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Warnings: YURI! ^^;; Well, it came to me as I was going to sleep, as a lot of fics do… *sigh* But this was just too interesting an opportunity to pass up! So, in an AJ Maxwell stylee *bows to said author* I proceed to present my first venture into yuri. There'll be lemons, there'll be bitching, there'll be maybe some tiny smidgeons of angst and humour and dirtiness. But aside from that… it's a get-together fic… Plain and simple… You already know how it's going to end. Hope you enjoy it anyway! ^_^

Notes: Well, this will be set in a university, in a student house… I mean, it should all be fairly self-explanatory… it'll probably be set in an After Colony timeline anyway, just so I can have fun making things up! And it will be incorporating the best and worst of British slang, just for the fun of it. If there's anything you can't understand from the context, let me know! And yes, I'm writing this down purely so I don't forget it, or give it up. Yah! [:)]

You go Girl!
by Elyndys
Part 1

"Whose box is this? Duo? Well, why doesn't it have your name on it? … I can see the logic in reasoning that everyone else would have their names on theirs so you'd be able to tell yours is the one without anything written on, but… So is this one of yours too? No, that's mine… I forgot my name on that one… See?!"

"Relena, stop panicking. We have a whole year to sort out whose stuff is whose. It doesn't matter really."

"That's fine for you to say, Heero, but I'm fond of my crockery!"

"You don't trust us with it?"

"It's not that, it's just I like to have my own things and I don't want to trouble anyone else by using theirs and them having to wash it and… Oh, I see, you were joking Heero… Still takes me a while to realise…"

Heero smirked and jumped down off the window-ledge where she was perched. "I'm gonna check out the bathroom. Didn't get a proper look when I came to look round."

"Heero! You're not going to just leave me with all this stuff to sort out are you…?" But it was too late, Heero had already left, leaving Relena stranded and up to her elbows in assorted kitchen accessories.

It was in the living room that she encountered Duo, looking a little flustered and busily emptying stuff out of a box and onto the table. "Hey, how's it going? Man, I'm tired already and we haven't even started! You going up to your room? You've got one at the top, haven't you?"

Heero nodded under the onslaught of questions. "Yeah. I thought it would be nice and quiet up there. Won't get disturbed if I get visitors I don't want. Or if I have visitors I do want." She smirked a little, watching Duo's own grin widen.

"Oh, if you get a nice girl up there?" She nudged Heero conspiratorially.

Heero was mildly surprised. "How did you know I'm…"

"I asked Relena. How come you don't come to the LGB society, hmm? You never know who you might meet!" She winked.

Heero raised an eyebrow. "I don't go to societies."

Duo looked like she expected more explanation, but when Heero didn't elaborate she tried not to look surprised. "Ah well, guess that's why I've not seen you at any then. I'm in LGB, Revolution, Colonial Students' Society, Alternative sports society… I'm president of CSS this year, they obviously liked me." She laughed. "Hey, you're from the colonies too, aren't you?"

Heero nodded again.

Duo smiled. "Thought Relena said so! You should come along. It'd be cool."

"I told you. I don't do societies."

"Oh, and why not? Most of my best friends I met through societies. Like Relena – I'd never have met a politics student like her way over in the chemistry building, that's where I have all my lectures." Duo continued to rummage through her box of random things. "I'm studying chemical engineering, and it's mainly guys." She rolled her eyes. "And most of them are so shocked when they see a female in the chemistry building they lose all control. So I hide out in the union building whenever I can. I've met most of my friends there. I'm surprised I haven't seen you in the bar or something…"

"I'm usually in the computer complexes. I study computer science." Heero edged toward the door.

"Cool, but what do you do for relaxation?"

"Go to the gym, and in the evenings I go to the clubs in town. I'm not gonna spend time I don't have to at the university. Their club nights are… full of students."

Duo made a frustrated noise. "Yeah, well that's the point, and you never know, you might pull [1]!"

Heero snorted.

Duo stopped unpacking her stuff. "Student girls not good enough for you?"

Heero smirked. "It's not that. But anyone who goes to those cheesy club nights clearly has no taste."

Duo groaned. "That's the point! It's *meant* to be cheesy!"

"I'd rather listen to something good."

Duo sighed. "You make it sound so complicated. You'll have to come one time, then you'll see."

"Hmm." Heero had got so close to the door now that Duo had to turn around to speak to her.

"Oh yeah, sorry, you were going somewhere… Did you say you were going up to your room?"

Heero refrained from saying she hadn't said anything, nor had she had a chance to, and instead merely said "I was gonna check the bathroom."

Duo left her box and carefully crossed the cluttered floor to stand with Heero. "Yeah, I could do with doing that, get all my gear up there." She held up a large cosmetics bag and gestured to the long plait that trailed down her back. "Needs a lot of care and attention, this lot."

"Must be a lot of work. Which is why I keep mine this length." Heero ran a hand through her own short hair. "I like to be able to get up in the morning and be ready to go in five minutes."

Duo chuckled. "I can see that. We'll have to have some girly nights in, painting toe nails and eating ice cream and that shit." She nudged Heero with an elbow in the ribs. "C'mon."

Heero led the way up the stairs, head filled with nightmarish visions of being forced to wear curlers and watch chick-flicks by a cackling gang of crazed females – namely Duo, Relena and Hilde… She suppressed a small shudder and pushed open the bathroom door.

"Nice, good sized shower, that's always a bonus, bright… Cool." Duo set her bag down by the sink. "Large bath, plenty of space…" She winked at Heero.

"What are you, some sort of sex-potential estate agent?" Heero looked round the bathroom. Not too many cobwebs, low ceiling so she wouldn't have to make too much effort in the way of changing lightbulbs… Fine. She turned round and exited the room, heading towards the next flight of stairs towards her room.

"Hey, you off up to your room? I guess we're gonna be neighbours, cos I have the other top floor room." Duo grinned.

Heero groaned, but to herself. She continued up the stairs, Duo following.

"Nice rooms up here. Cool views, and I love sloping ceilings. I've got a washbasin in mine which you're free to use anytime," Duo continued conversationally.

Heero made a mental note to always get up early to use the bathroom on the middle floor.

"And you know, you ever want to chat, or need anything, come in…" Duo lounged against the doorframe of Heero's room as the other girl unlocked the door and went in.

"Weren't you doing something downstairs?" Heero tried distraction as a tactic.

"Yeah, just some sorting out. What're you up to?"

Heero pulled a towel out of her suitcase. "I'm gonna have a shower…"

Duo unlocked her own door. "OK, I'll go take some of this junk downstairs. I've changed my mind about where I want some of it to go…"

But Heero had already retreated down the stairs.

Duo shrugged, noticing she was alone again. "Well, can't say I didn't try. Maybe she'll warm up over time. Or maybe she's nothing more than a pretty face… We'll see, I guess…" She made her own way down to the ground floor, box of bits and pieces in hand.

Heero heard the footsteps and quickly locked the bathroom door, feeling slightly relieved as Duo carried on past the middle landing. She hadn't been expecting Duo to be quite like that… Was the girl a limpet?! Heero was beginning to have reservations about that top floor room after all. She showered quickly, not really needing to wash but deciding to get it out of the way, and made her way back upstairs as quietly as possible. Duo might be cute, but the last thing Heero needed was a clingy girl who liked to hang out with other girls, and encouraged her to `socialise'. She snorted mentally, pushing open her door. She did quite well enough by herself. With a quiet curse she realised she'd not brought all her stuff upstairs. She didn't want to go downstairs and face Duo again, just yet! But… Duo did say if she needed anything, ever… She smirked and snuck across the hallway as quietly as she could.

Duo had arranged her things in the living room as best she could, and packed the rest of her stuff into a box to take upstairs. With a small sigh of weariness she hefted it and climbed the two flights back up. "Man, I'll be glad when everything's normal… This seems to have been far more hard work than I expected! I wonder how Heero had time to take a shower? I think I could do with one too now…" She dumped the box on her bedroom floor and looked round. "Yeah, I'm gonna do that right now." She grabbed a towel and jogged down the stairs.

"Man, I'm glad it's an electric shower, I don't have to worry about using up all the hot water! But hell, Heero left this place a mess…" She straightened fallen shampoo bottles and picked the soap off the floor as she rinsed out her hair. Soon she emerged, clean and pink from the hot water, and like Heero before her, she quickly checked around to make sure no-one would witness her towel-clad dash back up the stairs.

"Ahh, I feel a bit better now…" She shouldered open her door and went straight for the box she knew contained her `electrical beauty' appliances. "What the…?" She pulled aside her hot brush and travel curlers. "I know it was right there…" She sat back on her heels. "Who…?" She stood up and marched out to the hallway, dripping slightly as the towel on her head began to slip from all the movement. "OK!" She yelled, loud enough so Relena would hear her in the kitchen, "Who took my hairdryer?!"

[1] "pull" – attract someone, with sexual (or at least romantic) intent ^^

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