her hands. "I'm sure it'll be fine with Heero. After all, she'll want to do her bit to help out, won't she?" She smiled winningly. The other two girls thought for a moment, and nodded. "Great! That's all decided!" Duo jumped up, grabbing a magnet already attached to the fridge by a thoughtful Relena. With a chuckle of glee, Duo slapped the magnet onto the paper, sticking it to the freezer door, at what she was pretty certain was Heero's exact eye height. `Teamwork. It's a wonderful thing.'

[1] "Great jaerb there Homestar!" *sniggers and winks at Jana*

[2] I'd say hovering, but I hear it has different implications over there… *rolls eyes*

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