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Pairings: 1+2
Warnings: shonen ai, pov

by Elyndys

Spinning, floating, flying, exhilarated. Lightspeed. Breathless... I see sparks of colour, feel them inside me, and I'm letting go...

The vision stays with me.

Whether I'm asleep or awake, I see you; I'm waking up; colours. I can see colours. Just a chink of light... a thin beam, searching me out, falling on my face like gold. Colours.

It was darkness before I saw you. I made the world black. It was night-time, so I slept. But you are colour. Purples and oranges and peaches... draped in black! All in black!

My daytime, clothed in night! You fell like a star, flashing your beauty... your eyes. Your colour.

Can this be real. I reach out - if I touch, will you be solid and warm under my hand? Or will I pass through you, you fade to nothing and return me to darkness? I am afraid, yes; afraid to see you disappear if I try to touch. There is nothing but reality and illusion; which are you?

Your colours. I didn't mean to linger around them; but I did. I let you invade me, permeate me, so now I'm yours and you can do as you please.

I see you shine in the darkness. I reflect your colours. Then you're gone again... but I can see the glow of your brightness still...

I often think you came here just for me, to show me your light then take it from my grasp, leave me in the darkness again. A glimpse of brightness to show me how wrong I was to choose the dark, then those fragments of colour snatched from me to punish my choice.

Was it my choice?

I know it was dark before you came, but was it my darkness?

I can feel you beside me - radiating your sunshine, letting me share it for a while. Show me the beauty at our feet, all for us; silence. I look at you: beauty; nobility; light; love.

Yes. Love. You brought dawn to my darkness. You're gone again now, but I know now that it is not punishment to shower your few shards of twilight upon me - but pure love. All you can give, until I follow you. All I can take, until I accept all the wonders you offer.

I never intended to leave that darkness, I see now; but now I will. I know now. You are real; I awake from my dark dreams of night-time and let you take me with you. I reach - touch - hold your dazzling colour.

I won't let go again.


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